Gringalicious in San Diego Travel Series - Part 3 Horton Plaza

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So the adventure continues for my sister @fullofhope and I in San Diego. In this one I'm sharing pictures of Horton plaza. So my opinion here was that a really fun spot to shop and eat…….20 years ago. Yeah, the architecture is very creative and playful, that part I really enjoyed. There were quite a few stores there, but the place was basically a ghost town while we were there.
Also if you want to see some more about our trip check out @fullofhope 's post about the beach HERE

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (55).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (48).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (64).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (52).jpg

I mean, I’m no fan of crowds, but this was pretty drastic. We were almost lonely eating dinner there. However, I was very happy with the food we got that night. It was a Japanese place and the menu was very simple, but in a good, less-is-more, kind of way.

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (73).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (72).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (74).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (70).jpg

Unfortunately it was a little more on the fast food side of dining out so the photos I got are not my favorites ever, but the taste of the food was much better than it looks and they made it fresh on the grill from scratch ingredients while you watched. That to me makes all the difference, to be able to watch and also see that’s it’s made fresh.

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (71).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (68).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (69).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (62).jpg

Maybe the fact that it was Valentine’s day, a weekday, and it had been raining all had something to do with it being so empty. Well, I guess I’ll just have to go back another time to find out. Haha, I think I can make the sacrifice for the sake of satisfying your curiosity.

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (67).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (53).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (61).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (66).jpg

So that was just the recap of our second day. I still have so many beach photos and other pictures to share.

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (65).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (63).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (56).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (60).jpg

I hope you had a great weekend. Oh, and happy President’s Day to my friends in the states.

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (49).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (58).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (57).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (51).jpg


ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

And, by the way, to all the minnows out there, my intro post did a huge $0.21. The key to success on Steemit is to be consistent and persistent. Click on the link below for some great tutorials on how you can also succeed on the steem blockchain:

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Also, a huge shoutout to @rigaronib for designing my logo!

Gringalicious Headerlast-4.jpg

Do you want to learn more about me? Click here to see a recent @wadepaterson interview with me - 20 questions with @gringalicious

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (50).jpg

Travel Diary San Diego Zoo & Horton Plaza (54).jpg

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I find that these are all...Great shots 👍✨!

Have you ever taken a photo of a pigeon? You'll find that they have, deep emotions.

good info on the pigeons. I am glad you liked my shots, and thanks for commenting

Wow definitely you had really wonderdul moments with you camera

Noice job promoting my city, you should come hangout! Textme anytime 619 500 3748 We should do a post tgether, I have 6100+ followers and you are free to come make a post at my treehouse ! and tomorrow @truestory157 and I are going to get more steem apparel at the mall and make a post and @dtube video about it , some steem hats maybe a hoodie if we can also make those custom at the mall, but hats with steem logos for sure!

Awesome .. Post beautiful
Well done .. good for you looks great city
Thank you for the pictures

thanks so much for commenting

Wow. Zombie town XD

Its more fun when you travel with your camera. It simply adds excitement and every click of your camera will be the memories for tomorrow. keep clicking the button!

That's how the best pictures are taken lol

Haha, yes it was @hossary!

vow , you have a beautiful journey with your camera ! it seems i have a nice travel with you when i see your photos , great job my dear , come on !

Very Good.

Sometimes it's good to walk in a "zombie town" and it's quite peaceful isn't it?

Until the zombies come out?! ;)

For me seeing a zombie town is absolutely new.

thanks for commenting

interesting for comments


LOL it was because it was raining! When the weather is not absolutely perfect her people just stay in... And wait 5 minutes... Lol whether is always so perfect here, its really not even fair :D No idea why everyone doesn't just live here, people say its the cost, but that's bullshit, it will end up costing so much more to deal with the snow :D

you have a point about the cost of the snow, LOL. Great commenting @ackza

Awesome photography 😍

thanks so much for commenting @saimegh

It looks very nice there!

Thanks so much for commenting @yummyrum

I am so happy that you were able to go on the trip. I can tell you really enjoyed and it 'hit the spot.' I know you'll be going to Chile soon, but I wonder where else your path will lead you this year?

thanks so much for all of your support @noboxes, I really appreciate all that you do

good to see u~

thanks for commenting and welcome to Steem

cool photography, thanks for sharing with us :))

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Love the vibrant colours

Looks very calm and peaceful place, glad to see you travelling @gringalicious ....Enjoy!

Thanks @hms818

just checked the climate data for you. On average there's 8 rainy days in Feb - i guess this is considered the rain season for San Diego now.....:)

Perhaps. Thanks for the info @liwen12345

excelente post

Wow thanks so much for sharing all those great colorful photos @gringalicious ! That clock is fabulous and those trees are so tall and cool looking , i have never seen them in person ! Enjoy the rest of your travels , looks like your having a great time ! and thanks for stopping by my food post at @momskitchen , its much appreciated !upped and resteemed !👍👍👍💕✌

As always, thanks so much for you awesome commenting @karenmckersie

Your very welcome ! and thanks again for your support @gringalicious ! Happy trails !!😂👍✌💕

wow.. nice article.. thanks for sharing :)

thank for commenting

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all the pictures are really nice & sharp!

I am really glad you liked them

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Wow so beautuful place and photography

Thanks @safamarwa


A very beautiful city, the best thing in life is to travel and discover the beautiful cities of the world.
Your beautiful smile in the photos it shows that you had a good time.

Best Wishes @redouanemez

thanks so much for the kind words


thanks so much @tamsguitar, I hope you enjoyed it?

Great photography @gringalicious I must say you are very pretty and your sister too☺️☺️ the place is amazing.....thanks for sharing your journey with us

Very nice and wonderful photography with beautiful scenery and great art.
I hope you enjoyed much this visit and i also wish to visit same places in future.

Yes the art was great, all of the photos illustrate your experience.

Wow beautiful sites. Amazing photography. I love it

Thanks @willywealth!

Waowww perfect

You and your sister look like you get along really well! :-) Love all your outfits btw! Thanks for sharing, feel like i'm there!

would be very fun if I can travel anywhere while taking pictures like you :(
by the way nice shoot n nice post ...
thanks for share :)

thanks so much for commenting @nabilah48

ur welcome :)

Looks like fun. I will need to get down there. Beautiful area. You can really tell they take care of things around there when you are driving and you notice you aren't constantly coming up on potholes. Smooth ride. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing. Upvoted by @cryptoryno33

I really appreciate it @cryptoryno33

My pleasure

I love San Diego, such a great town to visit. Have you ever been to Sunset Cliffs? There's a beach area you can get to if you climb down a rope on the cliff side. It's so awesome to watch surfers as the sun is setting!!

yes, we went to Sunset Cliffs on our last day, it was beautiful. I may put some photos on a future post. Thanks so much for commenting and welcome to Steem @daily-musings


Such a nice photos :)

thanks for stopping by

This is awesome. Your photography is really cool.

thanks so much and welcome to Steem

I love that you include your photographer in the post. The woman behind those beautiful photos :) Looking forward to the next post :)

that would be my sister, @fullofhope. Thanks so much for commenting @doctorcro

Great photography....and awesome place..

thanks so much for commenting @befrenz and welcome to Steem

specialy the last one photo was realy inspiring photo ! wonderfull amazing resttemed from me for the great photoshots liked it !

thanks so much for commenting @rizwanmobile

Hey @gringalicious you are a good photographer ......your all photo shoot are good ........I am impress your photography

thanks so much for commenting

Me gustan tus publicaciones

me gustan tus commentarios


Apvote me

Professional photos. It's really beautiful. Thanks for the post

thank so much for commenting @fadilired17

very amazing post @gringalicious

I'm so glad you think so @yansyah03!

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I appreciate it @inferisgr

best thing that i notice here in your blog post is travelling experience and your kinda new way of talking yeah actually writing. Well thanks @gringalicious for your traveling advanture.

thanks for commmenting @abrahem

photography is nice, journey fun, you look very enjoy it

thanks so much for commenting @gaul

hello nona long no see how is it? More fun once shopping in the plaza. my steemit very little development how i can like you lady, please rock her suggestion lady

Wow, This is so beautiful photography.

thanks so much for the kind words @uncommoniad

Looks like fun😄😄
Very nice and wonderful photography with beautiful scenery and great art.🙋

thanks so much for commenting

That architecture is very cool. Thanks for sharing so many pictures!

The pleasure is all mine @chaseburnett

Very beautiful town with colorful photography.

thanks so much @patinya103

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing this and motivating me to save some money to buy a camera. I hope you keep it up because you'e photos are not just beautiful, they're inspiring too ^^

that is very nice of you to say. Yeah, you should do what you can to buy the best tools possible. Best of everything to you @gvincentjosephm

These pictures tell a story
Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

the pictures tell my story, I hope. Thanks @shahran

yes the speak for themselves

Glad you replied

Thank you for your support

Something very fun have a hobby of traveling also photography :)

@gringalicious can I join you on a tour

Haha, I wish everyone could @teukuamirullah

a time I will go there, you who accompany ya

your post is very good to keep your posts up, I have upvote and comments ,,,
salam kenal dari saya @riziqasshiddiq visit also my post and leave your upvote and comment

LOVE these pictures!!

thanks so much for commenting

The city is beautiful, you are beautiful, photos are beautiful! 😍 which program do you use to edit them?
And yes, to me, that food looks pretty good. Makes me feel hungry 😆

I was wondering the same thing! Her edits are perfect

Oh, thanks @zizzy-beth ! For editing I use Adobe Lightroom.

I thought so. Thanks 😄

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for these photos and travel story :)

thanks for commenting and welcome to Steem @ssonmez

Beautiful you, Lovely place, Awesome clicks and lovely food. I don't think you​ need anything else!

thanks so much for the kind words @free-ion

photography is very good I like his success always @gringgalicious, greeting from indonesia.

Have a great day @zeroseven!

This post has received gratitude of 5.56 % from @appreciator thanks to: @gringalicious.

I was just there this weekend and also made a post about it! Love all these pics :)

It's too bad we were not able to meet up. I hope to go to SoCal again before the year is out, so I will keep you posted. I stopped by your blog. Thanks so much for commenting @lindsaythevegan

This is very great trip with your friend. And great street food :)

thanks so much for commenting @arx27

Hey! Great photos and interesting posts. Reminds me of my trip to the USA in 2008. We did a road trip with friends from New York to Los Angeles. Never made to San Diego due to limit, but you make it so tempting to come back and see it especially with quirky places like these.

If you want a really weird place, try Nay Pyi Taw - the new capital of Myanmar (Burma). I've been on this side of the world for the last 9 years. Currently publishing my book about Thailand on my profile. The one on Myanmar will follow. Check it out if you are interested in this part of the world.

Following you for more great photos!

I am interested in that part of the world and I would like to learn more about Myanmar and Thailand both. Thanks so much for the great commenting @mareklenarcik

I'm glad to hear it. The world needs more people like you who are genuinely interested in discovering different cultures. Thank you for your kind words and keep up the good job!

ghost town or not, your pics make it look amazing!!!

Oh, thanks @nomadicsoul

Hey @gringalicious , this is amazing article , strikes again.


for real, just "good"

wow😍lovely click,i love those click and you are also a pretty girl,your click is just awsome,tnx for sharing
and place is too much beautiful

Thank you so much @sanjida007

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It feels like I was there with you when I see your pictures. Nice city, and nice photos! Thanks for sharing:)

I am so glad my photos were able to make you feel as if you were there. Thanks for telling me @notos

It is a beautiful city . I like the quiet cities .

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment @teacherf

hi @gringalicious. I really do love your food and travel blogs.. You are great! keep doin' great!


thanks so much for the encouragement @jenesa

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's a beautiful sight.
While traveling, listen to my edited Selena Gomez & Marshmello 's "Wolves".
The trip will be more fun !!

Have s nice day!!

Love the photos and the story. It's almost like we were there with you :)

Hey @grandadscookbook, I saw your post earlier today, keep up the good work!!