What happened last week full of crypto and AI knowledge Dropping on you right now.

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What happened last week full of crypto and AI knowledge Dropping on you right now. Every week I will combine some of my favorite posts I made thought out the week just incase you missed them they will be in one place, each will be named differently and I will use 2-4 bots to boost it.

Last week I wrote about AI and our future how the cryptocurrency craze is and might be a bubble and how STEEM is a glimpse of how AI content can become. Plus STEEM hitting $100! Go get some coffee so you can enjoy this museum of work, you might learn something new.


"Don’t believe the hype about AI in business - We are not there yet"


To borrow a punch line from the amazing Duke professor Dan Ariely,

artificial intelligence is like teenage sex:

“Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.”

Even though AI systems can now learn a game and beat champions within hours, they are hard to apply to business applications. Implementing an AI is much more insane and its not like the movie transcendence with Johnny Depp.

Its not like adapting a blockchain like Spotify has planning on doing.


Elon Musk also created a somewhat AI to beat a DOTA 2 Champ. But to implement the simpler idea to a business so it can have an advantage on other business is yet to be announced.

"Tokyo Whale Dumping 160K + Bitcoin Moron / MTGOX is coming back to haunt us."

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 10.21.44 PM.png

“Large holders sold at a high price driving the price down on the back of FUD about the 'Tokyo Whale' about to dump 160k more Bitcoin because he's been recklessly selling using market orders."

All of this turned out to be complete bullshit as I or any one could have suspected. Someone else was dumping and manipulating in this way. Once you start an avalanche there's no way to control it.

MTGOX is coming back to haunt us.


With all the recent news of IRS TAX bullshit, to the regulations and etc. You would think the price would still hold or even go much higher, you knew considering we want a decentralized currency.

Now why in the hell would it be going down you say? Well it is very simple the massive whales buying into it have and had no idea what it really was they just saw dollar signs and bam jumped the wagon.

Of course we all want profit but if you have no idea what it was meant for shame on you.

"Just look Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble"


Bitcoin yes, it’s driven by greed — but the mania for cryptocurrency could wind up building something much more important than wealth. Just you wait when it hits 100k.

‘The Bitcoin bubble may ultimately turn out to be a distraction from the true significance of the blockchain.’ We do not know it yet but the blockchain technology is what we are after

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 6.54.14 AM.png

This is what most do not understand ‘We’re not trying to replace the U.S. government. It’s not meant to be a real currency; it’s meant to be a pseudo-currency inside this world.’ We as tech nerds know better than to see it just as it sounds, which is not just a currency but a means of transporting raw data.

"$300M in Gold Falls From Sky After Hatch Blows Open - Russia must be pissed More like An Ocean's 11 ordeal"

While catching up on some of my reading I catch an article on a plan losing over $300 Million in precious metals and diamonds, Just a little more than three tons of gold bars fell from the sky in Russia Thursday after the hatch of a cargo plane flew open, Russian officials stated earlier today.

The plan was fully loaded with gold, platinum and diamonds and was taking off from the east Siberian city of Yakutsk when a door malfunctioned, causing more than $300 million of precious metal to plummet to the ground below, according to the Tass news agency. This must be an outrageous amount of cheese and I would think it was a more or less Oceans 11 ordeal.

Well here is my crew to get some of that GOLD!

The above photo is a joke but I can already see crews being created for some booty hunting.

In all seriousness though losing over $300 Million in precious metals and diamonds must be a real buzz kill, especially going into the weekend.

"Well there you have it folks Bad news for bitcoin miners as it's no longer profitable ( STEEM to $100)"


Bitcoin and its crypto-partner coins have dropped to a point where it's not that profitable to produce, according to some estimates.

Here are some bullets and thoughts for you

  • "Bitcoin currently trades essentially at the break-even cost of mining a bitcoin, currently at $8,038 based on a mining model developed by our data science team," Fundstrat's Thomas Lee said in a report Thursday.

  • "In some cases the miners may simply turn off the machines until the price comes back a bit," said Shone Anstey, co-founder and president of Blockchain Intelligence Group. Right now, "it's got to be getting to the point that some of them may be losing money." This is more likely hell arn't we going to see bitcoin moon to $100,000?

  • Miners' earnings have roughly halved this month from December due to a surge of interest in bitcoin mining, as measured by hashrate, according to Charlie Hayter, CEO of industry data site CryptoCompare.

I am pretty sure you have also read or heard about Google banning crypto ads , Bitcoin prices slammed as the news spread around my thoughts is google and facebook are scared of decentralized competition. You know since we have @dtube, and this wonderful place.
Come to think of it STEEM blockchain's offers multiple platforms that competes to google and facebook. So my question is are you ready for Steem to hit over $100?

Passed Posts:

RIP Stephen Hawking Theoretical physicist - May the Cosmos take you in.

Steemit's AI singularity bots and real life AI Technologies

Innovation Game - Outflank your competitors

Every week I will combine some of my favorite posts I made thought out the week just incase you missed them they will be in one place, each will be named differently and I will use 2-4 bots to boost it.


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completely agree with said statement about AI. Although I have a strong interest in AI. I do not believe it would be great as a replacement in many aspects of business. We are not at a point we’re we could simply hand over a job to a machine without some type of issues. We as human have the ability to take in account each individual person and problems and solve them accordingly.. were as a machine would be too programmed to react individually occurrence.


Yes, exactly. If true AI existed at this moment it would be able to take in information like we do and change its mind based on the situation like we do. As of now it cant do this so you are correct what we have now uses if this then this logic it cant think and change its code to allow it to make exceptions based on situation.


Yes that right @iseeyouvee.

We still have a bear week and I'm looking forward to seeing stronger signals for a market turnaround. Have you seen any?


No strong signals as of yet. There is alot of fear and uncertainty right now.

I expect the downturn is because many institutional entities are getting into the game now and they buys low even if they gotta force it down.


we're in the middle ground for the moment, a bit of a dip incoming but upwards we shall be moving fairly soon!

Awesome post, keep them coming...already a follower.

The machines haven't taken over, but they are a part of our lives already. From Siri and Alexa, to behavioral algorithms, suggestive searches, to autonomously-powered self-driving vehicles. Unfortunately millions are jobs in many industries in the future will be eliminated.


dis is a bot replying to the first comment. AI AI AI. such bot. meeeehhhh....

Joking ofcourse :)
nice post, thank you for your summary. You just missed out on our Pizza Announcement tho :)


Just found you and this was a great read.. I have not kept up with all the news in crypto as much as I should be, so it is nice to find a post like yours here on steemit... will follwo you now and re-steem this for you too.


Yes I agree with you.

Something that makes Google for example lose out a lot and may make them lose the whole video side online is because of poor communication. All it would take from YouTube is some real care and they wouldn't lose millions of dollars in value by people moving away to other more caring platforms. All it takes is a little bit of care and it makes people feel valued. Don't want to see Steemit go down into that rabbit hole. Even when there is no exciting new announcement it's still good to show what you are working on. Showing a bit of a human side.

I'm pretty sure A.I is inevitable but not in a sense of taking over humanity, but it must be leverage to have a better quality of living and eliminate poverty and inequality. Blockchain already proved to be a very useful tech. and what else it can be capable of, if it is merge with A.I tech.

Interesting post. AI is over evaluated I think.

The whales definitely have controlled of bitcoin starting with the price and profit taking with pumps and the dumps. I missed the recent bottom but waiting on another crash to get in hopefully when ETH dips below 500 usd.


ye my hodling has not paid off yet the price is much lower than what i bought for and dont have money to buy the dip. with all the negative news surrounding crypto not sure what the future holds!

so great post and i like the first bots pictire eating on the table 🤣

Great roundup! So true about AI being overstated in its immediate usage and the MtGox Bearwhale is priceless. Bummer bitcoin miners are suffering... but yes 100k, here we come & $100 Steem!

Excellent article!!

This is absolutely spot on - It is all about the blockchain.

I am basing all of my investments on the blockchain and enhancing products.

Current favourites include QSP, TRAC & VEN.

It is true the mining payouts lately have not been great but still just accumulating BTC to buy other ALT coins.

Will be glad when GOX buggers off!!


Mt Gox will be here for a while yet.

QSP is a solid coin, so are the others you mention.

Bought loads of it in these dips.

I CAN RELATE THE POST. well bots are taking over everything . they were made to help us in our work load but it seems they are just taking everything in their hands.

I think AI has been in our life already for a while, and is continuing to grow. For instance, If I go to the grocery store, theres no one working registers anymore unless its prime time hours, otherwise its all self checkout. There are cars that drive themselves, pretty soon I think people will start using self driving cars for car pooling. Computers do most of our work for us, and Im sure they can even cook our foods now too ;-) As far as mining is concerned, I did it for a little while, but then a few friends pointed out to me that I am using more electricity then I am gaining in coin, so am no longer doing that. Interested to see where the market goes from here, im not trying to sell anything, but debating weather or not to buy more steem right now.


Your mention of " I'm sure they can even cook our foods now" ..made me think of the Show "X Files" -- recently saw this episode in which ALL the machines kind of took over, making the 2 HUMANS' Lives (Scully & Mulder of course) a "living hell".

Anyone see that ?

Very Informtive, keep it up.

the correction has not yet stopped

I never joined Facebook and for good reason. They have been selling their user data for over a decade and people think this is news LOL! They already sold everyone's pictures to the gov't for use in facial recognition technology without telling any of the users.

Wake up and smell the horsesh*t! Facebook is pure corporate evil. The reason why it is free to join is because YOU are the product that is being sold. At least Steemit pays you for your content and you aren't subjected to advertising.

Oh man thats awesome post :)

Well you know Chrono, I am actually glad that facebook and google block crypto ads. That leaves a wast field of opportunity for platforms like steem, dtube etc. Heck, I'd pay big bucks to promote my game instead of putting ads in comments. I don't like it anymore than you do. I try to make them look nice so at least you are not too offended.
Come on, ain't they cute? So hopefully some folks get into gear and create a crypto targeted advertising platform. BAT token was promising, but I think they belly flopped. Redcoin, yeah, I don't know.

Come check out Chibi Fighters. No levelling required.
Grab a Founder Chibi before they are gone and rule them all.

I Agreed with you, and Its a amazing post, i learned lot of things about cryptocurrency, well thanks for sharing it, keep it up, and i will waiting for your next post, Thanks.

Now what would I do with a $100 steem ............?

thank you friend nice topic

Maybe if you're going to plaster your post to the top of Trending/All, you should make it not sound like it was written by an 8 year old, nor fill it with the prognostications of an 8 year old? ($100 Steem LOL - clearly you don't understand economics).

Hint: This sounds like it was composed by the mentally deranged, and it is your first line:

"What happened last week full of crypto and AI knowledge Dropping on you right now."

True AI doesn't exist yet. What we have are really expert systems. Just a database and some code with if this then this logic.

I agree with a lot you say. I think BTC will drop further this year before going back up. We may have to just wait some years however. Checkout my blog

Crypto investors have the shortest memory spans. One week and the Mt Gox scare is completely forgotten. Haha. Thanks for the post, love it!


good informative article , and a good back catalogue to keep me busy today ,,, cheers :)

Hy all
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Great post, followed , the whole market has been manipulated on so many topics it's just better not to read up, sometimes it seems that the more you keep yourself informed the more you get screwed. In regards to MTGOX, they will dump eventually, but it made no sense for them to dump again, it will be gradual or they risk loosing a lot.

I would love an article about simplicity it is an AI based blockchain that sold its ICO in less than 60 seconds right now it's trading on kucoin u got me following :)

nice post, but could I also please suggest posting links to some of your articles like the losing gold story? also, this post I wrote may help some of your readers learn a little bit about hash rates.

I’m ready for steem to hit $100

One thing to ponder though....The recent un-manned fatal Uber car accident in Arizona. Unfortunately this is an example where AI and relying on technology was tremendously tragic and detrimental. -Respect

Cryptos took a little dip today. Some think was the $18.7 million of Bitcoin that was auctioned off. That may be one piece of the puzzle, but we are seeing some bullish consolidation happening, meaning that the range of ups and downs is becoming a smaller range where a breakout can potentially happen. Bitcoin's dominance actually keeps going up towards 50%, where it was last year.

Here are the top 5 undervalued cryptos with big potential when the market turns up. They may return 2-6x if they return to previous highs. Click "Markets" to see where they are available.
Civic (CVC)
Monero (XMR)
Neo (NEO)
Neo Gas (GAS)
Qash (QASH)

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Ironic, huh? The reply I'm replying to was brought to you by....AI!

this photo perfectly experiences the future of mankind☺😊

Nice article - resteemed, followed, and upvoted.

Good steem

Expectations are so many that digital currencies disappear for a while with their prices falling

Great post, really nice aggregation of info and breakdown.

Brothe I love you post Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmah?

The machines is part of lives, they can not be everything because they would be made and control by us.

Then, they would be replace in someplace only.

I love this idea so much. Thank you for your hard work.
I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational

It's always nice to have a realistic perspective to AI. Sometimes I believe we will just one day wake up to mass AI on our smart devices, and TV screens, just telling us how its going to be...

A little bit on the:

conspricy driven side....?


Good collation of relevant happenings in the crypto space

Great post, but looking at the current issues going on on Steemit, i highly doubt that it will hit 100$, rather i feel that 1$ is a perfect price for STEEM considering the current scenario of Rewardpool Rape by most of them on the trending page.




a) We need good content on trending page, and no 2 liners or only specific content related or of specific members only or just a dinner shot.

b) Bots should review the posts before upvoting.

c) Need genuine Meritocracy, not fake (Give Fair chance to everyone, not just the rich)

d) Meetups/Programmer related should be funded privately, and not by trending, This is not called good content. Need a speprate page for it like an UPDATE or ANNOUNCEMENT page.

e) Or You can remove Trending and Hot page, so people will only look for content they are intrested in, using search bar or tags, & not upvote only for rewards.

f) We also need Reward limits and Posts limit. I guess if we keep max 200$ per post and max 5 posts, that comes to 1000$ per day means 30000$ per month. Which is morethan enough for any one to live life in any part of the world. and obviously you can invest in steem/SBD or other cryptos. This will also limit greed.

g) Also a minimum reward like 50 cents to 1$ (more or less i leave to experts) for every post with a minimum content (bots can handle this im sure) will give a boost to minnows, and will also lead to genuine wealth distribution.

All the above points will eliminate the "Central Banking System for the Rich only" type scenario that going on on steemit.

Reposting here as it gets ignored all the time..


"Rewardpool Rape by most of them on the trending page."

Like this post?


Nope, thats why i mentioned most bro.. very few posts are worth on trending page..

Ketika dunia dipengaruhi oleh semua mesin..maka manusia yg tidak memiliki skill akan tersingkirkan.

AI and crypto? may be next year those things will grow very fast.

I think Bitcoin will be rised up to 20K. In near future

Your post Good, do not forget to stop at my blog @abrarleo.

Informative and entertaining 👍

good thoughts,thanks

New follower!! Thanks for the very informative blog post :)

great post

good summary to catch up

Good afternoon, I liked the post from start to finish, I liked the way you wrote it and the images you used, it was very interesting to read your post, although it was a long one I could read it quite carefully and understand, I hope that Take into account my humble comment a greeting from Venezuela

$100 Steem price will be really amazing.

Now I knew it. thank for this good informative tool. damn big fish always playing to catch all of the miners in deep dark shoreline, fuck the bullshit, they had no conscience to the small people of the community. reality speak.

great post . amazing word---- " grab a cup and stay a while "

with reliable creators I am very confident everything will be well again. thanks @chronocrypto

with reliable creators I am very confident everything will be well again. thanks @chronocrypto

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What a pity. :(

Hope to become a fluent writer like you. You always have innovative and great ideas. And you really know how to compile those and make a wonderful post.

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@ chronocrypto gracias es un post muy aclarador y de gran ayuda, especialmente ahora.
Siempre será necesaria la inteligencia humana en todo proceso automatizado

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@chronocrypto uff estaba confundido, con eso de la automatización y las cryptos. Este post me aclaró varias cosas

Thanks for this post.

Nice post

Great post, thanks. Upvote + resteem.

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upvoted and followed me,,plss

Good Idea my friend

We could only guess how far from AI are we. The technology was hidden from the society which means that the military forces worked on it. Historically proven fact that keeps repeating. I expect that they will drop it to the masses when it is too late for us to express your opinion and power. Machines are going to take over many of the human jobs because they are much better in the repetition. So it won't be such thing as robots vs humans but more likely humans vs robots. We will see what the future will bring. Let's hope it will be bright.

indeed these things must be considered, because basically if the past let it pass but if this is how 👍👍😊😊

Google is scared of crypto, that's why!

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If you want to, you can try it here:

what a post

Thank you for the post!

I'm interested in Data Science. Could you tell me where I can learn how to apply DS to cryptocurrencies. Thanks.

Wow ...Very wonderful post sir@chronocrypto....Really i like the first bots pictire eating on the table...Thanks for sharing ....

awesome post (Y)

Thanks for the piece @Chronocrypto. I honestly wait for the day other altcoins won't have to rely on BTC movement anymore. Do you see Ethereum replacing BTC soon?

Appreciate your opinion and details of why you feel this way, great insight

It's awesome your post boss@chronocrypto...Thanks for sharing and thats good information boss...

AI is surfacing everywhere and there is really not much we can do about it. Little by little, with the expansion and evolution of technology, it only seems logical for more and more tasks to be completed by programming and algorithms. Realistically, there will always be a need for the humans behind them...but there are definitely aspects of the usage of AI that make tasks more simple and safe as well. Many problems that have arisen over the years often take one major thing to fix....the time to figure it all out and implement the fix. When using AI, there can be more trial and error virtual simulations that would allow problems to be solved more quickly and with less 'man-power.' Good post and comprehensive explanations! -Respect

Great post... I also heard about the story about the Russian plane that lost a good amount of gold. Must be quite a gold rush there now.. haha..
Now to the crypto... Just like you mentioned in this post that the difficulty of mining bitcoin rises, I do believe so would the price. Now imagine in the year of 2020 what would be the difficult of mining a bitcoin... but the demand for the bitcoin will be much higher, as the crypto currencies are not going anywheres... they are here to stay. Now do the math of how long it would take to find a block today, and how long it would take to find a block in 2020... Miners will always be there to mine, think about the demand of bitcoin in 2020...

Your post Good, do not forget to stop at my blog @cryptopay-blog.

Your post Good

Great content - thanks for the weekly update, you gained a subscriber

A good read, I like a contrarian view/food for thought, nice visuals.

However I don't think it should be beneath anyone to provide some references where quoted stuff is coming from - who do you think you are, Clif High (joke)?


Thank you for gave me new mindset to understanding. Yes I am Ready for steem over $100.

I'm ready for steem to go to the moon, just hope i can earn some more before it does! :) great article thanks for sharing.

Cool breakdown on many recent events. Hope steem will hit 100 as well, might do so, but not tomorrow. This should grow bigger than centralized social media platforms, potential for everyone involved.

About mining not being profitable.. Bitcoin would have to go ridiculously high to stay profitable in the long term as the competition increases and block rewards get smaller, or technology evolves and we have way more energysufficient hashing equipment. SHA256/bitcoin specific ASICS limit you to your choice of the time.

Build a small rig of gpus if you want to have flexibility in keeping your mining profitable. I think the good blockchain projects will be very profitable to be invested in, one way or another, in the long run.

Keep the good news flowing.


Couldn't people team up, in order to reduce the overall cost? Thoughts?


Really nice post and summary of the most important news in the crypto world. Keep it coming!! I think we should ensure that AI complements us to allow a more dynamic and freer world where we can have more human interaction.

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It is just your cuteness blinding me.

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good post. keep it up. If you want your mind, please give me a vote.

Good content and an interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

an interesting publication, I think like many that the subject is overrated.