Dear Steemit, Can We Get the 411 on the 504? 😗

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Don't Panic - Your Money is Fine!

I'm sure a lot of Steemit users are feeling a bit nervous right now since they're unable to view the funds in their Steemit wallet. Every time that I click on the Wallet page I get the error you see above... and I'm sure that I'm not alone.

Sorry. Looks like something went wrong on our end.

That's not exactly the message you want to see when you're going to check on your hard-earned money, is it? But this isn't new. We've actually been experiencing this quite a bit lately. My assumption is that there's a lot of work being done on the blockchain in order to launch the @appics SMT (Smart Media Token), and this is causing some outages. That's really only a hunch though as I'm not sure what all the developers are doing to prepare for the new platform launch.

Another possibility is that Hivemind (which I talked about on this video) is being added to the Steem blockchain and causing some interruptions.

These are really just guesses though because we can't seem to get an update from Steemit Inc. on the @steemitblog which would be super helpful. I've also checked their Twitter feed but nothing there either. I guess it's just too much trouble to post an update about what's going on and let your (near) 1 million users know what's going on lol.

What Do I Do When This Happens?

There's really not much you can do.. but wait... patiently. I also like to head over to and to see if everything is still functioning on the blockchain level. Most of the times everything is still running smoothly on the blockchain, despite the Steemit errors.

You can check your profile on by going to (replacing username with your Steemit username). I actually prefer though which is just as easy to pull up your profile there. Just go to (replacing username with your username). Both will show you information about your profile on the blockchain and let you see what's happened recently with your account (comments, transactions, upvotes, etc.).

What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think might be the cause of these downtimes? Your guess may be as good as mine.. but I'd love to hear it. Since we can't get an update from @steemitblog we may as well share our hypothesis with each other here. 😉

UPDATE: I've noticed that when you click from your news feed to your wallet, you get the error. But if you go to your Blog first ( and then click Wallet, it pulls up. But it still doesn't show recent transactions.


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I can still see my wallet but I did have to switch browsers to google chrome.

Interesting. I was just able to pull mine up after I posted this lol.

Might just be Mercury in retrograde ☄️😳

It could be rotating outages too ... the system is definitely acting up ... while I have you on the line ... love a post explaining smart tokens ... hearing about them everywhere but do not know what they are:)

I could have sworn that I made a video all about SMTs but it doesn't look like I have. I went back through my channel and I couldn't find one specifically about them so I'll definitely do that in an upcoming post. I'll also look into the upcoming SMTs because I know that APPICs isn't the only one. It's just the first of many to come. :)

Thanks for the suggestion!!


You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

Cheers Brandon. Much appreciated:)

It is a growing pain too. I remember these disturbances in early facebook days too. Steem blockchain and steemit is growing at a very high speed and some growing pain is expected . I think there is nothing to be worried or anxious of. We have dlive or dsteem to connect the blockchain. As long as u hold ur master key , no one holds your fund but you. Chill. Of course i would love to see steem without any hiccup. But hey , how will i feel how much i care for steem without this momentary disruption?

Thanks for posting this, I thought it was just me. No worries though, I am certain we will be good to go in no time. It is quite likely due to updates.

Yeah, nothing to worry about at all. Good thing is our money (wallets) aren't actually stored on Steemit servers but within the blockchain itself. It would take a complete catastrophe in multiple locations to mess up our funds lol. I really think this is just a sign of some great things to come. Very much looking forward to Hivemind!

Every time that I click on the Wallet page I get the error you see above...

I didn't see an error and the error message you refer to. But I wasn't able to load the activities in and steemd and steemworld a few hours ago. So I also guess there is some work in progress or maybe they have a server issue somewhere.
You're right, better communication would be helpful.

Edit: Now I'm also getting the following error page in the steemit wallet:
Sorry. Looks like something went wrong on our end. Head back to [Steemit](

But you can still see your wallet in

It's concerning for sure. Especially the silence from the Steemit blog about it. I'm not too worried but I would love to get some 'official' word about the issues.

Yeah, nothing to panic about as our funds are secured by the blockchain. But I'm confused why Steemit Inc. isn't better about communication when it comes to these things. Wouldn't take but 10 minutes for them to write up a post letting us know what's going on. Oh well, I'm sure they must be working on things in the backend and we've got a lot of updates to look forward to.

Everyone needs to follow @sndbox's example on how to keep everyone updated on what they're up to.

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I also feel it is just work on the back end.
Don’t freak out. Just do like you said and check the blockchain on steemworld.
As long as your funds are on the blockchain you are fine.

Also I feel there a lot of new apps on the steem blockchain (steepshot dtube dlive dporn MinnowBooster ) to name a few.

All of these take bandwidth.
But I would love to believe it is for SMT’s or Hive.
I think both will help authors to be discovered.

Absolutely! I really feel that it has something to do with all of the new things going on in the backend. Nothing to worry about. Just gotta be patient during this time of growth. :)

You are right here. Waiting is pretty much the best option. I did that and it worked out fine.

LOL, yep just play the ole waiting game and it works like a charm! 😄

That's why I'm having trouble seeing my wallet through steemit and not steemd or steem challenger. Good info! Upvoted!

It's Not Working On Explorer But Works Just Fine On Crome... Wierd!

It could sometimes be frustrating but it has happened to many sites in the past. I hope that the platform is DDoS resistant as it reminds me of those attacks. So the security of the blockchain should be fine given the way it is built as private keys control access points. Also, blockchains are transparent so you will always be able to track transactions in case something does happen. So as long as you have full control of your private keys, you should not have to worry about your wallet.

I don't worry about that so much, because I don't have much in my wallet. Less money less worry.