EOS.Pizza Major Updates: Whitepaper, Avatar-as-a-Topping and new introductionary video - come get your 🍕

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Big updates from the EOS.Pizza core team! As we are slowly rolling out our promo machine for the Initial Slice Offering we have undergone the following updates:

1. Whitepaper is out now!

Visit https://eos.pizza for the all new whitepaper, including information about the Open Graph Slice Index, Proof of Slice algorithm and much more.

2. Add your own Social Topping to the EOS.Pizza, now with Steem avatars!

Yes, yes! You can now add your own custom social toppings to the EOS.Pizza! By using the SteemJS library you can now add your own social topping. Add your Steem/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram avatar to the pizza and share it with your friends.

To "top it off" you can also pick your favorite cryptocoin to mix in too. So here is for example @ned:

Source: https://eos.pizza/#!p=steem&c=steem.png&u=ned

3. Promo / explainer video now available

Our CMO has been working it's ass off to get you the most shiny explainer video. Check it out:

4. More code committed to our github

Our CTO has been going wild on github:

  • Whitepaper
  • Smart Contract source code (Solidity)
  • Initial Slice Offering site

EOS.Pizza - the community for airdrops

Join the Initial Slice Offering before May 18, 2018. Simply visit EOS.Pizza and be part of the amazing community of free-thinkers, pizza-lovers and illuminizza's! By joining you will be included in the Open Slice Genesis Index Master Boot release which is a community building source for upcoming and next level blockchain projects.

Be sure to download the whitepaper and learn all about the Proof of Slice algorithm.



Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

Feeling hungry......

Yes i'm too same.

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The best thing is that with pizza there are no forks involved.

But the question is: how many slices would be enough to make it decentralized? There's only so much pizza to go around per slice, and if the slices become too small, the diners are no longer incentivized to keep going.

And what about governance? Who decides who gets the biggest slice? I know from experience that solving this issue can be more problematic than solving the byzantine's general's problem

Haha :) Please read about our Proof Of Slice algorithm which you can find in the whitepaper :) It explains the slice distribution. In total in theory this pizza can be sliced up in 200,000 tiny slices when reaching the hardcap. https://eos.pizza/EOS_pizza_whitepaper_v0.pdf

I'm sorry, but whitepapers are so not suited for pizza-projects. Have you seen those smears and smudges..?

Where AREN'T you at?

come grab a slice @lexiconical :)

Oh, plenty of places!
I am actually steeming less than ever before, due to my new job which is taking up most of my time and energy. I try my utmost hardest to keep 1 post a day up but don't even manage that!

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i need a pizza in my life right now!!!!!

come get some! We also have an airdrop now: https://telegram.me/eospizzabot

Nice Post.
Feeling hungry to read the post.

Happy Steeming.

I agreed with your comment

I have bought my slice of Pizza! Thierry

viva la revolucion!

A lot of people are upvoting your post but all of them must be on a diet, the EPS Token balance did not moved.

Love the Pizza idea. I will have to buy some. This is like a crypto coin, right?

check our whitepaper for all the answers! http://eos.pizza/EOS_pizza_whitepaper_v0.pdf

Something's cheesy about this. I just burned my tongue by biting into an @eos.pizza fresh out of the oven.

great! I love pizza <3

This project sounds interesting. They are pushing hard right now in terms of marketing because they liked my instagram content as well.

yes pizza marketing is always though :)

Pizza is a blessing to humanity, I love it so much I learnt several recipes that I how enjoy at home😄

haha, check our whitepaper, we have a fresh recipe for you to add.

Pizza, my favorite mealtime greats that get the juices flowing every time. Bon appetit.

Many times in European and American societies there are strange things that many people in the rest of the world may reject

Nice! Very good.

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by adding social toppings how will it help reach more customers

"Is this a scam?
No. This is fun. LOL, ROFL, LMAO. You are donating, remember? For statistical purpose your donation is listed on the interactive EOS.Pizza and you will receive EOS.Pizza Slices ERC20 tokens. If at any given point in time an exchange decides to list them slices, well.... wow!"
Take my money and give me a slice!

come get some! We also have an airdrop now: https://telegram.me/eospizzabot

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I am new to steemit, and I loved your post, very good, it continues like this

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Tasty! nice post

Awesome idea. Pls I will like a detailed info on how to invest . I am totally sanguine about this project . keep us posted 👍

just check out the website https://eos.pizza!


I agreed with your comment

Savage idea, Best of Luck!

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

THAT is what happen when you love the pizza and the cryptocurrency technology

if you like antibiotics , dead skin, dead blood cells , then eat pizza , the government want you to #dairyismurder

we haz a dairyfree pizza :)
come get some! We also have an airdrop now: https://telegram.me/eospizzabot

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I love pizza, greetings from Venezuela