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When I set out to create "Where in the World is Goldmoney Challenge Part I," to be completely honest, I had no idea whether it would work or not.

I have never created a challenge on Steemit before, or anywhere for that matter, but I had a vision. I imagined people from all over the world, from different cultures, different languages, different geographical and sociological areas doing something in common.

Steemit gave me the perfect platform to reach a large and diverse audience. To see all posts use #goldmoneywashere or #whereintheworldisgoldmoney

We had posts from: USA, Scotland, Australia, UK, India, Japan, Philippines, Netherlands, Dubai, and Canada!!!

Everyone in the world knows what gold is. Eventually everyone WILL know what Goldmoney is. This challenge was just one step into spreading that awareness.

Steemians around the world stepped up to participate in this challenge. Some, like @dreamingirwin took this challenge to heart in a way that was both inspiring and touching.

I learned so much this week and was beyond impressed by the power of this community.


Without further ado, here are the pictures from the challenge!!

The very first submission was from @geekgirl:


The Space Needle. Seattle Washington. USA

#Goldalwayswins and sometimes so does being first! @geekgirl got a bonus for being the first entry that followed the rules of the challenge:


Read her post here:

We then had the first of not one , not two, but THREE epic entries by @dreamingirwin. In fact he made such an amazing effort, I decided to bonus him with gas STEEM:


Here is a picture from his first post:


Rhode Island State House in Providence, RI USA
This building was featured in a couple movies!

To read the entire post:

Amazing job!!

Next we had @munchell . Some very professional looking photos by this Steemian.


Clyde Arc Bridge. Glasgow, Scotland

Read his post here:

These pictures were professional level, and poor @munchell gave up his lunch break to take them!

@travelgirl submitted two very cool photos from famous locations! They are so good, im including both:


Sydney Harbor Bridge. Sydney, Australia



Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia

Fantastic work @travelgirl ! You said you would take these, and you did it! Reliable, dependable, unfailing... just like gold!

We had a creative post by @lukaskonecny


Mt. St. Helens. Washington State USA

Putting the sign on a postcard was brilliant! I should have thought of that:)

Read the post here:

Next, the submission with my absolute favorite title! @hackerwhacker named his post "Goldmatters - rain or shine." I love this because this is exactly how I feel. I will show the world Goldmoney no matter what the conditions!

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

Two photos from his post:


Love this! The Wall Street Charging Bull is part of the Goldmoney T shirt tour as I have been there also :)


Here is the NYSE. The ticker for Goldmoney stock here in the US is XAUMF. XAU in Canada. (Not investment advice!) Here is the Goldmoney Investor Relations page:

New York, New York, USA

Here is a picture of mine of "fearless girl" right next to the bull and a Goldmoney community member:


Thank you for your dedication @hackerwhacker !

Full post here:

Enter Mr. Hustle AKA @dreamingirwin again! Really getting into the spirit of things:


Statue of Liberty. Liberty Island, New York City


One World Trade Center. Lower Manhattan, New York City.


Read full post here (its worth the time):

This next one is another example of the creativity of Steemians, by @eyeofthestorm . Gold is also an eye of the storm. Protects and preserves your wealth like none other :)


This photo is for the Gold Bears. Though gold should never be thought of as an investment or a speculation, but as money!! :)


Kew Gardens, Richmond Surry, U.K.

“Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves.” - Norm Franz

Using this qoute because royalty lived here!

So creative, great job @eyeofthestorm

Full post here:

Love the post from @goldenarms: a member of @steemsilvergold , a new, thriving, passionate community of gold and silver stackers right here on Steemit!

For the gold and silver stackers, Goldmoney offers redeemable bullion. Thats right, you can have your gold shipped directly to you!



East Coast of Canada, the beach

Thanks for representing @steemsilvergold @goldenarms!

Full post:

One of my 10 primary locations for this contest was delivered on in this post at the TAJ MAHAL! By @mady27


Fantastic!!! In India, gold is commonly used as a store of generational wealth, transfered down by families through gold jewelry. Read how Goldmoney can allow you to do the same through Mene with artist Diana Picasso. Yes THAT Picasso!

Read the full post here:

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Thank you @mady27 for making one of my primary goals come true!

Another member of the awesome @steemsilvergold community @jbcoin contributed a great post with this image:


Ohio, USA

I love the historical and personal nature of this post!

Full post:

Thank you @jbcoin!

Next.... @oleg326756 is not just a fan of Goldmoney, he is also a client! Since Oleg has a Goldmoney account, I could have offered to send him gold directly as a reward for his post!

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

We get our first glimpse of a Steemian (besides me) with a goldmoney card in this astonishing picture....


Osaka Castle, Japan

Full post:

Goldmoney is a global company, with intelligent clients all over the world like @oleg326756 . Thank you for your contribution, I loved seeing this card out in the wild!

One more entry from legend @dreamingirwin !

Mr. Potato head everywhere! I did mention in the orginal challenge to try and get a celebrity to try and participate! FTW @dreamingirwin for a clever way to accomplish this!




Rhode Island, USA


Read the full post:

Here we have an entry from yet ANOTHER country from @rival !


Holland, Netherlands

Full post:

Thank you @rival for your post!

@phelimint got a submission in from Canada! Goldmoney HQ is located in Toronto.


Fantastic to have another member of @steemsilvergold post, although these days silver can no longer be found in modern nickels:)

Full post:

Thank you @phelimint for your Canadian post!

Finally we have @welshstacker from the UK.


Outstanding idea to get a picture at the Royal Mint!

Full post:

Thank you for your contributions @welshtacker! Stackers are everywhere !

If you are still with me at this point, Bravo! Anyone who wants to read my entries take a look:


















@mady27 IS OUR PRIMARY AWARD WINNER OF 100 SBD for getting a photo at the TAJ MAHAL. AMAZING!


@dreamingirwing wins 75 SBD for his enthusiasm, effort, and creativity!

Check your wallets everyone!

Thank you so much for participating in my first challenge ever. This was a learning experience for me and I had SO SO much fun.

This was my longest post ever on Steemit and this week has been exausting but totally worth it! There will be more challenges in the future, after I sleep for the next 48 hours.

I AM HOPING WORLD FAMOUS TRAVEL BLOGGER @sweetsssj will join the challenge! Can people imagine the awesome photos she can get?



I couldn't help but include this picture of a primary location that was entered after the challenge was over!! So awesome!!!


Mt. Rushmore, Black hills South Dakota, USA

And one more from @nigelmarkdias


Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai.

Thank you Nigel!!
Full post:
To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:


I am on a personal mission to spread the world about Goldmoney through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows indivuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

Read more:


Goldmoney was also at the Armani Hotel Dubai, Burj Khalifa: the world's tallest building. 😊

Amazing!!! Thank you!

Great contest! Hope you do it again! :)

Thank you! I hope to :)

Your post is awesome dude :)
vampy like last picture more ^,..,^

Thank you! I happen to agree

I have no words! Simply... wow!

Thank you so much :) thats how i feel

Yes!! Goldmoney Was here!

Yes it was!!!

lol don't forget Silver and Bronze! good old bronze always trusty!

Wow it is incredible it is the best post that I have seen until now challenge of great value gathering people around the world

Thank you ! Thats a huge compliment :)

seems you started a movement with goldmoney on steemit. gratulation

Thank you! Doing my best:)

exactly :) such a great idea!

wow amazing entries to the contest. Thanks for putting it all together.

Thank you! It was a lot more work than i thought:) that last post took me 10 hours to create!

I see what you mean, I'm working on one now it's going to take all weekend. I think you will like it and it will have a little surprise for you!

Awesome! Keep in mind the challenge has ended but I welcome your post and will add a submission to the next challenge when that runs :)

Great job, you pulled all those confusing titles and entries into one neat and organized post! Thanks for being so generous to all of the contestants! Great time! @goldmatters

Thank you:) I stayed up until 2 am finishing this last night lol. Wild friday night!

That is some gold dedication.

This was fun. Thanks for the SBD.

Great entry, congrats!!

Thank you, I throughly enjoyed your post. Do you work on Wall Street?

Yes I do work near wall street.

If you visit New York let me know.

Yes absolutely! I would love to meet some fellow steemians!

You rock for getting the Taj Mahal off the list. I was so excited for you lol :) It would have been a pity if none of the locations on the list were posted. Good for you.

Wow! @goldmatters! This is amazing! It is growing like a rocket now :D

good new from gold money sir i hope it will be give us more good newses

Thanks for reading

Congratulation , this is the right way to promote Goldmoney in this Amazing community , i hope see more challanges , the first was very Awesome!
thank you @goldmatters

Thank you so much so for that!

Welcome , Your blog is among the most interesting blogs on steemit, you have to keep this trend :)

Thank you for reading!!

Great challenge and glad to be part of it

Awesome :) keep your eyes open for part II!!!

All of there are such beautiful enteries.
It really does warm my heart to see how this challenge and Steemit has the power to bring people together from all different walks of life forming this exceptional community.
Great Shot @goldmatters
The terrain even loves goldmoney with that love heart formed in the rocks haha

Thank you! I feel the same way

You're successfully spreading the word trough out the whole world ! Awesome to see so many people joined the challange :)

Thank you! Doing everything i can including a traffic violation as you can see in my post lol

East or west goldmatters is trend!!

Cheers 🍻

I like that! :)

Thanks so much goldmatters! Congratulations also to all fellow participants! This was a lot of fun and for a great cause---getting the word out about Goldmoney!
I should mention that although the bear did not accept a picnic basket in exchange for his endorsement, he will be happy to accept a deposit into his Goldmoney account.

Lol! I love that bear! He has quite a personality :) thanks for being involved with this you were great

You have literally brought everyone together with these fantastic entry's !! @goldmatters

Thank you :) it was a community effort. I would love to see more of this!

Thanks for a cool challenge. It was a ton of fun! You got alot of support and spread the message very well I'd say 👍😎 made my day today too..

Thanks man for participating :) was an awesome post:)

nice!! not sure what it means, but very interested in your ideas and how you were able to make so many people want to write goldmoney and date it :) lol I'm very curious what the intention is... Following!

Thanks for reading :) The intention is to spread awareness of Goldmoney :) For example, I can now tell you that Goldmoney is a financial technology company that allows anyone to own gold in small or large amounts. Owning gold helps preserve your savings over long periods of time:) thanks again for your interest :)

thanks for much man!, It was a very fun contest to watch.

Thank you so much for being a part of it :)

You rock! !!!!! Thank you so much. You've officially made my 42nd day on Steemit a day I'll write in my calendar. Lol. It's funny to think back on being hesitant to join the contest. Yet every aligned so perfectly. Your contest my aunt visiting. Wow. I just couldn't understand how people weren't flooding your contest. I kept checking it to see if anyone posted. So cool. So much fun. Such a blessing. God bless you, your family, your friends, and your business.

Thank you. It so funny cause up to this contest the most I've made was four bucks. Feels like I won the lottery. Lol

Congratulations on your first prize, @dreamingirwin! Well done!

Thank you :-) I've been on Steem for a little under two months and and in that time frame I have not seen a contest that offered what @goldmatters was offering. So I decided even if I only got a small bonus or a small percentage of the prize it was worth participating. So I did everything I could hoping to qualify.

You deserve it! You were AWESOME!!!!!!! Keep your eyes open. Im going to take a bit of a break and be back with a new challenge at some point. WINNER!!! :)

Gold money here bitcoin thanks for shairing @fkofficials

Thanks for reading !

How cool was this challenge! Thanks for hosting it and for the SBD too. I guess I will have to go and dig a little to find what the Goldmoney is about :) You might want to clarify this in all posts you will make during the part II of the challenge. You have included only a link for registration and to be honest, it did not attract me to click on it at all. Good luck with promoting and thanks again!

Thanks for reading! I did try to lnclude a number of facts about Goldmoney within the post but I would be glad to provide more in part II. Any areas specifically you would reccomend focusing on?

I am not sure if you have included it somewhere (as I have not seen something similar), but it would be extremely helpful to write a standalone explanatory post about Goldmoney and refer to it as many times as possible. To make sure that you will catch the reader eye :)

Great suggestion! I have many such posts in the past but yours is a great reminder that it has been awhile and my next comprehensive post should go through these basics again. Thank you very much for your feedback:)

You are most welcome :)

Gold Money here. Gold Money there. Gold Money everywhere! :]]]

Old Macdonald had Goldmoney.......

I really agree with what you write :
I have never created a challenge on Steemit before, or anywhere for that matter, but I had a vision. I imagined people from all over the world, from different cultures, different languages, different geographical and sociological areas doing something in common.

Steemit gave me the perfect platform to reach a large and diverse audience. To see all posts use #goldmoneywashere or #whereintheworldisgoldmoney


Thank you for reading :)

Welcome brother.. i wait your artikel againt ..

Welcome brother .. i wait The next articel

wooow amazing post
followed and upvoted !!!

😊😁☺Wow wow hurray!!!! I never thought I would be the winner of this contest thanks @goldmatters for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. And congratulation to @dreamingirwing and all other participants .

Thank so much for the great pictures! The Taj Mahal is so beautiful and it warms my heart to see a Goldmoney sign in front of it . You are great!! Congratulations !

Its my pleasure :)

@goldmatters thank you so much. I love what you are doing promoting goldmoney. I am going to continue to support your efforts. Off to St Andrews next week so I will try and get a couple of piccies. If there are any famous people playing golf I will get them involved too. Last time we were there I saw Samuel L Jackson so that would be a good one to get. Lol.

Cheers again.

OMG yes! I would love that. Thanks so much for participating my friend. Your pictures were outstanding . I am humbled :)

Good to seee Spreading love all over !! :D

Thats what im here for! :)

Goldmoney is everywhere! Great summary of the campaign so far

Thanks! This post took FOREVER to write lol

I don't get why no one uses a summary like this:

Goldmoney is physical 1:1 store of your gold with a credit card with which you can spend it with.

Thank you. It was fun.

really gold matter give us newly and good amaizing new @goldmatters sir

Thank you so much for your kinds words

great to see steemsilvergold representing. @goldmatters great work...this is going to take-off

Yes it will! Great idea to put @steemsilvergold on steemit!

Cool. I was out of the country and not paying attention to steemit so missed this. However, I have a shirt just like yours and I happened to wear it (though was an undershirt) on this long day of travel. Drove from Anshan China to Shenyang airport, flew to Guangzhou, flew to LAX. So, that's where Goldmoney was on August 4, 2017.

I love goldmoney t shirt pics! Let me see! There will be more challenges in the future :)

Thank you so much for the contest and for all of the time it obviously took to sort it all out and put together this great post! Congratulations to all of the winners and all of the great submissions! Very fun to see all of the creativity and fantastic photos! Thanks again @goldmatters!

Thank YOU for being involved . I thoroughly enjoyed your post:):)

Great post, I will have to read up (google) this goldmoney thing. I own physical gold and silver but has not been convenient. I used to be a small local buyer of scrap here in Denver Colorado. Check it out! The whole reason I did this is to introduce Goldmoney to new people :)

Just visited your website, I think I'm starting to understand this, the video wouldn't play but I'm gonna look at it on YouTube.

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It seems like you already visit a lots of place within this short time period. wow.
I really like the first pic with heart sign where the rock has the same sign.

Thanks a lot to share such information and those beautiful view and the heart shaped rock.

let me see it through then.

I know it is too late to win but thought it would be cool 😎 From Vail Colorado

Look at the third picture on the article. Taken with my IPhone 📱

Great overview. Thx again for the bonus.. Have a good 48 hours sleep and cu soon on steemit again..

Thank you for participating man!!

Still don't know if you visiting Steemfest in Lisbon? What is your relation with goldmoney? I would love to meet you if you are going. If not I would like to know if I can have some support from goldmoney. Maybe I can wear a shirt with goldmoney and make some post in combination with goldmoney. I was learned that you always have No and i you ask you can get a Yes. So that's why i asked..

I will not make it to Steemfest unfortunately. You can send me your info through steemit chat and I will see if I can get the t shirt (what is your size also), thank you for offering your support! As mentioned in my profile I am a consultant for Goldmoney :)

Thank you! Read and upvoted!

Thx i would appreciate it if you would like to resteem it.. i hope to get Some more views. When is your next contest? Did you sleep 48 Hours... dont think So 😉

Ok, try to find you on steemit chat but looks like you are not there.. second time I use it... could you send me a message maybe.

Woooooww emaizng good job @goldmatters

Thank you very much

Thank you ever so much for your bonus. It's made its way all the way to me here in Wales. Thanks again for allowing me to enter and a massive congratulations on the amount of entries and locations you managed to reach.

Thank YOU for participating!! I appreciate the efforts greatly :) stay tuned for more Goldmoney challenges in the future !

Thank you very much for the bonus prize, @goldmatters! It made my day seeing the transaction in my Steem wallet!


Everyone, thank you for your contributions to this cool challenge! I loved watching your photos and reading your story. Your creativity and dedication are amazing! They are gold in themselves! Keep stacking, keep steeming, and remember that gold matters! ;)

Love all,
– Oleg

Thank YOU Oleg!!! I was so thrilled to see another Goldmoney community member on Steemit! Thank you for everything :)

Goldmoney was all over the world 🙂 Thanks for the contest

Yeah!! Thank YOU for reading:)

Welcome @goldmatters, I have enjoyed looking at all the beautiful entries :)

Good job! Your effort is appreciated. Yes, I agree gold has a big role in our future.

Thank you for saying that

very good

Wow tons of awesome entries!

Yes!! Was much better than expected :)

Beauty! Nice work everyone!

Love the little girl of Wall Street.

Thank you!! Me too


Gold is trash compared to BItcoin

Gotta get that bread 🍞 🤙🏻

I love bread!

Value time not money. It will help

Beautiful post i believe time is more valuable the any other currency in the world

Thank you I agree

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Boy do I love a nice looking new badge!