How To Use Steemit To Trick People Into Reading Your Poorly-Written Garbage

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I have to say, writing on Steemit is pretty addictive.

Now that I know that all I have to do is drop $50 SBD on a post and a couple extra for resteems to get some exposure, it finally answers the question: how do I get people to read my shit?

I should really balance this out with more crypto articles though. I can't just keep writing all this stupid nonsense and expect it to go anywhere. That's the dream of course, to be able to get paid for the art that you enjoy producing. But only established/famous people can get away with that.

Why Robert DeNiro hasn't made a good movie in 15 years

Speaking of which, I was talking to a friend of mine today about something similar.

First he asked me, "Would you rather be in the best shape of your life or be making $25k/month?"

I told him, "I'd rather have the money, because I can always get in shape. But even if I'm in shape, it's going to be hard to make that much money."

The convo progressed a little and I asked, "Okay, would you rather be rich, famous or extremely good looking? You can only pick two."

He goes, "For sure famous and good looking."

I thought that was odd, because this friend is particularly concerned with money. I asked him, "Not rich?"

He's like, "Nah. If you're famous you'll be rich already."

I go, "What, you can't be famous without being rich?"

He's all, "Nope. Not possible."

That concept stuck in my mind for the rest of the day. It's something I've thought many times, but to hear it reiterated in such a concise way sort of refreshed my memory.

"If you're famous," he went on, "that's when companies just pay you for showing up. Speaking engagements, shit like that."

Then he goes, "You remember that guy David? We went to that house party at his house out in Silverlake. He started a clothing line. Anyway I go to his house and I see like, all these boxes, like packages and shit. Tons of them. I go, 'what's all this?' and he's like, 'oh this is stuff we're sending to celebrities.'

"If you're famous, people just give you shit for free. Look at Casey Neistat, all those videos. He does that 'mail time' thing and gets boxes and boxes of free shit just because he's famous."

The man had a point.

Celebrity is the new royalty

In the business world, this is known as "building your own brand" or "finding your tribe."

Why don't we just call it what it is? The selfish pursuit of fame, glory, and recognition. And not for your "company," but for you as a human being.

At the end of the day we're all just evolved meatbags. So you might as well be the most ripped, lavish meatbag in the cemetery, right?

I forgot how I got onto this topic... oh right, recognition. That shit is addictive.

My last article was the most successful one I've ever had to date in terms of comments and upvotes. And all it cost me was around 55 SBD. Just a bit over $200 USD at the time of this writing.

To me that's absolutely mind blowing to think that I spent the equivalent of $200 just so a bunch of random $0.01 upvote-hunting Pakis (wassup Habibs!) could read some retarded shit that I wrote.

Here I am, lying in a hostel bed in Thailand, wearing the same clothes for a week, stressing over paying $5 for the "good" shawarma...

And I drop $200 to promote a 500 word blog post about literally nothing.


And why?

Yeah ok, you can say that I'm doing it to "build my brand" or some other nonsense. But fuck that. I don't care how many whales upvote this - you think I'm going to go out of my way to show this to a potential client? Hell no. They'll be like WTF is wrong with this guy? We're not hiring him.

Let's call it what it really is: I want recognition. I want fame. I want people to read what I'm writing and have a polarized opinion about it.

I want them to say, "This fucker's crazy," or "what an idiot" or "why is he writing stupid blog posts when he could be banging Thai hookers with that $200?"

Well guess what - banging Thai hookers isn't going to make you famous. Unless maybe you write about it.

Show me the attention, Jerry!

I don't even really care about the money though. I just want the attention.

You have no idea how alone you feel sometimes as a writer because nobody will read your stupid novel, poem, book whatever.

Do you know how much I've written in my life? I have stories about me doing insane shit that I wrote just because some day I KNEW that I would find a way to get people to read it.

And it's not just me. Literally EVERY WRITER has this problem. Those of you who put even moderate effort into your posts probably know what I'm talking about. How are you going to get anyone to read what you wrote?

This is an especially huge problem on Steemit because this platform is full of people who want their $0.01 upvotes so they can quit their real jobs and just get paid to shitpost every day. Well I got some bad news for you, Habib, it doesn't work like that.

Here's the point of the article

The only way you're going to get any sort of exposure on this platform without being a hot girl, or even a slightly above-average looking girl, is by buying some fucking upvotes and slowly building up your cred.

Yeah, it's all fake. You guys aren't here because some whale upvoted my post out of the goodness of his heart. You think they take the time to scroll the feed and look for interesting content? Come on. Anyone with that kind of scratch has better things to do than read this shit.

You're here because I spent $250 of my own money to game the system into bringing you here.

You're reading these words NOT because they're the best combination of English words currently on this site, but because I paid for the exposure.

No money no hunny

I wrote about my delusions of grandeur in my last post, but that's not even the half of it. As a writer, I was the equivalent of an attention-starved middle child who gets in trouble all the time just to get his parents' attention.

You think this is "real" and "in touch with myself?" Damn. You should see some of the shit I wrote when I was younger.

Actually, when I started this little Steemit blog, I considered just pasting everything I'd written that I managed to hold onto over here. But after spending some time on the site, I realized that the types of posts that generally do well here are 1) low effort posts by Steemit-circle-jerking retards or 2) pics of semi-hot girls eating a bowl of yogurt.

Sadly I'm neither of those. I'm a special kind of retard. Even my self-deprecating delusions are grandiose!

Ahhh... you know, just the fact that I know people are actually getting the chance to read this warms my heart. I don't even care that I'm about to drop $250 to promote this. I really don't.

Are you kidding me? I make five figures a month as a freelancer and live in a third world country. I have literally nothing better to do than spend my fake internet "money" so random strangers on the web will read my 1300 word essay on... what exactly?

Sorry for the tangent there. What was I talking about? I got sidetracked. I'm just so excited that FINALLY, after all these years, I can finally... alright.. you get the idea.

What do you think about paying for upvotes?

Let me know in a comment!

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Hey, just caught myself reading this worthless set of words because you spend $250 on promoting ANOTHER your post.

Could take the point from me, it's free!

Well done
Interesting .. Really this is happening
But Who works deserves
Thanks for sharing your experience

Best combination of English words currently on this site - hands down. :) And yes spending a little bit of your own scratch is probably how I found this scrolling through infinite garbage in the new category, doing my job - curating. Anyways, this platform is full of circle jerkers (cliche word) and ass kissers.

I think one can find his/her tribe here by focusing on specific communities that interest him/her. Great post, man! Superb writing that smashes 90 percent of what I read here daily.

Oh, and happy to follow ya. Looking forward for more.



I did not come here to read the post , just the comments :)

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He man I like your writing!

Only it is WAY to long.
My native language is Dutch so these enormous pieces of English are way to long for me to follow through in one go...

Why not cut your pieces in 4 smaller pieces, that way you get 4 x as much bought upvotes as well I guess. ( maybe 2x ).

Anyway I liked what I read so far.

By the way: where do you buy your upvotes?

Late to the party, I know, but you did not get the point of this. He'd have to spend 4x the money to get the same exposure, since this is the only way people notice his rambling. Thats the whole point though

You and your friend were high when you were having this conversation right? Its the only time when people have such deep thoughts.

Nah bro we’re just Jewish. We have intelligent conversations all the time

He sucked from my watercooler. It's Fresh joke.

up you go...hue hue hue

dafuq! just looked up your profile and only saw cancer! fury u dissapoint me such a funny joke but with to much SWIFT wieeeeeeeheeeeee

When you say that you paid for exposure in SBD, what do you mean? Are you saying that you upvoted your own post or is there some other method that I'm missing out on here?

Yes, that's exactly what I did. You send SBD to accounts that have a lot of steem power and they upvote your post.

You are so spot on as you know.
I'm just waiting for someone to post their morning bowl movement then throw a bunch of bots at it and make it trend.

And i am struggling to get a single upvote on my posts :-D
Thanks for sharing the reality!

here u go mate :D

u are welcome! Now follow me and be my special snowflake! :D

Thank you for sharing, it makes total sense.

Given you follow. :)

I'm shocked. You're so wrong. The videos that make most money are nothing to do with attractive young ladies eating yoghurt, that's so last year dude.
This year, they're cooking eggs and riding abused looking elephants. They're pole dancing and taking erotic selfies of themselves. They're announcing new ventures and doing Washu......of course, if you're not under 30, and god forbid a bloke. You need to write complex articles on crypto or 'coding'....or possibly have floppy hair and play your guitar whilst singing 'Imagine' and pretend you're sad cos lots of kids were killed by some maniacal conspiracy by the Democrats....
You see ? There are so many ways to make money here.....or you could take the sensible route that doesn't involve selling your soul and just buy some upvotes from the bots. At least this way, you're in control and you know there aren't going to be any 15 year old bangladeshi kids wanking over your semi naked time lapse video....
Buying votes is honest....the vast majority of the pretentious shite on here isn't .

PPS I was trending today too....I started a new #scripturesunday tag and when I clicked on it. It said trending, and my article was the top post , trending ? pah I'm numero uno and didn't spend a cent.

I can't believe I've just written all that and you've only got 299SP...what a waste of time. I also forgot to tag you in a desperate attempt to catch your attention. @yallapapi that's one thing remedied.....

Please teach me your ways!!!

I'm not a fan of paid exposure, though it is impossible to avoid as far as I can tell. This whole thing is based on proof of stake: how much steem power one controls.

You might almost make your 250 back, I do hope to find more desirable content as I go on. There iis a lot of trash floating around. Too used to using the same techniques for fb and youtube, amusing crap where likes are free, infinite and easy. It'll take a different kind of post to attract valuable upvotes here.

or just keep paying for upgoats, it worked for your exposure

ye this is a very true point one i have made before but ironically because my lack of followers and steem power not sure anyone heard my voice lol!

Made it back and then some. But the paid upvotes only give you a chance to be seen. To remain seen is up to the quality of what you produce

Holy shit dude..beautifully written lol. I'm relatively new to steemit but quickly realized exactly what you've just nailed..ya gotta spend money to make money on here. Nothing I write about is interesting enough for me to expect to actually earn anything worth mention from it, but people generally don't even seem to look if they don't already know who you are.

I see some posts on here earning hundreds of dollars, only to look further and see that 70% of the reward is coming from the authors own upvote, and an array of bots that he paid to upvote him.

All fake indeed, kind of a flaw in the platform if you ask me. To boot, steemit is a serious melting pot, in an unorganized way compared to sites like facebook. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it kind of sucks when half of the people that may view your article or short won't understand half of it outside of basic english. Then they go one further and leave you a comment kind of like this:

"Sir u are doing very well here sir i upvote and follow u please do the same thank you sir"

I'm not knocking anyone here, i love anyone that takes the time to read my garbage, but do they really read it? Doubtful.

They never do upvote or follow either, bastards.

I just gave you an upvote :)

It’s not a flaw in the platform, it’s very straightforward. You have to pay for the exposure and if your content is good then you’ll stay afloat. If not then you’ll sink.

If you use vote bots correctly then you always break even/make a little money. Combine that with a catchy title and some interesting writing and you have a chance to gather a readership. That’s where the money is. Once companies know that you have an audience they’ll throw money at you.

Nice read, @yallapapi.
You're quite cynical but the sad thing is you're right. Far too often I see my feed overflowing with garbage, shitposts if you will, while people who write or produce quality content far covered by it.

I'm slowly learning that I have to promote my stuff just as much, but find it hard to without the funds. So I have to attain the SBD first from posts. Meh.

Anyways, I'll probably give you a follow and might upvote your post. Not sure yet. Not like it even matters anyway.

Where in Thailand are you? I just left Chiang Mai and now I'm in Laos!

Based out of Patong. Been here for about six weeks. Need to renew my visa soon but I’ll likely be here for a few more months.

@yallapapi What country are you from originally?

You're quite cynical but the sad thing is you're right.

Here you have it @idontgnu!!

“Cynic, n. A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are not as they ought to be.”

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Might want to check again

Says it all. Big pockets just see the $ and title, small fries try to comment and get an upvote on their comments. No one reads anything.

If you run a bot, they you know some shit. You opened my eyes. Thanks.

The more I here the more I understand this idea. Trying to get "green" traffic is really long.
Sometimes I think that steemit i sucking my brain - my "good" content is poorly viewed.

I tried chat and facebook groups - now I make 0.18 from post, and I think that I can't make shit, because someone had faith in me - I can't disrespect him and produce shit from my booty.

Can't agree more. I search topic tags which I'm interested in but it seems people are either reposting, copying & pasting, or randomly tagging. It is hard to find good content here, so hard, that most good content I find have so few votes.

What upvote bot do u use ? Thanks

i find the site below very useful -- hope this helps

Yup. You can check my wallet for my voting history

o ye that's also a good idea! lol

Heh. Well, some day I may have enough "cred" and SBD to wave around and "pay my way to fame" with my own dribble.. er, content. Until then, I will get a kick out of reading stuff like this with a smirk on my face. Not a smirk of disdain, one of amusement. Genuine amusement no less.

I love this guys writing!

Wow, wow, wow, I must tell you that I got to read every bit of ur post, I didn't skip word atall. You talk like a real as nigga and I kinda like that. Honestly, most of your points are genuine, I mean you hit the nail on the head. Id love to follow you for more crazy stuff. Am really impressed

That was an awesome post man.I really liked the circasam.

This is how the world operates...entertainment/news from corporate media is a good example, talk about shit posts with a lot of power and money backing it.ha😂😂😂😂

Follow the money trails

Or like the quote in your blog profile says ... Indeed, it is so and Confucius was no fool.
Patience is a virtue that even the rich and the famous had to go through :)

I sleep better at night following the path of virtue, it's the best medicine out there, next to a good night sleep. I use bid bots as a form of advertising and see nothing wrong with that but I only promote what will look good on my resume ;-)

This post is very informative. there are many thing we should to know.Thank you for sharing your expirience

LOL Thanks for the fun read.

Well, paying for upvotes seems like the only way to ever get on the Trending or Hot pages.

Do I think it's fair? Kind if, in the current system it's unavoidable if you want to grow past a certain point.

If an article is good, then I don't mind it. I wouldn't call this article crap either, very enjoyable to read. You sell yourself short ;-)

I think it’s fair because I have the money to do it.

As crazy as they come and very good at it. Recognition is inevitable!

Really? This is so creative of you. Thanks for sharing. @yallapapi

Good one, made me laugh!

This post has been resteemed by @talhadogan thanks to: @yallapapi

It was more than just paying for the post so that might have got me there initially , it was the pacing of the words and it was funny and made me laugh☺️🍭

Hai @yallapapi !!!!! We have followed each other, and i've vote some of your articles.. Would you like to vote back my post??? Please!!!!

$200 on this post? You almost got your money back. :D

All depends on if they want to prime the pump again as BTC falls.

That’s $200 SBD. I spent $90 on this and about $5 for resteems. Earned 92 back and some steem power to boot

We all want attention and I like how you think. I'm glad I discovered your blog, I even read the entire post because it caught my attention. I like how you write.

I love this parte, you made me smile:

You think they take the time to scroll the feed and look for interesting content? Come on.

HIGHLY rEsteemed!

It worked!

Will be following ; )

banging Thai hookers isn't going to make you famous



This is the best post I've read for self promotion ever... well except a few of, PLEASE FOLLOW AND UPVOTE ME! yup, not bad. So you spent money out the ass you could have spent on beer, hookers and drugs just so I'd read this... friggin amazing... I like it!

You really made me think now . Its still a big question to me how to grow on steem . Organic growth reakky not possible here?

If you’re a girl with huge tits, yes

too much truth. But I read the whole thing and enjoyed it. At least I'm reading.

Wow! Great post, i'd love to see more of this, thanks you!! Great tip

You are telling the truth!

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Brilliant @ had me in spilts !

is it really tricking people though...

yeah steemit writing is addictive , nice post , thank you for sharing :) have nice day
check my last post about How to relieve stress with aromatherapy?

Most honest thing I've read on Steemit to date since I joined in January of this year, thanks for this because I was just in Steemit chat banging my head against the wall with the mod at the time on trying to figure out who's private parts I had to suck to get some upvotes you made it completely clear to me it's a rigged system...

Wow, love your honesty here, you definitely put it into perspective. Just a little note: please use condoms if you do bang some hookers, LOL! And yes, you very well could write about your experiences banging hookers if you felt so inclined - people would read that! People have very twisted interests and we tend to spend our time on pretty random things sometimes, so yea, I say go for it.
Anyways, I'm still relatively new here, so I've only done my intro post and one other one, but it seems if everyone writes about something random and different chances are someone may read it and enjoy it, maybe even get something out of it. Who knows.
See ya around!
BTW -I'm going to follow you and I'm upvoting your post here because I love your attitude :)

Thanks. I could write about banging Thai hookers I suppose but my main hustle is marketing for crypto startups and I don’t know if they’d take kindly to me writing about that. Definitely something to consider though.

I follow and upvote You, i appreciate Your honesty You are very ambitious, Best wishes

Love it, this will go into my weekly digest and I'll write something about paid promotion too. Just realized it's potential yesterday

Like buying friends (girl/boy)
yeah, ya feel important fo a bit...but then they gone
you alone
If I can not make it on my own: the content I post
then I ain't interested in any more "success" than I've already earned.

Funny reply
went looking to research articles with the #travel tag to see how I could improve my post since some community guidelines proport this is a good way to improve and earn.... and this is the post that I came up on.

I just went back to my original writing and just click "Post".

I will be what it will be.

All the best to you.

bots and riches rule this cryptoworld right now. It is dark here but still i think we will see a change in future. I like your post and we need guys like you. Up u go! @yallapapi

That's the real fact. Thanks for sharing.

totally right lol

@yallapapi would you like to change your profile header? You get cancer trying to read what is written there :D

Glad someone around here is keeping it real.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and fame- they never last.. Can't take it with you. I write to pleasure myself, I draw to keep my sanity, I sing and dance to keep my joy. I read great articles then pass them on. Too bad I am only a minnow..IMG_2484.JPG

amazing post @yallapapi i'll try it soon :D
thanks for sharing!


thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well

Well, your post is entertaining, and I like self referential satire, so I would have read it whether or not there was a dollar amount attached to it (of course, the catch is how I would have discovered it). Having grown up in LA, I am legitimately fearful of fame, and it is definitely possible to be broke and also famous. Especially if you’re infamous.

Anyway, not tryin' to act like a girl scout here, but--

  1. I've been on here for a few weeks now and I've never purchased an upvote, unless you count #steembasicincome.
  2. I've put a whole lot of effort into posting content that I can be proud of. It's taken me a few weeks to start building momentum but the followers I have were hard earned, and it's starting to pay off. I made a nice chunk of change on something I posted yesterday.
  3. I'm a woman, but I've been pleasantly surprised to find that my gender hasn't had much of an impact on anything. The only time anyone has even mentioned it to me was one comment in which someone told me that there's some advantage to being a woman, which actually suggested to me that there's probably a slight disadvantage to it because of the false perception of there being an advantage, which wouldn't be super surprising because that is the case in life in general.

Hahahah this post makes me follow your account! I really think your writing is great that's why many people read and upvote your posts and not because you are paying to promote them. But, I also think sooner when I have enough money, I will invest some so I will also get famous here in Steemit. :D

What a treat to find your article late at night! I just finished the Steemit elementary school, so-to-speak, and try to learn the Upvote game.

This your "stupid nonsense article" has been quite entertaining and inspiring for me and I will always remember with the funny gif of the busy cat in your #introduceyoursefl. ;)

¡Hiciste una publicación increíble! Upvoted desde @carolgm63. Te seguí. Por favor, sígueme, vota por mi publicacion, envíe una respuesta o haga un comentario sobre mi publicación. Haré lo mismo contigo. Juntos crecemos

I scrolled through this entire post and decided to leave this comment. I'm only here because your title made me lol. :)

Hahaha. This post is funny, crazy but true! I think Ive got to follow you for this. I like the way you think about the truth.

What a refreshing conglomerate of word-type-things!
If I'd known it was so easy to game the system, I would have started saving for that $250 three years ago when food prices were half as much, and I had some hope of actually saving without spending it on hookers and booze to escape the fact we're all being diddled by taxation and government deceit.

Of course I wouldn't have known about Steemit then and so probably would have spent it on hookers and booze anyway.... Oh wait.....

Anyway, I digress. Glad I joined Steemit 'cos I got to upvote for a cent and then my vote was worth nothing 'cos all the whales upvoted themselves, so I re-invested all my gains so I could get to upvoting for a cent again..... true story.

So I stubbornly did not want to spend money on bots and stuff 'cos I have this stupid idea that good posts and consistency will eventually get you there, but I see the light now and will raid my sons piggy bank when hes asleep to get some money for the bots. It's not as if he needs the kidney transplant anyway, and my birthday is coming up so I'm sure he'll understand. Thanks for the inside info!

P.S. Enjoy the 1c upvote, You earned it!

This is awesome! I included this in my What’s Up Steemit digest here:
To get included in the future you can use #whatsupsteemit or submit a post in the comments of a digest :)

I’m with you. My most carefully crafted work earns zip. My Promoted, botted posts about crap are top earners. We’re all here trying to game the system. At least you’re up front and honest about it

The cynicism is strong with this one - and I dig it.

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Ok. Bullshit. You can be famous and super poor. Not sure what’s better to spend 50sbd to buy votes or on a Thai hooker. Both sound the same to me. But hey, get a hooker and make a post about that. You probably won’t need to pay for upvotes then.

Oh @yallapapi this was supposed to be garbage man yet you failed, turned it into a something brute and beau. How's is that?

The title says it all

Gosh! This is the best article that I've read in my whole life. Yes, I can truly admit that because man, I do put efforts in my articles and yes, all I really want is recognistion and yes, I cannot get enough of you.

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The real question is how do you make 5 figures a month free lancing ?

Actually busy with a writing course myself, with the aim of becoming a freelancer. You write some good stuff sir.
You have a new follower.

This will work for a while

And am somewhere struggling to get one sbd, on my posts,whereas you are getting more than enough for absolute nonsense, it is well, I hope I get there someday.

Haha this is brilliant !! you sir are a mad cunt.

An eyeopener @yallapapi people have dreams people believe that everything can happen and then reality happens you see a lot of fuckboys doing fuck things and still they are far away from you. I think it is because they had that fuck you attitude.

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Actually, when I started this little Steemit blog, I considered just pasting everything I'd written that I managed to hold onto over here.

  • I see. It would have been cut and paste not cut and post.

This article tho. Nail in the head.

Very important information @yallapapi , thank you for information @yallapapi

Whichever point of view you take, you need the money to at least pay the bills, let alone survive. Unfortunately.

Motherfucker @yallapapi I hate upvoting you cause you get so many upvotes already and you write like a demented child, but it's the best Steemit has to offer.

wrong link bro :D this is your current post but you probably know it, you just needed a link there for good measure :D

I wrote about my delusions of grandeur in my last post,

anyways I wasted around an hour reading through your "insights" well put, strong language, stupid, hey it's so smart it's genius, I usually moderate myself and try to not go off tangents, I'm not sure I wanna get famous off some bullshit articles, still well done they are half decent :D this drama is more interesting than haejin and the likes.

Welcome to the trending page, thanks for spicing it up, maybe add old spice guy as a thumb sometime :) I'm just giving golden nuggets :D

You guys aren't here because some whale upvoted my post out of the goodness of his heart.

If I can get the delegation I'm after, this will no longer be true.

fuck this is old, wanted to bump you up, anyways, I'm not sure delegations are the right way, most people see it as an investment so it's a market there as well...

Since this post was made, I've actually come to the conclusion that if I can get post upvote backing from even just a couple of whales for the initiative, delegation wouldn't even be necessary.

Not sure about the initiative, but I can only say autonomy is the best way to go, support is always good, I will blurt out too much, this is chat worthy, not really comment worthy, in short OpenMic, SNDbox and the people around those projects, i find both to be a testament of long term effort and success, it's the usual structure and yeah both have whales already, still they started small.

I think @luzcypher started that, the second initiative noted is from @voronoi and well that got a huge backing, still it was a great idea and they did deliver marvelously on their break-through park :)

This place is getting competitive and with SMT's it's only going to get more so, people will want more and more of the "power" so have something that gives them or something that works great and people would rather support and get behind than make their selves.

I'm not sure how to make a top5 of the best pictures :D but I saw an amazing shot of a praying mantis, still if there are 10k photos a day on steem I'm not sure how to get 5 that are the best, maybe 100 :D

? are you talking about the

or something else? see this is chat worthy :D

amazing writing travel blog post thank for shearing

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