Qurator Support bot alive and active! Welcome to @qustodian!

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Welcome to @qustodian! Qurator Exclusive!

What does it do?

He is your typical upvote bot but with a twist! @qustodian was built with Qurites and investors in mind. Since we already manually improved all Qurites we know that the quality of the content Qurites produce are not spam or copy pasta remixes. Thus, we felt that we can help and support all the members or Qurator a bit more. @qustodian is your @qurator partner that upvotes your post if you send it your link and some SBD. This is how it will upvote:

  • @qustodian upvotes your post by 2.5 times the amount of SBD you send it.
  • Sent too much SBD? No worries, @qustodian will refund you the rest!
  • Currently there is a sliding scale on votes with votes getting a 100% maximum voting weight which will decrease as voting power drops.
  • @qustodian has about 4070 SP with an upvote worth of around $0.33
  • Sticking to Qurator rules, you can only call upon @qustodian once every 24 hours
  • The support bot is Qurator exclusive so will only work for Qurator member.s

Example: Sending @qustodian some SBD (around half of what our current upvote is worth) and your link in memo it will upvote you with the highest possible % and refund you any extra SBD!

Be sure to check out Steemnow.com and set the Voting Power slider to 25% to see what the maximum upvote will be. Remember you can send any amount of SBD to @qustodian, we will upvote at 25% and refund the rest.

Qustodian Voting Power.png

What does Qustodian offer investors?

We were thinking of investors when we created @qustodian. Like any other upvote bot @qustodian will not keep all the SBD it earns from members sending it links. Instead, we ill be paying out 90% of all SBD earned to our delegators. Thus, by delegating to @qustodian you will receive daily payouts of SBD!

The 10% @qustodian takes will be used for our servers, admin fees and extra leases towards @qurator / @qustodian.

Example: Lets say Tom and Terry delegeted 300 and 700 Steem power.

@qustodian will pay out 90% of the daily earnings to Tom and Jerry at 30% and 70% respectively.

So if the total SBD sent to @qustodian is 1 SBD for the day, that would be 0.1 for facilitation fees and 0.9 split 30/70 to Tom and Jerry.

For help on delegation please visit our Discord channel and ask for some assistance under the sp-delegation-support channel

What are you waiting for? Get some extra Qurator support by using @qustodian?

Send your SBD and your link in the memo to @qustodian to get your daily support upvote!


NOTE: If you are not a member of @qurator you will not receive upvotes and get a full refund.

@qustodian is in a beta phase and will change its upvote weights and worth as the bot is used. Updates will be announced and posted in the Daily Qurator post. Any issues can be directed to our Discord channel.

For more info on what the Qurator project is and how click HERE

Your Quality Content Curator


The Qurator project is brought to you by @scrooger, @gingerninja and @theleapingkoala

Am a newbie and I don't understand any thing u guys are saying but importantly I want to grow my upvote .just checked my wallet now I don't have cash on it but I want to grow my upvote. So tell me the steps needed to grow it... thanks

I want to start - give me instruction

Please contact @scrooger / @gingerninja on steemit.chat or Discord. =)

where to find them

This bot is so good! I can't wait to use it :D

This is great! First question, can I as a Qurite submit a non Qurite's post to @qustodian?

Always asking the right questions. ;)

Yes you can, we figured we can trust our Qurites enough for this. We will monitor the posts from time to time and make sure nothing fishy is being upvoted.

Glad you like it. =)

Excellent! Second question, are there any limits on investor delegations?

For now, no.

I'm in, delegated some SP, not sure if I needed to notify you or not, so I did.

Saw your delegation and see you have received your 1st payout as well. =)

good job. qustodian.
lets get the party.
azep azep.

Oooh I think I will delegate some SP and try this out!

Thanks @ecoinstant. Go ahead and try it out. Will be helping out your fellow Qurites and the Qurator project. =)

Done! Just sent over 100, lets see what you can do with it ;p

Whoohoo! Thanks @ecoinstant. We finalized our payout timer and it will do payouts every 4 hours.

Wow! Very cool - I'm looking forwatd to seeing this in action!

I'm already of what you guys do, I'm definitely going to be using it when I can.

Awesome! Try it out for sure! =)

Hi hi @qustodian! ❤️💖💗

Hey hey! Thanks for checking him out! ;)

Alright, this is great, would use this within this week, thanks guys :-)

Whoohoo! Use him some more, we played with the voting weight a bit and he now has a scale that will give the biggest possible upvote. Send around 0.1SBD =)

Sure, no problem :-) I've tried it already yesterday, will try it today, just want to ask about the 24 hour period, does it have to be the exact 24 hours of the time I use it, say I used it at 3:00 PM, then I can use it again 3:00 PM the next day or is it just when the clock hits 12 midnight?

It will be exactly 24 hours. =) We have seen some growth so send even more SBD! You will always get the refund of the SBD not being used. =)

Such a useful post!
I've resteemed your post!

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