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Whether you are taking a break from your own flow, or you desperately need pushed over the writer's block edge...this poetry challenge is for you. All of us coming together and sharing our versions of how the dice speak to us, is what makes this challenge so great. I hope future rolls of the dice will continue to be an inspiration for you and the ones close to you. Cheers! And thanks for all you do!


1rst Place - 5 STEEM

2nd Place - 3 STEEM
3rd Place - 1 STEEM
Bonus - 1 STEEM (for using MJ die)


  1. All 9 images must be referenced at least once, each. Images are interpreted loosely. How you interpret (or assign the image meaning) is up to you and does not count against you.
  2. Make your first tag "poetrydice," so I can find your entry.
  3. Include "Poetry Dice Entry:" in your title, so I know it's official.
  4. Put a link to your post in the comments section (below). Feel free to message me your link in steemit.chat (optional).
  5. Please submit no more than 3 entries. If you wish to write more than 3 poems per roll, that is fine. I just ask that you clearly label which ones are your official entries.

Deadline to enter contest is next Saturday at Midnight PST (UTC-7)
Winners will be announced weekly

NEW - "Mary Jane" die (optional)

To use, just add as many references to “mary-jane” into your poem as the dice reflect. For example, this week you can reference "mary-jane," in any form, (3) times in your poem. This is because the die shows (3) "mary-jane leaves".


*Disclaimer: The winners are based on the entries which I think are the best. I am not saying anyone is a bad poet, I will not say that. Instead, I seek to offer you my encouraging and supportive feedback as a fellow poet. My opinion takes into consideration many things, including:

  • grammar / Does it make sense?
  • flow / Are there any unclosed loopholes that leave me confused?
  • rhythm
  • rhyme
  • imagery / Can I imagine the pictures the words paint?
  • feeling / Does it cause a reaction?
  • and emotional pull / Do I suddenly have an opinion?

Want to Guest or Co-Judge?

Two or three heads are better than one, so if you would like an opinion too, please let me know and we can chat up which poems we like best for the week and why. Comment below or message me in chat if you wish to remain anonymous...

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Thanks again for participating in the re-vamped Poetry Dice Challenge 3000!

I wanted everyone to have another opportunity to be inspired by a semi-structured poetry contest that is unique. Rory's Story Cubes have been an inspiration for me for many years, and Steemit has provided an opportunity for me to share that inspiration with you.

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My first pot poem, just for you Robyn. Congratulations, you made me do it. :P


:D oh yeah! Lovin it! XO So glad I could help! :D

Here's a quick one I wrote for the competition, I call it 'The Scales of Madness'.


Another great entry! This week is gonna be tough !! :-O I love it! XO Cheers and thanks for joining us this week @thehattedtomfool!


Thanks for your week4 roll! So glad to see you play again this week! :-)


Excellent entry! Thanks for being an awesome contender. :-)

I missed out Week 3. This is my entry for Week 4. It is a wacky poem


Thanks for your entry to the PDC3K this week! Glad you could make it :-)


Since I missed out week3, I am submitting 2 entries for Week 4. Steeming ahead.


Thanks for your entry to the PDC3K this week @imamaii! :-0

Mary Jane? I have heard of a lot of synonyms for marijuana, but this is a first time I have heard someone call it like that ^^

*P.S. (unless I missed it) u forgot to mention the prize pool, assuming it's the same, but for the newcomers ;)


Yes I did forget! thank you! And yes~ Marijuana by another other name would stink as sweet....xo


I don't even partake, and I have been aware of that nickname for ages! LOL!

There we go, finally. I think I got it right, though post posting it won't let me change my first tag, but the tag is there, I forgot the rules, focused on the dice. Think we're good to go...
my entry...
knowledge is power


That's ok! You're in! Thanks for your entry - this is very exciting! :-)

😅 I havent tried yet. But i write as if i did. Lol.. Many loves MJ.


Thanks for your entry! :-) Cheers!


Thanks for entering the PDC3K this fourth week! :D You so totally rock! Steem-on! :-)


Thanks for your entry to the PDC3K this week! :D


It was a true pleasure, one of my main reasons for finding words and playing with them. :)

Hi @robyneggs! I really like this contest. This is my entry for the week. Enjoy reading it.


I love your entry this week! :-)

This is my entry - I had a lot of fun!


Thanks for entering @sumsum! Love your post! Xo

Hi @robyneggs... I'm submitting another entry --> https://steemit.com/poetrydice/@tegoshei/mary-jane-pdc3k-week-4-by-robyneggs-entry-2

This time, I included the optional die.. ^^
Thanks... :)


Love your MJ poem @tegoshei! Hehe it rocked my soul and made me happy ...420! :-)


Wow!!! <3
This means a lot to me...
Thank you~!!! ^_^


Great first entry! Thanks for playing! Can't wait to check out your contest.

My first time joining a poetry contest and i never thought this would be so much fun. :) Here's the link for my entry! thank you @robyneggs



Thanks for your entry this week @mhelows! :-)

I would like to offer an entry to your poetry contest. You will see it on this post link. Thanks my friend. https://steemit.com/poetry/@enjoywithtroy/a-funny-original-poem-of-a-steemit-addict-i-wrote-for-you-enjoy-with-troy


Thank you for your entry this week! Don't forget to make the "poetrydice" tag your first one so I can find your post easier! XO Cheers!

Hi @robyneggs - Cool to find this fun little competetion. Here's my entry https://steemit.com/poetrydice/@steemmeupscotty/poetry-dice-challenge-3000-entry-1-where-did-i-put-my-niche - Where did I put my Niche?


Hey thanks for entering! :-) XO PDC3K week 4 is now much better because of you! :D


😊 Thanks for hosting this contest! 🎲 🍻


You are welcome! So glad I could unite dice and poetry :-)

Hello, I am a new steemer and I thought it would be cool to enter a poetry contest as I love poetry, but I'm kind of confused how this works? Thanks.


Just make a poem in which all the dices shown on the picture are included. As stated, interpretation is loosely.


What @droucil said. Thank you for responding. It's loose for sure. Just make sure i can find your poem :D XO


This entry is awesome! Thanks so much for slamming your skillz down on the PDC3K this week Babe! :-*


TY! Your contest gives me the inspiration to write a poem :). As I love to play with the words, this contest is my favorite one so far! Having a chance to win is just a bonus.

Here is my entry for week 4. Thank you for reading!


The Last Sage


Cool! Thanks for joining us in week 4 of the PDC3K! XOXO Your entry shall be truly scintillating i'm sure.

Please read my entry. I really hope you like it and maybe check out my other works too! Thanks! You're awesome.



Thanks for your entry! Great to have you!


Thanks for entering the PDC3K week 4! :-)

Fun! :D

Let's see what I can come up with...


Hoping it will be something obscure :-)


Thanks for entering this week! :-) Cheers!


Cheers! :D

Ohhh craps how long is left in this?? I just seen it! :[ & have never seen this before ,poetrydice looks FUN!.. if I am too late before I can complete this ( if its still running?!) I will be keeping eyes out for the next one!
great way to see other poets too 💙


ohh I see, tomoro night, i dont think i will make this time round as I am working tomoro .. I hope to join in next time. Followed so I can spy on when that is , lol :O


The Poetry Dice Challenge is still going on this week until Saturday at midnight (UTC -7) USA PST. Would love to have you join us! :-)


Awesome!!! Then I will proceed in doing that tonight after work when I finish at 8:00pm ( it is now 12:30pm GMT) =D
I already have my idea! glad to be on board! shall be completed by tomorrow =)


Oh this is gonna be good :D Thanks for entering the PDC3K this week! Cheers @steemmate!


of course!

Hi! Here is my entry...thanks for the reminder to post here! Thank you for the contest ❤


Thanks for posting back @wandrnrose7! You are now officially entered! :-) Cheers! Xo


Yay! Thank you ❤

I am so glad that I made it on time for entry into the competition xx Here is my entry :

I hope everyone likes it and that it isn't too morbid lol x

Good Luck everyone!!! and happy to connect with other writers! 💜


Thanks for your official entry to the PDC3K! :-)

Whew. I almost didn't make it. My entries for this week: In Pursuit of Living and Conversation with a Mirror


Got your entries! :D

I should be able to enter next week. Now if only inspiration would come back...


Thanks for thinking of it :D Hope you will join us for next week's PDC3K - I'm telling ya now it's gonna be good! :D