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Day Trader is HOT

We introduced a brand new Hot-Potato game called Day Trader. If you have played any hot potatoes, you know most of the new ones have huge jackpots. Although this is attractive, where do you think the money comes from? Players profit! The majority of players pay so 1 person can win a huge jackpot. On the Day Trader mini game @ www.EtherStocks.net we give the players 90% profit. 10% of the profit goes back into the stock it is named after. That means our player community gets 100% of the profits of the mini game.

How do Hot Potatoes Work?

I'm sure some of you have no idea what I'm talking about, so let me explain. If you've heard of the childhood game Hot-Potato, you should have a since of how these are played. In the game hot potato, you pass around an item and when the music or alarm goes off, the person left with the item in their possession loses. These games work similar, but everyone that passes the Potato makes ETH profit. In our Day Trader min game, the "potato/bag(as they are called in these games)" starts at .005 ETH, 3 bags increase in price by 1.5x and 3 bags increase in price by 2x after purchase. This means that when you buy a 1.5x Day Trader the price increases 50% and you take 40%, 10% goes to the stock its named after. When you buy a 2x Day Trader the price increases 100% and you take 90%, 10% goes to the stock its named after.


  1. You buy a 2x Day Trader @ .32
  2. The price goes to .64
  3. The timer resets to 24 hours
  4. Tell steemit what you bought
  5. Potato/bag sells and you just made .288 ETH!

If the Day Trader potato/bag doesn't sell within 24 hours of a purchase, the price returns to .005 ETH. This person is the one who gets stuck with the potato/bag and loses the game.

In celebration of our launch, anyone stuck with a Day Trader potato/bag worth over 1 ETH. You will get a choice of any GEN-1 CryptoKitty in My Litter .

Just so you know, this is a big deal because I never even planned to sell my GEN-1's! The just got 12 Million in Funding LINK, so the game will definitely be improved from this point on.

If you don't feel like playing Day Trader or your just too scared, you can always upvote, resteem, follow, and comment this post with your CryptoKitties Litter Address. This will get you a chance to win a Gen-9 CryptoKitty.


We love you Britt! 0x3311b10e76719f1bbfee2e235925b3d80a5e7830 sign me up for that free cat lotto! BTW I also current own two of the hot potatos :) just gotta work on bidding them up over 1 Eth

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CryptoKitties Litter Address : 0x92ff106cf62817529bd52b65021e0dd43f0c515f

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upvoted and resteemed as always, thanks @brittuf! i'm also in on day trading BOTS at the mo.. I am also giving away a free cryptokitty for anyone who's not seen my contest yet - https://steemit.com/contest/@justdik/420-followers-celebratory-cryptokitty-giveaway gotta see it to be in it to win it! :)

it might cause you a lot sometimes. i am perfect example of what steem can do to you. i have lost more than 2000 dollars in just three weeks.

day trading is very risky for small investors like us

:) nice game

Interesting! I will get back to you with the day trader.

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Hey I’m very new to Steemit my name is Dawson. I was wondering if you could help me get started? Is it true you get money if you get likes? How does that work if you upvote my commet do I get money and you lose money?

@brittuf, I have never played CryptoKitties. However this concept seems a little risky, yet the return can be amazing! My question for a brand new person, is what's the least amount of ETH will I need in order to get my feet wet with these Crypto Based Games? Is it worth it, and is this something you have been playing with for a min now?

I've been playing since the beginning of all of it. Its worth it and its good fun. There are a tons of active games you can chose from. CryptoKitties was one of the first.

you can set up a metamask wallet for free so that you can get an address to enter brittufs contests with this link here - https://metamask.io/ then once you've won a bunch for free and if you decide you'd like to breed some to try and make a fancy kitty or something u can put in as much or as little ETH as you like. i started with 100$ worth myself after winning loads from brittuf, i have just over 100 kitties now! whoops! i have bred a few cool fancy cats though, hopefully theyll be worth a bit more down the line.. breeding costs around 5$ if you use 2 of your own cats, or maybe a bit less if you use someone else's sire. putting your cats up for auction also costs a bit of gas but not much more than 30 cents and you can fiddle with the amount of gwei you use to make it a bit cheaper.. also you could check out etherstocks if you'd like to make some eth back a bit faster than kittys, the day trader can make you some nice quick profits if you don't get stuck with a bag..

at what price can i sell a kittie gen 2 or 3?

these are the lowest price gen 2s on the marketplace -
as for the highest price i have no idea really, that would depend on its cattributes i guess..

this is the price of the cheapest -

would cost around 2$ to buy it

great, thanks for the update. i will follow up

good posting. follow you

Hey @brittuf, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

There is a great development in the games, but the warning of the many drawbacks of some games and the danger to children and adolescents

danger to children and adolescents? lol If my 12yr old figured out how to buy Ethereum, Use Metamask, and gamble some Ethereum on CryptoKitties I would give him a high five!

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we always like you and we love you for your great posts . thanks a lot

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wow, best fun post (Brittuf)thanks

Pure gambling at the expense of the players. What a waste of time and resources.

Yeah, this is going to end well.

좋은 글 잘읽고 갑니다.

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That is one of coolest cryptocitties! :D

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:


Excelente! te invito a visitarme en @marely y votar! Saludos!

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