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The post you are about reading is/was my one-month experience to help newbie have a successful stay on steemit and to know some basic things at the initial stage. This post is aimed at helping newbie coming even a year or two years time. I will be pouring out my experience so far, practical examples which are explained using my screenshots.

Success Is A Deliberate Effort

Let’s get started

If you are not a reader then I will advise you to leave steemit at this early stage because your success on steemit depends on how well you read, understand and ask relevant questions on what you don’t know.

Never be ashamed to ask questions as a newbie or feel too big to ask a question. Information will reform and build you

And if you are here for quick money, you may be disappointed because so far steemit rewards diligence, good and original contents, your ability to communicate and create a good relationship with people on the platform.

Overview Of Your Home Page

From the labels in the picture below

1 Posting

That label 1 is where you click and a page opens up for you to post your article.

2 Blog

This shows you all your article or anything you have posted and the post of others you shared to your own wall if am to use the Facebook term.


Shows all the comments you have made on the post of people or the response you gave on the replies of people on your post.

4 Replies

Shows all the response of people to your post or their replies to your comment. Always try to give good replies and comment. I Will talk about this later on.

5 Rewards

This shows the rewards you made from your posts and comments (author’s reward) or the reward you made by upvoting other people posts and comment( Curator’s reward).

6 Wallet

I believe you know what the work of wallet is (winks), if you don’t, well it’s a section that shows all your monetary transactions, of both incoming, outgoing transactions and your earnings on the platform.
Still, under the area of Wallets, you will see permission. That area contains your passwords to do transactions outside the platform like sending out money from your account or trying to link up to other sites that has connection with steemit, never give out the master key that controls your account and ensure you keep it in a safe place because there is no recovery of your password if you should lose that password.

Setting Up Your Account

Still, on the image above, that label 7 is the settings and that is where you click to set your account like about you, profile picture and other things you want others to see and know about you. The only special case here, is where you need to put a profile picture or a picture on your wall but there is no place to click to upload picture, so what you will do is
Visit https://postimages.org

Then click on choose images; choose the picture you want to use on your profile from your picture folder(s). It will upload some links to it, copy the “direct link”.

Go back to your steemit account and paste the link you copied into the space provided for your profile picture or cover picture.

Note if you want to upload another picture, do not click delete but rather click “upload another picture” because if you click on delete, the initial picture will be lost.


Is your search button that is used to search anything on the steemit platform.

Upvoting and Resteeming

Upvoting in simple terms is just like the way you like a post on Facebook and a finger is shown that you liked the post, so it operates also on steemit. click on the circle on a person’s post if you want to upvote that post, then it will roll a bit and turn to green. That means you have upvoted that post but its needful you are calculative in upvoting and not everything you must upvote because, for every upvote, your voting power reduces by 2 percent but don’t be afraid because it will recharge after two hours. Hey man, I don’t understand, you will know better as you read on.

To resteem a post is just like how you share a person’s post on facebook to your wall because you want others to see it. Here also it is called resteem and you can do that by clicking on the sign that looks like a curved line with an arow head.

Tags and its uses

Tags are used to put posts in categories so that others can find it very easily. The more relevant your tags are to your post, the more like-minded people will come across it and might end up giving an upvote, comment or follow you. You are limited to making use of at most five tags but it can be less depending on your choice.

Steem Power, Steem Dollars, Steem

STEEM – STEEM is a base currency used on the platform. It can be powered up to STEEM Power, traded for Steem Dollars, and transferred to other accounts. It is just like bitcoin and of recent, it was listed on binance and I think bittrex trading platform. Not sure of bittrex because I have an only binance account.

STEEM Power – it is abbreviated as Sp, it is used to measure how much influence or power that a user has in the Steem network. The more STEEM Power a user holds, the more they can influence the value of posts and comments.

Steem Dollars – it is abbreviated Sbd and can be transferred to another user on the platform, converted to steem or steem power but cant is transferred out of the platform.



Most people join steemit and they just go ahead to copy post from google search and just come to steemit and post it. From your very first day on steemit, avoid copy and paste if you don’t want issues in the long run. Steemit only permits original content and hates plagiarism. There is this good guy called @cheetah and also @steemcleaners. @cheetah is a bot that ensures that all post on the platform are original while @steemcleaners to the best of my knowledge are monitored by humans to attend to abuse reported and plagiarism. Don’t try to think it cant be traced, once the article is online then it can be easily traced to its source even if it's your own work on other sites like Facebook or a blog you formally operated, don’t paste it like that but try to edit that work of yours and change the sentences but giving the same meaning.
It might be frustrating that you are putting up original contents and a good one for that matter. You might have been posting for long and no one is recognizing your work, just keep doing it, in the nearest future it will speak for you.

Here is what happened today 23/02/2018. I do join groups on discord just to get exposed and to meet people that I can relate with. Then I stumbled on this group called @qurator and that requires me registering with 4 steem. I was not having it, then I just joined the discord group hoping to register with 4 steem when I get it.
Luckily, I commented on their post yesterday that I was interested and that I have joined their group on discord because I loved it but to register when I have the 4 steem eventually. Then I was told my profile has been submitted for review, only for someone to sponsor me with 4 steem after going through my profile and posts and registered me.

Patience in posting good content even when you don’t see an upvote or comment will eventually pay you in the future if you remain consistent.


Another point that will help you here is your consistency in posting and giving responses to the replies of others on your posts. As a newbie, I will not encourage you to be posting every day if you just came in a few days ago unless you have understood how the platform works and you have good contents to be posting on a daily basis. For now, try to be posting like three times a week or at most five and be consistent in your days of posting and possibly the time of your posting. When I started, I was not consistent but for the past two weeks as at the time of compiling this post, I have been posting once every day nevertheless I have not been consistent in my timing because of my schoolwork as a final year student in the university.


A niche is your area of specialization; not everybody can be gifted in storytelling or poems at the same time. There are those who are good at drawing or programming or developing software or sports. Just try to know what you can do best and focus on that area.

Don’t be Jack-Of-All-Trades and master of none

For me, I am a writer who major basically on articles about life, inspirational write-ups and stories and these are the areas I have been consistent in and not just being in everywhere there is much inflow of cash or that most people are in that area. Just know your ability and where to focus your attention.


When I joined newly about a month ago, I was busy begging people to follow me and to upvote my post but when I learnt the secret of contest and upvoting, I stopped begging people to follow me or to upvote me.

Flowers With Sweetness In Them Don’t Beg Bees To Visit Them, The Bees Go On Their Own Accord


Like I said, when I discovered the power of good comments and response, I stopped begging people to follow me or to upvote me. I just give a good reply on a person’s post and in most cases, they are like wow and they visit my blog to either comment or upvote my post even without me asking them to visit my blog.
Take a look at some responses I got from people

So by good comments and replies, you are advertising yourself. And also you should try to create a kind of discussion from your reply until it ends in thank you, welcome or the other person stops to reply.

Avoid commenting on people post like this thanks, Nice one, wow, and the rest, @cheetah sees it as spamming and might flag down your comments. Try making comments in form of sentence in response to a post and it should be relevant to the post, if it requires your views or ideas, don’t hesitate to drop that wonderful view of yours.


Entering weekly and the daily contest is a good way to be noticed and easiest way to earn good rewards. The highest pay I have gotten as at the time of writing this post was a contest I entered that I got upvote up to $5. Also contest helps you to meet people, enhances your writing skills and puts your brain to thinking.
If you have interest then follow these people to get latest updates on contest and go for your niche @contestbots @originalworks


Interaction with others on social media has been my greatest means of meeting great people like @ayobami99, @shikika(my mummy on steemit, sorry just a sister), @hefziba a stranger who turned to a friend. It’s needful that as a newbie you join groups to meet people. The major social media that has been useful to me is Whatsapp and discord. Get to join communities and groups so as to get noticed and also get help when needed. I will explain later on the profit of using Ginabot on discord.


A challenge that some people may face is the issue of ideas and storing up their contents. For me, ideas are not my problem because they are always flowing and once those ideas come I write them so as not to forget. I have topics on ground that can take me one month if I should post daily. To avoid losing them I created three groups on my WhatsApp, where I store up useful links, links to daily contest and where I save my works that were still been worked on before taking it to steemit.


If you have been here for a while as a newbie, you must have encountered the issue of bandwidth limit. Don’t be afraid if you did something wrong. To every person depending on your power level, there is an allocation. and when the site becomes extremely busy, steemit then reduces what you can do at that time in order to regulate the weight on the site and from my observation, the issue of bandwidth always comes up between 2 pm to 6 pm Nigeria time. I decided to make further enquiry and search online and I discovered that 2 pm to 6 pm in Nigeria is the early hours of the morning in Europe and other countries that use steemit more. So to avoid getting stuck in the issue of bandwidth, I post my articles before 2 pm or between 7 pm to 10 pm at night when the sites are mostly free for usage with enough bandwidth for me to use.

Visit https://steemd.com/@(put your username without the bracket) to see your voting power and bandwidth limit.

Also it's good to add pictures to your post and to write their source but never take any picture directly from google search but rather visit sites that allow you to use their pictures without permission like pixel and pixabay or go to google and type free pictures to see sites that allow usage of their pictures.
With the above, I think you can make good success and to avoid problems. If this post was useful to you, ensure to resteem it and if you need further assistance as a newbie, message me on WhatsApp +2349060279010, I will try to help out on your questions if i can or chat me up on discord @inspiredgideon1#0253 but I did prefer WhatsApp. Thanks for reading

Dont be afraid of trying, every child crawls before walking and then running

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Here's a link which explains things.

Wow thanks so so much

I found this post through the show. Great layout and very informative. Great job @inspiredgideon1

Thanks for reading. Do help to resteem to newbies

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Just did mate it's brilliant :)

Am grateful you did. Thanks

job well done, did you make this on your phone?!

Yea i did and also with my laptop to do some of the editing. I will be very much happy if it can be resteemed to help others.

Mate, you've done an outstanding effort here! I'm bookmarking this and sharing with my minnows :)

Thanks very much friend. Helping new people will help the community

No problem, the community needs great individuals like yourself to be recognized.

Thanks so much.

Thanks for including me as a resource for contests on Steemit, I really appreciate it!

You are highly welcome. Am more grateful because you have been a good source of update.
I will appreciate so much if you can resteem. Not because of the money i will get but the knowledge that will help many newbie.

You are thriving successful and i celebrate i think i need to learn from you i will chat you up. Keep it, kudos

Thanks. At any time. Just message me. But do well to resteem to help others get over the struggles they might be having as newbie.


Thanks for that.

Wow thank you, every newbie needs to see and read this i will surely resteem it
These things are still confusing to me but this is greatly helpful

Do well to message me on WhatsApp if you need any more help.

Owk please can i ve your whatsapp number?

If you are asking this question then you did not read the post to the end. Read it to the end.

Continue inspiring newbies @inspiredgideon1 😀 your username speaks itself to who you are -
An inspiration 😀😀😀

Thanks friend or should i call you mummy? Well i think steemit should allow people to include their age 😀😀😀

Thank you very much for coming around, commenting and upvoting. But one plea. If it can resteemed to reach other people. Not really to get upvote but to help new people. I will always be welcoming new people with this particular post to help them.

Hahaha. You make me laugh again. When I saw my mentions history and click your link it is still the same post that you mentioned me but you edited. Hahaha.

Interaction with others on social media has been my greatest means of meeting great people like @ayobami99, @shikika(my mummy on steemit, sorry just a sister),

Sister is much better. 😀 Once I become a mommy you can call me mommy. Lol 😀😀😀

I understand the pains you are going through and making you laugh is the best i can offer you.

So do you now accept to be my mummy on steemit? 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Thank you so much for the laughters 😀

But I won't accept to be your mommy. A sister will be. 😀😀😀😀

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Hahaha. I am not yet a mommy. You can call me shikika 😀

You are most welcome. Stay awesome. 😀

@shikika 😀😀 i will. Thanks for resteeming

You are most welcome! 😀

Great post, every newbie must read this, especially on the original content part.

To all newbies here, I'm a newbie too, and what I can tell you is, you can easily create original content by giving opinions. You might not be good in writing stories, might not have a lot to share, but one thing we all are good in is we all know how to complain well, and that is giving opinions. Go off starting with the wh-questions and you will find yourself writing stuff in no time.

And one more super important tip: ignore the money part and just enjoy. Whales love to hit you when you least expect it (*´∀`*)

That's nice. Thanks so much for upvoting. Commenting and resteeming.

Well informative and fully packed with powerful message.
Newbies and oldies that had derailed from Steem will find this piece useful

Thank you very much for the response. I am glad that many are learning from the post and thanks for resteeming.

Awesome job, very detailed and easy to follow too. thanks for this

Thanks for reading. Please do well to resteem the post to help others.

It's interesting to hear about Steemit from you. I hope some of your friends follow mighy warrior.

Those i introduced are yet to get email confirmation

This is educative, keep it up bro. Maybe you should try explaining delegation on your subsequent posts

i will do that, thanks for coming around

I'm inspired again. Thanks for this

Welcome. Do well to follow the guide here

This has helped me alot,thanks for coming up with this.

Wonderful tips here! Wish I had you around when I began this wild Steemit ride! You hit the nail on every detail. Thanks for sharing!

Welcome friend. You can still do better if only you are determined.
Please do well to resteem to get across to other people.

Well done! This is an exceptional article that is easy to read and follow. Perfect for a newbie. I wish i found this when I first started. I learned bits and pieces here and there from many helpful people. You message so positive too. I love how you teach newbies how to engage and target their audience. Well done. I applaud you.

Thanks so much for coming around. Someone helped me so i needed to help many.
I will be very much happy if you can resteem it to help others.

It's a great post. Will be back with the newbieresteemday account to show our support!

I just got it. Thanks so much.

No problem! Your post will help our newbies. btw, congrats for your sponsorship to qurator!

Thanks very much.

Must admit that i was entirely unaware of the measures against plagiarism and spam...

Thank God you now know it. Do well to start following the new things you learnt.

Another great post @inspiredgideon1.
Steemd is a must, took me a while to find out about it, but its been a real life saver. I used to hate writing posts only to find your bandwidth had run out. Originally I was aiming to post when most people where online. I soon realised that was not a smart approach.

Ive got 99 problems, but bandwidth is no longer one.

So what are the other 99 problems that you feel i can be of help.

What a great guide for newbies! Upvoted:)

Thanks very much friend for coming around from the show. I really appreciate your up vote but a resteem will be greatly appreciated because the post was meant to help newbies

This is a good summary to get someone started on their Steemit journey. Well done, man! Keep up the good work. We're expecting good things from you. :)

Thanks for coming around and commenting sir. Your resteeming will be greatly appreciated to help reach out to more people because i know many will be really frustrated as new people but i am glad i made some study to come out with this.

Not the money but people that will be helped.

I saw your post featured on the Whaleshares Curation Show. Congrats on that! This is an unbelievable amount helpful information and I'm glad people are seeing it. I wish you the best of luck here on Steemit. Seems like you are off to an excellent start!

Yes ma it was featured there and thanks for being around.
Thanks for your upvote as well. I will greatly appreciate it if you can help to resteem to reach other newbies on the platform.


Thanks for helping newbies.

You're very welcome. I feel like I am still a newbie myself. :D

Haha then what will you call me having only 45 reputation. I think a cray fish?

You have obviously spent your time understanding the "system" here. I just post stuff and chat people up and glean bits and pieces of helpful info I as go. Your diligence will take you far. Don't forget me when you're the whale of all whales!!! ;)

whales of all whales

Sounds a bit funny and probably too early.
Well i had a driving force and that is


Just wondering why you prefer WhatsApp to Discord? I use both apps but it seems like most groups/teams/projects use Discord or Telegram and I don't know many that are on WhatsApp. It is definitely a good tip to be involved by joining groups on social media - best thing I have done to increase engagement with other Steemians!

I use the both and even telegram. But whenever am on discord am basically active in groups. Trying to chat and meet up with some good post and also to promote my post and to use my ginabot to check my notifications. But on whatsapp i tend to chat more one on one with people but you can add me up in any of the two if you need my help or if you got something good to offer me.

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That's good stuff right there! Thanks @goldendawne for resteeming this I found it in my feed!

You're welcome! I was referred to this link by the author and thought- WOW! This needs to be shared!
So much awesome information here!

@goldendawne for resteeming to reach a wider audience. Am grateful

Thanks @beekerst for coming around. Do well to resteem to help a newbie that might be confused about the platform

This comprehensive guide was helpful. It definitely tackled the basic each newbie needs to know. I had to learn intuitively how to find my way around here. One thing I think you can use for a topic on the next post. I think you also need to discuss how the internal market works and how it is different from the usual exchanges.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will do that in the third series because am already working on the second series that might be out in two days time.

great teaching of esteem application...thank you for your sharing and have a nice day my friend... :)

Thank you for coming around. Do well to help other newbies by resteeming

Wow! This is by far the easiest and well laid out steemit newbie guide I have come across, wish I read this when I joined. Least I can do is a 0.01 upvote, resteem and definately I will follow you. SteemOn Brother!

Thank you very much. Expect the second part in two days time God willing.

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Well done @inspiredgideon1. It's a great post to refer brand newbies to,

Well done @inspiredgideon1, this is an excellent post to refer "brandnewbies" to. I shall also be keeping track of you and hope to pick up more tips and explanations of the workings of Steem from you. Good luck!

For sure you will. Check back for the second part in two days time. Already working on it.

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Wow! That is just a terrific post. I know, everybody says that, but this time it is WOW.

That is the best compilation of 'newbieness' that I have read.

That took some serious time and effort. Thank you for it!

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Wonderful summary post. Many great tips that you've written here. I definitely need to improve my consistency in posting. Thank you for the tip.

Wow, you did an excellent post! I think this will help a lot of new users, good job!

Thanks friend for reading. The second part is on my wall.

Thank you for this very helpful post. I am a newbie on Steemit and this information is invaluable. It's tough wading through the technical side. Fun though meeting new people with common interests. Will be following you for future posts!

Thanks very much

Thank you very much for this post . it look as if you read my mind before posting this article because you answer every question popping out of my mind on how to make it on steemit. i really appriciate this.

You are highly welcome. Do find out time to read the second part on my wall.

Thank you so much @inspiredgideon1 for sharing this with me as I am just starting out it has given me some great tips - really appreciate it. Thank you and see you soon.
C :)

Thanks nice. Do well to visit the second part of this post. It will greatly help you

Now, this article here is exactly what I've been looking for. Concisevand straight forward. Thanks for creating this.

Welcome. Do well to read the second part.

This is a great article ! Finding your niche is very important and to be constant with your posts with original content will help you grow very fast! Thank you for reassuring these point for me :)

Welcome. Do well to read the second part of it.

Thank you @inspiredgideon1 for the tips. Very helpful as I just joined steemit yesterday :) I'm about to crawl for a bit before I go for a walk and then a run!

Thanks for sharing this article with me, @inspiredgideo1! I have added it to the #resources channel in my Discord Server, and am going to check out your second part now.


Thank you very much. I have made some common mistakes you just pointed out.

Wow this is like a crash course for a newbie. Just right for a friend who just asked me about how to start and go about. Thanks @inspiredgideon1, will share this with her :)

Am happy i reduced your work of trying to start a long explanation. Just do well to resteem to help some more people.

With qurator have you made your 4 steem back yet?

Not yet. Its a gradual process and besides. It was someone that registered me