SteemChat: Staying Connected on the Blockchain

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SteemChat: Staying Connected on the Blockchain

Over the last couple weeks alone I've had several people ask, "Where is the chat functionality for Steemit?". Technically there is no Steem blockchain-based chat application (yet) but there is a solution that's probably been hiding under your nose this entire time. It's called SteemChat!

See today's video for more information about SteemChat and how to use it. I recommend everyone to set up a SteemChat account as you'll likely need it at some point.

Get a SteemChat Account Here


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SteemChat is pretty good. But even if I don't post much I got strange messages on SteemChat. There are people who are just sending a link to their recent Steemit post and nothing else. I'm not sure how to react to this. I don't like to get spammed like this. Maybe it is best not to react at all.
Another person asked nicely for help and I was able to help.

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

I have been using Discord for a little while now but I must say its a bit tricky at first. However after a bit of practice you'll be good to go coz its not too hard to figure out Personally I think Discord is better than Steemchat.

Thanks for the feedback, @faraicelebr8. I assumed that it was prob pretty easy once you get going with it. I haven't really spent much time on discord myself but definitely plan to. Again, thanks for the insight!

This looks like a good feature and definitely something I will consider using in the future.

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Thanks, Brandon. Very helpful for some, I think. The chat function is one I rarely use. Just can't find the time to chat. It is like with me too ... the hello and hey thing:) I don't put apps on my phone either.

Lol, you're too busy leaving awesome comments!!! 😁 Thanks as always.

A girl has to have her priorities:) Thanks Brandon:):):) is pretty neat. I've been on there before but haven't spent much time figuring out the features. This video has been helpful to get a better understanding on and I will be using it more extensively in the near future.

Thank you brandon for this information you are truly providing a public service for free lol.
I hope steemit creates their own chat so make it more compareable to facebook or other social media platform .

I cannot find myself to use chat platforms as my OCD goes wild and would need to read everything that is unread. Also am concerned about scams as they are so common in the Crypto space now. What worries me is how do you make sure you are speaking to the same person on both platforms? That is a security issue I think as it is not a sure thing you can get your same user name there.

That's a valid point, and concern. I actually didn't even think of that! I guess the only way to know for sure that you're talking to the same person is if they say, "Hey, contact me on username: somebody321" or something like that. Thanks for bringing that up. Shows that we really need to get a chat application integrated directly with Steemit.

@brandonfrye Thanks for the useful information , though not regularly using SteemChat, I may start doing so.

Sir, I think this is very important to the new steemit members. They've many confusion when they start bloging in steemit. Sometime they made big mistakes in steemit and they loose their Reputation because they don't know about the proper rules of steemit. If, they can ask their all question and clear all the confusion they can be successfull. SteemChat is connected to blockchain. This is the most interesting and important part. Sir, @brandonfrye thank you so much for sharing about the steemChat. This is most important for me and the new members of steemit. Keep it up sir. Best wishes to you. I'm so glad to be one of the followers of your blog. I'm always at your support sir.

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You are great darling. Your post always help us.

Everyone loves Discord, I personally can't stand it LOL Way too much going on. I like simplicity.

So Telegram is my go to these days. Crazy simple and easy to use and navigate.

Steem Chat looks simple and easy to use which I'm . huge fan of but yeah dude, I haven't used it at all.

Wonder if it'll be a good plan to even promote it in posts to meet and greet their subscribers / followers....Might have to dive in :)

I like Telegram too. Until we have an integrated chat option for Steemit, we'll have to look for outside applications. The good thing about is that it's widely known among the Steemit community so most people are on there.

It's such a great way to communicate with other Steemians. I completely agree with you that it would be awesome if it was directly integrated with Steemit somehow