Mmmm Yeah Baby, Put It In My Reward Pool

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Listen up circle-jerkers because I have some bad news for you: most of you are whiny little bitches who will never do anything with your lives.

I say that for two reasons. One, it's a good opening line that probably caused you to click on this article.

Two, I've been seeing a lot of this @haejin vs @berniesanders slapfight going on with various people taking sides. Some people think it's not fair that homeboy upvotes all his own posts and makes bank, while other people... well, I guess nobody disagrees with that. Except me.

First of all, let's get one thing straight: if ANY of you were in @haejin's place, you'd be doing the exact same thing. Shit, if I had another account that somehow had two million SP, you better believe every single one of you motherfuckers would be seeing pictures of my breakfast. And don't delude yourself, you'd do the same thing. We all would.

So why the hate for @haejin? It's simple. You're all just a bunch of jealous no-talent broke ass haters. Sorry not sorry.

Think about it like this: Steemit is a purely capitalistic system. The people who have money have the ability to purchase upvotes and get more visibility for their content. I've beat this horse to death so many times I don't even have the energy to rant about it any more.

Dey took errrr jahbbbssss!

Oddly enough, most of you seem to confuse my disdain for the low-quality content on the Trending page with a complaint for how the Steemit system works.

Let me make this clear: I'm not complaining about the system. I think the system is fine. Capitalism is good. It's the content that's garbage. And whose fault is that? @Haejin's? No. It's YOUR fault.

Yeah, you heard me, random internet people. It's YOUR fault there's no good content on the Trending page. We are not here to fucking entertain you, you lazy pieces of shit. Why don't YOU make something interesting to entertain US? What's your fucking problem anyway? Are you lazy? Stupid? No artistic ability whatsoever? Scared to put something out there? Too busy circle-jerking each other for $0.01 upvotes?

Ask yourself this: what exactly is your contribution to society? And don't give me that, "I'm a loving mother and wife, my banana nut muffins are the best ever..." Bitch, fuck your muffins.

Or, maybe not. Maybe your muffins ARE out of this world. Maybe YOUR muffins, YOU the person reading this RIGHT NOW, YOUR muffins are so fucking awesome that if anyone had even just a little taste of all the love you put into every batch, they'd give you genuine praise. They'd say things like:

"Wow, those are the best muffins I've ever had!"
"I've had a lot of muffins at this bakery, but most of them are shit. YOUR muffins are different though. Please bake more!"
"OMG - I can't believe I ate the WHOLE BOX. Truly amazing muffins. I really liked the part where you put bananas and nuts in there."

Those of you who consider yourselves "authors" or "content creators," here's what I want you to do: go to your feed and read some of your posts. Be honest with yourself. What do you think? Did those posts get your dick hard at all? Or is it just more of the same 300 word article spinner-esque trash that not even a homeless person would read in exchange for a hot meal?

They put mirrors in the gym because mirrors don't lie

I go back and read some the old stuff I've written and think to myself, "Jesus Christ these are some fucking good ass muffins." When I read them, I secretly wish that other people would read them more than once and praise me for my writing skills. I want my posts to be taught in schools. I want new users on this platform to be told, "Oh yeah, Steemit is cool. Make sure you go and read everything by @yallapapi though. Before you do anything."

Is this from some sort of delusional, egotistical, irrational love for myself? No. I still think I'm a big fat loser. But I put massive amounts of effort into writing because I have always believed that it's SO good, that someday I would be "discovered" as a muffin expert. I tell you guys things about myself that I would probably never discuss face-to-face with another person. Not because I give a shit about you, but because pulling off the mask to reveal the ugly parts of your humanity makes for the most entertaining writing.

Far better than, "7 Night Markets You Have To Try In Vietnam!" Fucking kill me please.

Those of you who are talking about how @haejin or whoever else is "abusing" their SP to vote themselves into a higher tax bracket are just mad at YOURSELVES because you don't have the balls to admit that your content is boring, unimaginative drivel that not even your mom would want to read. Possibly even MORE painful is the fact that this is plainly obvious by your reluctance or inability to "put your money where your mouth is" and drop a couple bucks into the STEEM blockchain to promote yourself.

You don't want to face the fact that you know your content is bad, that you're too lazy to make it shine, lack the balls to promote it, and/or are too poor to upvote it into visibility on a regular basis.

Ooof owie ouch my reward pool

Do I give a shit about how @haejin uses his SP? Not really. Know why? Because I'm confident enough in the work I produce to drop a few hundred bucks on it so you'll have something interesting to read instead of doing actual work. His "abuse" of the reward pool hasn't affected me at all.

So please, my dear circle-jerkers, tell me: why should I care that homeboy is getting rich? As far as I'm concerned, his TA posts are just as bad as whatever any of you are writing. I'm not going to read either of them anyway. In fact, the only person on here that's wowed me is that guy who runs the #dolphinschool. I don't remember his name, but that guy is legit.

Why should anyone with the means to "invest in the STEEM blockchain" give a shit that your posts aren't getting seen and ours are? In the interest of fairness? This is capitalism, baby. In fact, the blockchain is all about capitalism. No regulation, no artificial controls in place to hold back the free market. Gotta take the good with the bad.

And ultimately, that's what I'm trying to tell you. Instead of complaining like a little bitch, you need to learn to use the system to your advantage. It's like how I always tell girls to use their looks to get ahead. You have a pretty face and a firm ass? Let's see that shit. I'll gladly hook you up with one of my $0.04 upvotes.

Or maybe I won't. But at least I'll know who you are. Then, once you're getting some eyes on your "content," you can spread the word about how there are only 68 white rhinos left in Africa or whatever stupid shit you care about.

It may sound harsh, but what's the alternative? Write an engaging 2600 word blog post that takes the reader for the ride of their life? Blow their mind with some straight talk and prudent life advice? Spill your guts on the page and make the circle-jerkers love you and hate you at the same time? Who do you think you are, @yallapapi or something?

Nah. You're just a nobody. Just a whiny little scavenger who thinks the world owes them something because you have a pulse.

How to actually make money on Steemit, or anywhere for that matter

Now... what's the silver lining here? I'm tempted to tell you that there isn't one. No matter how you look at it, you have to do the work. You need to use your brain and figure out how to work the system to your advantage. If one path is blocked, find another. If there is no path, create one.

For example, let's say that one day @haejin decides he wants to think long term. He changes his content strategy and starts posting half-decent articles in order to create a positive reputation for his brand. Let's say that he realizes that he can make even MORE money with LESS work by producing 1 quality article per day and selling ads to blockchain startups to advertise on his blog. He uses affiliate links in his posts, shills his brand new ebook, How I Became A Steemit Millionaire, and asks people to sign up for his newsletter. You know, like a real business.

This would allow him to step away from the computer and start making meaningful connections in the cryptocurrency industry. He could promote himself as "the #1 cryptocurrency influencer on Steemit." He can get his posts to the top of the Trending page at no extra cost to the client. His articles are SO good, that his readers voluntarily post links to them on Reddit and Hacker News, where he gets additional exposure from blockchain entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency investors.

Over time, the @haejin brand becomes well-known for technical analysis, ICO speculation and general cryptocurrency news. He uses the existing community on Steemit to fill up his email list with people who actually care about what he has to say. Not because they're trying to circle-jerk him into upvoting their posts, but because they respect his opinion and experience. He's no longer just making passive income from his ebook, but now has a $5k/month mentorship program for up and coming crypto influencers.

In fact, the @haejin brand is now SO influential that he is getting offers from legitimate ICOs with big boy money to handle their fundraising. He never would have been able to do this had he not stepped away from his charts and hired that marketing firm to promote his new consulting business. Now earning a $40k/month retainer per client, he spends most of his time flying to Asia (business class, of course) to pitch hungry Asian investors on the hottest new ICOs coming from The West.

From there, the sky's the limit. He could hire some developers and create an eBay-like marketplace built on the STEEM blockchain. He could use his connections to put together an accelerator program like YCombinator for blockchain startups. He could start appearing on legitimate media channels like Fox News, NASDAQ, and CNBC as one of the leading analysts in the blossoming world of digital currency.

Or, he could keep thinking small. Keep pumping out TA articles for $100/each and jerking off into a tissue. Hiding his identity. Ignoring the harsh criticism from the haters, those peasants who are just jealous of his success. Never showing his face in public. Keeping his personal details private for fear of being doxxed by opportunistic hackers. Knowing that he'll receive no pity from anyone should his Golden Goose one day stop laying those $100 eggs.

Go beyond the Prisoner's Dilemma

What you don't realize, my dear circle-jerkers, is that ANY of you are capable of the exact same thing. Much like we are all born with different advantages in terms of height, intelligence and social class, we all start on this platform at different points. Homeboy was lucky enough to be born into the Saudi Royal Family. You? You're not even a Nigerian prince.

And there you are, pecking away at your keyboard hoping to score $0.20 with your sycophantic ass-kissing comments, your virtue-signaling, pandering articles that are so transparent I could wrap my spring rolls in them. Your boring, lifeless, unironically sad stories that show the world that any shred of originality you once had was erased long ago by Netflix binges, cable television and the low expectations set for you by the same people who won't let kids play dodge ball in school anymore.

Where's your animal instinct, your bloodlust? Do you even have any?

If you're reading this, then you probably don't. Because if you did, you wouldn't have time to read this shit. You'd be working on whatever it was that's going to get you out of your shitty situation. Writing these is now a luxury for me because I'm comfortable enough to spare a few hours making sure they're perfect. Maybe someday it'll be worth it for me to do this full-time, but for now I just do it for the ego boost.

I doubt you can say the same. You're here for the money.

And look, I know you're doing the best you can. Really. I know you're just doing what you think will work. That's why I'm so hard on you. Because you're fucking wrong, you dense motherfuckers. You can't write mediocre trash and expect anyone to care. Step your game up and at least TRY to make something memorable. Use your brain, start taking some PRIDE in your content and you will improve faster than you think.

Why you shouldn't take advice from LeBron James

Despite everything I just wrote, you don't NEED to write a masterpiece in order to make money on here. All you have to do is pick a niche you like, write a bunch of articles about it and throw in some affiliate links. Go on MailChimp and start a newsletter. Sign up for Amazon's affiliate program. Write an ebook about your niche and sell it for $5. Post links to your articles on Reddit, Facebook, whatever.

Send emails to businesses in your niche and promote yourself as an influencer. Show them your articles. Even if they're trash. Just do it anyway, because most freelancers/companies don't have a regularly updated blog with views and comments. But on this platform, that's par for the course.

And your content will get better. I didn't write like this from day one. But now, even when I send an email to a client I'm like, "Yeah, this is gonna fuckin blow them away," because they're just that good.

Seriously, what's stopping you from selling something? Aside from the people who manage the upvote bots, I've never seen anyone sell anything on here. How the fuck do you think business gets done? How did you get the computer you're reading this on? How did you get the house you're living in? How did you get your groceries?

You bought them from somewhere, so why shouldn't people buy from you? These are timeless strategies that will actually put some money in your pocket. Do you know how fucking hard it is to make money as a writer? Do you have any idea how many writers are out there who are 100x better than you'll ever be who make absolutely 0 money? Do you know how many books get published on Amazon every year that nobody reads?

Are the NYT Bestsellers the best books in the world? No. Do they have the strongest MARKETING team behind them? Yes.

You don't know what a gift it is to be able to use a platform where you are virtually guaranteed exposure and engagement for your content. Not only that, but people are incentivized to comment, upvote and share your work. Why don't you take advantage of that? Shit, my last post is sitting at 3200 views right now. If I was smart, I would have typed up some bullshit PDF and sold it for $10 at the end of the post and let you pay in STEEM. I know some of you motherfuckers would have bought that shit.

What's stopping you from doing the same thing? Nothing but your own laziness. Fuck.

Come on people, time to step your fucking game up.

Other than the reward pool, what are some other ways to make money from Steemit?

Let me know in a comment!

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Hey asshole, did you like this post?

Then resteem that shit right now before I come to your house and steal your computer.


Hey I read about half your post, then I realized it was a long post. What I read I liked and think you are dead on. Nice to see someone betting on themselves. But I feel you could have gotten 2 to 3 quality posts out of your content. You hit a ton on issues in one. Keep up the good work

Yeah thats true, to really get the message home more post on it would have been good.

Yeah sure you liked what you read and then decided it's always best to leave when things are at their best ;)

@Yallapapi The reward pool is the same amount every day regardless of how voting takes place. So by upvoting his own effortless POSTS, he is actively REMOVING reward from someone else who worked hard on their post. By rewarding himself he is taking away from others.

This action if allowed to continue promotes such behavior in others.


"If this guy can make a bunch of money upvoting his "shitty posts to the trending, then why shouldn't I?" Once the rewards are being monopolized by people who are making money with little to no effort, then the genuine content creators will leave because they are not getting rewarded.

When genuine content creators leave, and investors come looking at Steem and see a pile of crap posts, meme's, and people getting big upvotes on effortless posts they will decide not to invest. Without people wanting to buy in to Steem the value of the Steem token goes down. This hurts across the board, whether you have 5 STEEM or 500,000 STEEM, if the value is Zero, your value is zero.

So long answer short, promoting GOOD content promotes a higher value of Steem, promoting crap content contributes to the downward pricing influence, and, in a complete doomsday scenario, kills the platform when Steem value drops to an effective Zero across the board.

Good Content - Good For Growth
Crap Content - Good for short term, get in and get out profits for people who don't care

anyway i love yours posts bro


No haijin upvoting hisself doesn't affect your portion of the rewards payout at all.

  • If instead he voted for someone else, he is still using his percentage of the pool.
    • The only people affected are him and the person he could have voted for (and that probably wouldn't have been you or me...)
      • Your payout remains the same, regardless of if he upvotes himself or someone else...

Once the rewards are being monopolized by people who are making money with little to no effort, then the genuine content creators will leave because they are not getting rewarded.

It's not about "genuine content creators"

There are farmers in Guatemala that grow rare stems of white cacao. It's a country with sun all year long and jungles. They work hard and sweat 70hrs/week for this agriculture.
Once their rare, biologic, genuine cacao is harvested, what do they do with it?
They sell it bulk DIRT CHEAP to big companies that actually know how to process it to be appealing to the people... The laters cash in +1000% profits

Coca-Cola is a bubbling sugared drink.
Nike is producing polyester and cotton clothes.
Starbucks sell 5$ coffees.

This is about marketing, this is about getting noticed, this is about knowing how to make money

This is how the world turns, and it isn't going to change
Steem is a capitalist platform, being a "genuine creator" is not enough

Absolutely. The correlation between quality and income just isn't there. The people with the means make it to the top. If you got in late, and want to be in the top, you have to do something different. It's the same with businesses. You can take a super genius engineer and have him build the greatest watch in the world, but if he's just a single guy and doesn't have a strategy to get eyes on it, it won't sell.

This right here. Although I would add that if you are promoting shit, people will notice. As soon as the marketing dollars are removed then it will disappear.

If it's quality, then it will linger.

That was kind of the point of my post. Probably should have made that more clear. People aren't putting their best faces forward. They aren't taking any pride in their work. Most of the posts on here are low effort shots of their breakfast. They aren't actually trying to create valuable content.

Once they realize that success on any platform depends on creating valuable content, my hope is that they'll up their game a little bit. Or they'll just quit because they thought it would be easy money over here.

my hope is that they'll up their game a little bit. Or they'll just quit because they thought it would be easy money over here.

This will definitely happen in the long run. I'd like to think Steemit now is akin to Youtube at it's early age, when you get shit like Youtubepoop and Replygirls videos.. One day only the best content gets highlighted on Steemit (who knows, when "great" content creators jump over from Youtube or Medium, maybe even fuckin Washington Post itself). Then we know that the Steem Blockchain has succeeded in what it set out to do.

The issue is that there is no incentive to create better content because people are getting rewarded for producing shit. As long as you "network" here and post things that the top 300ish accounts want to see, then they'll upvote you and you'll make money regardless of quality.

This will all change with SMT, if it ever comes out. I can guarantee that.

of course, quality is subjective and it doesnt matter who the market is a person will profit if they give what the market wants. In this case we're talking about the whales. Seems typical to me.

I guess it's really because the steem network effect hasn't reached a size where it mirrors the mainstream zeitgeist. We're only less than a million users big, taking into account the alts and the bots and the ghost account. That's pretty small for a content platform, much less a social media.

I can see how forward thinking steemians can win though. Produce quality content AND THEN market it all over the net, Medium, personal website, build a personality and run ads on the bigger social media. Then monetize it by drawing them to any of the Steem platforms instead of begging for Patreons.

Beats circlejerking in the long run.

And of course that has been your message all along.

Very good point to highlight. @jordanlove

What is just should be nothing more else but just.

Thank god then that facebook or snapchat is such a high quality content platform investors believe in 😂

"he is actively REMOVING reward from someone else who worked hard on their post"

You do not know what the word removing means, and therefore, your entire comment is worthless.

You can't remove something someone never had.

You win, i lose bro

I like your take in this whole heajin berniesanders flag war BS.

I think those getting all worked up about it are just wasting everyone's time and making steemit look bad.

But i don't think Steemit is a purely capitalistic system. It has elements of a gift economy like the American Indians had.

In my experience paying it forward and building value for others has worked very well for me. I run a contest called Open Mic on Steemit. It helps musicians get their music heard and it's a huge community on the platform. People play their music and get upvoted and exposure.

I upvote them and build value for them, not myself. As a result i get followed upvoted and rewarded.

Why? Because it helps others.

And yes, it is a lot of work. I'm definitely putting the work in.

The wealthiest people in any business got that way by helping others, not by helping themselves. Their wealth is just a result of that.

In my view, I don't have the time to get involved in flag war BS because I'm too busy working to build the Open Mic community on Steemit and creating value here to get sidetracked in who is earning rewards and how.

To me that whole discussion is a luxury for those who have nothing to contribute and they are, as you say, just jealous.

Well said man. We do need to take time to discuss the bad stuff on the blockchain. It is necessary as the people are supposed to govern this system. However, continious ranting to me is useless. I do think it is important to keep discussing, but I am getting a head ache to all the childish stuff we see out there, that I don't even want to start getting in all that shit. I just focuss on doing what I think is right.

"The wealthiest people in any business got that way by helping others, not by helping themselves. Their wealth is just a result of that."

I don't mean to be a pain in the ass, but I look at a worldwide rich list of mostly corrupt bankers, politicians, and corporate thieves, and I have to ask if you have a citation on this one besides it feeling good to say it, in a sort of "happy ending" kind of way?

How much are Apple's Foxconn Chinese Factory workers paid again? Can we get that number in "fractions of the cost of one factiory anti-suicide net"?

Pro comment

This is why I call you Senpai.

Reading your post @yallapapi is like im playing SF it's stimulating. I like your argument in this one! It's actually the system in Steemit should be the one that needs a drastic reform, because there's no point on wasting time criticizing anyone just only to make attention that's all. :)

Really well said there's no point on wasting time criticizing anyony just only to make attention that's all.

I hate to disagree with you after such a nice compliment, but I don't think the system needs a rework. I think it works just fine.

What this platform needs is some better content creators who have methods of earning money in addition to revenue generated by their posts.

but if we let such kind loopholes in steemit, that means we are inviting cockroaches inside. :)

How do you propose one monetizes the skill of writing in the current fake-numers, rock-bottom-click-prices online-advertising market?

FollowBack every day 100%

"well, I guess nobody disagrees with that. Except me."

I've been saying that the whole time, but the minnow communists around here (and the big autistic whales) would rather attack any success at Steemit, so the site looks like a collection of failures, than actually produce something of their own.

I would never thought that allowing a stranger to insult and calling me motherfker a few times in a row, would make me feel good as fk.

Thanks papi, i usually dont read any single post, but for some reason i started to read this one, and was like a drug. Slowly i was looking for more and more.

So yeah, lets put this little shitty brain on, and look for something worth to do more than upvoting my own self shit posts.

I haven’t gotten through but about half of any of your posts. They’re really good, but I don’t have the hours in the day to finish them. Thanks for the share and I’ll hit you with a follow.

@yallapapi, I checked my posts and they are 95% great content:

Dtube earrings with tutorial. I didn't get any upvote from #dtube:

Self custom made Sherlocka Holmes cape, with detailed process images:

3d cryptocurrencies box and cryptochocolate all made by me, with images of the process:

Self custom made blazer with a video how I made it on @dtube. NO upvote from dtube! dtube only likes people who promotes dtube or talk about crypto.


I spent HOURS on my project before I even can start writing my post. I guess I have to do the same thing like you.

She came through with the fashion show

:-D. I paid for the fashion show.

I like you! Do you use other social media than steemit?

Yeah it be like that at times lol

@fathin-shihab - you have loads of talent. You will be successful; I'd buy those delicious chocolates if you're selling them... keep up the great work.

hehehe! thanks! I am pretty sure they will melt. Unless you would take that risk, I can make these chocolate with any flavours you want. Just let me know :-).

Please also consider to help rebuilding my reputation! I was the victim of a Cruel Mob of Flaggers, some of them Following me ONLY TO DOWNVOTE MY NEW POSTS!

So , not to be boring but I need all the help I can get! I love what you did there Fathin ! Im following and helping upvote and resteem you! Anyone who wants, help me out too!


LOL. I mean, I personally wouldn't consider your posts great content. The formatting could use some work. And the content itself was kind of bland. What risk did you take? What part of yourself did you expose? What controversial opinion did you put forward?

I get it that most of your posts are "how to bake a cake" and "how I made this dress," and that's fine. I suppose the dress is unique and shareable if you're into fashion. If that's your niche then I would smash that button until it bleeds, but I don't think Steemit is the platform you should be focusing on. Instagram and Facebook are much better for that.

This is a blogging platform. If you're into fashion/makeup, start doing makeup tutorials on dtube. That's easy money and a no-brainer. Plenty of famous YTers got their start doing the same thing. I find it boring, but then again I'm not a girl and girls eat that shit up.

All that said... I am going to do something I rarely do on here, which is give you a genuine compliment. Ready? Here goes:

You are a hustler and you are working with what you have. You are reasonably attractive and post pictures of yourself that the boys will find nice to look at. You are actively promoting your business on my post, putting up lots of pictures of yourself to tell people that you exist.

You need to spend more on the upvote bots and clean up the formatting. Start pimping the Instagram more, set up an online store if you don't have one and start researching Facebook PPC ads. A lot of work, but you're on the right track. I may use you as an example in the future as someone who is at least trying to do the right thing.

I have to disagree with you. My posts do have great content, maybe just not the written part.

Steemit is not just for writers (like you). I am not a writer and do not intend to be a writer. I also don't want to do anything about my formatting.

There are enough talented creative people on steemit who are not born writers. Many of them, including me are here to show our work or talent(creative people). Not to be an excellent writer. So great content isn't just writing/formatting ( here on Steemit). If so, this platform would be super boring. I personally rarely read lengthy posts without any personal images.

Most of the time I like to read positive posts of other Steemians with a certain talent like artists, photographers, DIY-ers with many images of their work. Steemit is also for diy-ers, 3d designers, artists, photographers. We show our "Great Content" through images of our work. we don't need many words or be a good writer, that's not the focus of artists/designers. Instagram and Facebook? You're kidding me! I am not focusing on selling here on Steemit. Some of my followers or people who comment on my posts say I have to sell. I just want to share my passion here. If someone wants to buy, thats nice, but if not, I am fine too.

I am much more than being attractive and I am not here for the boys. I care less about boys. I have two boys myself ;-). I am also not interested in make up tutorials. (That's not the same as making custom made dresses)

Steemit is for everyone and you can't say who belongs here and who doesn't. Maybe Steemit isn't ready yet for creative people, but I hope I can make that change because otherwise this platform would be very boring if it's just for writing. As you can see, we all have different taste what we think is boring. I think this platform would be more interesting if there is a combination of everything: a guy who complaints about the people on Steemit, a mama who makes delicious muffins, a wife who can custom made clothes, a guy who likes to vlog, etc. I am interested in many different sorts of people/posts here. Hundreds of @yallapapi would be pretty boring as well as hundreds of @fathin-shihab. Wish you all the best and keep complimenting people here. I promise you, you will feel good about it. Just stay positive.

Lol. Never mind I take it all back

I would love to have the SP to upvote myself couple hundred everyday1 :D

Damn this was a good ass batch of motherfucking muffins.

Man, what a fetid pile of poo this post is.

Now I've got YOUR attention....Starts off assuming anyone in Haejins place would do the same.. Just as a heads up, not everyone works the same way, there are those of us that understand there is a certain amount of 'pool', and if you want the platform to succeed it would behoove you to put at least a little something back.
Saying that though, of course its not 'legislated' so hey, whatever floats your boat! When the platform dies you've got your profit for average posts eh?

Its like the government selling off the electricity grid..... big profit now to piss away, but long term not so much. I wonder what would have been worth more?

You then say everyone else is jealous and their posts are rubbish as well so that means its OK or something. Learn to 'game the system'. The thing is, whats wrong with society is everyone 'gaming' the system. No-one is putting back or helping one another except those that believe it could work as intended and are the ones actually making it all happen....once those people give up, its shark eating shark until early adopters/people that bought in have milked the system dry and it all collapses in a heap . Good luck with that scenario.

Thats kinda what I like about Steemit.... Its a very real representation of society today. We all get screwed except those at the top who just keep taking.......Those that work at the bottom are used to make more 'profit'. Great what people have done with a platform thats a view on the world.

Then there is some crap about selling PDF's about poor content as well, or ringing out the sponge of average content, like thats adding to anything.

Man, its this thinking that makes the world the cesspool it is today with more and more just wanting to screw others over for a quick buck and not giving a damn about any community. Just get the 'bling' like the music videos have fed you.

If you really want to make a world of 'first come first rich' and 'screw the rest' you don't understand who's writing the cheques. There will come a time where one of 2 things will happen....

  1. Content creators will back away leaving those that milk the systems to survive as long as they can and bring everything to its knees as they 'market' shit to themselves in an endless loop or 'circle- jerk' as you like to repeat.

2)Somewhere, someone more civic minded will create a platform where REAL creators will be put in front of copy-cat plagiarizers and people out for a fast buck.

Still, I'm aware I read pretty much the whole thing so your post cant be that bad..... But hell... this aint content either, its just condoning greed and some marketing crap in a skirt.

Next time put on a little lipstick.

I like Yalla’s posts. Maybe because he gives zero fucks, but I agree with you and others comments.

We have a good platform here. One that we have the opportunity to shape into what we want it to be. It should be about good content. Promoting it and giving people with less. An opportunity to succeed and hopefully make some money as well.

I believe in block chain and crypto currencies, but I am actually a socialist and not a capitalist. I want to be able to give back, and I wish more would think about helping and contributing to society and make the world better.

We could all stand to give some fucks


Brotherman, if you want to give back, then come to the dark side. Capitalism is what has been moving the human race forward since its inception. If you want to make the world a better place, then start creating something valuable and either selling it or giving it away for free. Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Fuck this scumbag, Anyone can rip off EMINEM's Slim Shady and act like they don't give a fuck, this guy is so desperate for attention do I even have to go back up and read the numerous "hot chicks" and "milfs" and other objectivizing "20 some" he puts in to make it seem like there is a lick of substance to the character he portrays. He's a total douche with idiot stapled on his head, and that's fine, not everyone appreciates that hard work of ripping off Slim Shady while "what are your contributions to society" as if his misogynistic self could ever amount to "contribution to society".

People respond to the "no nonsense, telling it like it is, I make sure to get mine, hyper masculine" identity. I think it appeals especially strongly to self-conscious men who are bitter and would love to have enough power to rip people off but they can't because they're spineless and have no charisma to convince people to even give them a chance to rip them off.

Yeah I called him the Next Craig Grant in my dedication to this assholery that he embodies.


Brother... listen to me.

The problem with this platform is not a single individual upvoting their posts. Everyone upvotes their posts. And if upvoting your own posts was disallowed, people would use a proxy account. If they tried to disallow that, people would just log into another account from a different IP. If they use KYC, people would just get their friends to sign up for accounts.

The point is that if you want to make money, if you want to succeed, if you want to be smart, then you need to learn how to use the system for your advantage. Yes, it would be nice if we all got rewarded somewhat equally no matter the quality of our content. But that's not how it is, nor should it be changed to be like that. If that were the case, then the content on here would be even worse. If that's possible.

What this platform needs is 20 smart people who can create entertaining content and choose this place to set up shop. They're smart enough to use the upvote bots properly and entrepreneurial enough to integrate this platform with other streams of revenue. A Shopify store, Patreon, affiliate links, PDFs... whatever.

Hate to break it to you, but nobody is going to make your utopian platform where people make $100 for posting uninteresting, unedited, grammatically incorrect trash content full of spelling errors.

I hear you brother.

The way we think are two different ways. Perhaps our ideology is separated by time and programming by the system.

I nonetheless appreciate the different point of view.

The plain truth is I do want to make money, but not at anothers expense. Idealistic I know, when the very truth about money is the fact that to earn it means others have to go without (a finite amount available).

Excuse me while I talk about life in general, as I believe it can be superimposed onto the platform as it is a reflection of society itself.

I am, I know, a relic of indoctrination 1.0 in schooling terms. The 70s and early 80s taught us to follow the rules and we could aspire to a dream of buying ourselves out of the system with a home and a family etc.

I also appreciate those born after internet (in simplistic terms) have a belief they need to use life to their advantage. While I cannot disagree this will work to some degree, you have to understand that like a casino, the dollars you make are taken from a poor sap who invested in the dream.

So forgive me when I know that people talking about 'making money' are really talking about how much they want to take from others lives. If a person earns a million a year and another earns 20,000 then that person believes their life is worth 50 (god I hope my maths is ok, but u get my drift) times as much as the other........ really? Both have the same amount of life give or take. Because of a particular sperm fertilizing a particular egg or because you started equal and you think you can screw your fellow by outmaneuvering them although their content is actually better you believe its all OK?

No..... hate to break it to you, but In actual fact, the only people who believe the self-upvoted posts are worth $400 dollars are the originators who would take from other content providers.
And yes, I am a dreamer who believes that people should be worth what they are worth, not discarded by the person who can game the system to push actual content providers into the refuse to further their own agenda.

I have to believe you are indoctrination 2.0. The group that believes they should have it all at the expense of the actual creators....... Kinda ironic... I aint religious, but it seems to me some think they are entitled to it all, although they never created anything at all.......Nevertheless if no-one wants to believe in a utopian future then it will not happen. But I have to ask..... If your belief in the future is 'gaming' a system and allowing the promotion of posts that have no content... What kind of future are you wanting?... or are you , like every politician that sold out, hoping that their offspring will be spared the constricting noose of Orwell's 1984?

Hey, we are just 1.0 and 2.0 of a leeching system. The fact is , we are both just idiots typing at a screen hoping someone listens ...... the sad fact though is, we are just screwing ourselves over believing we are cleverer than those that came before. So I ask you.....the mindset has changed from 'work toward an unachievable dream' to 'get all you can while you can' while nothing really changes except now everyone gets done over by their peers, how deluded are we?

I was a little alarmed by the feeling I got of your certainty in these writings. I sure hope your outlook on people isn't as shallow and sad as it sounds Yalla, because there are people out there (believe it or not) who wouldn't do exactly what @haejin does. I would actually do what YOU suggested and start a REAL BUSINESS. There's no way I could be happy and sleep well, pushing the kind of garbage haejin does on the daily.

When I'm a whale, (it's going to happen sooner than you probably think) I will go around and find people with legitimate causes who are actually in need of an upvote.

Like my wife, who has congenital heart disease. Yesterday was her birthday as well. I sent well over 1,000 memos promoting our post. (I don't mean to offend anyone) (because maybe there is another reason I am not aware of) But, what really makes me a little confused is how people feel good about using a vote percentage of less than 100% on something like my post? We got plenty of upvotes and I'm not complaining, but I worked excessively hard to make it happen. To the point that I was so focused trying to get my wife help, I didn't even really get to spend her birthday with her.

Maybe I'm just a bleeding heart but if I had millions to spare I would have given people like my wife and I a few thousand to help them with their obvious life-threatening struggle. With great power comes great responsibility right?

Want to make steemit better?

You have absolutely nothing to lose, if people with upvote power would stop being so stingy with their votes, this place would be a lot more productive for everyone. I see a lot of nice content that gets washed down the drain with the garbage simply because most people won't take the time to look at a post made by an account that's -40.

What incentive does a plankton have to spend 6 hours writing a masterpiece if they have to spend another 48 hours sending memos to people's wallets to even get them to notice it? Not much. Other than the faint hope of one day being "discovered".

It's getting harder every day for new people to get noticed on here, whether your writing skills are epic, or complete shit. I've learned a few tricks in the few weeks I've been here, thankfully, or nobody would even care what I have to say because my rep would be too low.

Great article by the way, I agreed with most of it. People are lazy, entitled pricks. If you want a handout then you better be cute because otherwise you need to know how to author quality content or at least a comment.


I don't even know why I'm responding to this comment, but here goes.

First of all, you're never going to be a whale. Not in a million years. Why? Because you have the wrong attitude towards success. You are putting yourself at the effect end of the equation instead of the cause. You think it is someone else's fault that you're not making mad bank from Steemit or wherever. It's you brother. Not me, not @haejin. You.

What incentive does a plankton have to spend 6 hours writing a masterpiece if they have to spend another 48 hours sending memos to people's wallets to even get them to notice it? Not much. Other than the faint hope of one day being "discovered".

Brother, did you know who I was a week ago? I've been "famous" on Steemit for less than a month. Do you know how I got there? By paying for upvotes for my posts. I've explained it many times. You will not get "discovered" by accident. You have to get in people's faces and say, "here's my shit. Read it."

You have absolutely nothing to lose, if people with upvote power would stop being so stingy with their votes, this place would be a lot more productive for everyone.

People will always do what's in their best interests. Somewhere out there, there is someone in a worse situation than you. Are you actively seeking him out and giving him the money you need for your wife's illness? No? Why not? If he's in a worse situation than you, then you should, right?

Of course not. Because you're looking out for yourself. Like everyone else.

Sorry about your wife man, that sucks. No doubt. Good luck.

You don't know me, you're wrong and you're not as smart or as funny as you think. Obviously you didn't pay attention to what I said either because I'm not going to be a whale for getting discovered, it's because I will work for it and pay for promotion just like you did.

Anyways, I don't know why I responded either, good luck with your piss poor fucked up outlook on everyone else and their lives.

I do not know how this post ended way the hell up here, steemit has been doing some trippy shit lately.

Congratulations, this post is absolutely moronic.


(RandoHealer has healed this post because you have been randomly selected from the whitelist. Lucky!)

Do you have the link to "7 Night Markets You Have To Try In Vietnam" I was just thinking I need this in my life :-P

This was actually one of the rare times @yallapapi that I was so intrigued with your post and loved your writing so much , that I actually read the whole thing ! Great job ! Following you now and looking forward to more great reads from you . Upped 100% and resteemed so you don't come to my house and steal my chromebook Lol , Bravo !💕✌👍😀

Thanks. I'd never steal a Chromebook though.

HAHAHAHAHA YESSS FINALLY SOMEONE SPOKE ABOUT THIS. MAYYYNNNN YOUR SAVAGE AF. i totally agree with you. people here are just bashing about @haejin because they can not achieve what he has achieved. Nobody is happy to see anyone more successful from them. But this is not entirely their fault its a natural instinct. But a person should be happy about other's happiness too. If we first think good and positive for others than we are gonna get positivity and success in our live too. they say " what you bow so shall you reap"

"because they can not achieve what he has achieved"

pay a fortune for boosting an alt account with enough SP to make back its money via self-posts

I don't know if it is just envy and we are talking about many flaggers and voters, but some do not understand technical analysis, and think they should flag things they don't believe is possible.

Yup. Easier to blame others than accept responsibility. Welcome to the 1%

I like your posts because you have the balls to say stuff that others don't. I had never given any thought to the "views" aspect of steemit prior to this post. Heck, affiliate marketing through steemit seems a great idea.

I have an off topic question for you though. My writing is average. But I want to know how do I take it to @yallapapi level? Apart from listening to a fuckload of audiobooks did you something else to improve your writing?(both speed and quality)

(Selfvoting to get above the sea of 'nice post' comments)

I have an off topic question for you though. My writing is average. But I want to know how do I take it to @yallapapi level?

I will make a post about this soon. The short version is that you need to let go of your fear that you will be judged negatively for what you write. When I wrote this post, I was legit scared to come and read the comments. Why? Because I knew I would touch a nerve with some people and I didn't want to read any negative feedback.

LOL this is already not turning into the short version, so I'll just say this: write from the heart, write with emotion, and read your post at least 5 times before clicking the publish button. Good writing is rewriting.

Apart from listening to a fuckload of audiobooks did you something else to improve your writing?(both speed and quality)

Nothing to directly improve my writing. I find that audiobooks unrelated to writing help me to convey concepts that are interesting to readers better than direct, "10 steps to become a better writer" shit.

FWIW I also used to obsessively play MUDs as a teen where you can only express yourself via text. I'm sure that helped.

Thanks dude! I appreciate the help.

BTW don't worry about the haters, your writings are awesome.
See ya!

TBH, I think you are losing your touch. ' Blah, blah, blah, stop whining and shill harder'. Whatever dude. Do you really believe that the good content that doesn't make bank is really that shithouse? Sure, a lot of it is pretty bad, but not all of it. Yeah it's a capitalist system. But even if this blockchain is irreducibly capitalist to the detriment of creative merit - not that I'm 100% convinced that it is is - it needn't be that way on very blockchain everywhere. I mean, what you wrote is till pretty good, but it's starting to sound like you are making excuses for a system that deep down you know is a bit fucked up, but that you rely on nonetheless.

Do you feel bad? Is is snagging at your soul? If you are sober enough, do you occasionally wake up at 3am feeling guilty, but don't have the balls to admit to yourself why that might be?

If the answer is yes to any of those, it's probably nothing to do with your continuing support of an unjust system - it's just irritation with people who keep gratuitously expecting that they should ever do more than fight over the crumbs of those lucky enough to be born to rich parents. Well boo-hoo motherfucker, those inconvenient people with their outrageous expectations or fairness and unreasonable demands for food and shelter aren't going away - there's more an more of them signing up for Steemit every day. So strap your self in buttercup. Whining? Pfft! You ain't seen nothing yet!

He's made a few good points in this post, which I mostly wish I had not bothered to read. The reason I wish I hadn't read it? LOL, because nomatter how much bank he thinks he's making he can't take it with him the day he leaves his present life, and it makes him appear to be the epitome of what is wrong in this world. He has certainly has the right to do that if that is what he chooses to do with his time here.

The world has been effectively conquered by force of the most brutal kind and it is being wasted and potentially ruined by the same force which can only exist because of people willing to defend it for them like guard doggies. If the animals and the trees die, and the ocean life is all destroyed, his silly "capitalistic", or whatever other system a person wants to defend isn't going to be of much value because there will be nothing left. All of it wasted, because in this vast reality, so many seem to actually lack the ability to imagine anything beyond this program which has been installed by their captors.

I like to have the ability to buy things just like most other people, but none of that matters if we have wasted everything this world has to offer because we are so focused on a fictional construct intended to enslave us that we shoot ourselves in the foot. I don't care what @haejin does, because it isn't my business. We can all see the problems with the behavior of ourselves, and others if we choose to look at it, however, the only behavior we can truly change is our own. The changes that will make this world a better place will have to come from within each of us.

If we waste time complaining about what others are doing (this does not mean pretend things we think are bad are not happening) then we are not spending time doing what we can do to create a better way. There is that quote about not being able to change things from the same level of consciousness that created a problem in the first place...

The value of this platform and how it either increases or decreases will be the collective creation of each and every one of us on here in the long run. Even if we find out one day that it's created by an alphabet agency or the same people behind the banks and that @ned was really a front person like the character playing "Zuckerberg" ... then that will simply be a reflection of where we are at this place in our development as a species that we chose to allow it to manifest in the first place. When we stop permission ourselves being treated by people who's highest evolutionary achievement seems to be brute force and vampirism, only then can we reach our highest potential as a species. I think #Steemit can be utilized as an effective tool in our positive growth as a collective. We'll see how that plays out eventually. ;)

He created this post in hopes people would click. Normally I would not have, but I chose to... even though it has me SMH, he did it because we permission it. When we stop rewarding the content we don't like with attention, and our own energy... it will eventually burn out on it's own. Those who create it will be forced to create something else if they want upvotes from the people they have sat in judgement of. If they upvote their own posts knowing they are crap then to each his own, there's a larger reason for the imbalance causing that behavior and the crap content is a distraction from the root problem. That's how I view it, anyway.


1 unfucker badge.png

Now THIS was an interesting comment!

Do you really believe that the good content that doesn't make bank is really that shithouse?

My point is that people are using @haejin and the way the system works as an excuse for their uninspired content. If they truly believed in their content and wanted to make a career out of it like LITERALLY EVERYONE ON HERE SAYS, then they'd invest a little money into promoting it.

But the cognitive dissonance of someone who unconsciously knows that and the fact that they probably don't have any money to do so is too much for their ego to handle. So they look for something outside themselves to blame. @haejin is an easy target. The Steemit platform is an easy target. After all, there are SO MANY people who agree with them.

Where is this great content? Please show me. I'd like to see a well-written, properly formatted, spellchecked and grammatically correct article that is either informative or entertaining. Preferably both. I can't say I've ever seen anything like that on here, other than my own posts of course.

The fact is that it just doesn't exist on here. And if it does, then the creator needs to increase their desire to make a career on this platform. Because there are plenty of places where they can post and not get a single comment, response, or like for their contribution. People get butthurt on here because muh STEEM coins.

Do you feel bad? Is is snagging at your soul? If you are sober enough, do you occasionally wake up at 3am feeling guilty, but don't have the balls to admit to yourself why that might be?

LOL, really? Not even a molecule of guilt. I earned every dollar I ever made because I produce something of quality and am smart enough to figure out how to profitably promote it using a system that I've fucking explained a million times. But people don't want to listen. It's so much easier to complain than to do the work and put some skin in the game.

I agree you have to invest something - even if it's just effort. Since I need the cash I have to pay pay rent and buy food, I invest my time, and plough my SBD back into SP, since it's not enough to buy a worthwhile amount of bidbot action. I'm lucky in that I've had a few upvotes from @curie, which means I've been able to do this relatively quickly compared to many people here.

On that note, you want to find something that's properly spellchecked and formatted, I'd start with the posts they support. Entertaining and informative? I suspect we have different ideas on what's worthwhile in that regard, so let's not complicate matters any further.

But the cognitive dissonance of someone who unconsciously knows that and the fact that they probably don't have any money to do so is too much for their ego to handle. So they look for something outside themselves to blame.

Are you saying that everyone who doesn't have the money to promotes themselves the way that you do is to blame for that fact? You think that people living in poverty are there entirely by choice? Put down that copy of The Secret man and take a hard look at the world around you!

I'm not saying that you didn't work hard to get where you are, because if your account is true, then you did. But some people will never get anywhere, no matter how hard they work and how talented they are - and that's true both in life and on Steemit.

We can't fix everything in the wider world, but the big stakeholders on Steemit can change they way things work here - just a little. And if they don't, there might be another network that does figure out how to do it better. If that happens, and this causes people to leave, and the new money stops coming into the system, your lifestyle is going to get pretty austere unless you have some other income streams.

I'll be honest half-way through the post I didn't really give a shit about the original reason for it existing I just enjoyed reading it.

So are we going to sit here and act like he didn't just show everyone how to create a 6 figure business online? If your mind is still on the rewards pool after reading this then I think you missed an important point in the post.

Wow. Just wow. You know, I recently wrote a post about how I wrote quality content yet I don't get curated. I mean, for the past four months and I've only made $20 twice. Nothing more than that. And I know I write quality content. I know I'm good. Yet for some reason no one checks out my blog to vote for me. Even if you don't vote, just read my stories and leave an encouraging comment.

When I got frustrated, I tried offering a service on steemit. I make whiteboard animations and I uploaded samples on steemit. By the the third post on my whiteboard animation videos, I got tired. Because people still didn't engage with my posts. I was frustrated and tired, and I resigned myself to getting $0.2 or $0.01 on my posts for the rest of my time on steemit. One time I gathered all the 32sbd I had saved up and took the advice of a friend and Upvoted my post using @jerrybanfield and one other bot. The upvote was sooooo weak I nearly cried. To make matters worse, the value of steem dropped. Dtube also took it's own share. Long story short, the post paid out about 12 sbd. My experience on steemit has not really been a favorable one, because as you said it is capitalist favorable. The underdogs have no chance.

But reading your post today I've gotten a wake up call. I have so many skills. I'm a promoter, a blogger, I've written a few books, I can create whiteboard animations, I'm a website designer and a graphics designer as well. But I just can't get a market on steemit, even when I use the steemgigs tag.

But I've checked out your posts and I've learned a few things. I will try again.

Broseph, a month ago nobody knew who I was. Even if your content isn't good, you can use the bots to upvote your post to the Trending page consistently. I lost money the first few times I did it. Now I gain every time.

Some of that is from upvotes from real human beings with high value accounts. If you have an opinion and can get your point across in an entertaining way, people will reward you.

You say your stuff is good. Great. Do you have money to promote your work? If you do, then get to it. If not, then it looks like you have another problem to solve.

Also, don't take advice from your friend. Take advice from me. I'm your new friend.

Good luck.

"I just can't get a market on steemit"

did you try other platforms like youtube or fiverr?

What I like about his posts are the fact that he says a lot of things that other people think but don't actually say. :) Also, having others find your things by using tags may NOT be your fault.

As a new person here, I can tell you I cannot search by ALL of the tags that exist on either Steemit, eSteem or Busy. The list either doesn't list them all or when you attempt to search by tag, the results are 1 page long and or do not correlate in any real meaningful ways.

There HAS to be more good content under the tags I'm interested in but the platforms, just do not allow you to actually effectively search for them.

I hope this changes SOON! So, all of that to say, people not finding you if they are trying to search for you, may NOT be your fault.

It's a flaw in the system. I would dare say A BUG and I hope somebody somewhere has made a ticket for it. Nobody has yet been able to help me search effectively for the tags that don't appear in the list on either of those platforms -- leading me to believe nobody has the answer -- leading me to believe it's a flaw of the system that really needs to be fixed.

There HAS to be more good content under the tags I'm interested in but the platforms, just do not allow you to actually effectively search for them.

There isn't. Maybe you could write some?

I hope this changes SOON! So, all of that to say, people not finding you if they are trying to search for you, may NOT be your fault.

Don't. Just don't. It's always your fault. Even when it's not your fault, it's your fault. Believing that you can control the outcome is the only way to motivate yourself to improve your situation.

Definitely agree with you. Most people would be doing the same thing as haejin if they could.

I have also seen good contents not getting the actual value

Good post! Is my oppinion that if we have a healthy and happy community we will be able to grow the popularity of Steemit. Best wishes, - @splendorhub

Hey asshole, I did like this post, and I upvoted my own comment just because!

Takes one to know one.. ;)

Ayyy 😎😎

Upvoted your two moron-posts, because I like swearing in quality posts.

That´s the highest quality you can get.
Honest post with quality and some insults ;-)

Thanks, uh...bitch? :D

you´re welcome ;-)

Throw some SBDs our way then.

appreciate it! ;-)

I thought this would happen on this platform.

I joined a couple of months back and have noticed the decline in quality conversation.

It is a great idea, but the structure is set up to promote jealousy, co-ordinated up voting, plagiarism and posting anything at a whim.

If it stays like it is it will die slowly.

It probably is a prefect example of capitalism - a system that polarises the rich and poor - people who play the system against people who want to play fair.

The world's not fair, I hear you cry. The systems we agree to abide by are decided by you. If you can't beat them join them, seems to be the motto.
Damn, we are so weak. Stand up for what you really believe in, speak your mind, fuck up-votes and likes to stroke your ego.

If anyone thinks they should be congratulated for making money by playing the system is not contributing to society or that community. They are products of the current system. It is not their fault. We are pretty feeble, greedy and jealous. I never thought this platform would demonstrate that so perfectly. It promotes the selfish side to us all.

I have even heard one youtuber trying to say to follow them on here because he manage his comments better on here, bullshit - There is just too much bullshit already. It seems this platform is actually exposing the bullshit. Maybe thats a good thing.

It's a shame a good idea has to die to expose it.

Don't up vote this post, because I probably won't up vote yours :)

Nice to see someone whose not afraid to wade thru the bullshit that is stinking up Steemit and call it like it is.

I'm afraid. I just do it anyway.

You know what. You do have a big mouth, and i disagree with you on almost every point. But ive read your other articles, and damn you can write really well.

Thank you. That's a nice compliment.

I'll take a 4 cent upvote! :D

Probably not for this comment, but when I get around to making a good comment.

Just remember my name! ;)

What is the difference between a PhD in mathematics and a large pizza?

A large pizza can feed a family of four.

That is sadly truer than most mathematicians would like!

I think it's all the paint chips. Not from eating them, of course, from having to count them over and over.

And thanks for the unwarranted upvote! ;)
In exchange, I'll try to make my next blog post worth reading. (/cough/ If you like math proofs. /cough/)

Haha. Well that was harsh and one sided. You talk about Steemit being a capitalist system but forget to add that it also has a system in place that allows you to protest anything you would see as abuse, in a way you see fit..
Which is why i not only dont find complaining about the "reward pool rape" in a negative way like you took the stance here. I encourage it. Just like its Haejin right to blast his posts with bot upvotes and self votes, its the right of people to protest about it. All i care about on Steemit is that people follow the rules set by the platform. Every other disagreement that might arise needs to be setled by the community.
Calling the people that do complain whiners and untalented hacks is, your right to do ofc, but rather unnecessary and pointless. Provoking for the sake of provoking.

Never said you didn't have the right to protest. Don't care what you do.

But your protests don't have anything to do with @haejin or the reward pool. They're coming out of you because your mind doesn't want to face the fact that the content you're creating is not good and/or you don't have the resourcefulness to upvote them to the Trending page.

That's all.

Haha. My content is good enough and its on trending pages very frequently without having to bot. Now that you know that- explain to me again please... Where is my complaining coming from? 😉

Teach me senpai

"They're coming out of you because your mind doesn't want to face the fact that the content you're creating is not good and/or you don't have the resourcefulness to upvote them to the Trending page."

Your claim. My rebuttal above... Still waiting to see how you will defend your generalization of complainers based on my example? 😂

I looked at some of your posts. Honestly no idea how any of them hit trending as they’re not particularly good. The song you wrote about steemit is obviously pandering.

I was serious. I’d be happy to hear your strategy for getting to the trending page. Pandering steemit song notwithstanding

Hahaha. Buurn.😂 I did admit you could write, and i knew you were sort of a dick but i did really think your ego boosting self praise was for show only. A sort of strategy of building an obnoxious character you might like for witty writing and charming egotistical demeanor.. Guess i was wrong. I always give people more credit then they deserve. Haha. Instead of arguing my last statement you attack my, whatever you would call it, skill talent, doesnt matter. Smooth.. Haha. 😂😂😂

Oh. And my startegy is:

  1. Be actually good at something
  2. Dont be a dick
  3. Dont excessively bot because whales or minnows dont like bot abuse and SP is centralized in hands of those with big hammers. No matter how witty you think you are. Theyll flick you like a witty booger. 😉
  4. Contribute, dont try and make more of a mess. "Standing out" does not equal "marginalizing yourself".
    5... So its five.. Ummm. Heres a "hippy self help book" one: be humble. 😂

Whales like what is good for them, same as anyone else. If Steemit grows as a platform then the value of steem will rise. They will directly benefit. They are also likely to understand that this platform will only grow as a result of better content being linked to from outside sources. Not stupid songs about the platform, no offense.

What this place needs is some sort of incentive to write high quality posts. There currently is none, aside from any benefits one might gain from writing good content on any other platform: recognition, building your brand, etc. That is what I am trying to tell people. People need to see their steemit blog as a selling tool. I’ll try and make a post about this later.

"Listen up circle-jerkers because I have some bad news for you: most of you are whiny little bitches who will never do anything with your lives."

This is why i came here and why i follow you +1

Damn dude, that was a fucking novel.
But I agree, people should stop wasting their time bitching about others, and spend that time and energy on making their own shit better.

blowing out someone else's candle, won't make yours shine brighter

Your post has made me want to up my game when it comes to posting... Hopefully a whale will want me to join their circle jerk. 😂

Also, your click bait is what got me..

Cool. See you on the Trending page

you are right @yallapapi .Steemit is a capitalist system indeed just like every fingers are not equal so every steempower, rewards won't be too. The name of the guy running #dolphinschool is @markmorrisjr

I've been homeless before. And I can say that this statement:

Or is it just more of the same 300 word article spinner-esque trash that not even a homeless person would read in exchange for a hot meal?

is 100% TRUE!

Little bit of a miss with this post I must say, other people did quite a good job addressing a few of those points to won't delve further. Compelling article but it's getting a bit repetitive.

Where in Thai are you at? Let me know if you ever stop my Koh Lanta or any place nearby, have a house there that I spend a couple of months each year at, would be cool to meet-up.

Also, +1 on your insta, done a good job building your page (smart shit) 👍🏼


I'm in Patong. I don't like to leave Patong. So many places that I need to see, but I just can't escape. This place is like a black hole.

I only looked at your post because it was resteemed by @karenmckersie, so I don't think those bid bots are working too good for you, could you write an article about the return these bid bots get you? I want to see if using them is profitable, I have used them a few times and have found the only thing they are good for is to increase REP and maybe put you on the hot or trending pages which really isn't much these days as I have read few people even look at those two pages.

Why do you think she saw my post, brainlet? Because I was on the Trending page.

They are profitable if you use them correctly. Figure it out on your own.

פצצות לגבות and it's more $ than flairtending for the drunk כוסיות expats throwing back yaeger at mike's place all night

Yo ani met lachzor l'Tel Aviv hakeitz ha zeh. Mitgagaea...

גם אנ ממש

I am up voting this purely because of the huge amount of invective involved. It has made my day honestly. Keep it up whatever you do. Me I don't give a fuck about making money out of Steemit. Sure it would be nice and whatever but I have a dozen other ways to make cash that involve a fuck ton less effort than working the system on here. I do whatever I want to do not what someone tells me to do. I'm not a fucking sheep. I don't give a fuck what other people do. Like you say this is based on capitalism. This is how the system works. Money will always go to money. The people with the deepest pockets will always control everything. They can buy as much success as they like. That's the system and it's the system because people have evolved to be cheats and liars and to take advantage of others. We are all animals looking for food and a fuck essentially. Now some will do that through being all nice and seemingly selfless but they'll only be being nice because that's their way of getting more. Others will predate the system with no fear of the consequences that will eventually destroy it. Ride the thing as long as you can but don't bleat about things not being fair. Life isn't fair. Otherwise the filthy rich would be permanently happy. Believe me they aren't.

"I do whatever I want to do not what someone tells me to do. I'm not a fucking sheep. I don't give a fuck what other people do."

Isn't that what every psycho says before going on a killing spree?

Pro comment.

Also, I just googled "invective." Great word.

oh shit! this had me dying..I'm glad I finally came across some gold in the trending section. Where the ebook at homie? haha

Aren't your fingers tired from all this circle jerking writing? Why don't you put your PDF up at Price your book in Steem Backed Dollars.


Would you believe that I'm stumped for ideas to write about in the ebook?

Someday... But Not yet!


In a pure capitalistic system there is no limit to the pie - indeed capitalism makes the overall pie grow.

On steemit there is a limit to teh reward pool - there are a fixed amount of steem distributed in a 24 hour period. That's where there is so much argument about the distribution of the pie.

nice post dude ..........keep it up
and follow me for good contant

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Hey asshole! You said exactly what I needed to hear, and you know what? I really appreciate that. I'm still learning steemit, but I have noticed these things you're talking about and yeah, it seems quality doesn't always come out on top, it's all about someone marketing themselves the best, getting enough attention, and even if their post or book or whatever is crap, if it's wrapped up pretty or has a great click-bait title then the dumb masses go for it and give it the attention (and / or money).

I am a simple man, I see Ainsley, I upvote.

This was quite a fun read.
I have an idea to make money in just such a fun way as reading your post was.

Do you want to have a bet (or someone else) about how many people write a shit comment like "great post"?

Looool I feel like people in the comments didn't even read the article. They're just proving the stereotype.

Very good content onces again bro‼️🍾

Actually thought this was a hilarious and well thought-out post. It's post like these that get people to act, instead of mindlessly copy-pasted complaints. Good stuff!

haejin feeds off the lack of trading abilities of others and those looking for someone to present the answer on a platter. He literally has never made a cent in the markets. But good for him for exploiting those that are relying on someone else to do the work for them! love it. That is called adapting. Don't join the goldrush..sell shovels.

Omg, a write the inpiration me
Lovely the pos
Thanks you for sharing

I love to see and read and enjoy your post, very good your work. Luar biasa

Nice writing i like it....