Goldmoney was at Seattle's Space Needle

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Today I took Goldmoney to Seattle's Space Needle to participate in contest by @goldmatters to take Goldmoney to famous places. Although Space Needle is not in the list of famous places, I believe Space Needle of Seattle should be at the top of the list. As I a proud Seattlelite there are so many beautiful things about Seattle I can talk about in a separate blog post.

Seattle and Space Needle have a unique history and status. Please check wikipedia for more information. Space Needle is Seattle's symbol. Seattle is home for many famous companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Craigslist, and many more. Greater Seattle is home for two richest and philanthropist people in the world, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Greater Seattle is home for many great people.


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Hi @geekgirl, thank you for the photos. Some of my most fun times were in that very area when I live in Washington State. I use to take my kids there a lot. We would start out at the by going up the Space Needle to the top and looking out at the city from the telescopes. We would stop off at the restaurant for a bite to eat and drink. Then we would go to the Seattle Center and go see all the exhibits, ride the rides and eat again. So much good food and fun things to there. Then would go to Pikes Market and browse through all the unique shops. Thanks again for bringing back all those good memories. In this case your photo said more than a thousand words.


Thank you so much. That almost sounds like what we did as a family today. It was great day. Seattle is an awesome city.


That indeed it is. My daughter grandkids and dear close friends are outside Seattle. I miss it at times but love The big Island. It is home. I can still go visit. Rates are to bad from here and nonstop flights. Keep posting those photos as you never know who that might keys good memories for. :)

congratulation for you @geekgirl


Thank you. for what?

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Excellent post @geekgirl, I liked the narrative, great photos, I follow you, we must support ourselves as a community, I would appreciate it if you give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything!

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Very cool. You beat me to the first entry spot lol I waited to long to post mine. Nice work cool pictures :)


oh lol. you post is great, I saw. I don't see too many entries yet. Maybe if we don't get all top ten entries both of our location will qualify. Thanks.

That was a nice place, nice photos too.

good luck for Goldmoney
beautiful photo


Thank you

I live in Redmond! I totally agree that the Seattle area should top the list, though more people are in on the secret and it gets more crowded by the day. I love it for being surrounded by trees and water and mountains. :)


Yes! Thank you for agreeing with me. Nice to meet you. Good to see local steemians.