Bryce Canyon National Park

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There are over 400 national parks in USA. It is difficult to choose which ones to visit if you don’t have a year to spear. It turns out Google has a rating and Bryce Canyon has the third place in it. If you check the pictures you can easily understand why. It has totally different landscape than any of the others. Compared to another similar place elsewhere – that is the largest collection of odd-shaped pillars in the world. The best time to visit the park is from April to October. Since I visited at the end of December, I would say that it had its advantages. Not so many tourists, nice weather for trekking and no thunderstorms, which often happens during summertime. Although, I must admit that watching one of those in the Bryce Canyon will look amazing.


My journey started early in the morning from Panguitch – a small town in Utah. Bryce Canyon park is 35,835 acres and if you want to really explore it, it will take a week. If you want to see only the attractions, along the main road and do some treks, you can do it in one day. If you just want to drive on the main road and check out the viewpoints, it will probably take you no more than few hours, but you will miss the most interesting part – walking among the rock formations.




Those are called hoodoos, which has no translation in my native language. The entrance fee to the park is around $30 and if you are planning to visit more than three of the national parks it will make sense to buy “America the Beautiful” pass. The pass is valid for one year and costs only $80. It gives unlimited access to you and three other people in all the 400 parks plus the Federal recreation lands (haven’t visited those, yet). The person who owns the pass should be among the visitors and should have an ID.




The road in Bryce Canyon is 18 miles long and in the summertime, there is a shuttle bus which stops at the points of interest. I didn’t find it very difficult to drive there. It is mountain area, but the road, as everywhere else in US was perfect. I was really lucky that it wasn’t snowing recently, so the road was clean. If you visit it drive within the speed limits, as there are a lot of animals, especially after it gets dark. I haven’t seen anything inside of the park, but on a way to eat there were 6 deer just staying on the side of the road, while I was passing. They didn’t pay any attention to me, so they should be used to cars.




There are four different points where you can stop. The first one is the Sunrise point where you can as well go down and give the hoodoos closer look. The Queens Garden trail starts from there and you can walk to Sunset point through the Navajo loop trail. Take water with you and enjoy this 2 hours long trek. You might be faster if you are not taking so many pictures. My intentions were just to go downhill a little bit and climb up and do the Navajo loop afterward. But once you are down you cannot stop walking among the fairytale castles and I am glad I didn’t because this trek is actually the best one you can do. It covers pretty much the Navajo loop as well. At the end of the trail, you can see Wall Street – spectacular massif rock formation and Thor’s hammer.




Once you are on the road again, you can return very fast to your car, as the distance between the two viewpoints is only 0.5 miles. Continue on the road and you can get another perspective over the Amphitheater from the Inspiration Point. You need to climb a little bit, but the view, as from any other point there, is rewarding. The last point, named after the park, has its own Amphitheater. It is the highest place you will reach (8296ft/2529m), so don’t forget to put warm clothes before going out of the car.




All pictures are mine, except the ones I am visible, those are someone else’s.
If you want to see other beautiful parks close by, check out these:

Red Rock Canyon
Valley of Fire


Thank you for reading and upvoting. Stay tuned for more natural wonders in US. Cheers, Eva (:


I love your teddy bear :D

:D you should see people's faces when they see me carrying it around to the viewpoints :D

Holy moly. We're currently planning a road trip starting in Denver to go through Utah and then up into Idaho and Wyoming, and we keep seeing more and more amazing places to add to the trip -- like this place! I'm gonna push hard to see this one :) Thanks for the gorgeous pics and info! Also, quickly scanned through your blog list and we'll definitely be following you to see all the awesome stuff you'll post! Best of luck in your travels!

Thank you for the kind words :) I will be following you as well to see more quality pictures on your blog as well :) safe travels :))

Great post and lovely pictures made me homesick for southern Utah. Did you make it to Moab and Zion on your trip, they are both worth the time to visit if you are in Utah, and temperature wise I would say Feb-April is the best time to be there. Every time I have gone to Bryce canyon it has snowed on me including both Memorial and Labor day. Hope to see more of your travel blogs.

Thank you! We have spent three days in Moab, so many things to see in the area :) In Zion we only checked out Kolob canyon, but we are planning to check the main part from South on our way back. Utah is amazing place, you are lucky to grow up there :)

woooooooah! that is so soulful and full of sight Park. And #salute to your photographer. He did it very well @best-trip-eva ! I really love the place because I have some pictures that I have downloaded from Facebook but I loved this place on my first glance on the picture.. The cute one is with teddy bear man Ha Ha Ha Ha ... #Love #stay blessed Dear!

Bryce Canyon National park.jpg

If you are interested Have a glance on my post. Beautiful places are out there in Pakistan;

This is in Pakistan :

Thank you for the kind words. Pakistan should be amazing, yep.

Beautiful place and a thorough overview of it. I havn'e been to Utah yet, but i think I would love it there.

I think so, too :)(:

OMG thank you for sharing. Awesome pictures.

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thank you for sharing.
beautiful landscape photos!

Its awsome
Is it possible to sleep overnight in the park inside a tent?
I would like to do that
I followed you check my blogs too
Im an adventurer too

They do have campgrounds and the night sky there will be amazing because it is high and dry :)

the hoodoos are so cool! love bryce canyon :) thats so cute you brought teddy

:) It was waiting for me in the car, so I decided to give it a tour :D

Great post! You really took your time and made a in depth review and actually put it on steemit world map, amazing. You should join my contest Steemit World Map Challenge #1 No losers!

Thank you! I will do that :)))

I love the scenery of Bryce Canyon! And the pictures have very good quality! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I really find the shot with you and the teddy bear sitting beside each other really cute!!! I hope i get to visit the place someday! 😀

Thank you :))) I hope you get to visit it as well (:

my pleasure eva! yeah hopefully! :)

Beautiful place. Wonderful colors. I'm always pleased to read the stories of those trips of yours. Good job as always, thanks. :)

The place is amazing :) I am really happy you like my stories, I like your pictures (:

What a soul touching place, thank you for such amazing pictures. While you where there did you feel like you could just simply breathe?

I feel like that pretty much on all of the places I go :)

Great post!! :D So beautiful!!

Thank you!!! :D

Wow. Or, actually WOW!!!!!

The “hoodoos” are magnificent! Geat post btw and the teddy bear added so much cuteness to the photos.

Thank you :) it was really fun taking pictures with it :)

Hehe! For how far did you carry the teddy bear? :) Great photo and a really cool idea :)

It wasn't really far, I was only taking it to the viewpoints, not to the treks. Still, people are quite suprised :D

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