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UP TO 1000 SBD in REWARDS is up for grabs:

Where in the World is Goldmoney Challenge Part I

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here: https://www.goldmoney.com/w/goldmatters

I am giving away 100 SBD for what I deem to be the best photograph in each of the following locations for global steemit travelers.

Winners must be holding a sign just like the following:

GOLDMONEY WAS HERE (Please make sure to use a lowercase "m")

#goldmoneywashere (recommended) OR #whereintheworldisgoldmoney



Here is an example at the Golden Gate Bridge. Feel free to put yourself in the photograph also.


Here are the locations:

  1. Eiffel tower. Paris, France

  2. Great Wall of China. China

  3. Taj Mahal. Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

  4. Stonehenge. Wiltshire, England

  5. Pyramids. Giza, Egypt

  6. The Cliffs of Moher. County Clare, Ireland

  7. The Collosseum. Rome, Italy

  8. Mt. Rushmore. Black hills, South Dakota

  9. Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon, Arizona

  10. Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

MAKE SURE TO USE THE HASHTAG #GOLDMONEYWASHERE in your tags with the post entry so I can find your post, or leave the picture in the comment section.

Rules: Since its my challenge, I will decide if the picture is real and if it qualifies. Since I plan on writing a blog featuring all the pictures, it is in both of our interest to have a quality picture. IF YOU SUBMIT A PICTURE TO THIS CHALLENGE I WILL ASSUME PERMISSION TO USE. Winners will be tagged for exposure.

The challenge is over on approximately 8/4/2017 after the post pays out. Rewards will be given in the next few days after. But if I get REALLY excited about a picture, I might just pay it out immediately.

If anyone has a Goldmoney t shirt in any of these locations, this also might cause extreme excitement and cause me to pay a BONUS.

If you are not able to get to these locations but take the picture with the sign at a different location that is famous, you will be in consideration for a bonus payment. If the location is not listed there is no guarantee of payment, but I will certainly consider it.

If you get a picture with a celebrity holding the sign, you win a bonus. *** I decide who constitutes a celebrity ****

Anyone can message me in the comment section with questions.

I reserve the right to change something if I missed something obvious.

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

Me: IMG_5114.JPG

I am on a personal mission to spread the world about Goldmoney through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows indivuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

Read more:




I just found one of your posts the other day, I'm interest in the gold money concept, but haven't had time to look it up and see how it works. I live close-up to the grand canyon though and I could potentially do that part of this challenge, we will see what I can come up with.

You have my backing @drpuffnstuff. It sounds like the Grand Canyon is yours for the taking. Wow, imagine having access to the Grand Canyon. Go on Puffy! :-D

I may have to give it a shot @goldmatters. ;-)

yes plse guide me as i am newbiee here!!!

Just observe and learn :) Steemit is a wonderful platform

Fantastic! Thanks for reading and I hope you get a nice pic with a sign! Let me know :)

Can we like a jocker?
I am jocker.
Please click my post and enjoy.......


lol, yes. wtf is jocker haha.. umm is right.. these comment trolls haha

Can't I just hijack a jocker and jork him away for now? Like me guys. I am the real Jocker. XD

yes steemit is awesome

these challenges are one nice thing to do. Would've participated but i'm not in any of the locations you mentioned. Keeping my hopes up for the next one maybe. :)

Thanks for reading :):) Im hoping this works out so there will be a part 2!!

@goldmatters it's really interesting!! I like to joined it!!

I see you are from India, Taj Mahal close?

Ohhh really u don't knw about taj mahal? Well I thinks taj mahal 350 km away from me!! Yupp but I clicked HAWA MAHAL pictures!!

I always look forward to your postings about gold money @goldmatters

I am very interested in this challenge, and if no obstacle of any kind. Hopefully I can follow it.

thank you for sharing @goldmatters

Thank you for reading my friend! Are you in the challenge?

you're welcome @goldmatters
i'm really interest to join it, but i'm from far away with the place that you mentioned. :(
so that, i can't to join you challenge. hopefully oneday you will mention my country too.

In the post I mentioned that if you can't get to those locations, but if you made a sign and got to another famous location, I would consider giving a bonus prize :)

ooh really???? i really exited to hear that. i'll join this challenge @goldmatters

yes @goldmatters , I would also invite my friends to join the challenge.

So interesting challenge @godmatters
May god bless me for join the contest.

And thank you so much for sharing about goldmoney. I'm so glad about it.


Want to participate in the challenge? :)

I don't know how i can say yes or not.
Because i'm so busy for few days ago.

I only hope, this challenge will be success as we hope.

Goodluck @goldmatters

plse tell about contest

thanks will do famous location of india

Fantastic! Good luck

Very creative challenge, I like it

Thank you! Will you join??

I want to but, I dont live anywhere near any of the locations

its not big deal my friend @midgeteg
@goldmatters will allow you for join even though you live in a place that is not mentioned

I mentioned in the orginal post, if you are not near any of the locations, you can still make a sign and take a photo at famous location near you and be in consideration for a bonus :)

Great challenge and so interest me for join, but i live in indonesia. And the location that you havw just mentioned below there are nothing indonesia.

But i will always wait the next opportunity.

As I mentioned in the post, if you are not close to any of those location you can still participate by making a sign and going to a famous location that is near you, and you would have a chance of winning a bonus :)

That sounds great my friend @goldmatters ,i'm so sorry because i cant to understand english well.

So, if i wanna join the challenge, where i have to post the picture?? In the comment section or in my post??

You can do either, or both :) If you do your own post make sure to tag #goldmoneywashere so I can find you

Okay, thank you so much @goldmatters , you really good man
I love you.

oh man, I wish I could travel to one of these locations. Too far for me lol :)

In my original post I mention that anyone can take a photo and make a sign at a famous location that is near them for a chance to win a bonus prize. do it! :)

Man I wish I was gonna be near any of those legendary places! Cool challenge tho I'll enjoy seeing who takes part. I know of a place here in Atlantic Canada that's pretty beautiful so expect a pic soon. I encourage every person to own some gold and silver. Real money!

Fantastic! I hope you and all my #steemsilvergold friends participate! Good luck ;)

I think this is an awesome way to spread the word about goldmoney, bringing a little bit of fun and competitiveness to it.

I don't live near any of those locations so I might try and think of somewhere famous near where I live and go for a bonus prize.

Can't wait to see the winning photos.

Now thats the spirit!!! Good luck :)

its amazing thats a money in a gold ?????

Goldmoney allows for physical gold ownership. You can make payment with gold or save it :)

Awesome giveaway and a great way to spread your goldmoney message! I'm not in the locations listed but I will take up your challenge on some sort of famous location around here.

Too bad I'm not near anywhere in these locations but good luck to all.

I mentioned in the orginal post that you can make a sign and take a photo near any famous location you are close to and have a chance at a bonus!

I'm will prepare my self for join this awesome challenge.. Thank for sharing @goldmatters
And respect foryou @gold

Fantastic! Respect to you too!

Damn, sucks that London is not one of the locations.
I don't think any of my friends have went to any of those countries so I can't contact any and ask them if they could do this for me.
Well i can't wait for the crazy pictures some people may take @goldmatters

In the original post I mention that anyone can make a sign and take a photo in a famous location near their location and I will consider it for a bonus prize. Go for it!

Great contest! I hope you get a ton of entries! #goldmoneywashere @goldmatters

Will you participate my friend? Im hoping more #silversteemgold people will !

I will surely try, if i can get to a noteworthy location. I'm landlocked in central Ohio haha! @goldmatters

I love creativity ..... :)

This Is Definetly A Great Way To Get People Familiar With GoldMoney, Wich I Had A Nice Camera And The Oppertunity To Visit These Places :)

In my original post I mention that anyone can make a sign and take a photo in a famous location that is near them for a chance to win a bonus prize :) go for it!

Hi, it's @foovler... Can you add the Sydney Opera House? ehehe I don't think I can make it to any of the above locations.

If you can get a good photo with the sign and the Sydney Opera House you would most certainly be in the running for a bonus prize. Absolutely !

Just make sure you follow the rules and instructions in the orginal post and you will have a big advantage as there have been no submissions for the Sydney opera house yet

That's a great idea to spread awareness! sadly I don't live near any of these places (nor other famous places). :(

Be creative . You never know :)

Sounds like fun. Look forward to seeing all the pictures. I'm not anywhere near any of these but I will look forward to everyone's photos.

I mention in the orginal post that everyone is free to make a sign and take a picture in a famous place they can get to and I will consider it for a bonus :)

ok. I may be traveling somewhere where I can take an interesting photo. Will post if so.

I look forward to it:) good luck!

Great post :)
I would like to participate but im in morooco :)
thank you so much

Thanks for reading! As mentioned in the orginal post anyone can make a sign and take a photo in a famous location close to where they live to participate and potentially win a bonus award :)

OK thank you so much for your great support
i propose you to see this post i hope you like it :)

Awesome contest man! I'm very far from all those places unfortunately, but there's some cool rock formations and trees in the bush and a few local landmarks, I'll see what I can do.

I encourage you to find a creative way to enter the challenge for a bonus :)

subscribed to you) But I can not compete with others) I live in Belarus and I do not have such beautiful places ..... The idea is very good, I will support you)

You can still make a sign and look for a cool place to take a photo with it and you will be considered for a bonus!

That is, I can photograph a beautiful place and just take part)? If so I will be very happy)

Nothing from Lisbon, Portugal?

Thanks for reading! As mentioned in the orginal post anyone can take a photo and make a sign for famous location close to where they live to participate in a potential bonus award :)

Amazing initiative. Games are fun

Will you join challenge?

I never expected this @goldmatters, last time it was something for your dog :D but this is such a great competition !! If I had a vacation spot to visit soon I would have loved to join on . Good matters always ;)

Anyone can participate by making a sign and taking a photo in a famous location near where they live for a chance of a bonus prize :)

Even better , thank you the opportunity :)

Sounds interesting ! I guess i could come up with something :D

@goldmatters...it is very interesting idea! Good game to join!

Will you join the challenge? :)

Yea, awesome contest but unfortunately it's really short notice, so locals will win , not world travelers , but that's also perfectly fine :)
I hope you will have more of these in the future, I'm now following :)

There are two categories.... the main locations, but also bonus entries for taking a photo with the sign in a famous location near you, so everyone has a chance at winning something :)

I mean .. if I wouldn't be stuck in a boring city I would... lol
No excuses, just joking. You can shoot amazing pictures anywhere, you just need a camera and imagination. I'm lacking time and drive.
THanks again for these, will take part in the next one , hopefully

In the picture you used as an example the person isn't visible. Is that a requirement would a picture with someone holding the sign still be acceptable?

Absolutley acceptable! A person holding the sign is great. The more interesting the location the better. The purpose is to have the sign at well known or famous locations

Great post ...keep the good work..
Those location mentioned above is not near to me ..

Thanks for reading! As mentioned in the orginal post anyone can participate by making a sign and taking a photo in a famous location close to where they live for the potential of winning a bonus :)

Congratulations @goldmatters!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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Sounds good! Will you participate in the challenge?

Go GoldMoney go

That's definitely how i feel. Will you participate in the challenge?

for place indonesian can join this challenge or no ? @goldmatters

If you can get to a famous location with the sign mentioned, you would be considered for a bonus as mentioned in the orginal post :)

thanks , i will show my best photo @goldmatters

great idea. upvote. unfortunately I´m far away from one of these places :)

Thans. As mentioned in the original post, you dont have to be close to those locations to participate . Anyone can make a sign and take a photo in a location close to your hope for a chance at a bonus :)

Shizz, I wasn't able to get to the grand canyon on time. But I owe you one, I will still do it when I get some time. Weather has been weird in these parts.

No problem! If you manage to get there please submit the sign photo anyway and ill submit you into part II of the challenge (you may have to remind me). And remember, anyone can take a photo with the sign in a local famous location for a chance at a bonus :)

GoldMoney I want you -- I need you

I can understand why!

Here is my submission to your contest. I am not sure if I have followed everything right but to my best :-) Thank you



Great idea for a challenge. I want to read up some more on Gold Money Matters too. Sounds like an interesting concept. Unfortunately I don't live too near to the cliffs of Moher so I wont get to visit it in time for the challenge this time.

You may still participate if you would like :) As mentioned in the post anyone can take a photo with the sign in a famous location and they will be considered for a bonus award :)

Well the closest to me is Stonehenge. Wiltshire, England :D But I already went there and i have no travel plans in the next seven days. Nice challenge even though I am not sure what goldmoney is, but I will do some research.

Thanks for checking it out! Anyone can make a sign and take a photo next to a famous place near you for a chance for a bonus :)

it's a cool contest, just too bad I don't travel :)

The good news it that you can take a picture with the sign locally and submit it for a bonus. You can use a famous location close to you for this :)

Woow you have spend 156$ (Promotion) for this post .!!!!

Yes, its worth it to spread the word about Goldmoney :) will you participate in the challenge?

Nice challenge, but why only these locations not near me.. can I win something if I make a nice one of just my humble village...

Thanks for reading! I mention in the orginal post that anyone can participate by making a sign and taking a photo of a famous place near their location for a chance at a bonus :) I hope you join! :)

I guess i'm not as creative as i thought. I did the sign saying "Goldmoney was here with the date but i did not write the # on the sign. Does that disqualify the picture?
I haven't written the post i can include it in the post. But if it does I understand.

Since you are one of the first submissions, I'll make an exception:) Go ahead and submit your post!!

So I found myself chuckling and impressed with your patience. Up to date I counted 19 replies where you explained that it was possible to find a location near you. And fifteen of your responses started with as I mentioned in the original post . It's silly but I got a giggle out of it. :)

lol thanks for reading and good eye!! :) I blame myself. When I do part II I will mention that part up front. Will you participate??

I actually was debating putting them all in one post or separate. I picked a few locations, and because they are not on your main list I know they might not qualify. So that is the debate. I have two locations done the third one I won't have done till wed.

Fantastic! Cant wait to see !

What is part 2?

Part 2 will be initiated after part 1 is over.... its a surprise:)

Here's my entry. I might of gotten a little carried away. Hope you like it


Great post @goldmatters! I am I'm interested in the gold money concept, because in this times of uncertainty gold can be a safe cushion! Keep up the good work and all the best @andreja

Yes!! I agree. Will you participate in the challenge?

This looks like fun if you are in those location..

I've followed goldmoney on youtube and on Alasdair Macleod on the gold money website.. Its a great concepts that seems a logical way to go

Thank you! Anyone can participate in this challenge, as mentioned in the orginal post people can make the sign and take a photo in a famous location near them to be eligible to be selected for a bonus reward!

Excellent.. I do a bit of travelling.. I'm off to Australia soon.. Not sure if i can make ayes rock (Uluru) But i can definitely do Sydney opera house :)
Thanks for the info

Fantastic! Be sure to submit the photo and make the sign :). By doing so you will have an entry for the bonus :)

Interesting challenge. Stonehenge is about a 5 hour drive away? It would have to be a huge prize for me to go all that way but I do have an aunt down there. I could possible do it? I'll give it some thought. I do have some photos of Stonehenge but they are low quality and from a distance.

Yeah thats a bit of a drive :) of course if you can talk your aunt into making the sign and taking the photo i would likely count that as a valid entry. Thanks for reading!

She's 95 years old but as game as a bagel. I'll ask her if she'e up for it. Might even get her signed up on steemit :)

That would be awesome! That might take the cake for the oldest Steemian!!!

This is such a great idea and so much fun, not to mention it's promoting a great thing--Goldmoney!
Here's my entry. I had a lot of fun doing it, even though I had to deal with wind gusts up to 40 mph and the occasional cloudburst, but that's England

Absolutely fantastic!!!! Thank you for your entry!

Great idea and great prize
I wish I could participate but am far away here in Nigeria
Anyways nice one keep helping lifes

You can participate.... if you make a sign and go to a famous location close to where you live you have a chance of getting a bonus as mentioned in the post :)

Thanks mate I sure will

Maybe I should join if I fly to somewhere for working :D

Yes! That would be great! Dont forget the sign:)