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This goes for my new followers, new people on Steemit who are full of questions and want to get more support and useful advice on the network. I am a follower of some awesome and supportive Steemers, so let me share some of them with you. For the first post of my new serial, I decided for one of Steemers with very positive energy! So today, I will talk about @bleujay!



When you visit your feed in the morning, or after the lunch, or in the middle of the night and you see the title "PRINCIPLE OF THE DAY", it can only make your day better!

Those principles are simple life quotes with deep meaning and when you see one of these every day, you try to make your day by that principle. Each post is beautified with some of @bleujay's original photos and those photos are really wonderful!

Nobody can measure the quality of post by the length of the post! Sometimes just one quote tells much more than a whole book! And I assure you that @bleujay has a lot to say using simple words. You can really get impression how he thinks or feels. I consider that person as one of the most positive Steemit users and if you deserve his trust, you will get an awesome follower!

The dearest comments on my posts come from @bleujay!

If I am mad, those comments are encouraging and if I get something wrong, he was there to direct me to look positive side of things. Always shares blessings and "cheers" in the end! I hope that you will find him as an interesting Steemer and great support! Thank you!

NEXT: @bullionstackers

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Thank you for posting @dumar022.

How very kind of you to put your thoughts to paper with regard to the principles and bleujay.........thank you sir.

You are one of the finest thinking men we have at Steemit and this series for your new followers exhibits espirit de corp and leadership.....very much appreciate seeing this aspect of @dumar022.

Wishing you and yours all the best. Cheers.


Thank you @bleujay, as always! You deserved this and I don't want my new friends on steemit to miss you and principles! Cheers


@bleujay is good people :)


Thank you, you are also listed in my new series... ;)

Thanks for sharing
and the info about @bleujay!
I like your way to promote other
@bleujay Followed
Keep the good work


Thank you, keep steemin!

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wow good one @dumar022 , with your recommendations, I am following @bleujay and @bullionstackers .
Thanks a lot and more success.
Fired up and ready to go

Good post, thanks for sharing
Please come visit and read this interesting post


"Good post, thanks for sharing" but without your upvote?


@dumar022 No i upvote you please check your post

Nice post! I will follow!


Thank you!

Great idea to promote great Steemers, and you are one of the GREATIST!


I'm here for a long time already and of course that I want to direct new ones! Thanks, you very funny and amusing style and topics to write about!

This is a great thing you do @dumar022, showcasing users who inspires you.

Too often, each of us are too busy focusing on ourselves. Seldom do we realize that,most of the time, by shifting the focus on others, that's the time we shine the brightest ^_^


Thank you, this is nice comment!

Hmm... watching you will have to say about @bullionstackers. :-) Hope I don't miss it.


Coming today! You are on my list too


Oh my. I hope Santa doesn't take me off the list after reading. :-)

Thank you for sharing this. So glad I found you this morning. Upvoted, resteemed and following.


Thank you :)