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LOOK!! In the sky! It's a blog...It's social media...It's SuperSteem...wait, wrong show.

More seriously though...

I've heard so many takes on this question of what Steemit is. Honestly, I can't really call most (if any) people wrong. It is what you WANT it to be. That's the beauty of it...it's a personal decision on how to USE this digital TOOL! It's easily in that category along concepts like power, which aren't inherently good or evil in itself..that's dependent on the wielder.

It's worth mentioning that this is really more of my subjective take on things and where I'd like to see things go. So it's not the normal predominantly "factual" post many of you have gotten to know me for writing.

I'd love to hear your take on this question!

Q: What is Steemit?

Sure, Steemit looks like a blog site with underlying social media aspects to it. Content quality is generally a piece of the puzzle to success, but so is the interaction, what you give to the community, and countless more variables. But none of this FULLY describes this place.

Social Experiement

I view Steemit as a Social Experiment that's been taken to a whole new level having it's backbone on the Steem Blockchain, which provides our economy AND accountability. It's rather impossible to make an ass (pardon my French) of yourself and not have it be fully visible for others to see.

While I'm a huge fan of utopia theory and futurism, the Steemit Experiment is real, raw and happening Right Now! We don't have to wait forever to find and implement ideals. We don't have to deal with the ethical problems of who gets to join. We just sign up, get going and see what we can make of the unique opportunity.

I have no doubt that everyone here has had to directly endure or watch the massive amount of trolling and negativity that pervades the internet in general and social media specifically. The glory of the information highway had degenerated in two decades to hate, spam, clickbait and rather mindless drivel. (Yes there are good parts of it too, but still.)

So back to the Social Experiment that is Steemit. There are community rules that push people to be civil towards one another. If our world in general is to move forward, the ability to communicate between disagreeing parties is paramount. So instead of watching the meaningless, direct attacks akin to "You suck, so you're wrong" WE the Steemians can drop the ad hominem attacks for something more constructive such as "I differ on this aspect and here's why, even though I can understand where you are coming from." Simply having a mechanism that monetarily deals with abuse and having the tendency to reward civil discourse is HUGE to moving us forward as a society.

While there's no denying some communities fail due to financial, or maybe environmental issues...many fail because of community infighting. Being around the same people day after day builds up pressure eventually...this is why we can yell at family so easily..but most families are able to hold it together. But these familial bonds don't extend to everybody we live around, let alone across the internet. To hold unrelated people together takes a whole other level of communication, trust and conflict resolution.

Simply giving the benefit of the doubt that someone else's intentions are good go a LONG WAY!

Now, on top of this we have the economy itself. While I respect those of you who were willing to put your own money in, many "normal Joe-Shmoe's" like myself who's lived paycheck to paycheck for a while now, just as much chance to find happiness and success on this platform. There's no denying there are benefits to buying in, this game is absolutely NOT Pay to Win! Instead winning is based around integrating and interacting with the community itself.

To lead in to my favorite aspect of our Social Experiment I want to share one of my favorite quotes:

It's not about being RIGHT...It's about being BETTER!!

I'm a strong believer that every single person on here has some value they bring to the table. It could range from having a unique perspective on a matter, infectiously sharing their passions, providing tips and tricks they've learned to just being a good, empathetic listener. Simply by seeing others in the light of what they are able to provide to others, can make things less competitive.

Even though some pieces of our world are a zero sum game...LIFE IS NOT! Winning at life is completely subjective, especially once beyond the stress of subsistence. Having your basics taken care of, allows you to answer the BIG question of "What do you want?"

This is where you start following your passions, interests, hobbies, curiosities, etc. You do things that you know might fail this time around...that's what makes them fun because you LEARN!! You get Better! To me the whole meaning of life revolves around personal progression. What made us content before, wears off over time, needing to be refilled with something new and impactful.

So open yourself up to the chance to be 'wrong'...this is how we progress. Being surrounded by "Yes Men" does us no good. Quit fighting so hard to be 'right' that you block out the perspectives of others. Learn how to embrace counter-arguments...you don't have to even change your stance when it's over. But TRY to answer the question of "How does it make sense to THEM??"

I dare you to compare your level of inspiration you have now to before joining Steemit!

This community (and yes, the possibility of earning money too) pushes us to watch for the unique, beautiful and interesting both within ourselves and in the world around us. That moment when everything you see, think, hear or experience potentially becomes a post...you view your life and your place in it in a much different light. You're driven to share! Sure sure..you can say it's for the money....but I honestly believe that for most of us, this is a lifelong takeaway...even God Forbid this platform were to fail.

What it's allowed us to become is ever lasting. So I challenge you, find you value and give it away! Find the value within others and cherish it!

Remember that ALL of my guide posts are eligible to be added as entries to the Steem Center Wiki or Operation Translation.

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Feel free to ask me anything. I'm here to Help!

I've had slow response times lately, but I try to get a response to every question.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Everything looks like a trash can social media after Steemit. Not only because you are paid for your effort but for the community spirit that is everyone putting their hearts and souls to build. Steemit is like oasis in the desert world of corporative social media. @sykochica


yes, my thoughts exactly.

I have thought several times myself how this is a social experiment.
But regardless, it is nice to see the immaturity "oh you suck" stuff be practically gone.
As you said it doesn't pay to behave in that manner. However there are still people on here doing things that don't pay:

  • spamming my content with your unrelated content then acting upset that i told you that isn't cool. Like, if it's related by all means share, if my keep it outta my comments. You're not contributing
  • posting TONS of blogs that are poorly written and worse, full of misinformation (aka "tabloid steeming "
  • complaining that your progress is slow
  • or acting jealous of other's progress
    -the followme and I'll follow you makes it appear you didn't even read my content

Those seem to be the biggies! Good post thanks for sharing


You are quite correct on people doing those things, especially now. I've actually started to flag the ones that I see spamming it on post after post. They'll figure things out quickly or be flagged down. While I'm still a huge fave of the latest HF, a downside to be dealt with is that these people do get rewarded more for their bad behavior.

I'm sure we'll adapt to deal with it though. The same thing happened last year and eventually got put down. :)

OMG this is such a big help, I'm linking this to my Facebook and directing people to it right this second, thank you!!!!


Thank you! I actually had written this for a more Facebook crowd. I'm doin the same tonight. Muauaahaha! Down with Fakebook! Lol


Heck yes! Get em :-)

Loved your post and had some voting power is it not wonderful.


Thank you! This was a fun one for me to write.

Oh yea..got vote power drain has definitely taken some getting used to. Much appreciated :)

It is strange how we think! You are very right, if we don't really assess our selves on a regular basis. I am a pusher for Steemit, been accused of being obsessed with it, to the point where I actually feel sorry for those who cannot see Steemits actual potential. The skepticism is rampant. I try my best to educate those to the Steemit idea, how it works and just how enjoyable it is. Many have asked to see it in action and while showing them they want to view my page. One of their first reactions is. If Steemit is so great, why are you not getting the views and why arnt you making big bucks. I usually tell them that it takes time to climb any ladder and yes I have at times felt a little low.
Maybe I am trying too hard to convince them. I just have this strong belief that Steemit is going to become a top contender.
Thank you for your post, it helped too put a little more gas into the self confidence tank. Upped and followed.


Unfortunately there is very much a 'too good to be true' aspect to how others seem to view Steemit. I was skeptical myself before joining, though my big questions got answered, leading to me jumping on board. (A big one being 'where does the money come from?')

But it's ok..just stick with it...the better ones always seem to come around eventually. Our friend group just in the last few weeks had suddenly had huge numbers jump on board.

You just do you..your friends will notice. :)


I've actually had one skeptic join, which made feel good. A great friend, I hope he does well. @rookie329 he loves to carve and is quite good at it.
Thanks for the reply.......billytwohearts


Hehe, then why don't I give him one of my few 100% votes. Hopefully get's him over the (understandable) skepticism. :)


Please understand that I was not attempting to solicit for him, I was only advising of what the facts were. That is a very generous offer I am quite sure he would appreciate it. I do know that, with me at least, when people make a genuine comment, it seems to stimulate me to try harder. Thank you for your reply.......billytwohearts


Oh, I didn't take it that way. Don't worry. I probably wouldn't have done that if I felt you were soliciting (even though I'd understand it.)

I do know that, with me at least, when people make a genuine comment, it seems to stimulate me to try harder.

I did both...the vote and the comment. :D BONUS!! Big Steemit welcome to both of you!!


Thank you kindly for the welcome and I am glad to have met you.......billytwohearts

Hey @sykochica another good post with food for thought. My esteem has gone through the roof since I came here as it allows me to be creative, a trait that was literally beaten out of me at a very bad school at a very young age.
Thanks also for your critiquing of my earlier posts and advice which it hopefully playing out as I go along. I would be interested in your thoughts on my post regarding concern around hf19 if you get the time. If you don't no worries.
Thanks for your continuing help to the whole community.


This place is an amazing motivator for sure! I'm glad it was able to bring that back in you after school.

This post has my take on the hardfork near the end. :)

Sorry..I have to hop out for work in a minute.

Happy to have helped out though..Just let me know if you wanted more at some point. :)


Hey it was a long time ago, I'm 50 now!
Thanks again. 😘

Great post sykochica. For me steemit is a example of what the term sharing economy should actually mean, rather than the rental economy many companies sell as a sharing economy.


Great answer!! I love the sharing economy phrase...so true. :)

And it's great so see you again! It's been too long. :)


It has been far to long. I had a lot to sort out in the real world so was getting very little time to pop in and then I just found it really tough to actually sit down and write anything.


I totally understand. Life happens..and takes precedent. I do hope things are doing better for you !

Wow. Great stuff. Thanks.


Thank you! :D


No thank you! Resteemed and upvoted and followed!

numba one

Thanks, cannot agree more, it is about everyone share such that this could last forever. And it is not about answering a question but to continue to involve. I have a question on steem power, i know steem power will pay interest but how much exactly and how can i know the current rate?

Thanks !


I believe (off the top of my head) that the new inflation rate is 9.5% / year...of that 15% goes towards 'interest' on Steem Power. So:

9.5% / 100 * 0.15 = .01425% per year

I could be off though...im not quite awake and getting ready for work. Lol. But I think that's right. It's not very much. You get more from curation.



I agree wholeheartedly @chahan and I think @sykochica is knocking it out of the park with every post. As a new Steemian, I can say her take really puts the Steemit system into perspective.


Thank you!! (However I am a girl, lol.)

Quality does play a bit part. Getting networked with others and them liking you as a person is one of the other big ones. :)


Oops ... so sorry ...I shouldn't use my phone without my glasses (only so far I can hold my phone away from my face before it gets too small to read)


Hehe...it's no worries. Just figured it was worth mentioning. :)

Keep Smilin' and Steem On!


Awwwww! Sooo Cute!
See folks, this is someone who has figured me out! Lol

Great post, syko. For me it's an opportunity that represents the future of work. By putting my effort into Steemit and allowing myself to make it more a part of my life financially and time wise, I am voting against the status quo as far as how most people spend their energy and how the current work scheme is set up in the world.

Again, great post. Definitely upped and resteemed :).

Very interesting content @sykochica.
I'm really impressed with great people i've come across in this platform.

I hope to tap into your wealth of experience.
.. Following you and please do keep in touch.


Thank you! It was time to have a slightly more opinionated piece (guides don't have a lot of room for that, lol). There definitely are some fantastic people on here...it's really a boost for maintaining hope for humanity. :P

Always feel free to ask questions should they come to mind. I love helping.


Thanks a lot dear

Another awesome post! This is really good info. Thanks for the great posts!


I'm upvoting you every time. I hope everyone sees your posts :)


Awww, thank you! I really appreciate that. :D

I have no doubt that everyone here has had to directly endure or watch the massive amount of trolling and negativity that pervades the internet in general and social media specifically. The glory of the information highway had degenerated in two decades to hate, spam, clickbait and rather mindless drivel. 100 percent correct......

This post received a 2.2% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @steampunk-penny! For more information, click here!

@sykochica I love your line "it is not about. Ring right it's about being better". So true and it could in my mind be the mission statement of Steemit or at least the slogan. Ps love the podcast.


Hehe, thank you! That's a line I pull out rather often. :) Ha, that would be a great slogan. :D

Ps love the podcast.

Thank you! :D

Great post with great points. I agree that this platform seems to encourage more civil behavior than other social media platforms. I find it quite refreshing, honestly. Im spending more and more time here, and less on the Devil's network (although i still use it to advertise the shows I play locally). Positive experiences = more motivation.


I definitely can't fault you for advertising over there. That's where the local traffic is. But yea..so much nicer to actually read and interact over here. :)

I would never had written many of the things I have anywhere else out in the interwebs.

Thanks a bunch for writing this up @sykochica, I'm looking forward to following you and seeing what comes out next. To Steemit!

KEEP HELPING OTHERS and let steemit grow more and more :)


Exactly!! :D

Awesome post!


Thank you!! And I'm so happy to see you posting on here!! Woot woot!

Your post is so helpful thank you. I am new here really appreciate it. I followed you and upvoted. :)


Thank you! I love helping my fellow Steemians! :D

Also...welcome to Steemit!!

Feel free to ask questions should they come to mind.

great post!

very helpful. thanks!


You're very welcome! This a a special one for me to write up. :)

Reading your post are an education, especially for us newbie.
Thank you

Good information...

really nice post :-)
love to come around and check your posts...
its not just blabla ^^
have a nice day :-) and steem on


Thank you! I though of this as a 'happy rant' of sorts. Lol

I appreciate you swinging by! I can guaranty you won't find much if any small talk coming from me. :P


i have seen that :-)

Thanks for the help and input. It is really a big help for us newbies of how the system works.

this is truly excellent. I love some of these quotes, especially the
"give a person the benefit of a doubt until they give you reason to doubt the benefit". Did you make that up? it's so true, especially on Steemit

wonderful post, i like that like quote ''find the value in yourself and give it away, find the value in others an cherish it''. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you!! :D


my pleasure