Eye Candy and Being Julian Assange

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It's been an incredible week. There's more to come. But first, some eye candy.


My recent article 'Being Julian Assange' has been really well received. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has read it, shared it, and messaged me about it. Thank you all.

I've done some recent interviews and press events about it which I thought you might be interested to see.

I appeared with the awesome @leecamp on his show Redacted Tonight. It was my first ever in-studio interview and I learned a lot and we even talked about Steemit on-air and explained to people why it is so good!

Read Lee's original Steemit post about the interview here.

I also appeared on H.A. Goodman to discuss the article. The discussion was excellent and my favourite interview to date.

Then I appeared alongside Kim Dotcom and @elizbethleavos in a huge, live Q+A event last Friday night/Saturday morning depending on your time zone. It was a rip-roaring success.

Someone very cleverly cut some of Kim's commentary from our event into the following video clip, which is ricocheting around the internet:

Now, deer Steemians, I wanted to make sure that you all know that I have not forgotten that I promised to post the article to Steemit. So this is my plan, and I will embark on it very soon:


Also a quick update re Jeremy Hammond - as promised, I converted the 28.46SBD made on my post about him into Bitcoin, and deposited it to his account. Remember that you too can donate to support him here. Thank you!


By Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website: Suzi3d.com


Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

Who is Suzie?

Read Suzie's Introduction On Steemit

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Hi Suzie,

I read your piece in 3 sittings over the weekend and the entire thing blew my little mind. Especially the stuff about Aaron Swartz and the JSTOR pretext for his persecution. I watched your documentary a few years ago but hadn't been tracking your work closely until now. All I can say is thank you and I'll be keeping up with your stuff from now on. You're inspiring a lot of people, I hope you know.

@guidaboni yes you are right. She is an inspiration.

That's so true. Am also inspired by suzie

Wow such a talented woman i read your introduction post.Nice and this post also inspiring to me.

All is well

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Your activism and constancy is something to behold, dear Suzie!! Your journalism is great & is causing an awakening that's turning the tide - for Julian Assange, Wikileaks and humanity!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

We need journalism because, without it, every party big enough could do anything unchallenged. Information is today's weaponry and journalists put this arsenal into everyone's hands.

Journalism is great unless it is benefitting the other side.

Nice to see people taking matters into their own hands. Kim Dotcom understands the value privacy and it was nice to hear him point out how corrupt the U.S. government is. There are numerous examples of how they are hell bent on controlling every facet of society. People need to not take this lightly. I've attached another example of how ruthless the deep state is below. It's the story of Michael Mckibbon and how he developed the source code that made social media and many of the things that people use on the internet regularly possible, and how the deep state essentially stole it!


If it comes up, @ausbitbank owns @julianassange and has advised he's happy to hand over the password to Julian whenever he's keen to head over.

I've offered the same for @julian.assange

Who's Juliana Sange ? ;)

Thank you @suzi3d. Julian is a hero and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and honour.
The man deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in shining the light of truth out into the world.
The Globalists are on the run.
Long Live Peace!

In a twisted sense, we Steemians are Globalists also, recruiting as many people as possible in the platform, and whoever does not conform to some unspoken rules gets downvoted big time.

Yes, there is some of that occurring no doubt, but I don't believe that most of us have a hidden Globalist agenda, certainly not you!!

I liked your post, you are absolutely right when you say that journalists who write the truth pay a high price for doing it, in my country venezuela, a journalist can not write the truth of what happens inside the country because he can pay a high price can be fired or something, but that's why I'm taking your post I hope you take into account my humble comment and know that you have my support

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It remains to be seen if everyone is on the same side... I have always felt that Assange is in favor of Chavez / Maduro and others similar to them... :(

Gracias por comentar con respecto a tu comentario puedo decir, que eso solo lo sabe Dios, que ojala las cosas en Venezuela cambie para bien, ya que verdaderamente la situación del país esta muy delicada, y que ahora hay razonamiento de electricidad dentro del país, así que se puede imaginar el caos que esto atrae, que si de por si la comida escaseas ahora como se puede perdurar la poca comida que hay si no hay electricidad ?

Exactamente. Estoy al tanto de la situacion en Venezuela.

A bueno @banjokid que tenga un buen dia y gracias por comentar se le aprecia el hecho que lo haga.


in england news today 50 million peoples personal details have basically been sold on to manipulate polls and people's views in the US election via Russian money by a company in Cambridge!! this isnt just a meme people its real life!! lets sort it out!

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SteemingMark, you will find that many people support Russia unconditionally just to fight against the USA no matter what. So "we the people" are not all necessarily on the same side. Since I am not really a big fan of Russia, for reasons I will not discuss, I am automatically part of "the bad guys".

its not bad, its being ignorant and brain washed by the mainstream media.. look at the destruction done by the NATO and USA across the world, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. and many countries before like Vietman, etc. Its trying to be world police. Its sad the tax payers money are going in killing innocents and raping then. You shoud see the documentary of ABU Garib prison in iraq. Also look at the before after images of these countries. People were far more happy then now, when everything is destroyed by americans and nato. USA dollar has next to no value, 23 trillion dollar debt and still rising. Iv come across many americans in other countries, and rarely found anyone who is decent. Its just in their attitude of looking down upon everyone. Its sad that most of their upbringing is in that manner. Especially this current anti legal/illegal immigration thing going on, when the entire country is built of illegal immigrants by killing millions of natives. They don't teach this in history books in USA or Australia, same like the Britishers are not taught about their Evil colonial rule in their schools. Russians tried it and learnt their lesson, never did it again. Where as USA and NATO are just not stopping. None of the governments are good here, but the least bad of all superpowers looking at the current global scenario, i feel is Russia and India. China no doubt is a bit of a bully, but not like the west, whos only agenda is to destroy or demonize, since they have the control over media and obviously Hollywood. PEACE

@heather2000 whats up why are you 100% downvoting everyone!??!??!

I dont know much about the US elections, but Blaming everything on Russia is what USA main stream media does. USA is a police state where people get killed for walking on street on the wrong side or staring at a policeman or parking or driving wrongly just for being coloured. USA is a white supremacist country, and so is most of the Europe. My first and the recent trip to USA and Mexico (solo), i felt safer and more homely in Mexico, eventhough i was travelling solo, then in USA, where you are more scared of the police then then thugs. USA citizens across the world look down upon people. We dont see police in So called "Third World" countries killing random people for such reasons. As for Russians, iv stayed in thailand for two years, and iv come across many whites, and the most humble whites were Russians, infact one of my very good friend married to a russian, and recently shifted to russia, and he told me its one of the best decisions he ever made. Russians are also very much family oriented unlike americans who feel ashamed living with parents after a certain age, and their parents need to take appointments for meeting them, even Latinos are somuch family oriented. This is my personal experience, not just by reading or watching youtube videos. in my one month trip to USA, came across 3 racist bastards. Had also written a post on it here.

my comment is not my view it is just what i read in the news

Hmmm, this was usually with Snowden, although Snowden was more about state secrets than corporations' under-the-table affairs in the Assange way.

What do you think you're doing, @thinkingtime, @roccofalcone?

Thanks ladies!

Keep up the good work. And to Julian, if he ever reads this:
THANK YOU MAN! We really need to get you back into the sunshine.

This political bullshit needs to go away.

Its now up to all of us the change things.

Lets chase those crazy bald heads out of town. - Bob Marley

Hi Fantastic Article!
Of course when you promised "Eye Candy" I thought that there was going to be a center spread of "Julian Assange" - HAHA.

I am very impressed with your tenacity at work, and to me you are an exemplary model in this community. hopefully always lucky #JulianAssange @suzi3d
thank you


It’s been a while now since President Trump won the election. I like to ask you if President Trump intend to pardon Mr Julian Assange. Thank you for taking the time in reading my comment.

Day Two on Steemit. I'm not going anywhere. Great journalism @suzi3d!

I upvote you that's my donation ahh..... the beauty of steemit!

You got a 63.96% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @promofund!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

Good work. I'm a follower of #Wikileaks, #Veritas, #QAnon, #Drudge, #Infowars, @Cernovich, @Stefan.Molyneux, etc. Keep up the good work. Seth Rich and his death is key to some extent. I want to stop Soros.

Good work Suzie :)

keep going

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Hello, sorry but what is your fascination about Julian Assange

She explain it in the video

wow congratulations for all the success :)

much appreciated for...Suzie This supportive offer by your news coverage

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Just keep posting...we are always here to back u up

I love this idea so much. Thank you for your hard work.
I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational

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My wish is for there to be HUNGER STRIKES in all five eye countries!

Need some minor funding, backers for publicly accessible property where the fasting tents can be located, some medical monitoring staff, live web cams for 24-7 (by informed consent only) viewing of strikers, a logistical support relay team, and strike volunteers.

(Launch with ordained clergy from various traditions, artists, etc)


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Hi Susy, good night.
First contact I have with your page. She's a beautiful girl. I really enjoyed the videos, especially the third one.

Thanks for post !!

nice post nice to meet you @suzi3d

All of your things are different.You're inspired by many people!

Hey @suzi3d, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)


wow good post, congratulations Suzie

Hello Suzie!
Nice post!! Very Good!!!

its fentastic article

this is good job it.

I think is very very good .

keep going suzie ^^

I'm not contributing anything.

There should (probably) be some millionaires in Russia willing to help you anyways.



Fantastic post. Very informative and interesting.

Nice @suzi3d

Personally I believe wikileaks is controlled opposition. Which is why its called wikileaks and not wikihacks.

Lee is a tool and @suzi3d appears to be a gate-keeper in my opinion.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Proving WikiLeaks & Snowden are legit
3 hours long. Timestamped guide and annotations can be found here. Enjoy!

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giuseppe.. that is an interesting thought.. Especially I like to think about it this way..
We are all animals, right? Humans are monkeys, so we are animals..
So the persons who never admit that they really have to go take a shit, I stay away from..
People have to stop pretending so much to be perfect!
Everybody is born, learn as we live. Try to get a good job. A good income. Do good. Then so much shit happens because many people life from hustling and stealing..
I dont know what to think about all this. Just a good advice. If someone wears make up, they are not dwelling in themselves enough to be really clever.
We the masses dont fuckin care about make up. A nice ass and big tits are great NATURALLY! but we care more about ending violence and war and corruption, than seeing women dolled all up!

So, the women and men who DO not waiste time on make up. Those are the ones to listen carefully to!
if you meet giuseppe or myself, you can tell that we are experienced in average surviving kind of life style. we dont waste time on stupid tasks! hehe
hope you understand me!

but @giuseppetesta , who do you refer to by writing Lee ??

Regard @suzi3d

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where was the eye-candy portion of this article, missed it?

I read your introduction it's inspiered me .I like it so much.

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keep up the good work!

Nice interview, carry on

Great Going Suzie.. Best of luck for your future SteemIt Endeveours ... Many things to learn from you... Motivated

I read the good post, and I read the interesting stuff.Thank you.

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Do something useful for steem and people might upvote you.

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