Weekly Comment Catch-Up 4/13/18

in steemit •  2 years ago 
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what is the WIF? everytime when I go to steemit.com when I click login, it will ask me to put my user name and the next one is password or WIF, I just put my password key in. I wonder what is WIF. Thank you!

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

thank you @brandonfrye I just saw it now!!

Great question and unfortunately I don't have a solid answer for you. But it seems to have something to do with how the username, password, and key type you're using are put together in a string on the blockchain. This was the best answer that I could find: https://steemit.com/steemit/@davidk/how-does-steemit-password-gets-changed-to-wif

You got a 54.35% upvote from @brandonfrye courtesy of @brandonfryeroi!

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I came across some of your videos on youtube, and I must say you do a great job of explaining the many features Steemit has. I would truly be lost on here if I didn't come across your content on youtube. Thanks for all the value you bring to the community.

Hey @elijah526, thank you so much for your kind feedback. That means the world to me and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know. I will continue to try and create the most relevant content I can about the Steemit platform and Steem blockchain in hopes of helping more people.. including myself. I learn a lot just by researching and teaching it to others. :)

Boy , you are working hard by building a great community and sharing such helpful information. I'm new here and still little bit overwhelm with so much things to learn, and of course excited at the same time. I'm taking my time to learn from people like you and little by little catching on. Have an awesome day.

what a great guy you are, this day, most of the big whale don't even care about comment. You are the only one guy so far I see, you will go through all the comments and replied.

Thanks @kengtong, I certainly try my best. I really appreciate connecting with you all! :)

Thank you so much @brandonfrye i am so excited to see my name mention on your post .
You are the man and your work is a blessing for us .

Thank you @ychaudrys, hope you have an awesome weekend my friend!

No man thank you for your time and i hope we have awesome cryptocurrency weekend.

Great vid, Brandon.

I needed the memo key to look at the encrypted message you sent me. The active and posting key would not allow me to see it. I am working out of Canada and so maybe it is different for me. But I definitely had be signed in with my memo key.

That's very interesting. I wonder if the the FAQ just needs updating. Thanks for letting me know!

this post is so great that its needs to be resteemed

Thanks @dianadora, and feel free to. Thanks!

Great initiative continues! Look for an increase in interest as STEEM prices recover! Have a great weekend!

Yep, people tend to follow the money. Let them come for the money but stay for the community! Have a great weekend as well @newageinv. :)

I found your video on youtube about how curation rewards works, and you said that of post's total rewards 25% gets to curators. But I have seen great posts of many authors with good rewards but it's comments are not get rewarded. Can you please explain what is this and how really it works.

I just followed you on steemit.

Does it cost authors when he upvote any comment?

Hi, I can make vector profile photo for you. I need your good quality picture.

i really think your worth a follow

Thank-you For Mentioning Me In Your Video! I Was Extremely Excited When I Saw My Name!!!

You're welcome, hope you have a great weekend!! :)

You Too!😉

Thanks for the feedback on our photos. It's all a new thing for us, but the advice is greatly appreciated. :-)

You're very welcome. I enjoy seeing your photos and things going on on the farm! Keep up the great work. :)

Do you know of a way to recover a username? My friend made an account on steemit and he remembers everything but the username. Thanks.

Hmm. If he doesn’t have the username then I’m not sure there’s anything he can do but create another account.

Oh. He would have to pay for it though? If so that sucks.