Cold Brew Coffee

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...The best part of waking up.... Is coffee in your cup!

Growing up I used to hate the smell of coffee. Smelling it on my grandfather's breath is a nice memory to have,(RIP Tata Casio!) but when I was younger this wasn't enjoyable to me. As I graduated high school and transitioned into being a responsible adult, I found a strong friend in a cup-o-joe to get me ready to start my day off without becoming Oscar the Grouch.

Also when I was younger, I never liked to take naps. With so many siblings and cousins running around, there was always something more exciting to get up to. Sleeping the afternoon away was a surefire way to 'miss out'. Nowadays, I love going to bed and waking up early... To Enjoy my coffee seemingly sooner, and in the wee hours before anyone can hassle me- Or interrupt my brew time.

I have many favorite coffee types, so here is just one way I take it. Most preferable on a humid summer morning, cold brew coffee over extra ice is the absolute best way for me to start my morning ritual. I hope you enjoy this blog, and please tell me/share photos of your morning routine!



1 cup coffee beans, coarsely ground
4 cups cold filtered water
Sugar (optional)
Milk if desired

You'll Need:

Filter tea bags (large size)
A container


  1. Grind up your beans and pour into the filter tea bag.

  2. Measure 4 cups of cold water in the container, add the tea bags cover. Set aside away from direct sunlight.

  3. Let stand at room temperature for at least twelve to fourteen hours.

  4. Once done brewing, take the bag out and pour the coffee over in a glass of ice. Add sugar and milk if desired.

You can buy either whole beans and grind it at home or buy a pre-ground coffee but for me, I love grinding my own coffee beans just because it tastes so much better. Also because of the fresh taste that you get and I love the fragrance of coffee while it's grinding that it awakens my senses.

I use two filter tea bags for 1 cup of grind beans since the large size tea bags still can't hold all of the coffee but if you have a bigger filter tea bag, then it's even better.

The photo that you can see with the beans soaking in water is a french press but I don't press it down since I am doing a different method of cold brew. Sometimes I also use a mason jar, there's nothing really fancy when it comes to making a cold brew, you can be as creative and use what you have at home. I believe the taste of the coffee depends on the type of coffee beans and how long you will brew it.


The shorter you brew it the less coffee taste you get and if you over brew it the coffee can have a bitter taste it.

Another thing is, do not grind the beans too fine because it heats up the grounds. Though it's a theory that I read online, I think when they said 'too fine' they meant grinding your coffee into almost like a flour texture. I did this one time out of curiosity and fun (yes, it's fun grinding coffee beans! ;p), the coffee was hot, as if I was cooked it in a pan, lol and when I added water to it, it was one of the most bitter coffee in whole existence, lol!

Regular iced coffee (no milk or sugar)

One of my barista friends said that the temperature of the water also had a negative effect on the coffee. The brewing temperature should be between 90c to 95c if water is at 100c above the coffee will simply create a burnt taste. Nothing's worse than a bitter and sour coffee!


You can store the cold brew for up to two weeks in the fridge make sure to put in an airtight container. Although, mine never last that long since it's hard for me to control my coffee addiction. I can go on 5 to 6 cups of coffee a day if I wake up early but not have it if it's past 12noon so imagine me sipping coffee like there's no tomorrow actually, I call gulp, lol!

I hope you'll enjoy this simple cold brew recipe.



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Oh My God
It's just amazing @purepinay ma'am.
I just want to go there to take it. wow

Coffee is a wonderful thing! =)

would love to taste... 😋 @peekbit

:3 Me too! I like my coffee soft, but I sure like it.

of course I make one for you too 😊 One for every follower @peekbit 😅

I make one for you 😉

oh thank you... that's service 👍🏼

Make me one too! It's an ord... a very friendly request 😊

@retinox forgot your coffee, but I'll make one for you, I just finished brewing some coffee beans and wait till tomorrow morning and make some more iced coffee, yum!

❤️ guess it‘s the most beautiful coffee I‘ve ever got 💭

haha, ya welcome ;)

haha sure! <3

I love coffee esp in the morning but i like most the barako coffee rather than the ice cold one.

masarap lalo na't my pandesal na kasama :)

Tama, tas isawsaw yung pandesal sa kape. Hege

asya iton it uso ha province haha

I like my coffee right before doing something intensive when I'm super sleepy. It helps me concentrate in quick bursts! The effect fades away too quickly, but it helps me finish my duties.

Looks very tasty! I'll definitely try!

I have memories with grandma through coffee too . I used to make her coffee. Dark coffe no sugar no cream.
Wish I can drink coffee , but whenever I do , ma freaking UTI is acting up . You are real pretty . God bless . 😊😊😊😊

:) We have coffee here every day in Venezuela, and everywhere! If there's visit, you ask "want some coffee?". People meet for coffee, everything has coffee O.O

Huhuhu, I miss your Iced Coffee,Ate. Best morning to start.
It smells so good and perfectly blend.

And I miss you so, Te. Love you 😘

<3 I also love it when I wake up and coffee is ready. It makes my day awesome.

Hehe . indeed, Coffee is the starter of the day.

Oo kay ikaw la naka ubos han kape dd haha 😂

Miss you too, mom kamusta man ikaw ngada?

Love you 😘

Hahaha.. Waray ngani ak hibabaru pag gamit eyu coffe blender/grinder. Diri ak nakakaghimo ngadi,hehe.
3n1 lat aadi. Ushay napalit ak coffee bean an capuccino, marasa geap pero mas marasa ko iton nga puro tas milk guti. Hehe.

oi aanhi na he Allyssa ha steemit check her account, bag o la iya post @chabbychacha

gin tutdoan ko man nani ikaw hadto pag gamit.

pwede mo iton tunawon na 3n1 hit diyo la nga hot water tapos pag natunaw na i-pour hiya hit cup nga may ice, marasa daman iton

Ou nagtry na ako. Marasa la geap an eyu kape ngada hehe.

iba kasi it amon coffee, diri instant ;D

glad to see you, Sharon! am just about to make lunch ;)

Thanks for sharing dear

Hiii My Sweet friend @purepinay... Good Morning....!
How are you sweetie, i think you are much buzy, i daily checking your profile and waiting for your new post and now i get up from bed this morning when check your post feeel nice to see, but little bit sad that your own photos are missing here.
In our areas no trend of coffee, there used only Tea, Milk and Yogurt. but i like coffee, often when a gathering of our friends then we enjoyed with coffee specially in cold season.
Any way informative recipe you shared. Love it. Take care.

Sadly for me, i do coffee no more, i am down with urlsa. However i try other things, i have no special morning routine, its just work and steemit. I have missed you so much @purepinay

I don't drink much coffee either. I'm scared I'll get addicted like most of my family. They get headaches if they don't have a cup in the morning. I prefer to be more natural and independent, even if it means a bit of sleepiness sometimes. But I do drink a cup whenever I need to! It's a very useful drink.

ohh I same here, I do get a headache and feel very tired when I don't have coffee... what about tea? do you drink tea?

Nope! I usually only drink water. Sometimes juice, but it's a rare occasion. It's not out of preference but out of habit.

Sorry to know that ;(

but you kidding me! Steeming in the morning is special already ;)

aw, that's really sweet of you, thank you for thinking of me, I hope you are having a wonderful time here ;)

Exactly :D Steemit is both work and entertainment. It's a beautiful thing.

Steemit is hard! There is a lot that needs to be done and too little time. We tend to just go out and do our things instead of interacting with everyone, but then people get lonely :(

hello, rabeel! how are you?

yes, a quite busy nowadays, I have so many stuff to do but thank you for thinking of me. I hope everything is well with you ;)

Hello lovely friend.... Good morning to you @purepinay, and hopeful you enjoy your night?

Sorry for the lost of your grandfather, so sad for me when I red your post. Take heart.
Coffee is good to take early in the morning, it gives energy and is for refreshing your the body. I love your blog, because when I wake-up this morning I checked your blog either you have make a post, I see you have posted that is why I want to share my morning routine with you.

After I wake up this morning, I pray and I took small coffee called NESCAFE CLASSIC. This coffee is so bitter, but gives me energy inspiration to rehearse my saxophone. This is the picture of my morning routine illustration.

have not prepare it.

Then I take my saxophone and rehearse

Thanks for this memory.

I am happy to know that you get inspiration from coffee, so do I.

thank you for dropping by @princefm! and for the warm greetings ;)

I've heard that there are writers who drink a lot of coffee and other stuff when they're about to write, but I don't know if it's effective at all. I'll have to research!

You are welcome purepinay darling.
Good morning to you,how was the night with you. Trust you are good and don't forget to take your coffee as your normal morning ritual....... 😂 😂 😂

LOL, beautiful saxophone. So daring.

Thanks so so much @cryptosharon dear. How are you doing.

Doing alright. How about you?

I am good. Thanks

Aw, I miss when you posted every 3 days. Now every post you make is an occasion of its own.

I wish I can post every 3 days ;)

I'll run out of words haha

yes everything is ok just depressed due to current position of market which is now in deep dip.

I am happy to know that you get inspiration from coffee, so do I.

thank you for dropping by @princefm! and for the warm greetings ;)

Thanks for your Lovely Reply and boosting me up. hopeful advice.

anytime my friend, ;) how's your mom doing?

The best part of waking up.... Is coffee in your cup!

Fresh brewed coffee is the best. I could use a tall glass of iced coffee right about now.

Hmmm, I very rarely drink iced coffee. We always drink it very hot here in Venezuela.

Noong maliit ako kapeng barako sis inuulam sa kanin:) hehe
To be honest 3 years ako lang cguro ako nagstart uminom ng kape
Can't take too much caffein, zombie mode ako nyan d ko keri
si hubby once in a blue moon magkape mas masarap kung may
kasamang magkape sa umaga d ba?

miss you sis. hope all is well
nde kina nominate sa zumba kz i know ur super busy oh
ang dami mo pang replyan d2 hahaha
baka next year mo pa makita message ko hahaha
okies lang, mahuli man makakrating den ako kahit late
alam mo yan! love you muaaa
thanks for everything, miss u big time.

hope all is well. xoxo

Hahaha.. Baha nanamn comment section neya 😂😂.

hahaha nakita mo eto hahaha
haba nga ok lang kahit next year nya pa mahanap to
hahaha @gerel check mo zumbachallenge blog ko andon ka at si @micch pakisabi sa kanya

ayan, magzumba ka na, @gerel at pagpawisan ka naman! haha

Hahahah.. Eyay! Maupay gad mau kadungan pag zumba

he Pino ig ig bulig haha! ikakain nala it nga mga talent tsktsk

ay sis yan din ulam namin sa kainin! haha kanin at kape okay na pero masarap din pag may dried fish, hay kakagutom! hahaha

Kaya nga mas magana mag kape kay si Rob grabe din mag kape, kung ano ano ngang mga coffee maker/equipment pinagbibinili niya para iba iba yung matry na methods lol

okay lang sis, naiilang ak magsali mga contest kay pag d ako manalo didibdibin ko yan hanggang Mars ahahaha!

Your welcome sis, I hope everything is well with you and your family. Miss you more!

haha kami den yon tuyo at kape sa almusal sa umaga tas casava sa tangahlian pak na pak!
nakita mo comment ko? hahah haba nito hukayin haha
pede na kayong magtayo ng starbucks nyo hilig nyo sa kape hehe
sis si kapitan dalawin mo 68 reputation na sya:)
yong challenge taob kami sau pag sumali ka, kami a ng uuwi sa MARs hahaha
all is well nasa kabundukan ofw hugas arinols. hahaha

miss yeah big time!! labyu!

control+f lang sis
hirap pag mag scroll d na mag load haha

ay nakakagutom naman yan, masarap din yung may latik, hindi ko sure ano sa Tagalog, basta yung sugar cane and coconut milk tas may casava haha

wow, ang bonga, nakalimutan ko nga yung mga reputation na yan, masakit sa ulo mga numbers lol cge I'll check him in a bit, thanks for reminding me ;)

hindi rin, kembot palang ni Papa Bear waley na! haha

Labyu too sis!


I'm so slow control +f lang pala lols
cge thanks nakita ko ulet reply mo, mnsan kz haba scroll down nawawala pa
im so happy! haha
yes casava is life sa bundok namin hehe
labyu. check captain:) if u have time cyeah xoxo

Haha Hindi naman, d mo lang know, wag masyadong harsh haha

Ayun binisita ko na so Kapitan, galing nh Museum haha

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