Winner Announcement!!! - The Second Steemit Sole Survivor Contest - 20 STEEM Grand Prize

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First, congratulations to Chris Underwood, who won Survivor: Edge of Extinction taking home the $1 Million prize and the title of Sole Survivor! I think while many of us were rooting for Devins in the end, I've got to hand it to Chris who spent about a month on the Edge of Extinction before coming back in the last few days to take it home.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Massive congratulations to @stever82!! For the second season in row, he correctly guessed the winning Survivor!

As a reminder of how hard it is to win the 20 Steem Grand Prize, here are all the competitors our Steemian participants had to chose from before the first episode of Survivor even aired:

Kama Tribe

Photo credit: (Robert Voets/CBS)

Kama Tribe members are - Back row, left to right: Gavin Whitson, Ron Clark, Eric Hafemann, Joe Anglim and front row, left to right: Julie Rosenberg, Aurora McCreary, Victoria Baamonde, Aubry Bracco, Julia Carter

Manu Tribe

Photo credit: (Robert Voets/CBS)

Manu Tribe members are - Back row, left to right: Dan "The Wardog" DaSilva, Chris Underwood, Keith Sowell, Rick Devens and front row, left to right: Wendy Diaz, Kelley Wentworth, David Wright, Reem Daly, Lauren O'Connell

And below are our Steemian contestants who made their guess on the contest annoucement post before the deadline and their picks to win Survivor Season #38 Edge of Extinction:

@rentmoneyDan "The Wardog" DaSilva
@rufusfireflyKelley Wentworth
@schachoberhessenAubry Bracco
@torrey.blogJoe Anglim
@stever82Chris Underwood
@schachLauren O'Connell
@balticbadgerDavid Wright
@happymeLauren O'Connell
@aussieninjaRon Clark
@doctorcryptoJoe Anglim
@fronttowardenemyRick Devens
@knowledge-seekerGavin Whitson
@darthgexeDan "The Wardog" DaSilva
@summertoothRick Devens
@decethDan "The Wardog" DaSilva
@dfinneyRick Devens
@gabrielatravelsEric Hafemann
@celinavisaezKeith Sowell
@travovedDan "The Wardog" DaSilva
@oadissinDavid Wright

And I picked Rick Devens :( SO close!

As you can see, stever82 was the only person to correctly guess that Chris would win, so I am happy to annouce that he has taken home the 20 Steem Grand Prize! I'll transfer the Steem immediately after posting.

Congrats @stever82!!!


A big thanks to all the competitors in the First and Second Steemit Sole Survivor Contest and everyone who has been participating in the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contests as well:

@vida-blanca, @rufusfirefly, @sardonic, @robertoueti, @celinavisaez, @rentmoney, @the-witty-waiter, @trisquelwhare, @annycor, @gabrielatravels, @suitcasemama, @fronttowardenemy, @doctorcrypto, @happyme, @steven-patrick, @dfinney, @bidesign,, @lilkeszi, @laxmanmah, @stever82, @o07, @chetnaag, @ahmanik, @cyrus33, @mustang88, @richatvns, @payoutbot, @arslan786, @zappa100, @steeminati, @balticbadger, @darthgexe, @mediawizards, @dbooster, @pbock, @knowledge-seeker, @schachoberhessen, @schach, @aussieninja, @summertooth, @deceth, @travoved, @cst90, @bitandi, @oadissin, @davedickeyyall, @wolffeys, @alvin0617, @getyourstuff, @chireerocks, @cali914,@jbap85, @lavanyalakshman, @feebie, @moncia90, @annepink. @eii, and @dragonblades.

Special thanks to the folks who have supported both the Grand Prize and the Weekly Contests during the season: @contestkings,, and @stever82! Please check them out to see what they're up to these days and support them if you can!


I hope you all had a good time and stay tuned for the next season of Survivor: Island of the Idols, starting in the fall!!!

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Wow @stever82, well done! 2 seasons in a row!

Thanks @eoj for organizing this contest, I’ve had a lot of fun sponsoring the weekly prizes.

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@stever82 congratulations!


Wow I can’t believe he pulled that off. Thanks again for the fun contest.

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Hola @stever82! Felicitaciones, un abrazo.

Congratulations to stever82 for winning this season game.
Thank you for for organizing this game.
Wish all the best to coming open game participants.

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Gracias por mantenernos informados @eoj, seguire concursando, es bastante divertido participar, un beso.

Congratulations to the winner! Let's see who will win in next season!
Thank you @eoj for this contest!

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Thanks for the great excitement and congratulations to the winner, @stever82.

@stever82, Congratulations and enjoy the Contest Economy.

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Congratulations @stever82!! :)

Awesome, thanks for hosting and congrats to the winner !

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