Comedy Open Mic - Round 8 Winners Post

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This is just getting out of hand

You keep making this job harder and harder, every week the judges get more and more animated cheering for their favorites and I'm expecting an all out brawl at some point. So if you see a barrel (yes that's the collective word for judges) of judges brawling, by all means, stop to take photos. Thank you to all the contestants who put in entries in round 8, we hope you had as much fun creating the entries as we did laughing at the great posts. Every week we get new people joining and the bigger we grow the better it becomes, so go out and tell your friends. As we grow bigger, we will increase the rewards.

Please Note: Links below will redirect to this week, sorry for any convenience, it was unintended.

Credit to our Dandy (@dandesign86) for creating this logo for us

People's Champion - 1SBD

People's champion is a great contributor who is also sponsoring a prize this week. Congratulations:

The worst movie review for the scariest movie ever? "Veronica" Comedyopenmic Round 8

Court Jester - 35SBD

Round 8 Court Jester Nominations were:

@buttcoins: Crypto Bro "BROKEN"
@flipstar: Willie the worm My first stop motion "movie" Comedyopenmic round 8
@groovatti: Chappelle on Shemales: Comedy Open Mic Round 8

The ComedyOpenMic Court Jester for round Eight is:
Chappelle on Shemales: Comedy Open Mic Round 8

Punchy's Top 101 list - 20 Steem (2 Steem each)

In no particular order here are our top 10:

Lucky Door Prize - 5SBD (1SBD each)

The lucky door prize goes to 5 lucky contestants who blew us away with their submissions.
Lucky door prize winners:
Lucky Door:

Bonus - 9 SBD (1SBD each)

Chuck Norris Award - 3SBD

Due to technical difficulties accessing current information from SteemData we are unable to award the prize this week. We will attempt to award it next week.

Word Jumble Prize!!

If you would like to claim the prize for word jumble, please post a link to your round 8 entry below in the comments!!

Bonus Video Award - 100SP Delegation for 1 week.

The prize for best video this week goes to a very funny crew, we laugh at them so you don't have to:
Dtube Upvotes (aka. Fireworks) Anonymous Group

DB Roasting award - 5SBD

DB has judged that the roastings were not nearly severe enough and the award will roll over into Round 9. Roast the Judges and win 5SBD, if you please DB.

If you guys would like to come along and say "Hi" to the judges or get tips on improving or just chat with other contestants we have opened up a ComedyOpenMic discord channel. Don't be shy, come say hi.

Round 9 is now under way so don't forget to put in your entries, upvote our contestants and share the laughs all over steemit and beyond!!
Over 8 weeks we have managed to give away 411SBD and 158Steem. So don't forget to keep upvoting @comedyopenmic when you see it. The more upvotes we get, the more we will give away.

The real winners this week have been the entire community, due to great support from a number of people, @comedyopenmic has been very generously delegated over 40,000SP in total. So please put your entries in, we love to upvote contestants.

Also Big News is that prizes have increased Again! Go check out our Round Announcement post Total prizes this week: 55SBD plus 30Steem.


Wow, I'm blown away (Cracking open a celebratory bottle of wine at this very moment)! Thanks to the organizers and to all who participated! I really appreciate the support and encouragement! This is actually the first thing I've ever won for my writing. BTW, I delegated 10 Steem Power to the cause. Big shout out to @dj123 for helping me navigate and get acquainted with everything. And finally, I'm looking forward to the next one and being more active on the site.

Congratulations Jester @Groovatti! Go check out your new Jester Role in our #ComedyOpenMic Discord Server.

Wow! Such an honor again to be nominated and winning a prize! On top of that, dtubedaily has been awarded with a 100 sp delegation for a week! Wow! Thank u thank u thank u <3

Winny out...for now ;)

You guys, keep pumping out the funnies and we'll keep laughing... it's a good relationship :)

Great work Winny.

Well, thank you very much! One of my goals is to put smiles on people's faces :D guess I have achieved that.

Winny out...for now ;)

Being a clown finally paid off

Hahaha yes! All of my life I've been waiting for this moment to come so I can show the world what I've been doing all of my life 😄

Winny out...for now ;)

hehe.. i guess the wait was worthwhile then..

Another great round with ever increasing quality. Comedy magnetic magic. And starting tomorrow opens the first round of COM spanish. So if you eat tortillas or know people who do... tell them they can participate to win prizes for spanish content now. Check for launch
And details @comedyopenmic

i had tacos today.... wait, I'll be back to comment, I need the bathroom now

I'm finally a winner of something. I dedicate this award to my psychiatrist and my favorite prostitute 😭

Wow @comedyopenmic, I got a prize, it's great! Many thanks to all!

This was a lot of fun. Thank you, @comedyopenmic.

Seems that, as usual, @thewritersblock members are making a showing anywhere they go. Thanks for the reward on my poem and on so many of my fellow blockheads and their entries.

The blockheads are doing well to infiltrate our ranks.

Great work from you guys. Thoroughly enjoyable posts.

Woot, thanks for the top10 mention!

Good contest! Fast payment! Would write again! A+++

My congratulations to all who won!


Congratulations to all the winners, great contest! Thank you @comedyopenmic

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