Hola Steemit, Photographer, Food Blogger, Traveler, and Student of Life I am

 Hi there, I’m so glad you stopped by! Um, my life is a little difficult to sum up in 140 characters or less so I decided to do this FAQ style if you don’t mind…… 


Hi, I’m Tori and I have a food photography blog at GRINGALICIOUS.COM.  This is my little speck of the internet where I share my recipes, photography skills-in-progress, random thoughts, and occasional posts about my life. 



I grew up in a small town near Nashville Tennessee raised around a large number of extended family and church friends. When I was 15 my family sold most of our belongings and moved to northern Idaho where we started a small dairy farm and learned to live like eskimos in the crazy winter snow. Guess what, I can now add milks a mean dairy goat to any future resume! Then when I was 17 my family switched to mobile version, as in we sold everything minus what we could carry, and moved to Patagonia Southern Chile. 



I was raised around cooking and great food so I’ve always had a passion for being in the kitchen, but moving to a place with such a different culture and style of eating bumped things from passion to necessity. Of course, as you can see from this blog, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun with food too. When I started spending so much of my time cooking and baking anyway it only made sense to jump into blogging and mix my love of creativity with food. What started out as a way to share recipes with friends and family has turned into a place that inspires me and I hope will inspire you also. 



We tend to stand out already because we’re from the US  but when I came up with the name for this blog we were living in a very very small town where we stood out extra because everyone knew everyone else and their cat’s names. Yes, we are considered gringos here but in Chile that is closer to a compliment than an insult. I like to compare the feeling to being somewhere between an alien and a movie star. As for the change, well, the last few years of my life have been defined by lots of changes and moves. In fact, I’ve lived in  5 different homes already since starting this blog three years ago. We do our best to follow what we feel God calls us to do and for now that means learning to roll our r’s. 



I believe in being honest,  loving unconditionally, laughing uncontrollably (sometimes for no reason at all), singing in the shower, eating chocolate daily, living everyday as if it’s the last, and following my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Here on the blog you’ll find a mix of things I’ve made to please the tastes of my family, things I’ve made for fun, copycats of favorite junk foods, and healthy things for the days I feel guilty for all the over the top sugar coma recipes. I try to stick to a regular posting schedule but that doesn’t always happen with things like volcanic eruptions and just life getting in the way. However, I do my best to keep sharing recipes and improving my photography skills as much as I can. 



Well, the kitchen obviously, or standing on various things to get a good overhead shot of  a bowl of soup. Oh, and you can also see my galleries on FoodgawkerTasteologieTastespottingHealthy ApertureWholeYum, and Finding Vegan. I’m not a huge fan of social media but I’m on Facebook , TwitterGoogle+Instagram, and Pinterest too.


I try to be pretty open with sharing things but I have put a lot of my time and effort into this stuff so I’d appreciate it if you could credit my blog and please feel free to ask if you’d like use one of my pictures. 


Great to have you here. You preempted most of my questions for newbies due to how thorough you were! So pending your verification as @peacekeeper asked for, good luck!

Thank you for the welcome. I will work on a verification photo. And thanks for the good luck.

Nice intro!

Welcome to steemit, Tori!

Hi great to have you here, looking forward to seeing more

Thank you. I will try to post at least three times per week, at least that is my goal.

Hi Tori. Welcome to steemit! Since you have a social media presence, all you need to do is verify that you're the real Tori (of Gringalicious fame) by simply posting a message on one or more of your social media sites. Something like "follow me on steemit now @gringalicious" or "giving steemit a try" will do the trick. Good luck!

Thank you for the advice. I will give this a try tomorrow. I normally post to my blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So tomorrow, I will make mention of steemit on my blog entry and post it to all my social media accounts. We'll see how it works. Vamos a ver.

Yes, if I were you I wouldn't do any more posting here until you properly verify yourself. And frankly, your intro is the one major chance you have to get a bunch of eyeballs and jumpstart your following here on steemit. So you might consider reintroducing yourself. Then you can build on that by posting content from your website a little at a time (even better if you debut new blogs here), growing your base of followers as you go. Hope this helps. You seem talented and I think you'd be great for steemit so I want you to be successful here. Cheers!

Also, a tip would be to not try to promote your other channels as much here, rather promote steemit on other platforms. You will make much more money and reputation if you embrace steemit fully. For example original content is prioritized when people and esp whales vote on your posts, as well as the challenges. Steemit photos for steemit photochallenge, food cooked esp for steemit food challenge etc. :) steemit loves content exclusively made for steemit- or at least first :D
Good luck! your content is beautiful!
p.s. get a proper verification pic! it might hinder you from getting big votes

Ahhh! Where in Tn did you grow up? We are in the Nashville area.

Was born in Hendersonville and lived mostly in the White House area

Oh great! We are in Spring Hill, south of Franklin.

Nice to meet you! Beautiful and delicious looking food you are making, lady!

Mhm how cool, What were you doing in chile?
Soy tu tio

Welcome to Steemit.

So people don't think your someone else, you should post a photo of you holding a Steemit sign with the date on another Social Media site like your Instagram. We just want others getting credit for your work.

So that's the point of all the those pics with Steemit signs. Still new here and trying to figure it all out. Thanks for the advice.

@gringalicious congrats for you're intro

I enjoyed reading this but i'm such a Rookie on Steemit I can't even figure out how to follow you lol

Wow! Your life sounds like a grand adventure. I love how you just roll with the punches. Your family seems to have made some big changes over the years and embraced whatever challenges came their way. Inspirational. I look forward to seeing your latest recipes and photography.

Hi! I joined steemit last month and just discovered your blog. I was curious so I went back to your intro post. Thanks for sharing and I'm now one of your newest followers :)

I love your values and beliefs! Hard work and a lot of effort is what makes things work. What an adventure!

We are in Idaho as well. I love your posts but they are alway at night when I am hungry :)

I'd say it's such a great intro! I saw your post on food tag I really liked it.

Your photos are stunning! Glad to know you're a Nikon user too. You have such great talent and photography skills. Your food blogs are awesome. I like the way you do close up shots to your subject. It's very captivating specially for readers like us. And that's the reason why I upvoted your post. You really put a lot of effort to your work. It's very unique and original. I am very inspired. I can see that you love and enjoy your cooking and photography which we have in common.

I am a newbie here, so it is such a big help that you're sharing your thoughts and advice. I would definitely follow you coz I respect steemians who have originality and put a lot of effort to their work. You are one of them.

I am looking forward to your daily contents.

Let's follow and help each other. Good luck!

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