How To Make $10k A Month The Old Fashioned Way

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Today marks the 48th day in a row that I've been in Thailand. When I came here, I had the idea that I would find a way to support myself so I wouldn't have to go back to a real job. I gave myself 5 months to make it happen.

I had a few Instagram pages with some dropshipping stores attached, and figured that I could make AT LEAST $50 a day just by posting products.

Things went well at first, but I quickly got bored. But I kept going, because being bored is better than working at my old job.

Anyway, somewhere along the line I heard someone say that the fastest way to make a lot of money is to email 50 businesses per day and offer them a service.

People are broke - but businesses have money.

Think about it: you're not going to spend $4k/month on anything, are you? I know I'm not. In Thailand I don't even spend $4k/month TOTAL.

But businesses will drop thousands on a monthly basis to keep the machine running. They pay employees, buy inventory, pay for office space, etc. And do you know what every business out there wants?

More sales. They all want more sales. They want more customers. They want more money.

People don't start businesses because they want to change the world. That's just a lie that they tell you to distract you from the fact that they want your money.

People start businesses because they want to make some fucking money. They start businesses because they're sick of their idiot manager telling them what to do. They want the freedom to do things their OWN way.

And most importantly, they want to get paid. And not just college student $13/hr studio apartment money. Big boy money. $100 haircut money.

Being the boss is stressful. You think it's easy running a business? You think it matters to your boss makes $250k/year if he's works 16 hour stressful days, 7 days a week? If he's 20 lbs overweight and going prematurely gray?

I'm telling you, that shit doesn't matter. But it's better than the alternative.

Anyway... how did I get on this topic? I don't even remember. Is anyone even reading this? I can never tell with all these random Pakistanis posting useless comments, 'hey great profil bro chek my page upvote plz.'

Amateurs. Gotta be more smooth if you want to get my $0.08 upvote.

Ah right, so the point of this is that you need to sell marketing services to businesses.

How to sell marketing services for dummies

You can literally pick any form of marketing, call/email a company, and be like,

"Hey, I really love your business. But I noticed that you don't have a subreddit/Twitter/Instagram/email marketing/Medium/Steemit/whatever account. I am a professional marketer and can help you grow and manage one. If you're interested, let me know."

Make a nicer version of that and email it to 50 people a day and I promise you'll get some customers. For one thing, literally every business owner thinks the same thing about social media:

  1. It has a lot of potential
  2. They need to be more active on it
  3. They have no idea how to do it
  4. They can't find anyone to do it for them
  5. They hate doing it themselves

Do you see how this might be something you could potentially market to them?

Business owners are stressed, busy people that don't like to learn new things. They'd rather pay someone to do it so they can go back to being stressed about whatever they're stressed about.

You don't have to do social media. You can do whatever you want. But the advantage of selling social media services is that nobody knows how to do it and everyone hates trying. Kind of like being a garbage man.

And it's also retardedly easy to do as well. You might have to spend a little time learning how to do it, but you're not writing software here.

Give them the strategy for free - charge them for implementation

If you're going to send an email, it needs to get their attention. I'm a big fan of putting SO MUCH information/proof in the article that the guy getting it is like, "Wow."

For example, my first email to a new client is 700 words. Seem like a lot to you? It's not.

Think about it: when you get an email, or a text message, you read the whole thing, don't you? Most people do.

The people who get these emails are going to read them.

Also, in those 700 words I lay out about 5 strategies that I would use to grow their company, 6 things they should NOT do as well as resources they can use to accomplish the strategies that I gave them.

So basically I tell them what to do and how to do it. Sounds counter-intuitive, I know. But it works because it shows them that you know what you're talking about.

Also, when you write a 700 word email (nicely formatted with some bold words, numbered lists and different sized fonts), it also shows that you're capable of writing 700 words about something. Part of the service I offer is article writing, so that comes in handy.

Speaking of article writing, I link to about a dozen Steemit articles that I've written in my email as well. Just more proof.

Rome wasn't built in a day

Now, I didn't sit down at my computer and crank out this divinely-inspired email on my first day. My first email was garbage and I'm surprised people even responded.

But you know, you tweak things, change a word here, add a little formatting... and before you know it you've got a 700 word behemoth that you know you can send out to a potential client and get them excited about what you're selling.

Just take your time and get started. Like with anything else, the "secret" to being good/successful is just to spend a few hours learning how it's done and a few hundred doing it.

Pretty soon you'll have a new problem: too many clients.

I can't wait until I know enough to write THAT article.

What do you think about my little strategy for getting new clients?

Actually I don't care. Just tell me I'm right.

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I have a question too: How do you avoid being labelleled as a spammer?


Bro, if you get famous enough to be labeled as anything then I congratulate you. Your problem isn’t being labeled as a spammer. Your problem is nobody knowing who you are.

It’s like the creepy guy vs player rule. Ugly guys get labeled as creepy when they hit on girls,
Good looking ones are just girl crazy

Haha you rock! loved your rant!
Great article, have been thinking the same way for a while, am in Cambodia right now, just left thailand.... and super motivated to start a location free business.
Upvoted, Followed, resteemed ! Cant wait to see more of your articles

I must upvote but I'm sorry my voting power is low

You are unique!
Can I get a copy of your 700 words? Just to read and write mine


Bold! love it!
Yeah i wouldn't mind a copy as well.
There are quite a few website you can get that great templates for free

That was a really cool idea . usually people just stay in their bed and think I wanna be a millionaire but that ain't gonna happen in a day. you have to strive hard. Loved your business plan for marketing. And I too post on business topics if you can just have a look at it I would be glad .


Checked out your article, pretty cool. Waiting to see your new posts!

Nice business strategy

Good post thanks for sharing

Nice strategies and secrets disclosed. Keep up good work. #steemit @abdulemarketer

Shit I didn’t even read most of this but you get my thumb up your bum for the solid effort you put in. Papa bless.

your article look interesting,I will read all , so following you up

Very good, thank's for share.

Good post keep aharing

nice opinion! thanks for shares

I have seen these many times in other blog but still these are good ideas to change oir life.

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3 days, amen :D


Honestly dude i didn't read any of these i just upvoted because i have similar russian blue cat <3 i love it

A great way for busyness! Thank you, im starting to do my businesses, but all of them I started small busyness. I wanted to start with low and learn to go high dont want to be high right away cause if i drop i would drop high too big impact!


Always think big. Fuck that smalltime shit

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Very sage advise for the aspiring marketer, but also some very good points for anyone who has a different product or service to advertise. Thank you for sharing


got my upvote for - 'Is anyone even reading this? I can never tell with all these random Pakistanis posting useless comments, 'hey great profil bro chek my page upvote plz.'

quality, thanks. sorry my upvote's worth nish.

Am already poor. No chances of richness :-D 😂

Truth be told the majority of businesses don't understand the internet, they understand social networks even less and I'm sorry cryptocurrency they no spéáká yóúr lánguáge. These provide three powerful tools in the promotion of business.

I've been dabbling with this idea for a while and by 'this idea' I mean fucking off to a country where my money is worth more, then selling services to stupid people. Thinking about it, if a company doesn't utilise SEO, Social media, Steemit, Advertisement, ect... then not only do these sound exciting, they are untouched ground. The truth is, these tools are easy to use and have a low barrier to entry.

Go on, I've got to ask, is there a particular type of business that you've found in your experience to be particularly receptive or is that privileged information. I've recently been getting high and daydreaming about contacting local -generic fried chicken shops - and offering a similar service. Something as simple as changing their default generic boxing and giving the impression of quality.

I once worked as an account manager at a digital consultancy - the entire company essentially does what your suggesting - just with a focus on building platforms and integrating IOT etc.

Can I just say man, I've been creeping on your posts for a while (Probably more like a few minutes combined in reality) and I respect what you're doing. I understand that moving to Thailand is a big move but my friend the grass is always greener and that rat race is hairy and long.

I don't think it's a bad thing to realise that you have a knack for compassion. It might not be the most productive of efficient of emotions but it shows your not a sociopath so that's something. I once went on a holiday to Bulgaria for 2 weeks and when I left I was traumatised to know that I couldn't take a cat I'd befriended home with me. I don't want to reread your post because time=honey and it wasn't that sweet, but I'm to assume that these situations are exactly similar

I could write now 700 words behemoth to complemeting your post😁⭐👍
Loads of useful tips and i had a fun.
Really good strategy,one thing i dont know where to find those bussines emails that could send my bussines offerso i wouldnt be considered as a spammer?

Cool. I am going to consider doing exactly this... I mean, dependant on what i see is available.

You make it sound easier than it probably is in reality! I think you have some valid points but I think it must be a hard slog!


Being a broke loser is an even harder slog


hahaha so true

Totally right about the amount of text you put into your first business contact email. Whenever I get an email for my business and it has so few words I just delete!

Thanks for sharing your strategies. Really motivating and inspiring

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another good quality post but u are painting a quite dark picture about greed...what about a post which makes me feel happy about society? :D

It's the same unique viewpoint whatever the writing, actually there's been a great deal of hard work that went into developing that so it seems, I wonder how the story of that went? Seems like it would be rather amusement. Now that you have an audience to read that shit you wrote a long time ago, what about putting some of it out haha?

Wait, is it the first email you send them 700 words or do you send that after they have responded to your initial email?

This was awesome man - I've read a bunch of your posts on the emails & was curious how you arranged them. Really stoked that you laid it out like this! You're the fuckin man - you have a fan new fan & fuck it, here's $0.03

Oh this boi is 3 months old
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