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I have always felt chained in this country with false democracy where everybody who made something great had to break the law. And it is allowed to break the law if you have enough money to bribe someone on high position. In Croatia, under the mask of freedom and democracy, we have really ugly system of nepotism, theft and corruption. You just can't make it here and stay with clean hands.

Funny thing about all governments we had: we have a lot of political parties but when you go on elections, you see that you don't have any choice. So we are not used to choose a party that will be good, just less bad. And we often choose the worst option because people here don't like changes. Some would be really happy if we just go back in 19th century and ignore all knowledge and possibilities that we could have if they just give some small opportunity to a common man.
In those circumstances, the real capitalism is impracticable.

One of my favorite writers on Steemit, @profitgenerator said in one of his posts that capitalism is not here to babysit anyone.

I completely agree with that, but that can't be done here where some guys on positions just can't wait to steal all that you made. The reason for that are criminal organizations that manipulate the government. Only few people are owners of the most businesses in Croatia. That's why an honest man can't succeed here, you have to have as twice capital as you really need, because you must count on what will they steal from you. I was a witness when a rich entrepreneur literally stole a land from their rightful owners, a common people, and built a mall there. Those people sued him, but the county stood by his side. I considered to purchase a piece of land nearby but I gave up! Why would I buy a piece of land if someone can take it away from me without any problems!?
In my city, those who call themselves anarchists are bunch of funny dressed youngsters that claim that they have rights to crush empty beer bottle wherever they want.

That's why the word "anarchism" sounded so funny to me before I discovered the whole crypto world. That gave me better perspective and my life changed. Nobody can't steal from me because I don't use banks. With few crypto wallets that I have opened, I feel a little bit more secure and independent.

I mentioned in this text that @profitgenerator is one of my favorite writers on Steemit and he will always have my upvote, but I don't comment on his posts simply because I have nothing to comment. The world of independence and freedom that he speaks about is far, far away from me. So, if you want, follow the guy and give him your support.

Next thing that I want to discuss in this post is "cannabis problem"!

I live in a country where you can get the same prison sentence for possessing 5 grams of marijuana as a pedophile. Really pointless, don't you think? And we call ourselves a tourist country. I am really against of legalizing heavy drugs, but only things that came out of some lab are what I consider drugs. So I don't consider marijuana as drug. I have medical issues and some raw hemp products really help me. I wouldn't be able to fight this problem without those products.

And I can't sleep well because once two cops woke me up in 6 AM only because they know that I have medical problem in which cannabis can be helpful. So they came in my apartment to check me. Not because I was suspicious or because somebody betrayed me. Only because I have a medical issue and that's it! In their eyes, I was a potential criminal only because my issue.

So with a smile on my face, every day I read posts written by an awesome Steemit writer called @doitvoluntarily.

Also one who speaks about freedom that I can't comment on his posts because the world of CBD freedom that he speaks about doesn't exist here and it never will. Also one great Steemer, I suggest you to follow him to see great post about cannabis in medicine, about health, new technology and about boxing!

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Great post brother, someone had to say I congratulate you for taking the initiative in my country Venezuela we are equal I do not even know if worse the place where I live is hell itself I do not know if you have heard the international news of my country, Someone once said that there is no evil that lasts a thousand years nor body that will resist soon we will leave all this I hope and be soon I here I have read news from your country and it is unfortunate that we go through all this... I do not know how much you understand me i use the translator google to be able to comment your post, sorry if you understand little ... Hey, by the way, I know it does not go with the theme but you help me with a few votes? I'm sorry that maybe it's not the moment but you would help me a lot with my reputation I'm new


I will upvote your two last posts, but I don't think that will be much helpful! Thanks!


Hi, thanks for your interesting post. Welcome to my blog @evgenya

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Absolutely agree with you!


Thank you! Who would understand this better than someone from Croatia

"capitalism is not here to babysit anyone" - the best I read today! Thanks man!


It's not my quote, it's the quote from @profitgenerator, so if you appreciate those words you should follow him


yes, I know, I am following him!

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I always support you ! Upvoted @chanthasam


Thank you, I appreciate it

each word you write is correct i think money is power if you have money than you can do any thing there is one law for rich which is not harmful for rich and protect him and one law for poor which prisoned him and punish him on a very small sin , its all about power and money game if you have both you can do anything and if you nothing than you will be captured any time by anyone, there is no life of a poor in this world in any country , democracy is the game of rich people who use this term for their own interests and the people are just a tissue paper for those political people and rich ones , i think there is no difference between nepotism monarchy or a democratic country because the poor is always a poor in any circumstances and rich are always in pleasure in any conditions , @dumar022 you did any amazing job by highlighting such issues and i wish you that God will bless you i dont know im right or not but i always give my opinion on different topics and all the critics are always welcom, great post and great thoughts @dumar022


I'm glad that you understood this the right way! I check your blog page every day, it seems that you're heading to be a great steemer and one day, I will write about you as a suggestion for others to follow!


and you know my inspiration is you and the people like you here on steemit i take so may good things from your posts and others to become good on steemit and im trying to become good and thanks for your compliment because by this motivation i feel good thanks @dumar022, you are so kind .


Thank you for these nice words although I don't think that I deserved that! Thank you! :)


you deserve it and u earn it dont say this again , you are most welcome my dear stay blessed

I agree fully with you
Keep the good work


Thank you!

I agree with u re:profitgenerator :)
Appropriate handle, that man.


Thank you!!!


Awesome stuff! I enjoy seeing these recommendation posts. Nice to see.




My pleasure bro. How have you been?

Kako se gasi profil? Hahaha.

Thanks for this post, now I have to go read all the other ones about Steemers to follow too.
upvote & resteem


Thank you for your efforts:)

I sympathize to what you're going through in your country. It's no different in mine or in others where the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Corruption is pretty much anywhere wherever you are. As they say, if you are a thief, you steal first before you run. if you're a politician, you run first, before you steal.