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While some Steemit users tend to keep their identities secret, some are always ready to open their hearts and share their situation with other people on the network.

I am such a user and that's because I found a comfortable environment on Steemit. We are all trying to live parallel lives, outside and on Steemit and trying to show our thoughts and actions as credible as it's possible. And where could we find the inspiration to write our posts on Steemit if not in our lives?

So we share our situations with other users and we choose what will lead us through those situations: brain or heart! I choose the heart each time, and @mallorcaman also does, so let's say few nice words about him!


The main reason why I put him on the list of my favorite Steemers to follow is his honesty!

He is not ashamed of his life situations, he will confess when it is his fault and show when he is sorry! A man of flesh and blood is allowed to make mistakes and bad decisions from time to time. It is in human nature to regret!

The other, but not less important reason why I listed him is because he is a true Steemit preacher! He is always presenting Steemit to the people outside and brings results! He also has shown us places where we can pay things directly with Steem in Mallorca.

I first found @aidancloquell on Steemit, a boy who was learning how to code. Through following him, I found his father, @mallorcaman! I was delighted to see a father and son on Steemit!
We share a beautiful Mediterranean sea and I learned that in the first day of following him, when I saw photos of pines (and pine processionary) and buildings and walls made of stone.
We all witnessed the drama which @mallorcaman shared with us when his marriage fell down. That caused emotional problems to him and he made a good decision: he went to find help! We all supported him through his short posts during the month of his rehabilitation.
We're all just humans and we can snap from time to time and say things that we don't mean. So, when he said that he thinks about leaving Steemit, I just wrote the comment that he will change his mind in few days.

And of course he did! This Steemit community is the most supportive, not only for success and rewards, but also in our outside lives! And @mallorcaman is one of us, we can't let him go!

If you follow @mallorcaman, you will have an awesome blogger in your feed and if you deserve his attention, you will get great commentator and faithful follower! Thank you!

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Thank you for this discovery. I'll follow you because I like discovering steemer again.


Thank you, I started this series to connect newer and older users

You are giving details information about steemians thank you, followed you.


Thank you! Only about good Steemers

Honesty and authenticity are rare commodities in this world. If you can find people who are brutally honest and truthful with you, don't let them out of your life. Hopefully, Steemit can become a platform where we can forge real friendship.


Yes, it already became, I made some real friendships here

Fully agree !



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Thanks for the info, I will check them out. Thanks


Thank you!

Thanks for sharing
Something strange happened here today
When I tried to visit your blog, I get this message "ankown user "
Now working fine !!!


Thank you!

Something strange happens with my account, I don't know what. Yesterday I wrote a post that disappeared few seconds after posting! Then I had to write it again!


You kow I check your post all times
Today I was not able to do that
Just 2 hours ago everything is fine


@lordoftruth, thank you for that! You became an awesome steemer with your own series of posts and you are persistent and that's how it supposed to be! You are not rookie anymore! Congrats!