Coolest Porsche I've ever driven?

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A client asked for two drivers to drop off his Cayenne S, so that it could be unwrapped in a specialized garage. Me and my buddy did not hesitate to take the job. A wrap is a way to give your car another collor without actually having to paint the car. You can remove the wrap at any given moment.

The reason why the car needed unwrapping is because the supplier gave the specialized garage a bad batch of wrapping materials, wich caused the wrap to come off in several places (see pics). Two days later, we picked up the car again after it was unwrapped. The wrap costed the owner 2.5k, but will be covered by the warranty

The owner of this car literally onwed half the street and had 5 cars (Panamera S, 911 Turbo, BMW serie 4, BMW X5, Cayenne S). He surprisingly is very down to earth and works really hard. He wakes up at 5 am every day(!!) to run his empire. He actually inspired me to work harder in life.


This car is called the Porsche Cayenne S. The "S" obviously stands for "sport", wich makes the car about 30k more expensive than the regular "plebeian" Cayenne. This is one was almost full option and was worth about 120k when it rolled out of the factory. It has a V6 turbocharged 3.6L engine with an electric engine wich gives the car a grand total of 420HP to toy with.

This particular car was tuned and had an amazing exhaust note. It was more like an AK-47 when you floored it. The car teleports you from 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds and weighs more than a steemit-whale. The fuell consumption is euh... not OK, 13.3L/100km (17mpg). You might want to check if you have an oil well in your backyard before buying this one.


This one gets a well deserved 9/10, was full option, with spicy red inertior and televions in the back. Exterior was magnificent, with the blacked out rear lights and the juicy 21 inch rims. The speed was clearly on point. So yes it is worth buying if you can buy it.


Every car has something that makes it stand out, this one's x-factor was the exhaust note. Listen to it in the video to understand what I mean.


Wrap collor (before unwrapping)


At the specialized garage


Always thirsty (150 euro for a full tank lol = 180usd)


Wrap started peeling off (reason why it was unwrapped again)


Original collor (two days later)


Bonus pic: #SquadGoals


Spicy red Interior





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@danny1995 this car look awesome how much it will cost to buy brand new ?

Price starts at about $82,900

A new cayenne S starts at about 95k euro’s (115k usd), planning on getting one?

Nice Porsche... but I really would not care what type of Porsche I got to drive... just driving a Porsche would be so cool... but can't afford one today.. maybe tomorrow.

Yeah. Tomorrow always holds so much hope

I like this car very much, thanks for sharing

Yes! Really nice Car.

We are also looking for a car to purchase within 2 months. I wish I can buy but it is very expensive.

I suggest you get the new pana S

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itni b mehangi or khass ni ha ye car

Look for a porsche nakam

this is really nice! love Porsche Cayenne S for long time...

what's msrp for it?

I love porche cars but I think BMW is better. Could you please tell us something about porche cars that cannot be found in BMW cars?

@leftbank yes your right it is so very nice i also love Porsche Cayenne. How i wish i could have this kind of car, @danny1995 your so lucky sir to have that you are so amazing.

120K, was full option ;)

really nice! big congrats!

I love cayenne too i will sure go for it

even I am also planning to buy one of these car and your feedback will help us out.

Nice to hear that, hope you get your dream porsche ;)

thank you very much

I still prefer Carrera.

Carrera episode is comming out soon ;)

Cool! :)

that is a serious piece of machine right there.

i have a Porsche purse hehhe but not car

Wow amazing post, i like it and enjoy it, keep it up, thanks for sharing.

I was playing video games, but after reading this post, I got motivated to keep working hard instead of wasting time.

Such a wonderful car

the red leather interior is amazing!

Yes, this leather is beautifulI!!! would like to drive this Porsche every day to work. I would happily wake up to work in the morning :-)

I wish I will have this car too in the future! <3

Wish no more bro and go for it. The future is now

Sweet car :) tipuvote! 0.01

Perfect ;)

Absolutely love this post buddy 🤟😎

Red 🔴 leather is beautiful

WOW, I love this color

LG Harald

The interior compliments the sport-exterior extremely well ....
I can only imagine what it feels like hitting the gas on that thing!

Such a car, I could only dream of! So the "wrap" is that more gray/beige color, and the actual paint is black?

Yep, actual paint is black, wrap is light green/oily collor

You must love your side hustle job - I would die for the chance to drive some of these sick cars. How did you get into this profession? And do you need a special type of insurance, like a business/commercial auto insurance in order to do your job, or are you covered by the owner's personal auto insurance when you drive them? (sorry for all of the questions, just intrigued and jealous of your unique position) Thanks in advance!

Np, love the quastions! A friend of mine told me about it, I thought he was lying because it sounded too good to be true, then I took a test with the owner of the comapny, he approved me (the test car was a C43 AMG!!). Fortunatly I had a regular c220, wich is exactly the same besides the engine, so I passed the drivers test and was an official driver from then on for that company. We are covered by the insurance of each car owner that we drive for. And nope, no need for a special insurance!

I need the footage of you ripping it !!!!

Im afraid this shit will leak, don’t wanna get fired, what im sharing right now is already enough to almost get me fired :p

LOVE the alloys! Original color looks better imo!

@danny1995 Those seats do it for me man. That color, the texture, it's all so perfect. Congrats on the car!

Could not agree more . I have driven this model and it is a dream. Wish I could afford one myself. 🐓🐓

Was it fun? :p

Oh Yeah! Super fast. I am not one of those people that likes to go fast either. Loved it. 🐓🐓

nice ride bro! that's the coolest one! but I have seen better in movies,,haha

To be honest, I am totally anti-driver person, I just can't motivate myself to be commander in car. But the thing I love in cars is design, especially inside. Every detail, seats made with precision, electronics with an idea behind that. Even when I am just looking at those pictures, I can feel convenience if I would sit there.. So maybe im little jealous haha :D

Haha thx bro, hope you get the chance you get to buy your own dreamcar one day ;)

This car reminds me of Gibson ( Tyrese) in fast & furious 8, so elegant and beautiful. Thanks for showing and telling us about this lovely beast!

I was a fan of the Porsche Cayenne a few years ago and do like the red interior on this one but they look cheaper now too me. They're also much less sexy. I really use to like the aggressive lines they had but they look more like a crossover van / suv to me now. I'm sure it doesn't sound or drive bad just not as impressed with them as I use to be. I'd also say the Range Rover's aren't as sexy as they once were as well.

True, crossovers are a terrible branch of cars

@danny1995 this is my dream car and riding in this type is just awesome and thanks for sharing this

My pleasure bro ;)

a very great car, and is there any weakness of the car?

Good question, there are no real weaknesses to this car but minor things I don't like, for instance the way the front looks and the fuel consumption

Great blog, great post. Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us. There are really stunning cars.

Damn! I love these! I have driven the standard one but never the "S"!

Now I am curious what is your all time favorite car?
Mine has to be an Audi R8! :) There is something about them that I just LOVE!

I think the new panamera turbo is my favourite one. Your taste is on point, the R8 is an incredibly fast piece of awsomeness

So is yours! can't go wrong with a Panamera!

wow this is super cool love it the inside the wheel and everything about it is really cool but cars with double smoke out flow do exhaust much fuel

Really love this color buddy :) it has some code name? :)

Idk to be honest with you ;)

What year is this b*tch? ...and what other Porsche's have you driven. Can't say I've had the pleasure. But I did get to drive a pretty sweet Ford Probe one time. Vinyl seats. 4 speeds. 86 horses. No big deal.

2016, 911 carrera, cayenne (like 10 of them), cayenne s, panamera, 5 panamera s (new and old ones)

Nice. I'm thinking about getting a Porsche eventually. I just need to wrangle up about $100k first. Any particular favorite?

hmm..really. I would not have guess that. I would have figured a more original model. Cool.

wow, this man is really making it!

I'm looking this type of car for purchase.Can anyone tell me please how much this car?

Not interested in your bloody Porsche.

Ziet er onwijs blits uit!

This made me want to have one porche :D

Guao conoces sobre autos, excelente. Un carro de colección y la tapiceria me encanta.. muy Bien

very nice Porsche Cayenne :)

Nice pictures of the cars.

I see, read and enjoy your post, steady and innovative. thanks for sharing

very nice looking car

DaYUM thats one sick car. Wish i had a Porsche

I just love that Car

Wow i love the descriptions, so detailed.

I like your post cause this cars my favorite choose. I hope your post choose the wold.

nice one - I follow you now -- good job to get

Thx, I followed you back ;)

That is so cool :)

i am sorry buy i just think the front of it looks ugly. anyone else agree? or is it just me lol?

Absolutly true, was complaining about that in the a previous episode

Beautiful design🏎

i heard that porsche is putting its locking system on very Blockchain. I think thats very cool

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We love cars, can I ask?
how much is enough SBD can belik car, I hope I can buy but very expensive.

excelente el vinil

This car is just awesome... It's looking amazing.. It is too beautiful.. I love this car.. I wish if I can buy the car in future... Thanks for sharing...😍😍

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nice car , keep sharing , i follow you #reestem

Nice Car @danny1995. The red and black interior is superb.

Welcome to my New Followers!

this is really wonderfull car to it your car sir?

Maybe my next car, i need one ....

It's really cool car. I had experience in Dubai :))Coolest Porsche.jpg

@danny1995, te felicito! bonito y lujoso carro. Que lo disfrutes!

wow amazing car!!

I rather go for range sport.

next episode will be a RR sport ;)

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this is very nice

Great cars sur i am new on steemit i like your blog i follow you

wow wow wonderful car. wish to buy but its very expensive also.

Fantastis @ danny1995 (56)

Wow nice photography and story.

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

A white car is very beautiful to me.
I like that car.
nice car these are.

Wow nice photography and story.

you have a nice car....
i liked it.

The car looks awesome from outside aswell as the inside. Totally loved it.

Very nice car. The wheel, the car colour the interior side of the car is really good.

I always have a dream for porsche
.if you dnt mind can i ask you about the price of this model car....

Como dicen en mí país..... Clase de lata. Osea, un carro super waooo.

beautiful cars, the buying capacity of Venezuelans does not give to have one. Some day our situation improves in we will have not for one if not for several

for future viewers price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is image

I like better the original color. Maybe I am too much into black...

Supercar.... You're explained detail spesification of car, you've such experience about supercar

Wow this car awesome..I will add it to the list of my dream cars.

The leather interior is <3

the exhaust must be sounding good.

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