Gringalicious in San Diego Travel Series - Part 1

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

Finally had a chance to share some of the trip I'm on with my sister, @fullofhope in San Diego and I'm so excited to share them with you.





Growing up in big family, it's nice to have a smaller group to travel with. It just simplifies things not to have so many people to keep up with.





While I have a ton pictures already from the last few days I'm just sharing the ones from the first day here because that in itself was hard enough to narrow down into a single post.





Traveling in a small group isn't the only thing I've been really appreciating on this trip, another thing that is so nice, after becoming used to traveling overseas where the connecting flights can take up to 2 days to get you to your destination, is only having a few hours of flights. Also, airport food is just always overpriced and usually not very good, anyone else agree? We grabbed some quick lunch in between flights in Pheonix, then boarded the second flight to San Diego. Not the greatest to be honest, but at least it was something fresh.





After landing we Uber-ed it to get the hotel and isn't that such a great concept you guys? After settling in there we walked along the water's edge to get to a place called Seaport Village.





It's an outdoor shopping and Dining district that's got so many fun touristy shops to look at. I was so sorry when we were told that this area is about to be closed down at the end of this year. I can hardly believe it because it was so beautiful and fun.





We also passed by the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier San Diego Museum. That's something we're planning to see with my father @noboxes on a future trip because he was in the Navy for years and I want to get to see it with him.





The surrounding area is filled with so much liveliness too. I just love all the street performers and local culture you find here. This one young guy was so talented at his craft. Bubbles, yes! He told us that his original act was juggling but about 3 years ago he transitioned into doing the bubbles and now you can clearly see he's made an art of it. He even created a huge bubble around some smaller bubbles! Bubble-ception! (Oh, hey if you want to see a great post with more of the bubbles check out my sister @fullofhope 's post HERE)




The hotel has been amazing and so nice (definitely recommend the Springhill Suites San Diego Bayfront/Downtown.) The breakfast selection, yum, so many foods to choose from, I'll share some pictures of that in future posts because believe it or not I don't always take pictures of food and I accidentally forgot to get some of our first morning's breakfast. The gym is fully equipped for everything you could want and I've even had it to myself a few days and that was so nice.





The first evening we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and, wow, I forgot how delicious their food is!






So look forward to the next post from this trip. I can't wait to share!






ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

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San Diego....... I was here. San Diego's beaches I liked the most of all west coast beaches, seriously.

I agree, they were really nice, thanks @ligit

Great post .. good
Good for you .. look great trip thanks for the pictures
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us

your photographs are mind blowing. perfect clicks like a professional photographer.

Thanks for the compliment. I always work towards being 'professional.'

Thanks @introvert-dime

she's got an eye, doesn't she :)
@gringalicious on another free-spirit live report, appreciate more of those.

Hey gringalicious,

You are back agian with another fab expereince. Your photography is always great but this time the most I liked is your travel with your sister. It is so cute and I am sure you both angels had a blast. I live away from home and now I realize the best time is the one spent with the family.

you're right, time with family is best, thanks @suf1an

Have fun in San Diego!

That hotel looks amazing! And the pictures are great as usual! Looks like a fun trip with your sister. It reminds me that i should go on a new trip my younger sister too!

Thanks for the kind words on my photos. The hotel is less than 2 years old and they're going to tear it town at the end of this year. The whole area is being transformed into a new project, just crazy.

It would be a really cool post series by @susanne, "Where Should My Sister and I Go?" You two could pick several possibilities and see what Steem picks.

As always, thanks so much for your support!

All those fancy photos and yet all I can keep thinking about is how cool it is that those ducks know how to use a crosswalk.

I trained them myself, that's a whole other post

That sounds like a series of posts and a novel made into a movie to me.

they're ducks, how hard could it be? But, after giving it some more thought, perhaps it could be a natgeo series featuring you as the duck wisperer

Can we call the show: What the Duck Did You Just Say?

you're a freaking genius. damn straight,

What the Duck Did you Just Say?

what could be more perfect?

Edit: I'm on vacation, I can't be funny any longer

That sounds like me when I'm trying to take a vacation...

Enjoy your vacation!

really great and hope you have a good journey with your sister.

@nonamestlefttous yes, the photos is nice and cool. Nice comment. Am following you already.

your photographs, wow, I don't even have words. You've gone super over the top. I want some of these on my wall. Just fantastic work!!

Yea @noboxs you talk true, the photography is amazing wit good quality. Thanks for sharing @gringalisious.

your pictures hun are just incredible! I love them so much! beautiful story, i loved san diego, it was one place where i said i could move here! I travelled around california two years ago!

Hey @allasyummyfood. CA is a tad cheaper than London, but not much. But, there's so much that you could use for your business. Everywhere you look is amazing scenery, amazing food and OMG, the weather.

As always, thanks so much for all of your support!

Wow fantastic pics! Looks like a super fun trip!

New York is on my radar, maybe before the year is out

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Loveeee it! I'm a bit jealous! San Diego Is the best! I Love it there! I hope you have an absolute blast hehe.

aww, so sweet @kaylinart, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I know you're super busy with your businesses and I really appreciate it.

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San Diego is a peaceful place for minds, and your clicks show us all of it, traveling overseas, have an experience which not good for many of us, although your all over trip was amazing.
All the clicks are mind blowing, the first click in which you turn and samile must be made crazy many for us, how magnificently you made every click, your flight, hotel room, gym, the most amazing places of that city with your smile looking fabulous.
Your traveling is full of energy and positivity thats I take it, although i wanna appreciate your smiley face which is the most beautiful thing is your whole contribution.
Thanks, Gringalicious, for sharing your amazing traveling experience with us, it worth for us, keep sharing such positive things with us in future, blessed you...
Steem On.....

fantastic commenting, thanks so much @abdullahshoaib

don't forget to eat more kale while in California :)

got it, more kale, thanks @liwen12345

Very beautiful photos n the pic with sun behind is very cool. :)

I am so glad you liked it @tamsguitar, thanks so much for all of your support

All the pictures are really amazing......looks like you had a really great time out there with your sister....its soo good to see so many different kinds of food in one place.......amazing post

mind blowing photography @gringalicious hope this trip of san diago is happy for you

very happy, thanks

Woow wonderful pictures 👍👍👍

You're an excellent photographer and it's great to see how large you have grown in just 6 months, what's your secret?

my secret to photography?

it's wonderful to see such photos! Many thanks! Very impressed! I loved it! so good to have a carefree holiday!

youuuuu loook so georgeus

that's nice of you to say

Live and warm atmosphere I can feel from the shots. Looking forward to your next posting. Take care~^^

thanks so much for commenting @ajlight

Simply WOW !!!
Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful.
Man these bubbles are HUGE...XD

I would be beyond honoured if you care to look at my blog. I'm trying to learn photography.

thanks for the commenting @event-horizon

Its very nice i like it

thanks for commenting

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Thank You! ⚜

not so much on the comment

good post I like do not forget like komen uvotes my post thanks @teukuyusril

I am a Southern California Native that grew Up in Orange County and I must say between Newport Beach and San Diego along the Coast I do miss it............I have lived in Arizona now for 20 years................

what part of Orange Co. did you grow up in?

you are very lucky.

So nice dear .I can feel warm atmosphere from this shoot. Wonderful photography thanks for sharing.

thanks so much for commenting @maadi

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Looks like you are having a great trip and lots of fun. You are right about that , "that airport foods are overpriced'. Your golden hour and Bouble photography are the best of all photo. Thanks for sharing this. DQmasd9hkBgxPpCuWqGEqEbDLmokeHrwAMXU7cY14KS12XX.jpg

thanks so much for appreciating my photography @paultarpan

If you don't mind please take my cordial invitation at my blog

San Diego sans nothing from the basket a travelogue can echo, and to all the amaze, you duo have touched almost every bliss from the place. Cheesefactory 😌, the motel, the food, and the serene warmth; enough of a visitor’s solace. Though its been long that the place winks from my itinerary, unfortunately sill it remains in the coming. Hope to have a chance soon enough though.

PS: your camera getting much saner 🤨@gringalicious

wow, I need a glass of red

Nice. Very good post. I upvote your post. Please upvote back my post and follow me @dians thanks

Fantastic photography friend I appreciate your travel carry on and have a nice day :-)

thanks so much for the commenting

hi @gringalicious I think you really enjoy traveling adventures, lots of good pictures you share, let alone the picture of food I like it, @gringalicious I hope you can keep taking good pictures and share them, keep on working and excited

thanks so much for commenting

where are you now @gringalicious ?
I wait for your latest post.

beautiful picture and journey..i hope i can taste a cheese seem delicious..

I have cheesecake inspiration overload, stay tuned

Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me.
Thanks @gringalicious

with Steem, anything is possible, never say never

I agree wiht you .

San Diego looks like it's the place to be!

It awesome, you should totally visit. thanks for commenting

thanks so much for commenting

Good shots 👍

thanks and welcome to Steem

wow! San Diego is a very wonderful and peaceful place have seen in eyez it's really good. well I'm commented on first time your post I liked. I think you've a great experience about travel. This is really amazing place for going to travel and also honeymoon :D you're loOking so pretty and also you similey face ;)

great commenting @sanach, thanks so much

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Travel is life. There is nothing more exciting than thrilling than travel. I wish I could travel. But being a student it far away as of now. Anyways gorgeous pictures. The first few pictures are so mind blowing that they made my day. Happy to see you again. Take care. Enjoy @gringalicious

work hard on Steem and travel will not be far away, it will change your life.

Thanks for commenting @wa2qr

Alright thanks

Steady and cool photo of her

This post has received a 3.56 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @gringalicious

Ah, beautiful shots indeed! I think this is the first time I had a real chance to take a closer look at your art.

Never being in San Diego.

Last time I travelled it was about 6 months ago and it looks like a whole eternity.

Add SD to your list, it's amazing

I did long time ago : )

Great photos! Can't wait to see more…and to see you guys! I'm glad you're having a great time :)

thanks so much for the great commenting @vwd!

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thank you very much for sharing @ gringalicious, maybe @jhoni late but do not want to miss this beauty, you have shared beautiful maybe people will say all happy happy friends, good luck to you, in work and enjoy your life hope


Amazing ,your day is full of fun

thanks so much for the commenting

I really love the second photo... its just PERFECT.
Nice trip! Thanks for taking us to San Diego with you!!
Greetings from Venezuela!

thanks so much for the kind words @hada

Amazing photos
i love to pack up everything and head out into the unknown, to explore our planet anytime😊

Very beautiful picuters.. Thank you for sharing..

thanks for commenting

Your photos are amazing! Beautiful places!!

photo stunning, real photographic paintings!!

thanks so much for the kind words @vipnata

Wonderful photography .Travel beautiful.
Thake for sharing this post.
Best of luck.

I'm so happy to share @sharminkona!

You've done great job congratulation

You never fail to amaze with write ups.Putting all your travel dairy infront of us and making us part of it is seriously adoring. Your food recipes are always bang on but here is your other art and you seem to be perfectly fitting in it. Love the Sun setting photos. You almost have us the feel of the place. Beautiful and such panaormic setting.

fantastic commenting @tasauver, thanks so much!!

Well, my first post got me even less lol
But this is something exciting and this minnow is here to stay.
BTW cool pictures, looks like you had a fun time.

keep working at it @rjunaid12, you'll get noticed

I will for sure :)

So nice pictures! Like the Fancy Bubble and the sunset looks amazing! Hope you have a great journey~

thanks so much for commenting

Uber-ed..??? Lolz.. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your journey on Steem.

Haha, yes we Americans like to make everything a verb. Thanks @technological

travel life :)

thanks and welcome to Steem @cangalos

I think, it's a lot of fun traveling with a sister! I really like photos, especially sunsets and sunrises, the sky is just fantastic !!!

What a spectacular day you had this is wonderful each shot was perfect and amazing to watch have a great day and enjoy a lot dear :D

thanks so much @blazing and like always, for your continued support

I think I'll start this pretty soon.. infact my next trip would be perfect.. lol

awesome, travel blogging, I hope it works out well for you

Very nice photography @gringalicious. I remembered one of your post that you will be more on travelling this year. I like the gym a lot!

Yes, and I will definitely be doing more. Thanks for reading @soulbella!

Your welcome.

Wow! San Diego is really beautiful! Hope someday I will visit this place. You have to do more trip posts like that, I love it!

More are on the way. I return home on Sunday and then my next trip is scheduled for next month, Chile. Thanks @crissimoes

That 's the life what i exactly want

work hard on Steem and you'll attain it

Uh-oh look out Steemit peeps, Gringa's doing travel blogs and bombarding us with tons of gorgeous photos!!!
Love SD and that first bubble photo :)

so kind, thanks so much for the very nice words @osm0sis

Beautiful trip! And amazing photos! San Diego is incredible. One day I have to visit this place :)

yes, one day you must visit, it is beautiful. I think you'll reach success with Steem and be able to travel anywhere you want @sweetcarol

amazing photos you took! enjoy your time with your sister :)

thanks so much for the compliment and well wishes @exploreand

Nice trip in good company! All photos are great and I love this one:

Thanks for sharing @gringalicious!

that moment when i realized even though i grew up in San diego i haven't really taken very many pictures of it. Woops

But good job you picking up the slack

thanks so much @jarvie. what part of town did you grow up in?

thanks and welcome to Steem

Love the color correction here. Do you use some presets? Maybe I can use similar in my videos.

I am glad you liked it. Yes, I do have a few presets I like, I'll share them in a future post

Welcome to Steem @soek

Here is a helpful link -

fotos encantadoras si uno se sumerge en ellas se deja llevar por la realidad de las fotos como si lo estuviera viviendo, gracias por estas fotos hermosas te sig

SO glad you are having FUN! Your pictures are amazing! The food looks delish! Even the bubble guy was cool!

next time, you're coming too!

Great pictures !! I love San Diego 😊

Wow amazing photography.

thanks for commenting, I am really glad to hear you liked my photos

You are very beautifull girl! Your photos are very interesting and alive. When I look at them, I feel like I've been to this place.

thanks so much for the great commenting @solnishko