Sweet and Spicy Honey Bourbon Chicken - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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Someone please tell me that I am not the only one who isn’t at ease in the online world of social sites. I am working on getting better but it’s a process and they're ever changing platforms.


So let me tell you about this chicken. Everyone in my family is a huge fan of Chinese food. I say Chinese but my exposure to more culture has led me to realize that what I am really referring to is American Chinese food which doesn’t remotely resemble what the Chinese actually eat, but you know what I mean.


My mom has always called general tso’s chicken and orange chicken “doughnut chicken” because, let’s face it, it is meat dipped in batter, fried in fat, and then coated with sugar. Sounds like a doughnut version of chicken to me. I think it is necessary to eat this terrible stuff every once in a while though. Besides, if you serve it with plenty of veggies and some steamed brown rice it helps balance it right? Totally healthy.


We can pretend that last statement is true or at least overlook the fact that it’s not long enough to enjoy some of this. It is so worth it. If you occasionally indulge in some weekend takeout then I suggest you skip it this weekend and make it at home.


I made this honey bourbon sauce that is somewhere between orange and general tso’s sauce and I have to tell you, it was a huge hit. I think everyone is sad it’s gone. Just do it and you’ll thank me later.


Sweet and Spicy Honey Bourbon Chicken


Chicken Slurry:

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast chicken
2 eggs
1/2 cup cornstarch
Honey Bourbon Sauce:
1/4 cup cold water
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup soy sauce (gluten free if necessary)
2 tablespoons chili garlic sauce
1/3 cup rice wine vinegar
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons bourbon
2 tablespoons orange juice
1/4 teaspoon white pepper


  1. Combine cornstarch and eggs in a medium bowl and whisk until smooth. Add chicken and stir to coat. Place in refrigerator while you make the sauce.
    Whisk cornstarch and 1/4 cup water in a small bowl and set aside. Saute garlic and ginger with sesame oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes until browned. 2. Add remaining ingredients and continue stirring until the sauce is starting to thicken, about 5 minutes. Pour in water/cornstarch while stirring and stir until thick. Remove from heat and cover to keep warm.
  2. Heat 2 inches of oil in a dutch oven or wok to 350 degrees F (180 C). Remove chicken slurry from fridge and drop a few pieces at a time into hot oil. Fry on each side for about 2 minutes until golden and crispy. Remove to paper towels to drain. Continue until all chicken is cooked.
  3. Toss chicken in warm sauce and serve, if desired, with steamed rice and veggies.


ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

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wow, this is a terrific meal, I'm sure it's very tasty, I'll try to cook, thanks!

thanks so much for commenting @katherinalive

The images looks so good... Yummy!

thanks so much for commenting

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Super - Duper post!
Love to see another food enthusiast!

I myself doing cooking with step by step pictures, here is some of my work (I like building a FOOD community!):

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Hope you try it out!
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Cool blog!

I love chicken, yummy!

so glad you liked it @yummyrum

Beautiful .. Interesting recipe
It looks good from the pictures .. it is worth to try it
Great post

thanks so much for commenting and for your continued support @slimanepro

very delicious

I love this dish!!

I know this very well, brother @freerunner, thanks!

I love this kind of food, crispy chicken, what's not to love. Awesome photos!!

Gorgeous food photography, thanks so much for sharing

thanks so much for all of your support @mamaloves

This is a great recipe, can't wait to try it!

I'm thrilled you think so @ragemaster

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That looks SOOO good! How would you suggest to reduce the spicyness? Cut out the chilli garlic sauce maybe? Also you're definitely not alone in the unease with social media. I suck at literally every social media site ever. In fact I'm staggered I've kept up with Steemit so much, and I think that's only because I look at it a little like a job or a commitment, there's certain things I've told myself I have to share each week or each day in the case of my Wedding Photo of the Day posts. I imagine that commitment is what keeps food bloggers going all the time! You do awesome at it! In terms of the other social media platforms I'm basically totally off grid now, my wife handles our business pages for Insta and FB but I'm not even sure how much they do nowadays! Honestly organic Google traffic to our website has always been our most reliable source of visitors!

In regards to spicyness, don't add spice. the whole social media thing, I still haven't figured it out. Outstanding commenting @skiesandsports, thanks so much

You're welcome! I more meant would it be possible to take out or substitute something to make it a bit more mild?

It looks freaking testy :D

This is truly mouthgasmic ! Awesome my friend !!

that looks very tasty I just recently ate sweet and sour chicken and that would be amazing to eat.

Mmm mm... I like chicken.. Beatifull food!! I miss you, will follow your acount :p

Dishes like these feel like they are from a movie.. feels nice to know that they are real and possible. And loovely picture btw, makes we feel really hungry. Your color grading is nice. Has a nice natural cinematic feel.. thabks for sharing this

Chicken with whiskey - now there's a thought.

that is a thought, thanks for the inspiration @unclehermit


you're going to upvote that, seriously?

AAhhh! would love to try this one. I wish you lived next door. :)

who knows, maybe someday @tamsguitar

This recipe looks really delicious and yummy


delicious but i prefer sweet and sour fish xD

that sounds great, good to know

Those pictures trigger my appetite. Really delicious looking...nom nom

thanks so much for commenting

@gringalicious your dishes are really spicy and delicious, i always check your new recipes thank you for sharing your great recipes.

wow that juicy look of the food. Its remind me the sweet and sour chicken rice bowl which i love most. I will must try this yummy food. Thanks dear.

This is eye-watering, mouth-wanting and alluring @gringalicious
First sights of it reminds me of a typical Nigerian delicacy.
Amazing post.

Woah that looks delicious 💞💞
Where did you learn to cook these amazing dishes?

I learned from family, friends, and the world wide web. But mostly from experience, Thanks @fajarabbasi!

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Wow it's delicious and yummy as always thank you gringalicious for sharing the recipe

Thank you for this awesome recipe.Those photos are so good making my mouth water.I will definitely be trying out this recipe.

Thank you for sharing the @gringalicious food


Good chicken recipe to try it ,, I like to post chicken recipe.

Well that looks delicious. With a nice cold beer that'd make a fine recipe to try tomorrow night.

I think you've got the right idea @jfolkmann!

The color of food is as good as it is, and better than it.i think the food is very healthy.

best thing that i receive is to get much hungry as i read your post and have water in mouth. really its not for upvote its for thanking all of your effort. @gringalicious thanks again dude

upvoted done

Delicious. Thanks for sharing

Your welcome gringalicuous

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Fantastic photos as always and nice props with the bamboo screen. Love it!
But, yes, this is American Chinese, but still as tasty. Some people who try a foreign cuisine in their own country and then travel to the country of origin and taste their food are disappointed. However, they should see it from a different angle. The food back home was made to adapt to their taste, yet this is the original dish. Have you ever been to China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau and tried Chinese food there?

I've never been there, but I certainly want to go. Maybe my travels will take me there some time. Thanks @travelling-two!

We are sure you will travel loads in the near future! Hopefully, Steemit can be a way in which you do so. :)

your update is alwaseuseful usfull ,I always follow your post and update.thanks to share your post.

Please upvote me and i always upvote you.

One of my favorites! thank you for sharing your recipe :)

Wow! Looks delicious and yummy!:)

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I love eating Chinese food too!! This looks very delicious!! Thanks for sharing! Might try making this one!

I hope you give it a try @florencegail

Chicken Dies for you, Chicken is true Love

ok, that's good to hear, I think?

why use cold water? what will be different results if you use regular water?

cold water works better with the corn starch. thank you for the question

It looks amazing, I love all your recipes

22, how do you mess up a 25?

very nice enjoyed by lovers

thanks so much for commenting

thanks again. has replied to my comment

Ingin sekali saya merasakan nya,sepertinya enak sekali @gringalicious

Can you tell me the secreat about chinese chicken ? How do they cook to make it like plastiline?

Not sure what you mean, but I have the recipe above if you want to try it yourself

that is mouth watering

thanks for commenting

me to love chines food........

Thank you very much @rayhanu1!

This is really so delicious food.

thanks so much

mmm.. its looks like delicious.. this recipe also needs to show to my mom..
thanks for sharing this with us..

once again, its really beautiful photography my friend.

thanks so much for commenting and for the kind words

I wonder if there is anything you cook that does not look great?!

you have no idea, I have so many fails. Thanks for your confidence @caminito

looks good but can't eat rice.

thanks for telling me

really beautiful, and make me hungry, can I taste it

I'm glad you like it @umar97

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Follow me @getupvote and get a upvote and resteem thank u

thank you looks delicious I will try it trimakasih @gringalicious

What a wonderful dish! I looked at the photo and the appetite was on) I support, of course) Come to my blog ... though there are no recipes ...

Chinese food is always my second love and i also try at my home when i m free on weekends so today is sunday and i think i should try this that u hve showed.
It's looking yummy and mouth watering

Hmm...looks yummy...you always make me hungry...good job...keep going

thanks so much for commenting

You're Welcome ;)

I'm up late. You caught me. Now I'm hungry. This is not right! LOL! YUM!

Haha, oh I completely understand. Thanks for all the sweet replies @tesscooks4u!

Thanks for postig, I will surely try this one for my family's cravings. We love a mixed of chinese-american food.

Wow, really upload the appetite, thanks for the recipe :)

thanks for commenting

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I'm going to look good.
I can not speak English because I do not live in an English speaking country. Thank you for your understanding.

I hope to be always healthy and full of happiness :)

thanks so much for commenting

Hilarious when your mom sees it as a doughnut. Its sure a nice dish to try out especially when its with the chicken because i enjoy chicken alot compare to beef and the honey makes the sugary taste natural.And sure i will add veggies because its very nutritional at that level just to balance it as you said. But for this dish preparation can beef be used instead of chicken? I will give this recipe a try and make sure when I do u will text you on how it tastes like, thanks for sharing this food pic and it's recipe

you can totally use beef, just be careful because you can make the beef very tuff. Thanks so much for the great commenting @clarkk

I like, how chicken pieces are shiny, everything looks very appetizing! As always thank you for recipe)

thanks so much for commenting

amazing food tnx for upvote

Mniam! I like it!

Yummmy! This looks great and it got me craving. Thanks for the recipe as well.

You're very welcome @gee1!

You're right, if we want to eat real Chinese food we have to go to China. Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian food served at restaurants all over the world are only inspired by those cuisines. I realized that when I moved to Poland from Vietnam. Food served at "so called" Vietnamese restaurants has nothing in common with food from my home. Of course we can find some places, run by the asians who try to bring their real national cuisine to wider audience but still those places are in the minority

I agree, those places are in the minority. Thanks so much for the great commenting @xuanito

Have a nice day @gringalicious 😊

looks delicious.....i guess we can also serve with Chinese vegetable rice..... lovely recipe....

you could serve it how ever you like

The food looks sweet,good job.It's always a delight reading your post and your pics are always on point.

Thank you so much @carkia!

Looking spicy hot damm this is delicious :D

nice story please help me i am a good photographer check my last one if you want https://steemit.com/photography/@bllackwidow/winter-passion

It looks very tasty.
If I saw this picture before I went to bed,
I am hungry and I can not sleep!

Looks like sweet and sour fish that I had before. But yours looks more delicious, I am sure it taste good.

thanks so much for commenting

How to get this slide and can i have this?

It came from my membership to @sndox

This nice photography i appreciate your food thanks for sharing.. Best of luck..