TRANSLATION OPPORTUNITY ON STEEMIT – Building Our Community and Reaching Out to Others While Earning STEEM

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Re-post a @papa-pepper post in another language and keep the payout!

Here’s a great opportunity for some bilingual steemians. Not all of us have the same skill sets or talents, so not all of us have the same opportunities. Since there are certain skills that I lack, I’ve offering up this opportunity for whoever may like to take advantage of it.

In my short time one steemit, I’ve had some great success and I believe that I have also created some great posts.

However, those posts will never have the capability to make the most difference that they can when they are only posted in English.

Here’s where you come in.

If you can read and translate English, why not translate some of my posts into your native language, or into another language that you know?

Here’s the deal, to further the progression of steemit as a community and to be a greater blessing to others within the steemit community, I will allow other users to translate my previous articles and post the translations themselves.

Here are just a few guidelines:
• Send me a reply on which article you would like to translate.
• Tell me what language you want to translate it into.
• You can use any or all of the original images from my post.
• Please link my original “English Version” article at the end of your post.
• Make it clear in your title or opening paragraph that your post is a translation of one of my articles.
• One the translated post is made, send me a comment or private message with the link.

Basically, I am willing to allow any user the permission to translate any of my articles into another language and post the translated article themselves.

If you choose to translate one, whatever STEEM, Steem Power, or SBD that the translated articles generate will be yours to keep.

If you get a great payout and feel like sharing some with @papa-pepper to help with the progression of our homestead you can, but you do not need to!

A lot of the articles that I have written lately have been for the purpose of helping others to do their best on steemit and not get discouraged. Many users have found these articles to be very beneficial and many whales have shown their support with upvotes.

Still, if those articles remain available only in English, their influence will never reach as far as it could with your help.

So many of those voting for my posts have their own posts in Russian, German, Chinese, or some other language anyway. Why not offer your followers one of my posts in their own language, and get paid for doing it?

You won’t even have to write the article or gather images, just translate my writing and copy my images!

@xanoxt, @felixxx, & @dresden - These users unintentionally helped manifest this idea.

  • I would like to thank @xanoxt for mentioning that he gets paid to translate when I was considering ways that people could make money on steemit.

  • Though I will not personally pay you to do the translation, you still have my permission to translate and post, and you can even keep the entire payout you want.

  • Also, @dresden recently translated an article into Spanish for @felixxx, and they donated the payout to our homestead.

As I considered the blessing of overcoming the language barrier, I came up with the idea for this post.

Here are some suggested articles for translation, but you could pick any of my articles for the purpose of translation if you want.











Those are just a few suggestions. Check my blog history, there is plenty of others to choose from, and plenty of languages that they could be translated into.

If your native language is Russian, or Chinese, or German, or Spanish, or another one, please let those who speak those languages know about this great opportunity. Often, it can be difficult to come up with ideas for a post, so I've taken that part out of the equation. Now, users can just choose which one they want to translate, if they prefer!

Though this opportunity may not be for everyone, it may be a good idea for many of you. If you think you’d like to give it a try, let me know by commenting below.


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I think its a wonderful idea! Let me see which @papa-pepper post i want to translate :)

Go for it!

Find a great one, pick another language you know and see if you can't be blessed in the process of blessing others!
Thanks @sgnsteems.

This is a really good idea!

I completely agree.
This could potentially lead to hundreds of more posts, when you check how many I've made and consider the languages that they could be translated into.
My favorite part is that it gives a helping hand to those who cannot read English well, because it makes some very helpful articles of mine available in their native tongue, as long as someone steps in to do the translating work.
Then, the translator only has to translate to get another post up, and can keep the payout for thier work!
Appreciate your encouragement!

wow, an amazing opportunity and fascinating idea. I have some questions, how would you prefer to be contacted, here or through another method? I thinking of Espanol.

You can do it right here, or on if you prefer.

If someone translates one, I would suggest linking it in the comments of whatever my most recent post is at the time.

That will both notify me so I can check it out and also perhaps point some of my followers towards the post as well.

Thank you for your interest, did you have something in mind?
(You could even translate this post if you wanted to.)

excellent idea congratulations

Thank you!

I think it's a great idea for many reasons!

Awesome idea. I hope this garners a lot of support!

We will see.

All I can do is leave the offer on the table.

What people do with that opportunity is up to them!


Hi @papa-pepper, I have wrote you a message in the chat, I would translate articles for you in german. 👍

Go for it, choose whichever ones you wish.

Also, @stellabelle has now agreed to the same offer for her posts.

This is a great idea. I was wondering if I could somehow post your article under my name with the same message? To be fair, what compensation do you want? 100% of the SBD? I really love this idea, so I think more exposure is necessary, and I'd be up for people translating my blog posts into foreign languages too!

If any other user desires to offer the same opportunity that I have here, that is certainly an option that they have.

If anyone else desired to do the same, I would not consider it wrong for them to do so.

If you would like to just paste my text on a post with your name, I am okay with that, and if you desire to share some of the profits you get from that post with me I will not turn down your offer.

Thanks, and you have my full permission.

@papa-pepper I would like to translate in portuguese.

That sounds excellent!
Just reply back with the link when you have one translated so I can upvote it and check it out.

Thank you!

Excellent choice.
There is a lot if good information in there.
I will follow you, but please let me know once you post the translation.


Nice idea @papa-pepper! My nick "traducciones" means "translations" and I think your offer is a great opportunity for me. I will translate into spanish some of your posts then!

Excellent! Take full advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you so much!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks for mentioning me! :-D

Thing is, I do it on a semi-pro bono conditions. I translate for 10% of the SBD payout. After some time people like @villainblack said: "My posts are earning too little to make that worth your while, so why don't I pay you 10% of the total payout".

And attitude like that is actually what makes Steemit great! :-D
There is also @rusteemitblog, that I am a part of, and we do translations that would be helpful for the Russian community.

But that is negotiated on individual basis. And still there are people thinking, that this is too much, "What if whales upvote my post to the tune of $200-300? That would make it like $12-20 SBD, for such a small text, your rates are too expensive!" They don't count the risks with the fact that Steemit is still a bit lottery like, so a lot of times my cut is like 0.01 or around that. :-D
Needless to say, those are not people who I do translations for. Since my prices is out of their range, they make do with someone else or something else.

Yeah, there is a lot to consider in deals like that.

That's why my deal is you pick the post you want to translate, you do the work and post the translated post yourself, then you keep the entire payout, unless it does so well that you want to share some with me.

I think that this approach gives the translator a lot of control over the process.

My work is done, and I have done all that I can with these posts on steemit.

Now, someone else can have their chance with the same post, if they are willing to put some work and some risk into it.
I cannot guarantee that their post will do well, but if it does, they can reap the blessing from it!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Yep, that is the attitude that makes Steemit great (again ;))!

After I am finished with my current (real for money, yay Steemit landed me that opportunity) work, I'll probably do one of your texts, and I also notified the translators at @rusteemitblog, that your articles are in the game, since we are in business of translating the articles that are helpful to the Russian community, you can expect that witheen a week or two, most of the ones listed in this post will likely have Russian translations! Early morning, I was mentioning them in my comment because I was going to ping them about that. :-D

I'm up for the same thing, so you can consider my blog to be in this translation thing too. I'm writing a post soon about this.

That is excellent, I'm glad to see other users jumping on board with this to truly make steemit a more global community.

It seems like multiple articles about steemit and blogging could benefit everyone, so I'm glad to hear that!
Thanks @xanoxt!

WOW @papa-pepper, you're always thinking outside of the box!
Awesome idea and very generous way to give back to the community. :)
Two thumbs up!

Thanks @merej99.

I like to build things up, and steemit is one of the things that I am investing in right now.

Together, we can all succeed!

Thanks for mentioning me @papa-pepper :) Glad to be any kind of helpful

Thank you for teaming up with @felixxx to bless our homestead!

Wow extending the posts to other languages great idea.

Thanks, it looks like it is starting to catch on.

Time will tell.

Excellent idea! Will have a look at your posts and let you know :)
My mother tongue is Spanish.

Please do see if this would be a good opportunity for you.
Some are indeed lengthy, but many are helpful for others.

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I like this idea enough to steal it, although very few of my posts are making any money at this point. Thanks.

I think that it's a great offer!
Others are free to do likewise.

Some of mine did do very well, and multiple ones contain great info.

Excellent usage of swarm intelligence! Great approach!

Thank you for that!
We will see where it leads @shaka!

Thank you @papa-pepper! The idea is very interesting! Let's work it out and make a list of proposals. According to your guidlines. We should check how does it work.

Sounds great, and thanks for stopping by!
I appreciate it!

Don't know if I missed this point or not. You may want to comment on a translated post to let everyone know that the person has permission.

I think it's a great idea. I wouldn't want anyone accidently flagged over it.

That's part of why I want people to reply with the link of any of my posts that they translate and post, but good thinking.

Thanks for looking out for all of us!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I call dibs on Chinese versions. !!! Lol

I guess first to do it gets the credit. Gonna be interesting to compare peoples translations of the same article in the same language..
Will be a good example and experiment of style and personal character.
And. If anyone uses a bot or app do be prepared to lose a lot face.

I know some of the CN tag dolphins are always checking for robot translations.

Be aware.

I do English Chinese bilingual post but i still have to resort to google translate to help sometimes. There are times i start in Chinese then do the English but mostly it's the other way round. Am i good enough for the task?

Anyone is free to try.

I only know that I am not capable of doing it.

You certainly may, as far as I am concerned!

im an avid follower of yours ace108 since you joined. and your English grammar shows. You may lose english votes because it, not mine i understand you. I have seen at least one comment mentioning that in one of your much older posts.

I'm sure you're great doing it. ^^
Using a dictionary or an App to help is a lot different than using it to translate the whole post.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. There are people who post same story in different language in separate post and i see there were comments suggesting not to separate. So, i think the jury is still out on that one. C'est la vie. You can't have everything.

I have considered that myself but opted to do one post dual lingo so i can attract more votes to single a post. If i did just Chinese the market would be too small even if all 12 of you voted. (just kidding i know there's more).

My writing Chinese isn't great, speaking and listening is ok. I do have an endless supply of Chinese friends and students who help me tons.

I can't physically write well though i started to pick up Chinese calligraphy again last year but using IME for hanyu pinyin is definitely helpful for my post. :-).

Good point and excellent thing to be sharing, pertaining to bots.
The goal was to have real users translate the posts themselves, so hopefully people will shy away from robot translations.
I was hoping that users would contact me first with which article they wanted to translate and what language they want to translate it into.
Some of these are really helpful articles, do I'm excited about others getting to read them.
Hopefully users with a lot of followers who speak other languages can then share this information with them too.

Let me know how it goes, and thanks @solarguy!

Good idea to message u first


I don't think there are enough Hebrew readers on steemit for it to be worth the time. Bummer.

Perhaps not yet, but give it time... we will see.

You rock! Always positive and always looking out for others! I can't translate except for sign language. Hmm, maybe a vlog.

You could try a simple one into sign language... but I'm not sure how it would work.
Perhaps Rosetta Stone?

Thanks for that compliment too.
I am always trying to encourage and bless others, and wind up getting encouraged and blessed in the process.

I am very interesting to see what will become of this.

Yeah, I am guessing we don't have a huge need for sign-language currently. :) LOL on Rosetta Stone. Really, I just wanted to give my support to those you are supporting. Have a great evening.

Thanks and good night @whatsup!

Hi - here's my #german translation of your 400 follower article. I would very much appreciate your support. Thanks a lot -it helped me and will hopefully help lots of others.

I join the move! I love how there are no barriers to knowing how others think. It seems to me a spectacular idea to translate all kinds of articles and thus benefit the community in general with quality information

I would like to get permission to translate this article to Spanish! Waiting for your reply! Thank you!

hello @papa-pepper i wish to say thank you for this great idea
and i want tell you that ; i can translate your posts into Arabic my native language > would you like !
thank you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm ready for French Translations
Thank you a lot 👍

Hello, I might be 11 months late , but it's worth a try! I would like to translate this article in Korean :)
Thank you for the opportunity !

Great idea! I'll check your posts and then reply you whenever I'm up for translating them into Portuguese! I've seen that @jsantana had translated one of yours into Brazilian-Portuguese (as "native portuguese" like to say) but I won't be stealing his idea if I translate some others right?! Just like to be fair...