One Week FITNESS Diary [Weight Loss Journey] [Fitness Blog #20]

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Read this along with my Food Blog #20 to see BOTH my exercise and diet

This was from a while back about a two years ago and so far I am only 50% there in reaching my fitness goal

MONDAY (3/26/18)

Workouts for my ARMS

ALL the workouts are 3 sets of 12

LEFT: Bench press (50 IBs excluding the bar. IDK how much the bar weighs)

RIGHT: Shoulder press. The first two sets I did 60 pounds and the last set I gave up so I did 50 pounds

LEFT: idk what exercise this is called but this is for my shoulders specifically by back shoulder. Each dumbell is 10 IBs

RIGHT: I rotated so first set 30 pounds, second set 40 pounds, and third set 30 pounds.

TOP: Did this for my triceps at 50 pounds did horrible on my 3rd set.

BOTTOM I did cardio to burn calories to get cut.

TUESDAY (3/27/18)

Only got about 6000 steps. I was disappointed in myself on that day but I got a new phone so in a way I upgraded myself. By upgrade I mean better content coming along the way.

WEDNESDAY (3/28/18)

Workouts for my BACK

ALL the workouts are 3 sets of 12

LEFT: This workout is called T-Bar but I put 10 pounds on it after recording myself.

RIGHT: IDK what this is called but I did 3 on the left, 3 on the right, and 3 on both hands. I should've done 5 instead of 3 but I had to shorten it to make the GIF. For this one I put 35 pounds on each sides for the first two sets then for the last set I cut it down to 25.

LEFT: I did 50 pounds for the first two sets and 40 on the last set. As I am typing this I just realized I accidently repeated the workout.

RIGHT: I put 130 pounds on this workout.

LEFT: This workout is intended for my lower back. As you can see I have no weights and the cushion a little below my waist so I can do the full workout.

RIGHT: This is how much cardio I did within one hour. Was on the treadmill for one hour.

THURSDAY (3/29/18)

Went out with family to eat at a fancy restaurant. Had to leave the house at about 9:30 in the morning. I could've simply woke up earlier to go to the gym but I'm not a morning person. Going for a better lifestyle is harder than I thought especially when you lay in bed a lot for years. I'm at the point in my life where I am more motivated than ever where I am active inside and outside my house. I should write about motivation and being active in another post.

FRIDAY (3/30/18)

Workouts for my ARMS

ALL the workouts are 3 sets of 12

LEFT: Bench press. 25 pounds on each side totaling at 50 pounds. IDK how much the bar weighs but I believe I was bench pressing about 70 pounds.

MIDDLE: This workout is for my biceps. The weight was 40 pounds.

RIGHT: This workout is for my shoulders specifically my BACK shoulders.

LEFT: Shoulder press (50 pounds). For my shoulders specifically my TOP shoulders.

MIDDLE: This workout is for my triceps (50 pounds).

RIGHT: This is the cardio I did after weights. Was on the treadmill for one hour.

SATURDAY (3/31/18)

LEFT: Did 100 reps in 6 sets. 1st set 20 reps. 2nd set 15 reps. 3rd set 15 reps. 4th set 20 reps. 5th set 15 reps. 6th set 15 reps.

RIGHT: Did 50 reps at my own pace

I think this is for love handles aka side stomachs. I rotated left and right so I did 25 on my left side and 25 on my right side. Did them back and forth for a total of 200 reps.

This is my cardio. Went on the treadmill for 1 hour. You can see the calories burned and how much Sweatcoins I collected from doing that. I will write about my experience about Sweatcoins in another post.

SUNDAY (4/1/18)

I wanted to workout on this day but time management is hard. I went to work on this day. Maybe I should've just done cardio but sometimes I feel addicted to the gym to to point where I want to do weights and cardio so I can get results.


The purpose of this was to motivate myself to be more active and to show more ACCURACY on my weight loss journey. I also wanted to make make it more original so that it will hard for people to copy my style. So far I worked out seriously about 4 out of 7 days. I hope next week I can do more. 4 out of 7 days is alright in my standards. I can do better. 5 out of 7 days should be the minimum like if I gave myself a letter grade it would be a solid C. If I did 6 out 7 days it would be a solid B. Hopefully I can workout seriously every morning 7 days a week. All the workouts I did it was all on an empty stomach so that my body burns energy from the fat instead of glycogen.

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Hey there. I saw you joined #dtubefitness. Welcome aboard. Love what you're doing with the gifs. Very smart way to show your workouts. Look forward to seeing your results. Stop by the discord to say hi. Here's to your success.

Thanks for the welcome!! I originally wanted to make the GIFs sooner but I needed to upgrade my phone. Ever since I posted I'm really excited for the future. Hope you come back to check out more of these and feel free to critique by giving your honest opinion about my workout and my diet.

Dude! This is beyond awesome! The GIFs are amazing!
I think you should join @steemmatt's challenge! Everyone is so super supportive.

Thanks I owe it to the GIFs. You should use GIFs to for your posts!!! Im going to check out his challenge!

also the workouts for my arms do you think im doing enough? or do you think I need to do more workouts for my triceps and forearms? do i need to add a bit more isolation exercises?

Nice job bro! I definitely like how you included animated clips of you working out! The one recommendation I would have for you is when you are working out your triceps, stand a little closer and keep your upper arms as straight as you can because when you move your arms forward, you aren't getting the full benefit. Great job :)

good idea luckily i feel the burn on my triceps haha

I have gained so much weight and been trying to attempt to loose but i haven't been successful yet. Seeing this makes me motivated to start my own weightloss journey. Great job

thanks im suprised you found my post through many other posts. i really hope it motivates people to go the gym

Nicee, love the clips of training :) you should join @dtubefitness on discord :)

thanks for the suggestion. i honestly didnt think i be good enough to join there.

Dude! Are you serious?!? You totally are!!

i wasnt consistent cause i go on and off with being active but now that i have a fitness blog i think i can make a difference and motivate a lot of people

Sorry about being off topic but are you going to post a review of the latest TWD episode soon?

its cool i've been busy but I'm going to post it tomorrow.

Lovely! I hope I can keep it up that way :)

Thank you. I figured blogging this will motivate me to go to the gym every day :D

Yes of course. You need to do it regularly to update here :)

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