The Daily Better - 15 December 2016

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The Mission of Project Better

is to reward posts have many votes from Minnows but earn pennies.

We don't judge the quality of the contents, and we don't have man-power to detect plagiarism(But we will skip the posts that @cheetah had commented), only the votes and comments from human that have more than 25 reputation matters.

How to donate voting power to Project Better and earn curation rewards?

Sign up to and bind your posting key.

In full transparency, you will be able to track the list every day detailing all the posts that Project Better has chosen. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @better account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Voting History (Updated at UTC 2016-12-15 18:21:37.92)

  • 15-12 Christmas is coming!!! 32 minutes ago by immarojas in humor $0.88
  • 15-12 Golden rules of horrific betting or how to win BIG money fast. 3 – bankroll is for total losers. 1 hour ago by writingamigo in funny $2.01
  • 15-12 Hello, Steemit! I would like to introduce myself! 1 hour ago by enigma84 in introduceyourself $9.91
  • 15-12 The Kid That Became A Guy Part IV: Vietnam 1 hour ago by richq11 in story $4.52
  • 15-12 Photography #25 - Ice Ice Ice 2 hours ago by sulev in photography $5.19
  • 15-12 CALM, a poem (original) 3 hours ago by annesaya in poetry $1.28
  • 15-12 [EASY DAILY FOOD] NOODLE WITH BEEF SOUP / RECIPE / FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY 4 hours ago by bontonstory in food $3.17
  • 15-12 steemitphotochallenge 22 - Church of the 11th century. Photo1. 5 hours ago by sokoloffa in steemitphotochallenge $4.77
  • 15-12 Steemit Publishing of Books: How we’ll implement this. 5 hours ago by technovedanta in publisher $1.96
  • 15-12 The Sun - a short look into our star 6 hours ago by steemizen in education $1.29
  • 15-12 The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Plants in Aceh 7 hours ago by alfarisi in writing $15.55
  • 15-12 The Indians found in the woods the sorting hat 8 hours ago by konstantin in science $0.71
  • 15-12 Would you walk 5 miles for $1? - Why I think Bitwalking can work 8 hours ago by rmach in money $13.48
  • 15-12 Crypto Contest December 15: MaidSafeCoin 10 hours ago by maarnio in maidsafecoin $12.66
  • 15-12 Draft Your Steemit Posts With Ladder And Publish Them At Exact Time Of Your Choice 10 hours ago by ervin-lemark in ladder $12.3
  • 15-12 Steem Giveaway: Share Your Favorite 90's Track And I'll Send You Some Free Steem 10 hours ago by rossenpavlov in music $12.11
  • 15-12 👣Heres my Round 4 Post in Papa-peppers Wild /Crazy Contest! 👣 12 hours ago by karenmckersie in story $5.82
  • 15-12 Coconut water "Mother Nature's guilt-free sports drink" 12 hours ago by pilgrimtraveler in food $11.72
  • 15-12 "STEEMIT STORY" is a story created by ALL Steemians who wish to participate! If you want to contribute just click "reply " and get to writing!!! 13 hours ago by riosparada in steemitstory $19.98
  • 15-12 창의 예술 재능 교육과 국제 사회 속 우리 문화의 계급: K-POP 가수 공장. 우리나라에서 '창의'는 궁극적으로 어떤 의미일까요? 14 hours ago by hansikhouse in kr $19.43
  • 15-12 1. 2. 3... - Meanderings Collection 15 hours ago by cyber-punk in poetry $0.16
  • 15-12 Sweet Little Foraged Christmas Decorations 16 hours ago by rebeccaryan in gardening $11.5
  • 15-12 My sculpture of Jinx | Mi escultura de Jinx 16 hours ago by jesuke in art $20.12
  • 15-12 Sundown at the Acreage 17 hours ago by daveks in photography $11.86
  • 14-12 Urgent/Mt.St.Helens Watch/Quakes/Possible Land Slide. 18 hours ago by wakeupnd in news $2.15
  • 14-12 Santa Knows Who Butters His Bread! 🌀 Do Your Kids?! 18 hours ago by inphiknit in funny $7.77
  • 14-12 Potassium 19 hours ago by matthew.raymer in geology $2.38
  • 14-12 NCBD: Hawkeye #1 Released Today - A Quick Look Inside 19 hours ago by cryplectibles in comics $2.6
  • 14-12 Delicious boiled Quail eggs 19 hours ago by allmonitors in food $12.08
  • 14-12 Rabbit Hole - Meanderings Collection 19 hours ago by cyber-punk in poetry $1.19
  • 14-12 Some incredible pics taken of me fire dancing! 19 hours ago by breezin in photos $1.66
  • 14-12 Another sleepless night with the paramedics visiting 20 hours ago by karenb54 in pain $2.85
  • 14-12 Media Placement List: Steemit Community Completes Successful Hardfork 20 hours ago by steemit-pr in steemit $6.3
  • 14-12 Janet Yellen von US Zentral Bank (FED) erhöht Zinsen um 0,25% 20 hours ago by rafaelzauner in deutsch $9.13
  • 14-12 Newslink : Diego Luna debuta como el primer héroe mexicano de Star Wars 23 hours ago by chotto in newslink $19.41
  • 14-12 Steemit 101 Latest Episode: 3 Resources to help you on Steemit 24 hours ago by barrydutton in steemit $15.27
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    felicitaciones @better tiene ud Y Todo su equipo por la excelente seleccion.
    felicitacines a todos los mencionados
    dar hoy toda gracias por Nuestros Trabajos son Confiar
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