Steemgigs Development Updates: Addition Of A Knowledge Bank To Our Freelancing Marketplace.

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It is true that the development pace has been slow so far, with but lately we have added money to the budget-pool, to hasten its development and complete it within 2 or 3 weeks and place it in beta stage. 

This upcoming phase of development will cover and complete core features of our website, like internal messaging, optional escrow service, refined search and categorization, filters and moderator portal. We will also enhance the editors across the website, with HTML and markdown capabilities and we will enhance the overall reputation model as well. Then, we will add many more categories and subcategories. 

The framework of how we want SteemGigs to be, is already set. Now, what's left is enhancement and addition of other of above mentioned core features.

We will want escrow to be an opt-in feature for a start as we want to exploit fully the beauty of the steem blockchain, trying to reduce the need for third party.

SteemGigs has a model that is designed to enhance and grow steem, by improving content creation, discovery and curation; by enhancing the general reputation model of steem as well as adding other paradigms to the steem blockchain, by incentivizing and mining other virtues apart from reputation thus, evolving each human into eventual SteemGiggers (Dream-Builders).

To do this, we have to allow room for everyone, not just experts, gig creators or freelancers.

SteemGigs will thus, allow contributions from "everyone", incentivizing niche-based learning and contributions. The incentive offered will not only be "potential financial rewards". We create "reasons to learn and enhance niche-based knowledge" e.g by means of creative contests etc. We will create a culture of "not letting a day emptily slip by".

Thus, beyond just a freelancing marketplace, we now have a core segment of SteemGigs called "SurpassingGoogle". 

This is the knowledge bank of SteemGigs. It will form the most dynamic knowledge bank in the freelancing industry, courtesy of the minds and experiences of reputable steemians.

The "SurpassingGoogle" Segment 

This is a very important segment of SteemGigs. On SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". "Everyone" will eventually become a "dream-builder" (SteemGigger), building their dreams and those of others. 

To accomplish this, we create a bank, for "deposits & withdrawals" of all the bits & bytes that we will ever need to build any dream (however limitless). We will vault all this knowledge in our bank, in the form of unadulterated excerpts from the brains, lives, experiences etc of "reputable great minds", specific to every niche, field, industry, expertise etc. 

"By means of your incessant contributions, we will surpass Google (attain limitlessness); reshaping the worldwide web with the freshness of our awesomeness".@surpassinggoogle 

The "SurpassingGoogle" segment comprises of several categories, which are enlisted below:

Note that each of these categories allows you to withdraw or deposit specialized knowledge.
  • How-to: Teach us step by step, in your own perspective "how to" knowledge. Make sure it is specific to a niche, expertise or industry. Else, visit our "how to" post catalog to read, learn, engage and curate. 

  • DIY: Do you have some DIY knowledge on a specific skill, craft or expertise? Why not create a post about it right now! Don't let this knowledge stay redundant. The world needs to hear it! You can also learn from the DIY knowledge shared by others. Visit our catalog!

  • TIL(Today I Learned):  "Don't let today emptily slip by!" Did you learn something today; anything? Can you explain it bit by bit using your own perspective? Share it with us, for the sake of "everyone".  Else, visit our "how to" post catalog to read, learn, engage and curate. 

  • Terry Says: Are you mentor-like? Have you climbed that ladder? Have you attained "breakthrough success" in a particular field, niche, expertise or industry? Kindly, tell you us about. "The world seeks this very knowledge!" Else read, learn, curate and engage from our ever-growing catalog of posts.

  • Teardrops: Have you attained breakthrough in a specific niche, field or industry? Was it back-breaking? Did you pull through? Did you retire? Did you tire out? Share your teardrops (moments) with us, related to a specific niche, field or industry. This will inspire others and direct potential helpers you way. You can also visit our catalog of posts to learn from others.

  • Resolution: "Dreams are buildable but aren't that buildable in a day". @surpassinggoogle. You will need to start with today, with a tiny but very specific resolution e.g "Today, i resolve to learn module 20 of Photoshop". Share your resolution with us now and tell us when you meet it or fail to meet it. Else, visit our catalog of posts to read and learn from the resolutions of others.

  • Steem Secrets: Have you considered integrating "steem" (even if only in your mind's eye) into every field, niche or industry? Why not try it now, using your next SteemGigs post? "You just may create the next use-case for steem". Try it now! Else, visit our catalog to read, learn, engage and curate.

  • Motivation & Inspiration: Yes, there is general "motivation" and there is general "inspiration". However, do you know how to create "specialized motivation or inspiration", related to a specific niche,field, expertise, industry etc? Why not share that with us or at least try. Otherwise, draw some of such inspiration or motivation from our catalog of posts. Don't forget to engage and curate too! 

  • Tutorials:  On SteemGigs, there is room for "everyone" but not "everyone" is an expert yet. However, we want "everyone" to become a dream-builder (SteemGigger). Thus, kindly share. Else, visit our "how to" post catalog to read, learn, engage and curate.   

  • Un(dis)talented:  If we eliminate bum, average or smart; "we are genius". @surpassinggoogle. Do you have limited confidence yet want to express yourself freely about any niche, field, expertise or industry etc? Relegate "reservations" when you are on SteemGigs. Just speak! Else, visit our "how to" post catalog to read, learn, engage and curate.  

  • Life:  Many times, when it comes to attaining "real greatness", the only thing that was missing was "unadulterated INTEL from the school of life". @surpassinggoogle. Share with us "life" knowledge, related to a specific field, niche, industry or expertise. Else, visit our "how to" post catalog to read, learn, engage and curate.  

  • Rare Intel: Do you know something that isn't very common knowledge? Has it stayed redundant in your head? Kindly share it with us, for the sake of everyone. You just may reveal the ever-missing piece of someone's puzzle. Else, visit our catalog of posts, to read, learn, engage and curate.

Each of the categories above has its own specialized editor with style guides, allowing you to contribute your knowledge specific to niche, expertise, field or industry. 

Before submitting a post, you will be expected to chose a category and subcategory, related to a specific niche or industry, as is existent across SteemGigs e.g if you chose to contribute content under TIL (today i learned) and you chose the subcategory "logo design", then the knowledge you will contribute, has to be related to "logo design" either based on your experience, expertise etc. 

If you are not an expert on the topic e.g "logo design", then, you have an additional incentive to learn something new, through research and add your contribution. Going through this fun endeavor will help you enhance your learning but in this case, it will be specialized knowledge related to dream-building, steering you into becoming a better dream-builder (SteemGigger), plus, you would have deposited specialized knowledge into our SteemGigs knowledge-bank, for the sake of everyone.

We want to gradually attain a stage where our knowledge-bank contains every knowledge that you will ever need to become an expert, dream-builder; "an eventual SteemGigger" capable of offering your gigs or services in exchange for steem, SBD or steem power.

Too, we will reshape the entire internet with fresh content daily and enhance general content across the steem blockchain, becoming the face of the internet and attracting the elites of the world who constantly seek specialized knowledge. The amazing thing is; "they will find this knowledge for free".

There will never be lack of posting ideas for steemians too. Whenever, you don't know what to post about, you simply will need to visit; scan through the countless categories and subcategories; do research to learn something on your chosen niche e.g TIL or How-to style, then contribute a post in your own words and perspective.

The "SurpassingGoogle" segment will continue to store a database of these contributions and display a searchable and categorized catalog of these posts, becoming a home for learners, enthusiasts, researchers and aspiring SteemGiggers (Dream-Builders).

The Gig segment (Freelance Marketplace) of SteemGigs will be the core segment of SteemGigs and its face. 

Basically, we will present SteemGigs as: A Revolutionary Decentralized Freelance Marketplace With Its Own Knowledge-Bank. 

Ultimately, we are in the Dream-Building business.        

The Gig segment or Freelance Marketplace of SteemGigs is the actual center where dream-building takes place. Thus, we will concentrate manual moderation here, to ensure that reputation is maintained and gigs created are "really offer-able (valid) gigs"

Thus, the GIG create editor will have certain limitations and we will have a moderation portal for moderators to help us decide what will constitute valid GIGs. 

Exemplary Gigs will be featured and promoted to further visibility by means of the @steemgigs account.

More aspects of SteemGigs will continue to unfolding over the course of time. Our strong point is community and this makes SteemGigs bigger than simply a freelancing marketplace. With our community, we can build each noble dream.


We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means  of utopian or direct contributions. I would like to invite all     coders/developers,  to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "Un(dis)talented Editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

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"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

This is exciting! More power to everyone behind this. I sure hope all you have envisioned will be done. I am always here to support steemigs. I consider myself a steemgiger you know. ☺️

A huge people is supporting posting about sir @surpassinggoogle & @teardrop. I am one of them... i really appreciate your work sir... & happy to see that so much love is there for sir Terry. You both are doing wonderful work. My support is always with you sir.☺

Thak you very much for your great work, these things are increasing the value of Steemit and attract new users.
My respect and best regards

There's a lot of people who have been using Til in surpassinggoogle segment and I am one of those...

Also, I'm excited to used the diy and how in my crafts blog...😊

Thank you @steemgigs and @surpassinggooglw for making this possible for us!👍

Thanks for updating us on the progress of #steemgigs. You and your team are really doing a great job.

I think I've already fallen in love with the #surpassinggoogle (the knowledge bank of steemgigs) segment already. This is a great idea as everyone will have something to contribute and gain from the platform

Thanks for the update.

I have a question about the #surpassinggoogle segment.
Will any contribution made in any of the categories appear as post on the blog of the contributor?
If not, I think you should look into into it.

You and your team are doing a great job. Kudos

Yes, the publication does appear on your blog.

Yes, when you go to your profile you will see them listed under "contributions". Let's see how looks weeks from now. More development fund has been added.

I just did! and it appears on my blog. It is my first post on
At first I was hesitant because I don't how to work on it. But hurry! I made it....Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle...what a great mind with a big heart you have. It really touches me that you cater everyone not just the experts... long live!

Honestly, I use to ask myself it @surpassinggoogle is a spirit or an angel. Your ideas are always superb, out of this world. I'm optimistic #steemgigs will come out perfect and it will be the best platform ever.
Weldone sir

For me he is a genius!

Steemgigs project is one of the best project on which we can gain a lot of information about every things and gave knowledge what we learnd (TIL) to others. May GOD bless @Surpassinggoogle is very generous and kind person.

You guys always have a way of carrying everyone along..i mean! We now have a place to express more of our thoughts. Great job. @surpassinggoogle has a good heart, thanks for carrying everyone along.

Amazing works, thanks for the update!

Great news! I love the idea of surpassing google categories such as TIL, how-to style, tutorials and DIY! I'll be using this condenser soon in my craft blog...

Thanks for this updates! More development comes on your way...

I'm sure that blog will be curied again (:

As expected theres more, a lot more we potential users could enjoy using this website.

I am looking forward for the enhancements to be applied and become fully operational for everyone to use.

I'm sure will be using this in all my posts.

God bless #steemgigs and more power!

Looking forward to more developments! Yay! 👌

thanks for update! great idea

This is becoming more interesting

indeed man., what an awesome idea of @surpassinggoogle.

Hi @surpassinggoogle! I'm wondering if you have read my humble suggestion for below is the link...

I posted it itself because I dont where to do it in steemgigs site.

Thank you!

Yes it is noted. We are working for all those features. It is slow because i am a broken fellow but just added more funds for development so it will hasten up, give it 3 weeks. It should have all those features

No worries/rush sir Terry! I wish you good health!

Thank you so much for taking a time on my post. I do really appreciate it.

your efforts are really making it better day by day
steemgigs is changing lives
with more improvement ,time is not far away when steemgigs will create a benchmark

after I read your post, I got motivation and strength here, indeed I have long followed the steemgig project, joined the discord .. but I am too busy lately, and after I reread this update post, I am very inspired ... My greetings to @steemgig and @surpassinggoogle

Great updated...I think, This kinds of effective update continuously grows top in freelancing market...@steemgigs... I think, @surpassinggoogle done this job... He is real leader.. in @steemgigs.

Wow this is a great development, it will really help all the steemians. Thanks to @surpassinggoole who is really really doing a great job for all the steemians to enjoy the platform. Thank you sir.

It's true thought @princefm

It good to see that this project is fast grown up and many steemitian support this project, well it good to heard that web will be updated and work properly and fastly :)

Very good initiative. Keep moving forward. You have our support.

This is just awesome sir @surpassinggoogle you really rock. Waiting for more update. GOD BLESS YOU sir.

It is good to see this great post updating and giving knowledge to freelancer and the way to go about our posting.

Thanks to share this great information of steemgigs development updates.
And thank you so much @SurpassingGoogle and great thinking you motivation.

good information steemgigs. thanks for sharing

Hi friend, I just followed you :-)
Follow back and we can help each other!!@romyjaykar

Wow awesome addition 😊 Now I gonna post through @steemgigs only! It worth our time! love you dear Terry @surpassinggoogle you are doing great for we steemeans, stay blessed!

Steemgigs has always been our source of hope and future

The #TIL segment is going to be the most fantastic part of the platform, it will spur steemians to learn something new everyday. Even something that is unconsciously learned can be shared.

This platform is excellent, although I'm starting I see a lot of support from the witness. Keep it up and you'll have a much bigger support

I’ve not check in, in a while on this. Always great to hear things are moving along. I definitely need check out the site to learn a couple of new skills if they are post there regarding data analytics. Have a great week.

This is a good initiative higher you I pray.

Done reading word by word. Thank you for very detailed and yet brilliant presentation of how steemgig works. I am excited to share something to different niche. I dug and ready to bring it to the table. Thanks for this layman's term about steemgig

SteemGigs as: A Revolutionary Decentralized Freelance Marketplace With Its Own Knowledge-Bank.

Steemgig is sharing idea to help,motivate,inspire, teach etc other people.

Great! Indeed we will surpass google in due time.

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Thanks for creating such amazing project. I've writen this post about adding steem dollar to binance and I think it's important for all the community. I voted for you as a witness two months ago and I hope for your support, thanks.

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