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UPDATE 2018-09-09: The information in this post is very outdated. For up to date info please read the following:

  1. How to promote your post with the dropahead Curation Team (dCT)
  2. New "membership" model and how to update yours


Hey there fellow streemians!

I'm a joint account ran by the dropAhead curation team. This project was started by @develCuy and is currently backed by 5 active curators in our dropAhead Streemian curation trail, along with more than 106 steem followers (so far) that brought me up to 39 reputation points! These numbers are pretty encouraging since we are hard at work. Thanks for that!


The mission of dropAhead curation team is to support hardworking minnows in their early stages through their way to dolphins. So that we upvote, resteem and comment on every selected post:


xx-votesplus in Steemit.chat

This weird keyword is an actual shortcut for all the Steemit.chat channels ran by my team:

Big thanks to @thecryptofiend and @firepower for their support on setting up these channels!

The game rules are simple: If you have a post that reached a certain amount of upvotes but has a low amount of earnings, then you can share it to any of those channels as long as it fits the requirements.

For example, your post has 31 upvotes but will earn just $3.33:

You can share it to #25_Votes_Plus steemit.chat channel since it got more than 25 upvotes but will earn less than $25:

CAUTION! You must share only ONE post or link per day. That is how we keep things fair for everyone.

YET, you can still share certain posts into the other channels if they fit. Let's say your post has 365 upvotes but for some damn reason it will earn only $10.1! That is disappointing but you can share it into all of our channels, because it has more than 25 upvotes, more than 50 upvotes, more than 100 upvotes and more than 200 upvotes, but less than $200, less than $100, less than $50 and less than $25. In short, every channel is independent!

Another example. If your post will earn $75 and it has 50 upvotes... good for you but sorry, you can't share it to any of our channels :(

dropAhead for Witness! and other ways to help

Naturally every day we get more and more people learning our channels rules and creating more content. Our STEEM POWER is still very limited so although we want to upvote every legit post, we can't. Hopefully there are ways you can help us build power for this project:

Earnings are converted into STEEM POWER. Own comments are voted by the curation trail for speeding up capital growth. We hope that some day we'll have enough capital to run an STEEM node for becoming a witness!

Keep steeming and support us, hard working minnows need your help!

That's all folks!


I still do not know how to join

Hi, have you joined our discord chat server already? Please join there and send me a direct message: https://discord.io/dropahead
You have to send ME a direct message, RIGHT-Click my username, click option: "Message"
NOTE: All channels are blocked until you pass the quiz

I texted you but I did not receive any answers?

Thank you for your work @dropahead
I have used your service too and I know it is not easy to look after all these channels. Thank you for the effort and the support of the community :)

This is some great work your team is doing. Have been using the channels and it have been awesome till now.


Sounds like a wonderful project :) Really a great idea!!

read and understood. good work. its fab to see projects supporting minnows

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

how can i join the 25 vote or more?

Successfully read and understood this post.

Yes!! I would love to do this. I understand your instructions. :) Thanks for doing this.

Hey! Enjoy steemit!! Followed. Follow me back 😘

This sounds great, but how can I share it? the channel in the chat says, read only. waiting for instructions.

Please contact me via direct message in steemit.chat

I already message you.

OH! I lost your messages somehow, sorry! Already replied, keep in touch there

Welcome to Steemit! :)

Awesome, great work.!
Keep steem on 👍

Why have you blocked me on steemit.chat?

We got a few rules that you broke but you can always send me a direct message in steemit.chat to work on your case. Thanks!


i follow you . i need steem power level hight vote me .

Work is extraordinary

nice job.i have join the chat but is muted

thank sir invite me here

A big thank to @dropahead for the enormous work to keep this channels clean.

So are you in for this for the long ride? Hope so !!! I am also kind of new in this so, in short, wish you good luck. Writing is hard but if you enjoy it you’ll be ok. Find topics that you can share and all will be ok.
Check here on of my posts and place any comments you wish.


If you find it of value and interesting UPVOTE and/or please click on the FOLLOW and let’s exchange comments in the future.

Good luck,


i can not post on #100 votes plus /why;; it says is only for reading!!!

Please contact me via steemit.chat in order to access our 100+ channel

follow you. I need autorization for 25_Voted chat. I have it only read option. My nickname there alisaroma. thank you

great idea

Very impressive. I just join your trail on discord. Thanks you for bringing this initiative.

that sounds like a lovely project :)

great way to helping and working together...

You guys have my warm welcome
Voted and resteeem

How do I submit the post link

Please how do I submit my post link

Please how do I submit my post link

Great work

Team work hang very good, I like it

@dropAhead read and umderstood the post. Kindly provide axcess to 25+ and 100+ channels

pls i av bin trying to add up my post to the 200t upvotes but i cant see were to post or add a post i need your help

welcome @Dropahead to Steemit:) Glad to see you. I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunpoom

Team work with team spirit. Great idea

Hi @dropahead I have follow you, how to comment/message at your chat room?

It feels so joyous to have a new member to this wonderful family..you are most welcome..do more real content and see the happiness it comes with... steemit is gradually taking the minds of ghanaian youth with the very promotion ongoing daily...we hope to bring more to make here a better place...thanks and explore your world @dropahead .... #steemitghana ...upped

Great..I'll be in..just put the # and ready? Great job!

i am new to steemit but eager to use your service wish you the best

I want to join your group.

I answered your question!

Thanks i will be happy to be a part of this project.

Thank you for your efforts @dropahead !

Can I join drop ahead? I'm in the process of figuring out how to delegate. I am a tiny happy minnow.

Hi, have you joined our discord chat server already? Please join there and send mi a direct message: https://discord.io/dropahead

Hey, I have followed and joined your trail on streemian.

Hey @dropahead I send you the answer to the quiz on discord, can you please check? Thanks

It's a good thing I stumbled into this post today. Its really difficult to continue making good content when you have very low upvotes. Thanks for the motivation

I am unable to post in your discord group... please help me... I don't even have access to #20 group...

Please enter the #help in discord channel and follow the instructions.

I have entered #help in discord followed all the instructions... But how can i follow the instructions? because steemit.chat is not opening it gives.. "took too late to respond"

Ooh, ooh, I can almost join! (claps excitedly, jumping up and down) I'm only 100K vests away (a bit less than) from becoming a Minnow. I'm almost there, still a Red Fish. I will keep an eye out for this thread of #xx-votesplus and when I hit Minnow, partake in it :)

So to see if I understand the rules correctly: 25 = if more than 25 Upvotes, but less than $25 reward value; 50 = + 50 upvotes, less than $50 rewards; 100 = + 100 upvotes, less than $100 rewards; and 200 = +200 upvotes, less than $200 rewards. Is that correct?

And then I drop the link to the post in the appropriate and relevant Discord sub-channel? Is there a number of days I have to wait before posting a link; I'm assuming I have to give a post a few days?

Thanks :)

You nailed it for the channel/votes-reward part from what I gather, not so sure about how long you have to wait.

What determines what level you're at (minnow dolphin..)? Is it SP?

It's related to SP. In fact, for every SP you have, you get just a little over 2000 vests. Vests are what determine these things specifically. It's 1mil vests for Minnow, 1 billion vests for Dolphin, etc, adding 3 zeros at the end every time. You can find you the amount of vests you have by going to the Steemitboard. It says it there.

Cool, thanks for explaining! I'd been through the introduction and some of the posts, but then had work catching up with me haha..

Work happens :p

Thanks i will be happy to be a part of this project.

Welcome dropahead to Steemit.

The general idea is great and I love what you are doing keep it up

I beg your excuse, I d'like to clarify certain aspects. Should I pay or do something for your help? Or all I must do is to undertake some of actions from the list you have written in the end of this post («there are ways you can help us build power for this project»)?

Hi, all members must follow the rules in order to keep the service as fair as possible for everyone. Regarding your support to the project, it is welcome but not an obligation, you choose how much to support us. By the way, the more you help us, the more we can help you and others as well. Since all support we get will only grow our STEEM POWER, that we use to grow rewards (upvote posts) and the reach (help more people) of this project.

good work to @dropahead, thanks

How to I share link my post to your room?

Thanks for posting this. How about a posting that has not reached 10 upvotes? Thanks.

Hi there. How to leave the @dropahead curation trail?

You can leave the trail at any time, just enter this link and authorize the operation:

Ok. Thanks!

@artgirl what's the reason to leave ?

Wow this is pretty cool, guys you re the bomb... Bravo all for this good work @dropahead

Lovely, upvoted, resteemed, delegated. Nice platform

Oh I see... so this is where it's at. Now I know how it works.

спасибо за поддержку новых пользователей)))

If my post have 20 upvote and less 20$ then I can write on channel. If my post have 20+$ then I can't write on channel 20 upvote plus.

Thank you. I understand everything

Hello I want to enter to the xx-voteplus discord channels how can I, HELP

Oh!Nice work minnows.

Hi. Add me to the channel, please. I sent you an answer to Discordapp.

I have sent you a number of messages on your discord channel and have been unable to post there. Please let me know what I should do about this.

Welcome to Steemit dropahead.

Let me welcome you to this awesome place Dropahead . I'm @chrisx and if you need any help feel free to contact or follow me :-)

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