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A Decentralized Version of Fiverr?

Today I've got a real treat for you guys. I happen to come across a platform that's in production that I think you will all be interested in. It's called SteemGigs, and their plan is to build a Fiverr equivalent right here on the Steem Blockchain. On their website you will find gigs that range from language translation to video editing to SEO and web traffic. And you can purchase all of these services in Steem or SBD!

Please keep in mind that SteemGigs is still in development and has not yet reached the Beta testing stage. So you will find bugs as you navigate their website. But I wanted to get this on your radar as soon as possible so that you can be the first to know about it. I plan to do another review of the platform once it goes into Beta and the Full Launch stages. I look forward to making my first gig purchase in the near future!

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I'm all for expanding the use of SBD and steemit it's a great thing if people want to be paid in SBD this will keep SBD in the system and since there is Steembay and a lot more use cases for the currency.
I just hope that we will not get too much slow downs from the new users that we want !
thanks for making the platform greater :D

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I LIVED using Fiverr over the past few years. Lots of the videos / logos I used for my off-blockchain business are from Fiverr. So I know how valuable it can be from a business perspective.

Steem Gigs is brilliant. I can't wait to see this project grow because I'll be there with bells on ready to purchase services from Steemians!

Yes, Fiverr has always been my go-to for simple tasks or affordable graphics design and programming. For those of us that are marketers or own digital businesses, it's been a life saver. So we already know how awesome it will be to have this on the Steem blockchain. I can't wait to order my first gig and support our fellow Steemians!

Agreed! Big plus for me too as I'll just end up using Steem Gigs instead of Fiverr. Nothing against Fiverr, I just love the idea of supporting Steemians.

For sure. I can't wait to check this out.

very cool idea to bring this to the steem platform

A great idea, but I need someone to do housekeeping. LOL. Really what I would love to see is an kind of thing develop. Wouldn't that be lovely? We could order and pay for the things we really need day-to-day. Now that steem is coming back up, hopefully the resources will be there to expand things.

The minnow-initative you have undertaken is great, Brandon. I still think the powers that be have to do something there though ... I would argue that Steemit is too top-heavy. What can the system do to make steemit more attractive to the average internet user? I wonder at our attrition level. I am pro-steemit too ... big time ... but it is my feeling that the newbie attrition level is way too high.

As always you do a great job on these:)

LOL, yeah some regular household purchases would be nice like Amazon. And I'm with you on the housecleaning - my least favorite thing to do!

I'm also interested to see how Steem/Steemit will evolve to help more minnows in their pursuit to find value on the Steem blockchain. As I mentioned before, your points and concerns carry a lot of weight. I too believe that some changes at the blockchain level will need to happen in order to improve user attrition and make this a more welcoming place for those who don't have a large bank account to dump into it.

I feel that Steem will continually evolve, and as new issues arise, they will need to be stomped out from the higher ups. And that means witnesses coming to a consensus that their ideas for change would benefit all, and implementing said changes.

This is such a great idea! Steemit blockchain slowly taking over the digital world one application at a time 😁😁😁

Yep, lol. We have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, SoundCloud, Fiverr, and so many more I've already forgotten about. :)

I saw this of you on youtube. I have been into fiverr. This one something that I could maybe replace fiverr. It has been chaotic out there on fiverr.

This is a very interesting idea. Be great to travel the world and make steem videos for customers.

Absolutely! I should create a gig offering to review other people's applications on the blockchain. Heck, I'm already doing it! lol :)

The #STEEM blockchain continues to build its ecosystem which is great! However, as I keep seeing all the apps I wonder how long will it be until the centralized version look to stop these developments given that some are clearly similar in design and may have issues with intellectual property claims. Will the decentralization of the blockchain help defend these apps from the centralized competitors? I don't know but it could be a challenge in the future.

That's an interesting point. I guess we'll have to see what future battles will come to be. But I have often wondered about that as well. I assume that the platform developers are taking the proper steps to ensure they are working along the lines of legality. I sure hope they are for their own sake.

Hmmm. Maybe I could sell my video editing skills. I have wanted to edit videos for people, but it can be difficult to do irl. Maybe this could help me get some gigs. I might also add voice acting. I was told I can act pretty well for a novice. :D

There seems to be nothing that can't be realized on the Steem blockchain. Excellent ideas.

I know, right!? There are probably a LOT of other things in development that I don't even know about yet. I'll keep my eyes open for them.

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Thanks for the heads up on this, Brandon. As a freelance text guy I'm very interested in it and will be tracking its progress. I'm pretty new and still getting my bearings in this labyrinth but your videos are helping a lot. There seems to be a certain amount of FUD floating around because of the excessive gaming of the system some people are going in for, but also plenty of positive voices like yours. Power to you.

You're welcome. And I failed to mention this in the video, but here's a post which explains how to list your services on the website.

Even better. They think of everything. Will be checking out. Thanks again.

Great job on spreading the word on SteemGigs. You have a knack for this. I also just delegated to your bot. Keep up the good work. This is a nice step in the right direction for the future of Steemit and SBD!

Thanks for your comments and support @pbgreenpoint. I look forward to sending your daily payouts and growing @minnowfund together!

I can't wait. Things like this give us a taste of what the web is going to be like in the future! The fact that everything is going to become decentralized is incredible. SteemGigs will promote the use of cryptocurrency as an everyday spending tool, much like the way we use national currencies (USD, AUD, etc). I am excited to see how this develops, and I would like to get involved myself!

It is a unique but still under development approach and a highlight of its success in the future, but it is thankful to draw attention

There are apps being built in so many directions (and we don't even have SMTs yet), that I think Steem may surpass our wildest expectations in terms of growth. I'm beyond words, thanks for sharing your discovery!

This seems to be like Fiverr like you said and like Craigslist. This is great. Good news as Steem branches to these different apps.

Steemgigs sounds like a great addition to the block chain. It would be a great way to reinvest funds back into the community while allowing skilled Steemians an extra revenue stream.

Thanks for the heads up @brandonfrye on yet another great Steem project in the pipe. Nice overview and sure it will do well, as crypto is just made for the freelancing sector. Glad to see it uses Steemconnect.

Thanks @brandonfrye for bringing this to our attention! Great concept and cant wait to see it fully developed!

Yay! I Got An Upvote! Thanks!