Great Steemers to follow SPECIAL: Good Old Whales

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Early adopters on Steemit remember the times in our history when really tremendous creatures swam in our oceans... the whales! And I don't speak about self called "whales" today, I speak about those who had 2 millions and more Steem Power. It was strange period on Steemit. You could have 10 000 Steem Power and give only a cent with your upvote! Then a whale touches you and voila, you have 500$ reward on your post with just one click. But something didn't work as it supposed. The owners of those whale account were often too busy to spend a lot of time on the network. So they gave their responsibility to some curators to upvote people here in their name.

But those curators often did a pretty lousy job!

They didn't check the posts at all, they just upvoted the same people every day. I was one of those who were upvoted every day by @ned, but that wasn't @ned at all! That was his curator, I know who he was, but I don't appreciate that user because of other things that he did from his own profile.

But I appreciate @ned! I mean true @ned, Ned Scott, the CEO and co-founder of Steemit!

I can't wait to see him in life and shake his hand. I am sure that few first upvotes that I got from his account were given me exactly by him and not his curator.
@ned doesn't post much, but he still resteems someone from time to time and share a photo with us so we know that he watches us. When I realized that his curator upvotes my bad and good posts with same percentage, I spoke up against it and decided to reject those upvotes untill @ned, real @ned shows up. I felt ashamed to receive rewards every day while some good bloggers were earning a cent or two. So, I think that I did an honorable thing.

Beside @ned, we had @dan / @dantheman. He was the best, if not the only writer among the whales.

Also co-founder of Steemit and I gained impression that he was the one who dealt with injustice on the network. He was really a man. Maybe too busy, his deeds speak for himself: BitShares, Steem, Eos... he upvoted me only twice but I respect those upvotes because I know that he saw the posts. He resigned on Steemit but still posts something from time to time and I enjoy reading his post! I wish only the best for him!

Now I should mention @blocktrades! I think there are two of them.

And they have pretty fast exchange site, closely connected with Steemit. However, this whale didn't hesitate to give his upvote for things that he found funny and original. A year ago, one his click gave me more than 250$ reward! He did pretty good job on Steemit while rewarding new users and users that don't always speak about Steem and prices. I hope that one day I will get his upvote again.

One of the best for me was definitely @berniesanders! Why? Get a job so you will not complain about Steemit rewards!

I think that we had the most honest whale here, but he was so straight in his honesty that sometimes just sounded raw! And I liked it! Liked the way he dealt with spammers, trolls and those who got unreasonable rewards every day for writing nothing but the same shit every day. He powered down his main account and powered up his other few accounts so, he is still here. If you have a real job, you don't have a real reason to disrespect @berniesanders!

I should mention @abit and @smooth but, honestly, I don't know much about them, except that they flagged those who got big rewards every fucking day and you have to respect that!

Existence of whales on Steemit drained reward pool every day, so when @abit came up with an idea about experiment and whales stopped to upvote! We all felt little bit bad, but few weeks later, we realized that we have more influence on reward pool and that we can give more reward with upvotes to our favorite artists. And whale accounts were locked on 6%. Experiment is over, but I still can't find any old school whale upvoting on Steemit.

Just few words about things that changed - nothing! Same names are always on the trending page. Same people get really nasty rewards on each word they write. And nobody but they should speak up against it in the name of community. Many people still drain reward pool for shitty posts and writings without any proper fable. There are even dudes from my own country that get large rewards every day from the same Steem Powerful guys, they don't speak up against it but they deeply inside that they don't deserve it. And because of that, a better author will get - nothing!

So what would you choose? Money or respect?

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100% upvote for respect for you. You try and do the honorable thing. I dont know what the answer is about the reward pool being drained by the same people. Maybe a maximum earning cap per post might help. I am afraid that some good people only earn a few cents per post and will quit because of it. They need to find a way to spread some of the pool around.

Maybe flagging should be taken less serious. maybe it should be normal, like: "i don't like your rewards so i will downvote you" and nobody should feel insulted. i don't mean to flag anyone, but it would be more useful if we developed flagging culture

I agree with you, but unfortunately, I don't think people are mature enough to let it go. In other words it would quickly devolve into "you flagged me, so now I will flag you".

thank you very much for this great article :)
I definitely think that respect is way better if you are here for the long run ;)
Therefore I try to do my best with my posts (however this changes of course from day to day...)

This comment made me to check your blog page, so you got a follower, I am crazy about macro photography

thank you very much :)
I am glad that you like macro photography ;)

A dje je firi muzicar? Mamicu mu pljasnem :)

Najjace mi je bilo kad je prije hf19 dijelio svima 1% votove, al brate ciloj mrizi.

@dumar022 - Since I am such a newcomer on Steemit, I often wondered about the whales and if they really ever tried to see posts and promote good content anymore? Your post does give me a hope that, some day, without my requesting so, a whale will notice my posts and their quality. @blocktrades did upvote one of my posts once and I feel blessed but that was a flash in the pan - Usually, it is the grey oblivion of being lost in the flood of posts though my content is good and original. Thanks for your post. Upvoted.

Update at my end - I have posted a blog with a question on Innocence- Does it really exist? based on my original wildlife photos and musings. I would be honored if you take a look and when you have time. Your valuable comments will be eagerly awaited. Thanks

I support your posts

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Whale. Thanks and good luck again!

Wow, that was a lesson in talking openly! love it.

@dumar022, I actually read every comment response that @berniesanders made on the steem blockchain. Always so entertaining. Also was fortunate to receive a few of his large whale upvotes.

Now @blocktrades in my opinion, the best upvote on steemit. I'm very fortunate to have been at the other end of a powerful @blocktrades upvote, and it's like winning a huge blackjack hand at a 21 table. I appreciate @blocktrades for the quick and easy transfer of coins, and for his awesome upvotes.

I lost two potentially good payouts to @abit downvotes, but I also received more than a few powerful upvotes from @abit, and all that downvoting was good for the platform.

@dumar022, i am so glad we were part of the gold rush days of steemit, when we would strike gold with whale upvotes.

@dumar022, we will continue to Steem On and occasionally we will receive an awesome whale upvote. Much love my friend.

I felt a need to explain newbies what was happening before because some act like steemit just started. They are not aware about all changes that we've been through. Thank you my friend, STEEM ON

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