Homemade 'Nilla Wafers with Banana Pudding - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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Who has a pudding dance?! Get it ready!

We're going to talk about Banana Pudding and Vanilla Wafers, or as some of us say 'Nilla Wafers,' but first,....

For those of you following me, you know I've been traveling this week in San Diego, CA. It has been SO MUCH fun. I am currently at the airport waiting on my flight home to North Idaho. Forgive me for taking a while to reply to the comments. I've already done one post about my trip, you can see it HERE, but I promise I'll have more travel posts coming soon, maybe even tomorrow.

Knowing I had my trip scheduled, I was able to get all of these photos ready before. And, I am really glad I did because I was way busier than I thought I'd be. I had these amazing plans to travel blog while traveling, way harder said than done.

I apologize in advance, I've got a little writer's block about my banana creation, I've got San Diego on the brain, but I'll do my best so bare with me.

I have a huge family and we almost always have bananas on hand. It's like we automatically grab a batch of bananas every time we go to the store. As a result, sometimes we end up too many ripe bananas, what a problem to have, right? By the way, we had this same exact problem while we lived in Chile so it's not just a 'first world problem.'

So, if any of you have that same problem, Banana Pudding is always a great idea to deal with those ripening bananas.

Tell me, who wants to take a go at making you're own Vanilla Wafers, a show of hands please? Trust me, these taste way better than anything you'll ever buy in the store, plus you can totally control the quality or the ingredients. Even if you don't want to make the accompanying Banana Pudding, you should totally try making the wafers.

I hope you've enjoyed the photos and more importantly, I hope this has given you inspiration.

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ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

And, by the way, to all the minnows out there, my intro post did a huge $0.21. The key to success on Steemit is to be consistent and persistent. Click on the link below for some great tutorials on how you can also succeed on the steem blockchain:

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Also, a huge shoutout to @rigaronib for designing my logo!

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Do you want to learn more about me? Click here to see a recent @wadepaterson interview with me - 20 questions with @gringalicious And, I have not done this for a few weeks, first one to request the recipe will get a nice little upvote if they mention the word 'Coronado.'

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Did I ever tell you I didn't like bananas as a child?


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Great post ..
good job
Simple but looks delicious from the pictures
Thank you for sharing your recipe with us

Please help me grow

Wow... Yummy and delicious food. It is banana pudding. I love it. 'Coronado.'

ahh, you got it. I'll get you late tonight or in the morning, gotta board a plane.

You are genius, also your work @gringalicious


That looks so amazing! Your dishes always have an amazing color balance aswell!

thanks so much for the kind words @yummyrum

Mmmh, delicious!!
Greetings from Thailand, where the bananas are twice as sweet and tasty :)

Twice as sweet and tasty?! I have got to go verify this for myself, I'll be right there - LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by @connecteconomy

I am really curious about the recipe Coronado, lol. But seriously, I don't see the recipe in the comment section and this looks amazing, especially for someone who loves bananas like I do. However, those wafers remind me of cookies from back home, so I really would like the recipe Dear @gringalicious 🌸💖🌸

I just got home a few minutes ago, but I saw your comment and had to reply. @pariza was actually first so the recipe is posted above. Thanks so very much for commenting @lenasveganliving

My pleasure and thank you so much my Dear.............I am definitely bookmarking this recipe for later. Although, I will have to still figure out few details 🌸💖🌸

Banana pudding is literally one of my most favorite homemade treats. Ugh, I haven't had this in at least 3 years. Great content by the way!

I agree it looks fantastic it worth a dance.
giphy (4).gif

Is that your pudding dance? If so, I like it

Thanks so much for commenting, I hope you give it a try

Mmm, @gringalicious that's delicious... I love bananas and waffles. I do love to eat,))))))). As always, your food is beyond praise. Because I want to eat it just by looking at your pictures!! You are also wonderful and properly photographed, so looking at the photo, and drooling!!!

very kind words, thanks so much @lolaspice

We have the same problem too - Bananas get too ripe before we could even finish them. What to do? Make banana bread, cake, muffins etc. It's funny how these treats get eaten faster than the bananas themselves. We wonder why?! hehehe This is another creation to add to the list for the 'unloved' bananas.

Hopefully, you'd enjoyed your time in San Diego! :)

all those are awesome, bread, muffins, etc. And, you're right, these treats go faster.

And thanks, my trip was a blast, absolutely loved it!! Stay tuned for some posts about it

This looks great!! This is something I could totally eat anytime of the day. I'm exited for you too about SD :D Steem on.

I love your pudding dance!!

OMG! Your recipes are so amazing and i didn't like bananas as much as you when you was a child, but now with this recipe how can i just take a look without try it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day ♥♥

So glad you liked it @injiskitchen, thanks so much for the great commenting

Wow! The wafers bananas looks so good! And seems too easy to make them , especially here in Mauritius we have so much bananas, even we don’t know how will prepare with them.
Good trip.

Hey @creativewoman, I am home now, I arrived late last night. Thanks so much for commenting and I hope this gives you some ideas. This a very 'USA' type dish, very traditional.

They look absolutely delicious🌟👍
also that is the thing most of the people they have no idea what to do with riped or overriped bananas ..so good idea😀
Me i love to do simple banana bread just mixing together riped bananas,some butter,flour ,egg and sugar or chocolate ,no need of mixer just whisk together and bake

Yaasssssss! Love this!

When I was a youngin' I used to make a version of this. These gorgeous photos bring back all those memories, I can practically taste it :)

So glad to have tuned in to the Steem Queens Talk and found you through it!

Following <3

thanks for the great commenting, and the follow. Sorry I wasn't able to make it to the talk with @aggroed. It was my last day in San Diego and a cousin I haven't seen in 6 years came to see me and my sister. I hope to make the next one. I am glad you found it and are now following

the pictures are lips watering cant wait to have a taste of banana pudding!!! kindly reply with ingredients and procedure on how to make it


lovely images

thanks so much for commenting @ezinwakenneth

I've not seen your posts for a while @gringalicious, I have no idea why. This all looks beautiful I bet it tasted terrific. Upvoted keep on Steemin' I'm loving this bumpy ride. lol

Well, I'm sorry it's a bumpy ride for you, but that is the nature of being an early adopter in something brand new. Stick with it, it will be worth all the bumps. And thanks so much for commenting. I've only been doing one post per day and focusing some more on other projects to help steemians.

Wow this is amazing banana pudding with wafers looks yummy thanks for sharing this recipe with us

Thank you so much @gringalicious for suggesting to check @sndbox posts.......many of my doubts have been cleared now regarding steemit

thanks so much for taking the time to comment and your continued support is appreciated @universalpro

All of them look like so delicious and make me hungry! Have a nica flight by the way!

thanks so much for well wishes on my flight @cemke

wow is very inspiring me .. i get new knowledge by reading your vlog today. i like with your mind with food process with simple menu that is banana become extraordinary snack (nilla wafers with banana pudding ) this is very interesting ..thanks @gringalicious

This food must be delicious and it can make one look healthy

thanks so much for commenting @talking2rolly

nice post,thanks for sharing

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This is my alltime favorite. The way we make it down in the delta is making the pudding from scratch using a double-boiler and condensed milk. You talkin about wanting to slap your mama.

I hear what you're saying @mynsf. Thanks so much for commenting

it looks deliciously good perfectly made :)

thanks so much for your continued support @blazing

I've never thought to make my own vanilla wafers, that's a great idea...and probably pretty simple. Thanks for the inspiration!


I hope you give it a try and it turns out wonderful for you

thank you for sharing the food, good food for sure, and favorite food many people must @gringalicious

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noa very hunggry after see your post ....bytheway great writing ...we want this type post

thanks so much for commenting

Bananas make delicious desserts!! You are so good. You make my tummy hungry again 😂😑😢

thanks @gwenbyyy, sorry about making your tummy hungry again

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Wooooww keren

Upvoted and resteemed as usual

thanks so much for the comment, upvote and resteem @solowire

You are welcome dear I love what you are doing here on steemit
Trust me one of these days someone will write a post how he or she learn how to cook just by following your recipes of how to cook

Looks so delicious!! We always buy bananas...so this is a perfect idea to cook.

I am so glad you liked it @ivanic, thanks for commenting

This looks so delicious! I need something sweet now

thanks so much for commenting @amethystrosee

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I love the mute button

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Your recipes always look delicious. Your presentations of them also very nice... I really like your blog and it makes me hungry all times. Have a good and safe flights. Hugs from Spain. :)

thanks so much for the well wishes on my trip @funworlding. Some day I will have to go to Spain

I am glad you arrived safely... Spain is one of the best country in the Europe to visit. Please let me know when you come around here... :)

This post has received a 2.34 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @gringalicious

oooh, that looks amazing!

thanks so much for commenting

Yummy. My great-grandmother made this a lot, with the Nilla Wafers. It's good stuff. :)

I hope it brought back good memories @stephmckenzie?

In my country something similar with the same ingredients, called sweet banana, super rich, to enjoy a sandwich.

You should make a post about it, that would be great

How delicious that pudin looks, and provocative, thank you for sharing this rich recipe

thanks so much for commenting @gabyjc

Yum! Looks really good @gringalicious :) I love bananas!

nana dance, not bad. Do you have a pudding dance?

Love the pics as usual. But...hmm. I scanned the article again after reading it.

Can't seem to find the recipe...

Please add recipe for wafers. :)

take a better look in the comments, you should see it at the top. Thanks so much for the compliment on my pics!

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Great job @ gringalicious... It's look very delicious

thanks so much for commenting @bundasteemit

the puddings were delicious

did you taste them?

How sweet food

the mute button is my favorite

@gringalicious this is so yummy ummmaaaa i want to taste this one please give a cup of this.

thanks so much for commenting @emzan

I'm definitely trying this out on my next date............thanks for sharing such good information.

I hope it works for you @emmerson16, thanks so much for commenting

I think your photos gave me diabetes through the internet! But seriously, banana pudding does sound good right now.

Ah, I am glad I was able to create something that generated a comment from you. thanks so much @jacobthe and see you Thursday

wow ,, very nice @gringalicius in every post you make very beautiful corners of our view in the food you postingkan, do you have professional editing in everything.

thanks so much for the kind words @fekaromer

Love me some banana pudding! Great shots Thanks! @journeyfreedom

thanks so much for commenting @journeyfreedom

Wow..amazing food photography i appreciate your life thanks for sharing ..Best of luck .resteemit..

thanks so much for commenting @rkaitra

looking very delicious .good photographs.want to know cookies recipe

thanks so much for commenting @rayaa

welcome dear

I've never seen anyone make those vanilla wafers....I haven't had them since I was a kid - the boxed kind. My mom used to make us something similar but with vanilla pudding (from a box), sliced banana and the wafers like you served them. I know homemade is way better.

I love anything banana or lemon....just sayin' :)

banana or lemon - I got you covered. More of those coming in the future. Thanks so much for the great commenting @countrygirl

Your most welcome and I will look for lemon anything especially with summer coming up :)

I am always looking for ways to use my ripe bananas. I would love to have the recipe, my two boys would love it also 😋

I hope you give it a try @cbanks

Wow made me super hungry! I need to try this! Great post!

very nice movie post.

movie post, really? I love the mute button

very good post. I really like everything beautifully designed. I take an example from you. the cookies are very similar to what I was doing. as always, everything is beautifully sweet and delicious. I also want to make a cake for lovers and show you. Thanks again for the voice.

thanks so much for the great commenting @olegas89

My sister made egg pudding.

that's fantastic, thanks so much for telling me.

I often'm using ripe bananas in pastries too, thank you for idea with banana pudding! I am confident, it goes well with waffles )

fantastic, I am glad I was able to provide you with another option for your bananas, thanks @naditinkoff

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So nice and yummy i love this one will try it out :)

Post because, interesting and good, I like

Interesting and good post, I like

I am glad you liked it

I'm more a savory than sweet sorta person. But those photos make my taste buds water. :P YUMMY

thanks so much for commenting

wow... looks so delicious!

thanks so much for commenting

great work by one and only you wow this was a fantastic experience to see

thanks so much for comemnting @cityslicker

Definitely interested in this recipe since you know I'll be tweaking it for allergies. 😉

And as for bananas, we always have a ton and if they don't get baked into chocolate chip banana bread or pancakes, they get frozen for soft serve or what my kids like to call Monkey Bites! Yum!

monkey bites, that's awesome, sounds like a future post to me

Changing the way of eating the banana ... And make several types ... This is called creativity.
Thank you.@gringalicious

I am glad you liked it @yagoub, thanks for commenting

Nice presentation and good shots along the way of making it cool work

thanks so much for the kind words @starboye

Tell me - whyyy? why I can't take these super dishes directly from my screen's monitor :)
anyway, followed u, lovely sweets

very kind words, thanks so much @bandm2016

You got a 6.88% upvote from @mercurybot courtesy of @gringalicious!

I love pudding,I'm starve by now😋😋followed

thanks so much for commenting @mikemaphu

Great Post & Pictures!
This looks so delicious.
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)

thanks so much for commenting @jcsteem

Yes! Now I know what to do with those bananas in my kitchen! Thanks! :)

I am glad I was able to help, thanks so much for commenting @jessicapixie

Wow! It looks totally delicious. I am in need od that dessert now :) and you're so talented! I'm impressed :o

Thanks so much for the kind words @kinia

You're welcome. Inspiring blog :)

The problem solved - now I can buy as many bananas as I want without a fear that they will ripe too fast 😉

Yup, load up on those bananas. Thanks @xuanito

Wow! Amazing! This Banana Pudding looks so delicious! This week I will make one of your recipes :) Have a great and sweet Sunday :)

awesome @sweetcarol, I will be looking for that post. Feel free to send me a notice in discord in case I miss it

Hi @gringalicious! :) I didn't find you on discord :/So I'm getting in touch with you here. I will post the recipe today! Maybe in an hour. Is it good for you? Hope you like it :)

Wow looks amazing! Another awesome recipe! Have a great sunday!

You have a great Sunday as well @crissimoes, thanks!

Delicious, great post, I have to try is home, thanks.

thanks so much for taking the time to comment @lesiopm

Wow... Yummy and delicious, I want to try to make it :)

I hope you give it a try @nianursa, thanks so much for commenting

Wao Awesome.
You told the other way of eating Banana.

Excellent. It looks delicious. Congratulations

Yummmy 😋, looks very delicious, banana pudding and vanilla wafer.

thanks so much for stopping by @silivia, have a great day!!