Travel Digest #91

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Welcome to the 91st edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
As always all posts featured here will be put on our Editors Choice Map.

Heya, @martibis here with another edition of #traveldigest! There are so many good posts, I feel bad we're only featuring three of you guys! On the other hand, it does make it an incredible feat to get into the top three!

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#1 Magic and mayhem across an Uluru Sky

@onethousandwords always manages to drag you into a place, this time near Uluru, Australia. With another incredibly well written story-like post she doesn't just show you a place, but lets you really experience it. The sentiment I got after reading this post was incredibly strong and brought back some amazing travel memories for me (not from Australia as I haven't been there yet, but it's on my list)!

Steemit Worldmap Links:
Author Map, Post Map

#1 Magic and mayhem across an Uluru Sky

#2 Walk through the North Venice

@madlenfox takes us to St. Petersburg, Russia. Through immersive photography we get to walk along with @madlenfox while she explains why they call St. Petersbug the Northern Venice! The post takes us all around the city while giving a lot of information about it.

Steemit Worldmap Links:
Author Map, Post Map

#2 Walk through the North  Venice

#3 Attempting to Climb a Volcano in Ecuador

@travelstheworld takes us to the Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador. In this post we are able to tag along in while he attempts to reach the summit! The post actually holds very valuable lessons for risk assessment. Sometimes you have to make a choice you rather not make for your own safety! Strong post, immersive images and well written!

Steemit Worldmap Links:
Author Map, Post Map

#3 Attempting to Climb a Volcano in Ecuador

Honorable mentions

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@steemitworldmap... I love how the photos are real life and not staged by advertisers. @steempowerpics, Thanks for sharing on Whaleshares live chat! Soooooo cool!

Yeah, it's definitely one of the advantages by using the map! It's all more real, the stories, the places, the people! Really happy to see more and more people enjoying the map and the stories on them!

Beautiful, amazing shots and really interesting idea :) Definitely gotta check it out, thanks for sharing the info! #keepsteemin

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Great job thanks for sharing with us upvoteddd!!! Done!! Vote me back please check my true story !!

👍 no problem.

Oh man no word to say just awesome photography....

Thank you. Bless you as always. Grateful for the feature and flattered by your words ❤

Can't wait to read your next travel or location linked story! Really love them a lot!

Oh! I am very pleased that you paid attention to my post. Thank you for Your work!

It was a great post and well worth our attention, haha!

I shared this travel digest and the Steemit Worldmap in tonight's "Promote You Post" live event in the Whaleshares Discord :-)

Oh that's awesome! I really appreciate that! Is it being recorded so I can check it out later?

Not yet, they are live group events in our discord, but we will start streaming them live starting this week which will also keep a recording on youtube.

Awesome, is there any way to get a notification on my phone when it's starting (e.g. email or something)?

We do post announcements on Steemit and 'everyone' tagged announcements in Discord, that's about all we have for now :-)

I'll keep an eye open on Steemit, I am in too many discord groups to keep my eye on everything there, haha!

beautiful scenery of friends .. if you have time please visit my blog once my friend yes

Continue your amazing work with featuring beautiful travel posts! 🤗💚

We definitely plan on doing just that, haha! Thanks for swinging by and reading them!

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