Do you know your Curators for #whalepower ?

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ONE For ALL - ALL For One

Hello Steemian

Welcome to #whalepower Page.

Hi, I am @bullionstackers , The Founder / Owner for #whalepower Tag as well Curator / Moderator / Commentator when you use our Tag.

@paul-gillbanks - Curator / Moderator / Commentator for #whalepower
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Hi @bullionstackers
This is my first day at Steemit.
Now, I know who the curators are for #whalepower
@bullionstackers & @paul-gillbanks
I have read the guidelines already.
Upvoted and following.


Check your Reputation now.
A gift from me

C U Rate my post please. Pretty please with a cherry on top.:-)



Ok give you one, since I am the second moderator


Haha... thanks for the support. Appreciate it.

I always try to tag #whalepower but don't know if I am doing enough to help the group. Other than tagging the hash and upvoting @bullionstackers what else should I be doing? Will you always curate or upvote posts made with this tag? If you want throw me a link, if handy, please do to tell me more about how I can help you to help me help you help me... hahaha. See. No clue. Upvoted and Resteemed!


We are following the #whalepower Tag.

Thanks @bullionstackers I have had lots of support from you guys in the past. Thanks for making this post, my full 100% and following & resteem. #whalepower register me please

Here let me help @bullionstackers ...hehehehe

full steem ahead!

great to be a part of this, and thanks for sharing !


Hi #whalepower, more power to your elbow. I recognise the pillars of this group @bullionstackers, @paul-gillbanks, and neoxian. You guys rock

Hello @bullionstackers - glad to meet you

I would start following people and talk to them how can they earn money on steemit by upvote, commenting and resteemed!
i just follow you, for more upvote and resteemed - follow me

Good Luck & take care!!!

Thank you for the support you are doing a good job

Thanks for the info!!

Read the guidelines, can i please get registered

Thank YOU for the SUPPORT & CONFIDENCE !! - ))
.. it sincerely FeelS GreaT !! .. kNOW-INg tHERE is "PULL" - ))
FOR 'me' and 'my' content ... and ThaT !!!!!!!! - ))

ItS AVAIL-ABLE ... for ALL !! - ))
.. i LOVE this INTENTION ! - )

greb'Z )

PumpeD & reSTEEMed !! - ))

Hi @bullionstackers I replied to your earlier post but my name was not mentioned in your members list yet, I would like to register as a member of the #whalepowercommunity and I agree to the guidelines. Thank you!

Please register me if you haven't already.

Upvoted and following you now!


Please read the Guidelines

Thank you for doing this. We appreciate it!

If any of you like nature photos, Check out my blog

Ok this seems interesting but confusing, how should we register? Just use the tag and thats it?

If I get whalepower in my blog, can I write all English?
Can I write Korean plus English? Is it possible to get upvote from you?
Thanks, upvoted and followed you :)


Prefer both
Please read the Guidelines

Thank you @paul-gillbanks for upvoting my posts! :)

nice to have people like you in the community

good informative post. upvoted your post waiting for some more cool stuff.

Very good explanation

for all your efforts

In my short time here on Steemit I've found a lot of helpful people like your self, cheers mike

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Steem On!

Please register me because I sometimes post in English.

thank you! upvpted, resteemed

Still learning what this is all about. :-)

Greetings @bullionstackers,

Continuing to learn about powerful minds on Steemit.

I know of the curators for #whalepower.
@bullionstackers & @paul-gillbanks.

Thank you for your services to the Community.

I am an avid learner, the R has eroded off, and we are now...


My Original Works thus far:

Let's grow this network to New Heights, beyond limits

Please how do I register