happy norooz

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traditional herald of Norooz.
He oversees celebrations for the new year perhaps as a remnant of the ancient Zoroastrian fire-keeper.
His face is painted black (black is an ancient Persian symbol of good luck) and wears a red costume.
Then he sings and dances through the streets with tambourines and trumpets spreading good cheer and heralds the coming of the New Year. "
























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Flowers are the symbol of love, happiness and cheerfulness. It provide us positive energy.

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I loved your post, I was grateful to be I nolved to be able to contempete it very beautifull.

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The decoration is just amazing, i can see your culture is so Royal and mesmerizing😍... i wish you happy, wealthy and prosperous this persian New year.

you did really great !

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Norooz Mubarak... Great post.. One of the best today.

Great post and thanks for sharing joyous moments

your welcome dear friend

what a glorious baby!

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who doesn't love the attractive smell of flowers coming from their houses and see them decorate will cheer anyone's mood. what a beautiful post and that baby is the cutest little thing. love your pictures and the post in general. Happy persian new year to you and your family. blessed

You are good in Photography @beautypics.

welc po.

the smile in the child's face is worth billion dollar

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Nice picture... @beautypics
It was a beautiful moment

Beautiful pictures! I'm totally amazed by the beauty of those flowers! :)

thanks dear friend

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Nice photo

Great post great content 👍

History of Noruz

The name of Noruz does not occur until the second century AD in any Persian records. We have reasons to believe that the celebration is much older than that date and was surely celebrated by the people and royalty during the Achaemenid times (555-330 BC). It has often been suggested that the famous Persepolis Complex, or at least the palace of Apadana and Hundred Columns Hall, were built for the specific purpose of celebrating Noruz. However, no mention of the name of Noruz exists in any Achaemenid inscription.

Our oldest records of Noruz go back to the Arsacid/Parthian times (247 BC-224 AD). There are specific references to the celebration of Noruz during the reign of Arsacid Emperor Vologases I (51-78 AD). Unfortunately, the lack of any substantial records about the reign of the Arsacids leaves us with little to explore about the details of Noruz during their times.

After the accession of Ardashir I Pabakan, the founder of the Sasanian Dynasty (224 AD), consistent data for the celebration of Noruz were recorded.

Throughout the Sasanian era (224-650 AD), Noruz was celebrated as the most prominent ritual during the year. Most royal traditions of Noruz such as yearly common audiences, cash gifts, and pardon of prisoners, were established during the Sasanian era and they persisted unchanged until the modern times.

Noruz, along with Sadeh that is celebrated in mid-winter, were the two pre-Islamic celebrations that survived in the Islamic society after 650 AD.

Other celebrations such Gahanbar and Mehragan were eventually side-lined or were only followed by the Zoroastrians who carried them as far as India. Noruz, however, was most honoured even by the early founders of Islam.

There are records of the Four Great Caliphs presiding over Noruz celebrations, and during the Abbasid era, it was adopted as the main royal holiday.

Following the demise of the Caliphate and re-emergence of Persian dynasties such as the Samanids and Buyids, Noruz was elevated into an even more important event. The Buyids revived the ancient traditions of Sasanian times and restored many smaller celebrations that had been eliminated by the Caliphate. Even the Turkish and Mongol invaders of Iran did not attempt to abolish Noruz in favor of any other celebration. Thus, Noruz remained as the main celebration in the Persian lands by both the officials and the people.


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wow...so cute baby n incredible pics.

Just awesome,Sir. i think you are a great photographer........

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very nice i love that

Amazing @beautipics. Seeing the photos, That must be a beautiful and unforgottable moment for all people that celebrated it. Regard from indonesia

thanks dear friend

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look like you know how to enjoy life! Nice! :)

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whether it be all beautiful for his days or just to celebrate and not change his life or how? 😊😊

Great photography. you are awesome. thanks for sharing

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very nice pictures

Very nice post.....Thanks

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Excellent Photography.
Great contribution. Thanks for shear it.

Happy Steeming.

Thank u dear

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Beautiful pictures and flowers @beautypics

Gorgeous Nowruz settings – the sofreh haft seen. You didn’t tell folks the name of the herald for Nowruz is Haji Firooz. I thought, from ancient images, that he played a Tombak or a Daf drum, rather than a tambourine. I suppose the tambourine is more widely available in our modern era. 😃

We just celebrated Nowruz in our household too. When my son was little, we would make Haji Firooz cut-out cookies. Now we prefer pistachio baklava nests. This year, we made salmon with Persian fish spice and the rice/limas/cinnamon/dill dish (I don’t know how to spell the dish name, but it sounds like pelow bakh-lay).

beautiful ornaments

Amazing & beautiful Birthday photography.I think this is your enjoyable birthday party.

how beautifull view. i like it so much. tradisionale must keep. nice

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Beautiful picture.

Flowers are the symbol of love, happiness and cheerfulness. It provide us positive energy.Thank you

amazing post of you

Maşallah güzel fotoğraflar.

Lovely baby and her cutie picture.such a lovely photo.looks so so so pretty. thank you very much for sharing.go ahead.bye cutie pie.

반가워 친구 ^.^
Beautiful flowers and a pretty table.
It is a moment when the snow is fun :)

thank u dear friend for comment

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This is great photography...thanks for sharing your post.DQmamHnsyJko57kPzLK4DfZJ3mrq3kxp5Vam9JSPizW3naT.gif

great work brother!

نوروز مبارک

amazing photography. and kid is looking so cute :)

Innocent childhood, beautiful nature and wonderful smiles. We all love these things

so beautiful and peaceful

its a fantabulous pic of a child i hv evr seen.....
Thnxxx fr sharing with us a beautiful pic..sir.


Photo of this post is very nice and amazing. I am very impressed.

Really like the colors and festive candles :) Happy New Year and Best wishes. - @splendorhub

Thank u dear friend

Beautiful pics,nice post. Is that girl in 1st pic your daughter?

Salam @beautypics amazing holiday mubarak to u and ur family awesome food enjoy ur day

Hastag nya Mastah😥😥😥
Di tambahin Lagi Supaya lebih Gimana Gitu Kan kan..
Salam pemula @tommy123

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Flowers are enough for the expression of love, and flowers are very beautiful.

So pretty and cute girl 😊

so nice photography!!

Everything nice but the first picture is enough to make my day...so adorable!

So lovely, my dear!

Thanks dear friend

These flowers are so beautiful, reminds me to appreciate all the natural beauty around me

Amazing photos.

Es una decoración muy hermosa de año nuevo. Todo se ve atractivo y elegante. Felicitaciones.

Nice photoshop, thank you

nice moment and great post...


very interested to see your photos

I love to see and read and enjoy your post, very good your work.

Nice click
Happy new persian year ...
Such a attractive and cheerful photograph

I love to see and read and enjoy your post, very good your work.

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It's so beautiful and amazing. Nice to see this.

great photography................lovely

Nice bless you

buen post, me gusta aprender acerca nuevas culturas, quiero ver mas, y buenas imagenes, buena percepcion de la naturaleza

sweet lovely kid ,and attractive traditional photography

Awesome photography man ! Concept is exquisite❤️Upvoted

The flowers are lovely....i like what am seeing

Thank u dear friend

your post is very good.
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You got a really good photography skill there my friend. I hope I could learn from you :)

Great post, Thanks for sharing :)

Hi @beautypics, It's good post on photograohy! I enjoyed your photoghrphy and i like smile on the child's face. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit.
I know, black is an ancient Persian symbol of good luck.

A flower is a special kind of plant part. Flowers are also called the bloom or blossom of a plant. The flower grows on a stalk – a thin node – which supports it. Flowers have petals. Inside the part of the flower that has petals are the parts which produce pollen and seeds.


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