How to Encrypt Your Steemit Memo Messages

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How to Encrypt Your Private Wallet Memos

Today's video will be sort of an addon to yesterday's review of Although is a great way to get in touch with Steemit users, there are some concerns about spam messages, or even worse, that you're not talking to who you think you are. Thanks to @newageinv for brining up this point.

Well, there's always the ole trusty wallet memos, and today I'll show you how to send a memo and encrypt it so that only you and the receiver can read it! It's really very simple.

The Results

Here's the way the unencrypted and encrypted messages will appear from the outside world...


Only the user receiving the transaction has the power to unlock the memo and they do this by logging in with their Memo Key.


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I just found this post randomly.
What is the sense of the memokey?

According to's FAQ I read that currently the memo key is not used. I assumed it was for unlocking encrypted memos but apparently you need to log in with the Active key to see those messages.

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻


I have a question regarding your upvoting bot. It says that ROI is -10%. Does it mean that you regain 90% what you have paid?

Hi @dogimage, great question. This means that it will not accept bids if the ROI for the round goes into the negative by 10%. So yes, you should receive no less than 90% of what you paid for the upvote.. but usually you'll see a positive ROI.

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Is is calculated before or after curation reward? I am looking for reliable bot voter but most of them gives loss. What are your brackets and median for upvote?

After curation rewards. And you can check all of the stats for my bot on They have a connection to my bot API which shows you the current and previous voting rounds.

One suggestion I might give you, is to not solely use upvote bots for profit. Think of them as a promotional tool to boost your post into the Hot or Trending sections and to get more viewership. 👍

I am not taking about earning, but rather securing value. Real money today means more than the same value in a week, and crypto markets are dynamic. Anyway thank you for such detailed information

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hellow @brandonfrye
thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post with us..
upvoted & @resteemed

Thank you so much for sharing this info, it's been very helpful. Usually when we hear about encryption, we think of something difficult, but this is not the case. To your success.

That's true.. this is really easy. Just log in with your active key and there it is! :)

LOL That is slick. Never knew we could do that. Great way to connect with people without being 'spammy'. Appreciate the tips man, great info.

I actually learned this just a couple of weeks ago myself. Pretty cool if you need to send something private to a Steemit user and know nobody else will see it. :)

Thank you @brandonfrye. That's an awesome feature. I hope it really works. I'm curious about your reply at @prydefoltz comment.
And thank you so much for your Upvote :)

You're very welcome! And it looks like she got it to show but there was a delay. We're having some major issues at the moment with Steemit's servers and the Wallet pages so today probably wasn't the best day to show this lol

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Encrypt a memo is very different. You've shared an interesting article sir @brandonfrye. In your previous post on steemChat I've commented there but, I've got no response. Anyway, Your all sahring is very important and interesting for all new steemit members. Keep it up sir. I'm proud to be one followers of your blog. Best wishes to you sir.

Thank you @siamul000 and sorry I didn't get to your other comment. Appreciate the support! :)

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You're always the first guy I look for when I'm scrolling through my steemit feed - because I learn something new everyday. I appreciate you teaching me the ways of "Steemit" lol. Take care.

Lol, thanks @tedtv. I'm glad to hear that!! :)

It worked but there was a delay on the arrival of the encrypted message. Just got it a few seconds ago:)

Try signing in with your Active key. Maybe even your Master key. I'm really not sure which one unlocks the memo but I've always seen them in my wallet. If you find out which key it is, please do let us know.

It worked but there was a delay on the arrival of the encrypted message. Just got it a few seconds ago:)

Ahh okay.. that's probably just the fly in the ointment you were referring to. A.K.A. Steemit's servers.. 🤦‍♂️

They key is being signed in with the memo key. I sent you one as well. I could not do it unless I had signed in with the memo and I cannot see encrypted memos unless signed in with the memo. Otherwise it works like a charm:) Now I am wondering how many secrets messages I have missed. I usually only sign in with my posting key:)

Oh duh!! Of course lol. That's what that memo key is for! Glad I decided to use you as my guinea pig bc somebody else might not have figured that out. 😁

I had no idea what that key was for either ... until today. It's the secret message key. LOL:):):) Now we know:)

Please send encryptor key ASAP

petunia LOL


So you made 6 min video about adding hashtag to memo? LOL

Lol, people get onto me for my 30-45 minute videos. So I'm trying to keep them shorter. Thanks for your comment!

The time spent watching your video was the most fruitful 6 mins and 5 secs I spent on Steemit TODAY!

Hah thanks @faraicelebr8. This was definitely one of my shortest videos ever. :)

Hey Brandon, that's a really cool trick about encrypting the memos! Didn't know about it.

Glad that was useful. Now you can be all James Bond on the Steem blockchain! 🕵️

Lol, all I need is an Aston Martin, a custom-made suite and a gun and I'm ready to step into the role! :D

Great tip and super easy but i'm too stupid to understand how the other person can uncrypt that memo where do they have to logg in with memo key?

Just log into your Steemit account if you're not logged in and you can see it. I believe you need to be logged in with at least the Active key though. I just read in the Steemit FAQs that the memo key is currently unused.

Really helpful video. I learned about you on youtube and will be following you on steemit :)

as a totall newbie where can I see the memos sombody has sent to me is it under history? thank you