Burn Yourself Into The Process.

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Jim Carrey.

What's the first thing that popped up in your mind?

The mask? His comedy scenes? Or maybe his philosophy about the life and spirituality?

Let's try one more!

Heath Ledger!

Why do you remember him?

Because of The Joker in The Dark Knight?

To play such an extraordinary role, he locked himself in a room so that he can galvanise himself into the character.

Jim Carrey prepared so much for his roles that he forgot himself and behaved 24/7 as the character he was playing in his movies.

Do you notice a pattern between these two extraordinary people?

They were so absorbed in their roles that they forgot about everything else and believed that their role was the only real thing at that time.

We have to play a role in our lives too, as a writer, a musician, an actor, a photographer or something else.

How happy we are in our lives depends upon how much consumed we are in our roles.

It's not easy to excel in something, to excel you must:

Enjoy The Process.

Not only enjoy the process but burn yourself in it and remould yourself according to it.

Achieving excellence in a profession must be like meditation and swimming. You must enjoy it while doing it.

If you don't enjoy doing it, you will get tired of your job someday.

The monotonous life will eat you alive; your job will be a dead weight in your life that will not let you fly anywhere.

Better quit it now than to regret it later.

But if you love your profession, the only thing that is going wrong in your job is the process of doing it.

You just need to change the way you do things. Find a better way to enjoy your work.

There is never a single specified way to perform any art. Remember Mr Bean in acting?

The best way to do anything is to find a way that both you and your audience will enjoy together.

Make A Habit Of Practising.

The more you will practise, the more you will excel. Simple as that.

You can not give your best performance without practising it a thousand times.

Without practising surgery a number of times, the surgeon cannot save anyone's life.

You can not give your best performance on the very first day or in the first year, but every time you perform your job, you will get better at it.

You have to grind yourself for years to become the topmost person in your field.

To make an award-winning performance in a movie or a show, you have to perform every day so that when the time comes; you will give your best performance otherwise you might lose your consciousness out of nervousness.

The more you practise any art, the more you will grow in it, be it coding, singing, writing or anything else.

It happens with everything in this world, the more you spend time on anything, the better you become in it.

So if you don't want to die in the monotony of your job, you have to:

1. Enjoy the process of doing it so much that you are always lost in it.(Like meditation).

2. If you don't enjoy the process, make some sound changes in it so that you can enjoy it again.

3. Practise it, again and again, to make it a habit instead of a profession.

4. Enjoy the rest of your life being the best version of yourself.


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There are so many insightful ideas here.

Better quit it now than to regret it later.

The first thing that came to my mind is: "Knowing what to do but not pulling the trigger." Sometimes we act too late due to fear. Haste make waste but hesitation makes more waste! Haha.


What do you want to do in your life?

Hobby can be a powerful tool for success in life, it conditioned you mind to be someone or to be something else. If you don't like you current state right now, change it, do it slowly and program or visualized yourself 10 to 20 years from now. :)


That's great! How do you visualise yourself 10 to 20 years from now?

I absolutely agree with everything. I too have some articles dedicated to the importance of the Heart's symbiotic relationship with the present moment, thus process. Which is why I advocate having a vision instead of a thought-made goal. Having a thought-made goal always comes along with a sense of attachment to Time and discipline, hence future outcome. So we strive towards that future moment of fulfillment and overlook the beauty of Joy in the moment and process. When we create from the Heart it is not anymore discipline that drives us but our inner passion for the matter. Thanks a lot for this piece. :)


That's true, thought made goals are result based, heart made goal are a joy to perform.

Thanks for helping me look into it this way.

Totally agreed. I quit my job 3 days back because of the same robotic routine I have from the past 6 years, I don't want to die over there. Now I make up my mind to enjoy my life and do whatever I want which makes me happy.


That was a good decision. Just don't get trapped again in some other monotonous routine life.


Yes I'm trying not to trapped again.

"Only write when it's worthy to read." This is indeed worthy to read. Thanks for sharing.

Everyone wants to be succesful but only a few are willing to pay the price. People often look at the greatness of a man without putting thoughts on the blood and sweat behind the success.

I totally agree that practice is necessary to be excellent in any field. The heart to enjoy the sometimes boring process is also needed.

I'm now thinking of some of the areas I would like to excel at. Let the forging begin. :D


That's great, you made the decision to mould yourself now.....Let the forging begin...

I have a thought that I like to share: We must relax, stop struggling, stop trying so hard, stop manipulating things and people to try to get what we want. Once we have become accustomed to stop doing so much (letting go) and just being for a while (live the moment), we can live a much happier life.

I believe that this also applies to practicing. If we practice honestly and consciously, without too much demands and expectations, positive results are almost inevitable. Such is my case with the Argentinian Tango, for example. 😊


But don't let too much go, and then you will not have any desire to achieve anything.

We have to play a role in our lives too : In fact we have to play all roles as needed :)


sure we do have to play many roles in our lives.

Absolutely bro! If you want to succed in your life you need to be asorbed and engrossed in your desire or doing,just love your dream and do your job with full of dedication, there is a saying! Practice makes a man perfect, and as is if we dedicatedly practice what we want we can achieve it by combination of hard work!and smart work


This could not have been said in a better way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

For any task that I really don’t want to do, I find it hard to enjoy the process. For example, unclogging a toilet. I want the outcome for sure, but there is no part of the process I want to slow down and enjoy. I wonder if sometimes in life it’s ok to say, this is hard and not enjoyable and that’s ok?


That's surely okay.

I have written this piece of article to find enjoyment in doing things that we love, not the other way around.

Sometimes things sucks and we don't want to do it, but still we have to do it, that's okay to acknowledge ourselves that maybe I don't like doing it but I am going to finish this thing for sure.

what an amazing way of conveying your message to the people by giving them live and interesting examples. there's nothing that i can disagree with this blog well written well organized and most of all informative and motivational. seems like experience is talking. great pot. upvoted


Thanks a lot bro.

Well written article! It's very much important that the work you doing is enjoyed by you or not. So, the work should be chosen carefully that keeps you joy. The job can continue that you are passionate about. Sometimes you have to make it enjoyable though it was not.


Yepp, that's definitely required in every job, to enjoy the job.

Well written mate . I almost forgot how important it is to immerse yourself completely into what you like to do.


Thanks a lot, mate.

download (1).jpg
Beautiful piece, well articulated. I love the simplicity of your message. Thanks for the motivation @loftee. Resteemed


Thanks a lot for resteeming. I am happy that you liked my work.

I'm blessed to have a job that I love doing and it does not feel like work at all... It is true that when you love what you do, the quality of work does reflect that...


Yepp, if you love your work, you will excel in it. You are living a wonderful life to have such a great job.

Hello @looftee,

I discover that you are really special, very interested in the article and what meditated on who we are!

That's a good point :

  1. Enjoy the process of doing it so much that you are always lost in it.(Like meditation).

  2. If you don't enjoy the process, make some sound changes in it so that you can enjoy it again.

  3. Practise it, again and again, to make it a habit instead of a profession.

  4. Enjoy the rest of your life being the best version of yourself.

Good luck for the futur.


Thanks a lot for noticing the key points.

You are right @looftee if you don't enjoy what you do you will never reach anywhere.
A person should select a profession that he enjoys doing.
if he is able to do that the his work truly become his worship


That's exactly my point.

Congratulations @looftee!
Do the thing which is cause of your happiness other wise you will soon fed up from your routine .

its really a amazing way to understood about life to people


Thanks a lot.


you are most welcome.waiting for your onward great post

Extremely agree with you ...
Always follow your heart ..
Do the thing which is cause of your happiness other wise you will soon fed up from your routine ...


that's right.

I love to see and read and enjoy your post, very good your work.


thanks a lot.



I love his philosophy.


same here, have been watching his latest interviews/speeches lately.. they are all fantastic...

true facts. life philosophy and persistence



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A write the education for me
Thanks for sharing


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Hey, thanks, I loved your post, I hope to see you more often here


I would love to see myself more often here too, welcome.

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thanks man, hope you learned something from it.

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I only like to share my thoughts with others.

i like this post bro, nice :)

we have all together going to

Yes you must enjoy doing it, thats how it comes naturally.

Excellent post.....search yourself to find out what makes you happy, then do it.

Its all about breaking your comfort zone and that will only come once you realize the need to grow.
Have known people who've spent all life in one job, doing same monotonous job and then in the end they claim how happily they lived. Thoe what's living when you didn't step out and learned a new thing in entire life.

I'm all for: giving it all when doing something but the word "practice" just burns my ears and eyes for some reason, it's just like holy water to us lazy people.