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We're No Longer Promoting Spam, Scams or Crap Posts!

I have decided to join the likes of @themarkymark and begin monitoring posts and comments being upvoted by my upvote bot. If you want to use the @brandonfrye upvote service, then please be sure you're only using it for posts that could be seen as valuable by the community. And certainly don't take full advantage of upvote bots like @denk-mit, who devised a multi-layered scam on the Steem blockchain utilizing upvote bots.

You Will Be Blacklisted And Lose Your Upvote if:

  • No effort was put into creating your post (i.e. two sentences long, a single image, etc.)
  • You take advantage of our service with multiple upvotes on the same post using threaded comments
  • You plagiarize content (including images, audio, video and text)
  • You send spam via wallets, comments, posts, etc.
  • You are caught scamming or committing fraud
  • You create (or upvote) posts that are complaining about upvote bots
  • You promote a similar upvote bot/service

If you're caught doing any of these things, you will lose your upvote and NOT be refunded!

We also DO NOT allow the following tags:

  • NSFW
  • steepshot
  • dmania

Due to the lack of effort involved, low quality, and high amount of plagiarism with these posts, we cannot promote them. But you will receive a refund if you place a bid on a post that includes any of these tags.

Please note that I'm not perfect and am capable of making a mistake. If there was a mistake on my part and your account was blacklisted, I will personally refund your account and make things right. Just reach out to me via https://steem.chat/ and we'll work it out there.

Please reach out to me and report abuse if you see it!


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Hi @brandonfrye, your posts are very helpful. I recommend people to follow you as a mentor in my introducing @hashclub post. Thank you

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

Thank you and wish you Good Luck.

That was a LOT of bot usage! lol Wow!

It was insane! Two posts just like that with multiple levels of comments. I went through and had to manually unvote each one too.

I'm truly glad to see it!

You were one of my early heroes here on Steemit, and remain so. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks @bigtom13, really appreciate it! :)

Great work man and I applaud all the bot owners taking action like this. It's kinda put you guys in a tough place but I applaud the proactive stance on the abuse and 'gaming' of the system.

But hey, promote me all you want bro LOL I'm not going to stop ya' lol

Appreciate the work you are doing man. Keep crushing it!

Gonna take a little more time out of the day to scan through these posts but at the end of the day it'll make Steemit a better place for all. I just wish that all bot owners would take notice of this garbage and stop it.

I just ran into another post from @themarkymark also talking about the amount of spam accounts being created on the platform. It is crazy that Steemit is allow that as it lead to more spam and trash on the blockchain. Bandwidth is great right now but as the ecosystem grows it could lead to problems if they do not control this. I saw he was a witness as well and gave him my vote. Have you thought of being a witness?

I'll have to check out that post. But I know it's hard to prevent people from creating an account for spamming as there is no way to vet them... similar to FB and Twitter really. And maybe even more so here because all you need is a little Litecoin or Steem to create an account - no phone number, email, etc. Welcome to decentralization! ;)

And no, I personally don't have much interest in becoming a witness. It's a little late in the game unless you have a huge following that would vote for you.

EDIT: I just read his post and that's insane. Had no idea that so many spammers are creating accounts so easily. Surely this is something that Steemit Inc. can put a stop to. Thanks for pointing that out!

Here you go: https://steemit.com/steemit/@themarkymark/steemit-creates-accounts-for-scammers-and-nobody-else#@newageinv/re-themarkymark-steemit-creates-accounts-for-scammers-and-nobody-else-20180408t200218085z

Little steps at a time but you should ultimately consider Witness from what I see... They will need more as the platform grows!

Read that today too. Absolute madness. It took me only a day to get my account but the people I recommended to try out Steemit gave up because it was weeks and no account was given to them.

Good hardworking people that would have brought a ton to the platform. Yet these scam accounts get in? Man oh man...I love this place but wow.

You can buy an account, which is what I imagine somebody looking to make a ton of money would do.


Heya! Nice to see the filtering efforts for anti-spam. That makes us kinda excited to use this bot in the future, once we can afford it. (both for votes and delegations) Could you check to see that we are not flagged by the filters? We encountered a rash of evilness from a "cleaner" bot that thought we were spam earlier this week. (we are not! )

I'm unable to check the blacklist of other accounts directly such as Cheetah, Spaminator, etc. But if you place a bid on my bot and get a confirmation that your bid was accepted, then you'll know you're good to go. 👍

woohoo! looks like we are in the clear

Ity sucks man i got scammed couple of times by some upvote bot it turned me off alot but now i only use booster, your bot service and jerrys bot also sneaky ninja also minnow bost .
Thank you for making steemit and bots legit for us.

I'm sorry to hear your experience with other bots. But I'm the same way though; I stick to the ones I know are legit and hold up their end of the bargain.

And as far as handling spam, I really feel obligated to do what I can to prevent my upvote service from promoting garbage. Especially considering that my bot funds @minnowfund which helps minnows get a start here. We have to set an example somewhere.

As always, thanks for your feedback and support. Let's continue making Steemit the best place to be!!

interesting to learn more about the nature of bots. But great to see responsibility being taken by bot owners , which should go towards protecting the fabric of Steemit.

thanks brandon!!!!!! the best bot available!!!!!!!! it just got that...much better!!!!

😁 Thanks @rawutah, just keeps getting better and better!!

Awesome work. Steemit needs more people like you @brandonfrye.

I think that if bots re managed corectly then they are fine. The trending page is broke because people can just buy huge upvites for any crap they come up with

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks @conradt, I'll do everything I can on my end to put a stop to it. Unfortunately my bot is still pretty small so it would be nice if some of the bigger bots would do the same. I'm also reporting these accounts to @steemcleaners (in some instances) so that they end up on the communal blacklist for all bots.

Awesome! I guess if you do your best and set a good example and blog about how this will help Steem then others may notice and follow suit! Thats a good idea.. I havent used your bot as yet but the more I hear about it the more I think I should be!

though my upvote worth is 0, i upvoted anyway.

great work!!

seems i should wait a bit till you purge all the bots altogether before making a new post?

Hey @oliverlai, thanks for the upvote and feedback. I'm not sure that I understand your question though. If you're wondering if my bot is connected to the communal blacklist, it is. Let me know if there was something else I could help with.

i mean, i love writing and creating contents on steemit. i hate bots complicating things.

you seem to be operating to purge malignant bots.

Oh.. no, I'm operating to purge malignant Steemit users lol. :)

that's even better :D

That's a good idea to prevent spam. Thanks for taking good care of your services.

Absolutely! 👍🏻

Great post for me , thanks bro

I think it is awesome that you are following up on who has used your bot. My advice though ... is to quietly blacklist. Let the individual know if they are blacklisted with your bot.. But calling public attention might not be wise. Could start a turf war. I used to be on a poetry website where these things would erupt ... takes a lot of energy and can make things toxic. But certainly hi-light those who have used your service and also creating great posts and building our community,

Great advice, thanks! I most likely won't be tagging them in the posts. But I do want their names available in case other bot owners want to add them to their own blacklist. This is what they do with buildawhale and it allows me to look up users and decide if they should be added to mine.

Dear @brandonfrye, we have released the SteemApp to the App Store and Google Play, right now we are developing feed functionality and some other features too. Would be cool if you could try it out.

Another thing, if you like what we do for Steemit please consider voting for us as Witness. You would help us a lot this way. Have a great Monday!

Thanks for the heads up, @yuriks2000. I will have to check it out again! :)

Great to hear from you and thank you for doing that for SteemApp.

i support that! Ima buy a upvote from your bot right now just to support you because you are doing this. lol before i do tho you ok with dlive fortnite videos right?

yeah absolutely!


I Was Just Curious Because I Have No Knowledge Of Computer Tech Or Anything, How Your Bot Can Process Out The improper Misuse Of Your Amazing Bot?


It can't on its own. It requires me to manually scan through the content being promoted by my bot. There is also a blacklist which automatically prevents people from using my bot. And my bot knows when a post is flagged by Cheetah, SteemCleaners, etc.

Oh Ok... Thanks!

Hi @brandonfrye, I am glad you're putting this into place I feel like my delegation was worth it knowing you care where the rewards are going.
I have another 50sp I would like to put into the bot, would you be able to tell me how I go about doing this?
do I just go to steembottracker and add it to the already delegated sp or do I do it as another delegation, cheers mate.

I’m glad to hear that. And yes, just go back to www.steembottracker.com and use the delegation tool there. You can edit your current delegation to add more. Just be sure not to remove/delete delegation bc somebody else did that by accident and then had to wait 7 days to redelegate

Ok I will do that in a little bit, once I get my laptop open. cheers for getting back to me.

Also the more steem power I get the more I am going to invest in this bot. so I am happy to keep putting sp into it, the pay outs have been great hence why I want to keep this going for as long as possible.

cheers again @brandonfrye

Excellent! The more the merrier. Bigger payouts to you and more minnows we can help with @minnowfund. Thank you again for your continued support!

@brandonfrye eres español queria preguntarte unas cosas del los upvote

Hola, @kingbet. Se muy poco español. Pero haz preguntas e intentaré responder.

@brandofrye sobre esos de los upvotes y como es? tu que trabjas con eso soy neuvo aca

Yes, I have an upvote bot service. If you would like to use it, simply send .10 Steem or SBD to @brandonfrye with the link to your post in the memo. And you can see www.steembottracker.com for details on the current bidding round.

@brandofrye 00.83? no alcanza estoy un poco confundido con el dnero aca si me puedes explicar mas

@brandonfrye i tranfer for you .10 and memo now

Good job on looking in to your upvote bot's votes and blacklisting bad content and abusive use of bot. I made my first try with steepshot last week, about one tasty recipe, I did not use any bot to promote it but still I did not get much upvotes not a cent from that post. I think thats big minus that steepshot does not let put more than 1 picture in post. I was little discouraged to use steepshot for now. Steem On

Great @brandonfrye! Bots with rules to make Steem a better platform!

You got a 48.83% upvote from @brandonfrye courtesy of @brandonfryeroi!

Want to promote your posts too? Send a minimum of .10 SBD or Steem to @brandonfrye with link in the memo for an upvote on your post. You can also delegate to our service for daily passive earnings which helps to support the @minnowfund initiative. Learn more here

Hi @brandonfrye, thanks for sharing this information. I watched your youtube video and sign up for this steemit. I have a couple questions, if you can answer that will be great. the post longer than 7 days, do we still get pay if someone up vote after 7 days? and another one is, if I resteem someone post, do i get paid also? Thanks in advance.

Hey @kengtong, I'm glad that my videos inspired you to get started on Steemit! Let's see if I can answer your questions...

  1. Our rewards pool is accumulated every 7 days so posts cannot receive payouts after that 7-day period. If someone upvotes your post after 7 days then they are wasting their voting power.

  2. Resteems actually don't play any factor in curation rewards. The only way you earn curation rewards is for upvotes, and that's assuming that you have some Steem Power in your account. This is part of the reason I created @minnowfund - to help fund new Steemians who are trying to get started here.

sir @brandonfrye my ID is in the blacklist and the following is coming back to this article

[-] badcontent (54)
This user is the @buildawhale blacklist for one of the following reasons:

Scam or Fraud

It would have been nice to know how I could get out of this blacklist

So let me get this straight a couple of paragraphs talking about a discussion you had on discord talking about playing a game (you have a vested interested in). and a screen snapshot of the entry screen of the game and any random page is not spam....


But actually trying to create something that makes someone laugh to win a contest in another game (that you don't have a vested interest in) is?

Alright I got it before......