Steem-UA Good not Great & why

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When you think of STEEM-UA do you think of them as a super hero?


This morning I was checking on @steem-ua upvotes & notice some flaws. See for yourself


Very nice UA score on @ssekulji at 4.886 & upvoted after me, ranked at #226 at 1 behind me & same upvote value. Now lets look at my upvote.


With a UA of 2.223, post rank #225 & same upvote value, lets look at the post voted on before these 2.


The upvote before ours ranked 1 ahead at #224 & UA of 0.639 yet ranked and voted before UA score 4.886.

Gaming UA?


What is your take on UA? They say their ranking system is great yet post rank trumps UA rank yet how? The higher ranked post had less upvotes, less value & very low UA score.


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I haven't really given much attention to it, I don't yet understand what it's all about or how it will help my account grow so to speak, if it is just for reputation purposes then I just might not get so invested into it (at least for now).


We get decent upvotes for our delegation yet they do not upvote in order of UA score as advertised and as this is proof I provided.


If that's the case, I'd say that's unethical. Or perhaps their system has a problem? Maybe Keep Observing for a while before drawing a conclusion.


Its an ok system yet there are great curators out there that give much more for less delegation and you don't need to be a witness or followed by them to get good upvotes that depends primarily on your content, delegation to that communities curator and engagement with the other members.

In my opinion you've analysed it effectively and let's hope that it will improve over the time because in my opinion this is recently started project. Stay blessed. 🙂

There are so many hidden gems that never get discovered. The sheer amount of users makes it even harder to find such things.

Its sad, but not every hard work deed gets rewarded. That how it is.


True, I was looking at @earthtribe today and glad i found them and a few similar that post gems so often.

I'm not sure I understand it, so let me get some clarification, I apologize.

What you are saying is that the upvote value that should be higher, because it ranked higher on your post (for example) is the same as on other posts that ranked lower?


No, look at the 3 posts ranks, 0.6 upvoted before 4.8! Also me at 3.2 voted before the 4.8, now realise I am showing my post is valued over his due to higher ua votes yet the 0.6 is gaming ua, look at the screen shots, he feeds sp to almost all the accounts upvoting him daily, looks very fishy.


simani has been reported, blacklisted and such... actually just checked his account and he/she (dunno) has been getting nuked. I do wonder tho, if there is a way for steem-ua to ignore that account all together and not waste its vp.


awesome, maybe like utopian has there can be a #report channel in discord and we can bring light more accounts doing this to help you filter the garbage?

Hi @dynamicrypto!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
Your UA account score is currently 3.224 which ranks you at #8180 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has improved 25 places in the last three days (old rank 8205).

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 236 contributions, your post is ranked at #67.

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • You're on the right track, try to gather more followers.
  • The readers like your work!
  • Good user engagement!

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