Great Steemers to follow SPECIAL: Who to follow for the best STEEMIT/STEEM data and stats

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After 8 days of pause in my serial "GREAT STEEMERS TO FOLLOW" it is time to go on! Let's first check my previous episodes:

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They are all great Steemers and it is honor to have them in my feed.

But when I need some data about this network or something very close to it, I don't follow many tiring bloggers and I always get information very quickly and correct.

For example, many times I needed an info about how many posts were posted yesterday, how many new users came to network, info about reward pool... sooner or later, we all find these posts useful, so be sure that you don't follow wrong guys.

I suggest to all of you, new users, to follow @me-tarzan!

He will provide you will best explained graphs, tables and data! He has his own famous oscillator and you can have some use of his posts. I usually upvote his post at the moment he post them on the network, but visit them many times later to check some things... and as longer you are on Steemit, you will crave for some data.

@me-tarzan is here from beginning, he is really friendly guy, great supporter and constantly powers UP!

For some info about price of Steem or Bitshares in very fast and simple post, you should definitely follow @majes!

Why? Quick and straight post that you can find more times in a day and he will provide you with information about price of those coins in USD and EUR. You don't have to scroll down much to find him, you don't have to read other people's posts with a lot of unnecessary information or visit exchange site. No complications, just "Majism and other Musings"!

He is also an awesome supporter and he will give you his comment when you have an interesting story!

Thank you!

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Great post...I followed some of your recomended steemers. Followed and upvoted u too. Thank u for sharing :)


Thank you for commenting

It's really healpful post , thank you soo much for this keep posting like this for helping others.


Thanks for the comment!

Thank you for the informative post, super helpful, much appreciated.

Cheers! @dumar022


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Thanks - upvoted fishing post :)

Thanks for the mention my friend !!!

Keep Steemin :)


Thanks for providing us with great info every day!


Thanks, my friend!

go dumar go ;)


Thank you! :) :) :)

Great post! Thanks for the info, I will for sure have a look at the suggested blogs!
Have a nice day!

Followed and upvoted ☺️


Thank you!

Thank you. I am following a couple of them now. Thanks for the heads up


Thanks for the comment :)



Followed! ;D


Thank you!

These posts are much appreciated - though I am not often follow recommended accounts back, as their subject/interests are not always closely aligned with my own.

Nevertheless - love these reports.

ch @globocop


Thanks for understanding this right way! I am here for a long time and lately I have many new followers. They ask me questions and I am not always the best steemer to give an answer. So i re-direct them to those who are.


Yes - here tend to do the same.
We are all in the same boat after all...

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for reading. 😎

ch @globocop

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tnx for the info...just upvoted and followed u..plz check my blog..

Just working through your current and older posts about who to follow. Nice job, thanks!
(and pozdrav u Hrvatsku) :-)


Hvala/Thank you:)

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This is a very useful series, @dumar! Thanks a bunch! :)


Thank you!

Thanks for this post. Now I am motivated to get onto that list :) Talk soon my friend.


Thank you! Keep Steemin! :)

Thanks man!

will the next be @you-jane ?