They are not duplicates, they are separate bids.

I may do another report showing total bids per article, but this report is each bid separately.

Thanks for the support!

Look at position #2 and #3. Are you telling me that @fucktime promoted twice, each time with 300SBD, the same post using the same bot (@postpromoter) ? First I would be surprised to learn that a bot can vote twice on the same article (once you vote, the second time you withdraw the vote). Second: sending 300 SBD twice to the same bot for the same article seems bizarre and closer to a duplicate than what a normal person would do, but who knows

They were both denied by the bot, but the author was persistent.

Check out their wallet.

ok, but if both were denied then shouldn't they be ignored and droped from your analysis ?

It is possible that would be more informative. The report is meant so show total bids, which reflects how much money is being thrown at the bots or even willing to be throw at it. Refunds are more the exception, but do happen.

Biggest problem is that there is not enough display columns via Steemit to create the perfect summary.

You feedback is welcome, blessings.

There are a couple that I have noticed for a little bit now . Of course, the problem with paying out 25% curation is it encourages people to follow and like the posts to try and get curation scraps, so they are also getting lots of 'organic' votes from this tactic. Obviously not enough to stop paying the bots and just ride out on their 'fanbase' though. A good idea is once again used to created repetitive behaviors.

You are so correct.

If there is a little money to be made, it will be leveraged until there is nothing left but a trail of money.

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