Gringalicious in San Diego Travel Series - Part 7 Balboa Park at Night

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It’s been over a week since I got home from California with @fullofhope but I only just finished sorting through all the photos. I’m finally sharing the last ones from our last few days we spent there.

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night.jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (6).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (2).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (3).jpg

The evening before we left we had the pleasure of meeting up with a cousin @vwd who recently moved to the area. She took us to see one of the last things on our list, which was Balboa Park. We had planned to do it on our first day when we went to the zoo but we’d run out of time so I was happy to fit it in. Of course, it was dark so I really didn’t get half the amount of photos I wanted to, but it was still amazing at night.

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (4).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (5).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (7).jpg

I guess I have a thing for classic styles of architecture because I fell in love with the whole place. It actually reminded me of some of the places I visited in Lisbon last year.

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (8).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (9).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (10).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (11).jpg

After we explored the park we headed to a restaurant to get a late dinner and, ironically we chose a place that my sister and I had already seen but we actually didn’t realize it was a restaurant. Clearly my observation skills on this trip were top notch, no? Haha, well I’m so glad my cousin told us about it because it was a really nice place to eat and the inside felt as if you’d walked onto a pirate ship.

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (12).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (17).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (14).jpg

The food was really good too. We tried the onion rings that were about as big as my face. I ordered a salad and they both ordered different pastas, all of which will, I’m sure, inspire future recipes for me. Later when we got back to the hotel my sis noticed fireworks out the window. I’m still curious what they were for, but they were really pretty.

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (15).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (16).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (18).jpg

Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (13).jpg


For more great food ideas, please do not forget to look at my other recent food posts

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ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

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Travel Diary California Beach Day + Balboa Park at Night (35).jpg


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That looks absolutely gorgeous!

thanks for your daily support @yummyrum

These views are amazing ..
The trip looks really enjoyable .. good for you
Great post

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There are so many attractions to visit here that one day simply isn't enough time, even if you just visit the highlights. It's an extraordinary place.

Nice photography, thanks for sharing

Very colorful indeed the pics were.

thanks so much for commenting @tamsguitar

Wow the pictures are really amazing... great seems you had a great time there....thanks for sharing ☺️

thanks so much for commenting @universalpro

@romanaround I have added you to my fan base for a auto upvote from me.... every little bit helps i am sure.. looking forward to more.

thanks so much for the comment and for the upvote @romanaround

your visiting place is more wonderful. thanks for sharing

The photos are amazing.Who is the shooter?

Awesome photography , I hope you enjoy your travel
Thanks for sharing with us i always read and watch your travel
Hope you have a good day
enjoy your life with travel

thank you @gringgalicious , your post made me travel with you , so beautiful buildings and awesome food, enjoy your journey with your sister. have a good time every day !

Lovely contribution on the forum!

Balboa Park at Night looks so nice and beautiful building design is so nice and beautiful keep sharing with us I appereciate your photography skills

You just activate that macrosmatic feeling. Thanks dear

I really like the architectural structures of of all and I enjoyed looking your trip and foods picture ;)

thanks so much for commenting

The food and architecture shots are amazing. Beautiful color. That Casa Del Prado does look Iberian. I have never been to Portugal but have seen some similar buildings in Spain and Latin America. A fabulous time does indeed look like it was had. Thank you for sharing with us:)

great commenting @prydefoltz, thanks so much

Let me see....
unnamed (16).gif
what a photography!!!!

stunning photos, made me feel like I was with you!

you are always so sweet and supportive, thanks so much

Amazing photography ...

thanks so much

awesome photography food made me hungry would deffinatly like to visit this place true WOWed by it awesome stuff.

you're so nice to say this, thanks so much for commenting @ychaudrys

balboa park is gorgeous at night! I've only been there during the day for lunch :), I had no idea they have all that uplighting going on. Beautiful shots :)

I really appreciate it @polebird!

Great way to log your travels--with awesome photos. I like the mix of scenery, food close ups, and personal people shots.

Thank you for reading @joechiappetta!

In the night this place looks even interesting damn the city is amazing just like you all :D

Thanks @blazing ! It's always good to hear from you.

Yep it definitely looks like European architecture! Haha I'm glad you found the pirate ship restaurant! If you don't feel like you're eating in a pirate ship, you're not doing it right.

Haha, that's what I always say @nomadicsoul! ;)

You got a 7.34% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @gringalicious!

wow this is very cool comrade. I am very fascinated with your photography friends

yes both friends. help visit my blog ya friends

maybe you do not know me yet

This post has received gratitude of 5.98% from @appreciator courtesy of @gringalicious!

Wow! Amazing beauty of the place and the beauty of the ladies (^_^)! Great shots of the camera and my favorite pasta are there! LOL

Any kind of cooked pasta, I will eat! Any sauce is fine with me! Just for pasta! ^_^ LOL

Nice! @gringalicious

thanks so much for the great commenting @kennyroy

Great afternoon, so many beautiful places an colors .Food seems delicious! Bon appetite :-)!

thanks so much for commenting @arx27

Wow really amazing photography i really enjoyed a lot on reading your post,thanks for sharing.

thanks so much for commenting

Nice pictures, evening shots are always nice when the light is awesome somewhere. Are those buildings always lighted like this or was it for a special occasion?

I think they are always lighted up like this, this was not a 'special' occasion. Great commenting, thanks so much

Nice! Good to see more and more cities are properly lighting up their buildings :)

your photos look stunning!

thanks so much and welcome to STEEM These pictures are amazing! And I love the picture of the three of you:)

Oh, thanks @itsallasong! Great to hear from you.

Great story and great photos, first time here and i am amazed ☺️

thanks for stopping by and commenting

Awesome travelling experiences with you this is wonderful so awesome :)

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I also love classic styles of architecture. I was in Spain and visited Sevilla, Granada, Malaga and Barcelona. Those places have beautiful architecture and I strongly recommend you to travel there ;) It's great that you were in Lisbon, it is the next travel destination on my list ;) I'm curious what new recipes you will share with us as a result of your californian trip 😊 Have a great day @gringalicious and I am continue to drink my morning coffee 😉

well, there's a lot of inspiration in my head that has yet to make it to Steem, but it is on its way. For now, I am normally only posting once per day. I may kick it up to 2 here and there, we'll see. The landscape is always changing.

Two posts a day that would be awesome 😊I keep my fingers crossed for you 😊

I think this place is like similer to my university. My university design are similer. That is very old.This post comes very late. I thought that your travel stories end but you write another great story of you travel. This story is also like previous. Thanks for share us

everyone seems to be enjoying the experience this is great :)

Young Lady thank you for making me homesick. I grew up about 20 miles north of there inOceanside. Your photos bring back some great memories. I have some from the daytime but they are not nearly as gorgeous as yours.Glad you had such a great time in my hometown. But you know you could have stopped by and picked me up and left me there..... I would not have to shovel snow if I was there........ Great pictures......

so where do you call home now?

I'm in southeast Minnesota......

wow, way different than Oceanside for sure

incredible pics this is super nice thanks for sharing have a nice day :)

thanks so much for the kind words @starboye

All the pictures are stunningly beautiful . They don't need description... they speak for themselves!

Wow, that's such a sweet compliment @alltechevent!

Every time, you give your best. Thanks for the nice piece and photos.

thanks so much for commenting @sidsun

The night city looks especially beautiful! Well, as your post could do without the photos of delicious food)))

It's hard to do a gringa post without the food - LOL

Love that you've got all the fam on Steemit! Looks like you guys had a great time, for a moment there I thought we weren't going to see any food photos! Hope it was all up to standard!

don't worry, food is still my number one, but I will be traveling a lot this year so lots of travel posts are coming for sure. Next trip is a return visit to Chile.

Whew! I do always love some good old travel adventures, can't wait to see more :)

Ohhhhh! What a great place? !!!really looks unbelievable, all beautiful there , the places, the lights, the foods, thank you very much for sharing with us those amazing shots.

thanks so much for your daily support @creativewoman.

wow looks amazing!!! you are making me wanna go back there sooo much!

me too, LOL. It's cold here in North Idaho and I am ready for Spring. I might need to go back to SD very soon. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, I know you are crazy busy

Extraordinarily beautiful photography and fascinating friends, anyone who sees it will admire

very kind words, thanks so much @chairilfahmi

Love the architecture of that building..That is one hell of engineering though..So graciously you share your trips, keeping it simple but very beautiful..And for food thing I cant comment, you already are an expert on that ;)

great commenting @tasauver, thanks so much!

What better way to end a vacation than with fireworks? Awesome trip. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

I am so glad you were able to come along with me!

Wow! Such a lovely photos! San Diego is amazing! And the food looks fantastic and delicious. What an amazing trip you and your sister did! :)

thanks so much for your daily support @sweetcarol

Welcome to our beautiful corner of the world in almost always sunny Southern California. I hope you have enjoyed all aspects of your trip. Your photos are fantastic as usual. I do so hope you were greeted and treated with friendly smiles and kindness everywhere you turned and please come again and again :) <3

Oh, that is just so sweet @cvmidwife!

Spektakuler... Can I resteem?

Excellent contribution.
Thanks for shearing.

Happy Steeming.

Such a cool park! Beautiful photos and nice to see you girls have fun!

thanks so much for stopping by and commenting @jacksongroves

amazing art, very beautiful

Thanks so very much @muhamadin!

Wow ! What a beautiful place ! Everything is perfect !! Enjoyed you post my friend !!

thanks so much for commenting @akkha

You are welcome my friend !

Thank you for sharing the pictures! Great pictures! I am glad to see that you have totally enjoyed out there! At times when we watch happy faces, we also feel to really come out the shell and just enjoy every moment! Keep going...have wonderful days ahead.

thanks so much for the great commenting

its realy nice place

thanks so much for commenting

Actually, your food looks more appealing than the cathedral buildings. I like the last photo of the outside.

Haha, I like the food pics too @hanamana!

I especially adore the architecture photos..................well done 🌸💖🌸

Loving the shot of the empty chair. A glimpse of its ambiance.

thanks so much for commenting and your continued support @foovler

Your night time photography is spectacular!! I remember Balboa Park very, very well. It was one of my favorite spots of San Diego

I loved it @noboxes! Thanks!

Lovely pictures... these made me add California to my check list 🙈
The food!! 🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍

thanks so much for commenting