Bid-bot activity report -- 03/18/18 - 3/24/18. Who's paying the most to promote their articles?

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The list below represents the 50 largest transfers to bid-bots for the promotion of articles posted on Steemit during the last calendar week (Sunday through Saturday).

Due to formatting restrictions, only a few columns can be displayed.

What is this report?

Many authors choose to promote their posts via Bid-Bots. In return for direct payment, the bots will upvote your article. This service is fully "legal" on Steemit and used by minnows and whales alike.

There are many reasons why an author may want to purchase votes.

  • Give the impression that the article is of substantial value and perhaps you should think so too.
  • Cause the article to make it to the "Hot" or "Trending" category where it gets more exposure and more votes.
  • Cause the payout to increase so that anyone that votes on the post will share in a higher curation pool.
  • Attempt to make a direct profit on the vote by receiving a vote that nets more than the cost of the bid.
  • Increase the authors reputation by receiving votes from large SP voters.
  • Support another author or entity indirectly through a Bid-bot.

The list is sorted with the highest amounts paid to the Bid-bots on top in descending order (per bid basis).

  • From = The user who sent the payment to the bot.
  • To = The bot that has been paid to vote.
  • BID (SBD) = The amount sent to the bot in SBD or Steem.
  • Article Payout = The total STU (SBD/SP) payout value of for the entire article (not just the single bid). This is the total paid to the author and curators. (This is the $ value which shows on the bottom of every post.)
  • Link is the direct link to the article that has been promoted via the bid bot.

Largest Bid-bot Bids

DateFromToBID (SBD)Article PayoutLinkCategoryRepliesVotes

Sometimes great articles get to the top because they are great articles.

Sometimes other articles get to the top because there was sufficient money to pay for that placement. It is up to the community to judge if the rewards pool is being properly managed and distributed in a fair and honest manner.

The wonderful thing about Steemit and the Steem blockchain is everything is transparent

allowing you and all those who care about this platform to be educated on how to properly use the platform as well as how to protect it.

Please resteem this post if you think this information might be useful to the Steemit community.



Quite a bit of duplicates in the list but otherwise a very interesting analysis

They are not duplicates, they are separate bids.

I may do another report showing total bids per article, but this report is each bid separately.

Thanks for the support!

Look at position #2 and #3. Are you telling me that @fucktime promoted twice, each time with 300SBD, the same post using the same bot (@postpromoter) ? First I would be surprised to learn that a bot can vote twice on the same article (once you vote, the second time you withdraw the vote). Second: sending 300 SBD twice to the same bot for the same article seems bizarre and closer to a duplicate than what a normal person would do, but who knows

They were both denied by the bot, but the author was persistent.

Check out their wallet.

ok, but if both were denied then shouldn't they be ignored and droped from your analysis ?

It is possible that would be more informative. The report is meant so show total bids, which reflects how much money is being thrown at the bots or even willing to be throw at it. Refunds are more the exception, but do happen.

Biggest problem is that there is not enough display columns via Steemit to create the perfect summary.

You feedback is welcome, blessings.

There are a couple that I have noticed for a little bit now . Of course, the problem with paying out 25% curation is it encourages people to follow and like the posts to try and get curation scraps, so they are also getting lots of 'organic' votes from this tactic. Obviously not enough to stop paying the bots and just ride out on their 'fanbase' though. A good idea is once again used to created repetitive behaviors.

You are so correct.

If there is a little money to be made, it will be leveraged until there is nothing left but a trail of money.

Really interesting. I have nothing against bots and use them myself (albeit in the single digit range of things). But I wonder how much of the bot purchase directly affected the final payout. What do these content creators average for the posts where they don't use the bots to pay such huge sums? (Or maybe that is unknowable, because they always do it this way.)

It's hard to say where the line is between getting your post a little more interest in the feed of your followers (due to showing them rewards they can get a piece of) vs. gaming the rewards system. I think there is a line though.

It's hard to say where the line is between getting your post a little more interest in the feed of your followers (due to showing them rewards they can get a piece of) vs. gaming the rewards system. I think there is a line though.

This is the key! Where is the line the community should be comfortable with. When it is all said and done, all of these promoted posts, take from the rewards pool. The pool does not change in size, so some other posts are simply not getting as much attention.

I use the bots as well, there is at this point very little chance a post can get attention without these bots, this is heroin addiction we are all on.


there is at this point very little chance a post can get attention without these bots, this is heroin addiction we are all on

I do agree with your statement, them bots really make the world go round . Its the price we pay to exist and be acknowledged but it can surely blow a hole to one's purse. Quick question, if bots denied their post would they get the money back in full or just partially? And why would one post be denied?.

The bot reported that the bid pool was full and refunded their money (twice).

Bots can also refuse to upvote older posts or authors that are blacklisted and also some have a SBD limit. Each one has it's own set of "morals"

Thanks for taking the trouble to clarify them. In other words, these bots operate systematically. As someone new to the platform, I have learned that I need to explore more before making judgement on things that I don't quite understand :)

We both have plenty to learn. I'll let you know when I'm finished with the process, you do the same :)


This is a pay4play platform.

You don't pay, you don't play. You write great articles? Who cares! Pay up or nobody will see it.

And everybody is pretending that is not the case. Hypocrites!

As much as it hurts to say this, I agree with you.

There are some great articles and authors who do get recognition without paying bots, but they are the exceptions.

I believe if we don't get a handle on this issue, it will be the eventual demise of Steemit as we know it. At this point, the only way to be comforted it to consider it as advertisement cost, just as it was google adwords. The solution I believe will be to flag posts as to how much promotion went in to it.

Very interesting. Thank you for putting this out there. I hadn't really considered using bots but it seems like something that everyone is doing now. Glad to get more info on it.

It is becoming more common place each day, good or bad, they are certainly being paid well enough they will be sticking around.

Understood. Welp. Time to do some more research I suppose.

Interesting report. Going to resteem so others can read. 🐓🐓

I like the work you are doing with @introbot. Is there any way we can work together? I'm working on trying to start a commenting bot as well. I could add some of your links to my comment and you could add someof mine.

Please let me know.

Great blog post! Upvoted

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