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ONE For ALL - ALL For One

Hello Steemian

Welcome to #whalepower Page.

Hi, I am @bullionstackers ,
The Founder / Owner for #whalepower # whale-power Tag
Curator / Moderator / Commentator
For #whalepower ( preferred ) Tag.

#whalepower is a Community Project

Know your Curators

Permanent Curators in #whalepower

@bullionstackers @neoxian @paul-gillbanks

@paul-gillbanks - Curator / Moderator / Commentator for #whalepower Tag
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Affiliate to @steemcleaners & @cheetah

Our Mission

Provide Free Manual Curation Service

Our commitment to you.
We give you, Free Curation Service.
Project Focal Point For Newbies Author.
You can helps us by Support / Upvoting / Reblogged ( Resteem) Our's Posts. @bullionstackers & @paul-gillbanks
Alternative is by Contribution / Donations
Forward to @bullionstackers
Helps Us to Grow , so we can give you MORE!!!.

You can send - Gifts / Donation / Sponsor with Steem or SBD to @bullionstackers to help me Power Up this Project.

#whalepower Recommendation:

We Recommend that you help other #whalepower Members / Authors
We are #whalepower community . We stand in Unity.
Ours Motto ONE For ALL - All For ONE


  • All Topic contents are Welcome*
  • *Except Plagiarism , SPAM , Hate Speech , NSFW , Racism
    ( If misused, We will ask you to remove the usage of the Tag , Followed by a Warning.
    Flagged. or Even Straight Flagged if inappropriate. )
  • Original Content - Highly Recommended
  • Do not Copy-Pasta. - Discourage .
  • Interact with others #whalepower Authors is Highly Recommended.
  • Use #whalepower # whale-power Tags in any order, it can be the last tag.
  • Reblog and spread #whalepower Tag across as far as possible.
  • Always remember to source your images / contents ( if you are copying it ) and provide any references / links.
  • if you are the owner of the image / contents Please state - 100 % own work

#whalepower Posts

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#whalepower Free Registration Membership

Are now closed due to influx demands.
Now, By Invitation only.

Any Author / User can use #whalepower Tag.

With Registration, it will High-Speed ours curation process.
( Manual Curation )
We found a lot of User / Authors did not meet the Requirement by using the #whalepower Tag.

By using #whalepower # whale-power Tags.
We Reserve the Right's to leave comments on your posts.
(If you do not want to see this message, please do not use the #whalepower Tag)
We Reserve the Right to Terminate yours Registration Membership at anytime.

Registered Members - Click to see

All Contents are Copy-Rights* , We Reserve Ours-Rights*
*If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

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Again, I wanna say thanks for you on this project. You know what, it really have lots of minnow like me to have a better start on the community. As we really hard to have vote and of course, good payout. And you really put your effort on helping us to have a better start. I hope I can help others in the future day if I become a better user. And hope your effort will be worth!

Upvoted and Resteemed! Thanks for your generosity!

keep it up. thank you for launching thecproject and helping the smaller fish like me. 😃

Thanks for an opportunity to join such a group, all for one and one for all. Just like The Three Musketeers :)

Steem on!

Love that you're doing this @bullionstackers! Thanks for giving back to us minnows, really appreciate it.

Hello, can You give me invite?
I have read Guidelines, reblog, upvote and followed You.

I writing about Poland and polish cities.


Just use #whalepower tag, they are for everyone to use.

Hello @bullionstackers. It's very nice project. I resteem and upvoted your posts and followed you. Good luck with #whalepower!

Actually i made original content with Robert Kubica - it will be probably 4-5 parts. If u like check it! :D

I read the guild lines and your posts :).

Hi, I'm a new content producer on Steemit. I've read the guidelines you specified, but I am not sure how to get an invitation. Could you let me know what I should do to be invited. Thanks and keep up with your support for the whole community :)


Will check your portfolio

@bullionstackers I like this project. Will look into it more. Also following from now on. Sounds interesting. I have a question. My post that has reveiced great feedback and votes (over 300 comments, over 300 upvotes, and resteemed multiple times) but still, such a low payout compared to other posts that have similar stats but such a high payout. I know it's only useful for minnows. Still some whalepowe behind it would motivate me greatly to do more post that might help minnows more. I was wondering if this is something whalepower supports. https://steemit.com/steemit/@scrooger/voting-power-101-how-to-vote-when-to-vote-when-to-stop-simple-and-easy-explanation

Please let me know how to become part of this support system and how I can contribute.

Yours sincerely, @scrooger

Followed you and Upvoted you! Nice to see people wanting to help newbies on Steemit! I am only 4 days old here :D Wish you succes to all!

Great project. Thank you for sharing.

Keep up that nice work !


this is great! resteemd

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Awesome effort by the whalepower team, thanks. upvoted and resteemed

Interesting. Thanks for helping the community. Upvote, follow, resteem


Hi @bullionstackers
great to see you are active as a whale, swimming all around

Let's GO #whalepower ! @bullionstackers ! STEEM On ! Thank youuu !!

Whalepower to the moon and beyond!!!!!! :)


I upvote, and resteemed your post :)

Great I am really upvoteing and supporting whovere used whale power as atag i dont usually search for tags but this time i did

good project.. thanks for sharing, upvoted

I thank you for this project really has a lot of small fish like me started in the community. Very difficult and of course
Nice payments are really trying to help me get started better I hope to help other people in the future become good users and your business is worth doing

Such a nice blog article. Upvoted & Followed!!

I'm new in this platform, and is really hard to get upvotes, but i can see you really put all your effort helping newbies like me thanks # whalepower

Thank you for all of your help and for sharing the love :)

I posted an article 19 hours ago with #whalepower but don't think I got any upvotes from the projects curators. Am I supposed to do something else?


We have 7 days to do our round.
The payout already high, we just skip that. Gives opportunity to others that needed.


Ok, was just curious if it was even looked at ^^


I did. Just left it. Payout already quite high.
Instruction have been given to the other curator not to do so.

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the first half of Jun 25. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $122.07 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jun 25 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Thanks to whalepower team!!!

Good work.

I'd love to be an author in this project! By the way I just wrote a post on whales ;) Sadly registrations are closed, I hope they will open again soon :/


Thanks for your interest.
Don't give up

Awesome - thanks for setting up the #whalepower community. To clarify, do we need to use both the #whalepower and #whale-power tags, or just one?


Just preferred 1 st
Anyone can use the #whalepower Tag
Registration Members by Invitation, Due to Manual Curation have slow us down.
300 x Registered Memberships.
Read the Guidelines - We are looking for Original Contents. Not Simply Copy-Pasta - We don't simply upvotes.


Hi @bullionstackers, thanks for this info. I run the website/blog https://www.adaptnetwork.com, so all content is original. Any chance we can request an invite?

I get whalepower when I tag with it! Nice!
But it was occurred on my one post among three

@bullionstackers Is there a minimum amount of SP that your wanting the users to use to join??

I am only just starting to get skin in the game on Steemit, and this looks like quite a good way to gain. :) I am new here, so any insight would be greatly appreciated. <3


Anyone can use #whalepower Tag.
There are more Benefit being a Registered Member.
Please see my new posts @bullionstackers


How do I become a Registered Member?

How can i get curated by this?... Been using the tag with no luck... I read the guideline and subscribed and all...

Affiliate to @steemcleaners & @cheetah

I think "affiliate" here is the wrong word. There isn't an official attachment. Perhaps "supporter", "advocate", or "proponent" is a better choice.


You know, I don't support plagiarism.
The message is for the Newbies for Awareness.
Because I do work around with steemcleaners & cheetah.
#whalepower project is basically minnows training school.


Sure, and that's great! :)
But affiliate implies that you would be a member of steemcleaners -- it's best to try and avoid confusion about this.


Chat with me in chat room

So you are advertising a club but then tell us you cannot join because it's invitation only.....mhmm. Dissapointing.


Thanks for a lovely post and explanation have been following for a while always learn something.

Loved this and is really necessary for thos who try to make quality content.. .I'm a designer and also work in video so if can I help with something.. there I'am. And for sure will strat to usine the #whalepower. Where can I find you in Discord? Thanks man!

centralisation is reward pooling but is also can lead to power abuse. Trying to control a certain Tag? Not sure if you can claim a brand in a decentralised world.