Upvote Bot Updates - Higher Payouts, Increased Power, TOS, and More!

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Upvote Bot Updates 4/11/18

Hi guys, I just want to give you a quick update regarding the @brandonfrye upvote bot service. You delegators (and future delegators) are going to absolutely love this! Today I've personally invested another $3,300 into the upvote bot and @minnowfund initiative to better prepare us for massive growth ahead. So let's get to the details...

Higher Delegation Payouts

Okay, you're probably most interested about this so I will announce it first. Although I've received much praise for the incredible returns people are getting from delegating to the bot, I knew that at some point I wanted to increase payouts even more... as long as it didn't negatively impact @minnowfund.

Today I'm happy to report that future payouts (starting tomorrow) will be increased from 80% to 85%!!

I want to make sure that I look after those who have invested in me, my upvote service, and the @minnowfund initiative. Without you guys, we wouldn't be able to help new users each and every week. Speaking of MinnowFund, it will still get it's 10% of all bids coming in. But I have decreased my personal payout from 10% to only 5%. This wasn't an easy decision because I had to calculate what impact this could have on my ability to continue financing the bot. I spent all last night and today running through the numbers, and I've come to the conclusion that these changes make sense and are sustainable.

How Can I Delegate And Earn Passively?

If you would like to support the @minnowfund, and earn 85% of the profits in daily SBD and Steem payouts, please consider delegating to the bot. Your support goes a long way here! Simply go to https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html and insert your username, click Load, add @brandonfrye as the Delegatee, and insert the amount of delegation.

Note: I recommend delegating a minimum of 50 SP.

Increased Steem Power Delegation

Also, just this week alone I have added another 12,290 SP of delegation to the bot, bringing us to a total of 33,520 SP. This is huge! The bot's upvote has increased by over 50%!! My out-of-pocket cost for this delegation was around $2,800 but should be easily recouped in the long run as the blocktrades delegation payouts are being paid back to me and being recycled into more delegation. It's a never-ending cycle lol. 🙃😀

MinnowFund SP Increase

While I was on a spending spree today, I decided I may as well go ahead and add some more SP to the @minnowfund. So I increased it's SP from 64 to 270 which will allow us to fund four minnows with 50 SP over the next few weeks. Yes, this means that I will be increasing the delegation to minnows to 50SP!

One thing I've noticed is that, until the bot has increased in value a little more, I'll personally need to fund this initiative to make up for what we're lacking in bid payouts. That's no problem though; I'll make sure that the initiative continues to be funded. And at some point it will become completely funded and maintained by the upvote bot service.

Upvote Bot Blacklist & TOS

As of Sunday 4/8/18 we now have a Terms of Service for the upvote bot and an active blacklist which I am adding new users to every single day. It's a time-consuming process of manually going through and checking out each individual post, but I'm doing it for the sake of making Steemit a better place for everybody. You can learn more about our TOS and Blacklist here.

Increased Minimum Bid Amount

It's been a while since I changed the minimum bid amount for the bot. I really don't like to mess with this much as people tend to become familiar with our bid prices. I really don't want to confuse them too much. But today I did increase the minimum bid from .10 SBD or Steem to .15 SBD or Steem. With a 50% increase in voting power it's only fair to increase the minimum bid by 50% as well.

EDIT: I decided to move this back to .10 SBD or Steem so that the bot would be available to more people.

Those are the updates for this week! If you have any questions about anything, please let me know in the comments below. But I'm looking forward to a bright future with everybody here on Steemit!!


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Brandon, you're a wiz! Of the good kind, lol! Looking forward to increase my delegation to @brandonfrye, when I can.

Thanks @gadrian, the support is much appreciated!

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

thats a generous step . As always you are doing a great job helping Minnows , and i appreciate that.

If he cared about minnows, he would be manually curating and upvoting when minnows like you create content with value.

The bot economy has destroyed the mechanism of manual curation. Ideally, people like you and I would search for talented content creators, upvote them, then later dolphins and whales would find it and we would get our curation rewards.

Bot owners like @brandonfrye have destroyed that process but nobody wants to stop because they know people will keep paying them. We're caught in a vicious and self destructive cycle.

All I need to do is create a bot and preempt bid bot votes for curation rewards but I know that doesn't promote real growth.

Few people understand this. Good curation is one of the best things for Steem's value but bot owning profiteers have opted out. Damn shame it is..

You obviously know very little about me, and apparently even less about running an upvote bot. You've called me a profiteer on multiple occasions. I am actually an entrepreneur and have been very successful over the years. But to call running an upvote bot on Steemit a brilliant business move would be quite the stretch lol.

Running an upvote bot isn't even profitable for the owner if they're purchasing delegation. The only people financially benefiting from my upvote bot are the delegators, the bidders, and Steem holders. I've spent over $15,000 in the last few months that I've been on Steemit ($11k of that going into vested SP, the rest for delegated SP), I've spent countless hours each day sharing information and educating the community with videos and posts, even more time going through random posts that people are wanting upvotes on (yes, I go through almost every single post that the upvote bot upvotes so it's practically manually curated). And now I spend even more time working with our brand new initiative @minnowfund and handling everything that goes into that, including creating posts, sorting through the application entries, and.. oh yeah.. giving away delegated SP to folks every single week thanks to the upvote bot. This is all so that new Steemians have a little SP to hold themselves up. All of this without making a dime. And I'm perfectly okay with that. Thankfully I make my money elsewhere.

So I have to ask you, what have you done for Steemit lately except complain? And how much money have you invested here? If it weren't for people like me who invest their time and hard earned money into this platform, then we wouldn't even be here having this exchange. I wish you guys would get off your soapbox and start doing something productive for once that benefits the community. So much wasted energy.. and possibly... potential.

@steemflagrewards and @flagawhale. The latter assisting to recover 25k+ STU to the reward pool.

Trying to rationalize you bid botting because you bought a delegation. That's a stretch.

There is nothing novel about what you are doing. How about supporting using your power to deal with the real problems on the blockchain like the bid bot abusers that have gained so much reputation. Don't believe me? There is a network of them here.


You can only stay in your bubble so long. Eventually you will realize how this is affecting you and the wallets of every user you purported to be helping with your automated voting...

Very nicely stated.

You can only stay in your bubble so long. Eventually you will realize how this is affecting you and the wallets of every user you purported to be helping with your automated voting...

LOL Dude....It keeps getting better and better.

Looks like I'll need to go get some more SP myself to delegate too.

Nothing better than seeing things like this with the end goal to help newer members to Steem. So many people coming in and asking where to start....I'll forever be sending them to MinnowFund.

Yessir!! Full Steem ahead (pun most definitely intended). I've been waiting all week patiently to give this update. Just had to move some funds around and get all the details sorted. But we're moving forward at an amazing pace! :)

You rock! 😀

Slow and steady for me....And plan on making this initiative a solid stream for me going forward. Loving the numbers so far!

just delegated another 200sp to ....CELEBRATE!!!!!! cheers! long live the brandonfrye bot and minnowfund!

Woohoo!!! 🙌🏻 🎉Thanks for the support @rawutah. You’ve been a big help with getting this initiative going.

Full Steem ahead!!!!! It really does....just keep getting better! Thank you so much Brandon!!!! :)

It's been a great ride so far. I have no intentions of getting off the train yet.
I only hope to add more to the delegation amount as my monthly budget will allow me to.
Happy trails!!

Stop supporting bots, people. Get back to using your stake for manually curation to make Steen great. Right now, people are being deceived into slavery to bot owners. If nobody else does, I will make a Steen front end that excludes them, @brandonfrye, you have been marked as a short sighted profiteers. I don't care if you run a blacklist. How about using your damn stake to fight abuse like us minnows.

Some of us care about Steem's future and are not riding on the backs of the community. We need a code change desperately. The people know not what they do.

Great progress! Looking forward to what the minnows you are funding will bring to the community!

Me too!.. It's really cool to reward those who are really trying and see where they go from there! :)

Read through the whole update. I was thinking "great for investors...sucks for the lil guy tryin to actually use the bot. But that last comment, at the very end: "With a 50% increase in voting power it's only fair to increase the minimum bid by 50% as well" ....just clicked. Like, derrrrr... it was just logical. Somewhere in the back of my head a monkey flipped the logic switch on, for once, haha. Odd how one sentence can stamp out a fire eh? So, all is good. Keep up the fine work :-)

Lol, yeah these updates really don't affect the bidders at all.. except that now there's more room in the round to get in and the minimum bid has gone up a little bit. Other than that all of the parameters are the same and we'll continue to try and push out the highest ROI. :)

You got a 23.38% upvote from @brandonfrye courtesy of @travelpreneur!

Want to promote your posts too? Send a minimum of .15 SBD or Steem to @brandonfrye with link in the memo for an upvote on your post. You can also delegate to our service for daily passive earnings which helps to support the @minnowfund initiative. Learn more here

that makes your bot more competitive and would incentivise people more to delegate to the bot ! great step already delegated to the bot and receiving daily payouts !

All great news today. I'll definitely be delegating to your bot when I can. Just trying to build up some more SP for myself!

Excellent, look forward to sending you those daily payouts!

i love you service. but it alarmed me when i read "You take advantage of our service with multiple upvotes on the same post using threaded comments" on "learn more about our TOS and Blacklist here." how i wished you posted it 4 days ago.

as a new user to your service, i needed to get a feeling how things work there, like you said on the other youtube vid: we've got to try it out to get the hang of it.

if you went through my homepage in your investigation, you'd find i didn't use it on the first one, and spent all the minimum bids on the second one.

without this experience, i wouldn't know the ROI is roughly around 1.1-1.3x, i would always join the 200x paying bot only to find it'll still end up at 1.5-1.8x a couple of hours later, and i wouldn't know @smartmarket and @minnowbooster are much better ways to go.

hopefully new guys like me aren't on your blacklist already :(

i really like miner farm and i do want people to know there's such a way of steady passive income.

If you’re on my blacklist and feel you shouldn’t be, simply reach out to me on steem.chat (brandonfrye) and I’ll look into it. I don’t recognize your username though so it may be that you’re on another list that I don’t control. But we can look into it.

oh. ok. i just got seriously alarmed.

message sent on steem.chat, please kindly check. thanks

What An Awesome Project! And It Just Keeps Getting Beter And More Awesome! An 85% Payout Is Just To Kind Mr.Brandon. Although All I Have Delegated Is 30 SP I Know That My Precious SP Is In A Good Spot And It Is Helping The Community!

Screenshot (63).png

Haven't missed a beat have we!? lol. Glad to up the payouts and continue supporting those that support me. :)

As always @brandonfrye, we appreciate what you are doing to help the community. Keep up the great work!

Thanks @joebrochin, I appreciate the support from all you you guys in the community. And hey, look out for tomorrow's @minnowfund post. We'll be announcing the winner of our delegation! :)

Good share....thanks you so much.

Brandon, I read your post on the autobot that is displaying the payouts from various bot services. I'd like to work with you if possible regarding the counter strikes against that service.

Hey @glennolua, could you shoot me a message on www.steem.chat? My username there is brandonfrye also. We can connect there. Not sure I want to go down that road but if they continue to spam the community then somebody might have to do something. I know several users have reported to SteemCleaners but nothing has been done as of yet. Anyways, hit me up on Steem.chat. I'll be back at my computer in a little bit. 👍

I'm at work and will be back online tonight. I do not want a flag war and I'm not looking to get into fights on this platform. But some random guy cannot dictate what is right and what is wrong on this platform based on his own judgement.

Like you stated, the comment section should be posts directly related to the contents, not a bot spamming worthless content.

I think he took it upon himself to be the bot sheriff and believes everyone that uses them are 'gaming' the system.

HI Brandon,
I just finished watching one of your Youtube videos concerning upvoting. You mentioned that it is best to upvote around 15-20 minutes. It takes me a lot of searching time to find those posts. However, I know that you write good posts, but when I find one of your posts that I want to read, it may be 3 days old or older. Is it good to upvote on a post that may be even 14 days old...if you think it may be a good post? Just curious here in Louisiana!

Great question. And you shouldn't waste your voting power on posts that are 7 days old and have already received payout because upvoting after payout will provide no monetary value to the author. I would recommend saving that voting power for a vote that is worth something. :)

Brandon, how do I check my voting power?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @brandonfrye, you are doing a good job. I have noticed that your bot increased payouts. Great !!!

Thanks @hashclub! I appreciate all the support we can get. :)

good work man , i will use ur bot

Great work this is. I must sy you are really putting in lots of efforts to make this a huge success for all. I trully appreciate it.

for me steemit is an investement just like begginer same me i wana know the best way thank you very much
i can lose the money but i don't want lose the time

I just watched you on Youtube and now Ill follow you here. You seem to know the ropes pretty well and I'm sure I'll be able to learn alot. Thanks for all you share.

nice one

Hi @brandonfrye, unfortunately i haven't yet 50sp, but i support you in your battle against whales to put Steemit as place where planctons can become minnows without big efford of money, can i use your bot sending you directly by transfer with post in memo instead by steembottracker?

I honestly am not even sure what all this means

Hello Brandon, I just discovered your help videos. Thank you for the help. Trying to get a footing on Steemit. Some of the information out there is overwhelming. Is this opportunity to invest in this Bot still open?

Hey @richardgreen, I'm glad you found me! :)

And yes, you can delegate to my account to support the upvote service and @minnowfund initiative. And you will receive daily payouts of Steem and SBD.

Is this like investing in a BOT? and also can I start off with 20 SD? I just started about two weeks ago.
Out of all the people who post about helping, I have found yours the most credible so far.

Yes it is. And yes you can but the payouts will be kind of low. Just make sure you keep at least 20 SP in your account for yourself.

sorry for the confusion. Just to clarity, I transfer Steem Dollars to you, but you said "make sure I keep at least 20 Steem Power in my account?

If you're wanting to invest in the upvote bot and receive daily payouts then you will need to delegate Steem Power to my channel @brandonfrye. If you're wanting to receive an upvote then you can send a minimum of .10 Steem or SBD with the link to your post in the memo for an upvote.

ok. I got it now. thanks

just delegated 50 SP to your account. Good Luck!!

Nice I look forward to sending you daily payouts. 😊

HI Brandon,
I just finished watching your video explaining about steem, steem power, and SBD. Could you please explain how you get the estimated cost in dollars, the last one on the page? Do you add all the steem, sp and sbd tog to get that figure? Just wondering. Thank you.

Hi @carolynseymour, I'm not sure I fully understand your question. What costs are you trying to estimate?

Brandon, please review my screen shot where I ask my question. Thank you.