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UPDATE 2018-09-09: The information in this post is very outdated. For up to date info please read the following:

  1. How to promote your post with the dropahead Curation Team (dCT)
  2. New "membership" model and how to update yours


Hey there fellow streemians!

I'm a joint account ran by the dropAhead curation team. This project was started by @develCuy and is currently backed by 5 active curators in our dropAhead Streemian curation trail, along with more than 106 steem followers (so far) that brought me up to 39 reputation points! These numbers are pretty encouraging since we are hard at work. Thanks for that!


The mission of dropAhead curation team is to support hardworking minnows in their early stages through their way to dolphins. So that we upvote, resteem and comment on every selected post:


xx-votesplus in Steemit.chat

This weird keyword is an actual shortcut for all the Steemit.chat channels ran by my team:

Big thanks to @thecryptofiend and @firepower for their support on setting up these channels!

The game rules are simple: If you have a post that reached a certain amount of upvotes but has a low amount of earnings, then you can share it to any of those channels as long as it fits the requirements.

For example, your post has 31 upvotes but will earn just $3.33:

You can share it to #25_Votes_Plus steemit.chat channel since it got more than 25 upvotes but will earn less than $25:

CAUTION! You must share only ONE post or link per day. That is how we keep things fair for everyone.

YET, you can still share certain posts into the other channels if they fit. Let's say your post has 365 upvotes but for some damn reason it will earn only $10.1! That is disappointing but you can share it into all of our channels, because it has more than 25 upvotes, more than 50 upvotes, more than 100 upvotes and more than 200 upvotes, but less than $200, less than $100, less than $50 and less than $25. In short, every channel is independent!

Another example. If your post will earn $75 and it has 50 upvotes... good for you but sorry, you can't share it to any of our channels :(

dropAhead for Witness! and other ways to help

Naturally every day we get more and more people learning our channels rules and creating more content. Our STEEM POWER is still very limited so although we want to upvote every legit post, we can't. Hopefully there are ways you can help us build power for this project:

Earnings are converted into STEEM POWER. Own comments are voted by the curation trail for speeding up capital growth. We hope that some day we'll have enough capital to run an STEEM node for becoming a witness!

Keep steeming and support us, hard working minnows need your help!

That's all folks!


I still do not know how to join

Hi, have you joined our discord chat server already? Please join there and send me a direct message: https://discord.io/dropahead
You have to send ME a direct message, RIGHT-Click my username, click option: "Message"
NOTE: All channels are blocked until you pass the quiz

I texted you but I did not receive any answers?

Thank you for your work @dropahead
I have used your service too and I know it is not easy to look after all these channels. Thank you for the effort and the support of the community :)

This is some great work your team is doing. Have been using the channels and it have been awesome till now.


Sounds like a wonderful project :) Really a great idea!!

read and understood. good work. its fab to see projects supporting minnows

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

how can i join the 25 vote or more?

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